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Teresa explains how her whole life changed after taking Arnoux Goran’s courses. She has improved relationships with her brother, her daughter and her ex husband. When you shift, the world shifts with you.

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Subtitles to the video:

I met Arnoux I’m Teresa I and I’m here to pass anyone who needs help like that or no in 2013 and so much has changed in my life thanks for now I wouldn’t even know where to begin I’m sitting here standing here doing what am I gonna say so a couple things one I was gonna feed off of what you just said was it’s so true about how you did to work on yourself and the people in your life changed for instance my brother and I didn’t talk for eight years and I did the seven steps and I was working and working and crying and crying and within like I think of six weeks or less my brother called and I called him long before that because I had money for him which was from our father passing away and he didn’t even call me after that it was after I did the seven steps and then he called and it’s been five years and we’re back to where we used to be like this so my daughter is a work in progress

I think I work on my daughter more than anybody I’ve ever worked on or any anything it’s like Merritt said the layers that girls sound layers I have layers and she’s taking the course in July which I’m so excited but our relationship was strained for a couple of years and that’s changed and has so much better and it didn’t happen right away I had to keep working on it and work on it and work on it and I had to let go of a lot and it worked it’s it’s been great and in fact she got into some very bad accidents car accidents when we were in the course and she rolled her car five times and barely crawled out and was barely alive I mean it it was a miracle she was alive so we did a couple of your tools we did the five step eraser we did the seven step eraser after that and she was able to drive again because she was scared to death to drive and she got into another accident a year ago not even a year ago and last September she’s like can we do that seven steps again mom and I said sure so she’s like I swear mom if it works she said I will write or know a testimony and I will you know I’ll do anything if it works again and I said okay and I’m like I know it’s gonna work

Yeah and so sure enough the next day she’s like oh my gosh mom that works like yeah I know I’ve been trying to get you to do the course but you can’t do it until you’re ready and when we’re ready it works you have to be open and I have one quick story about my assistant he was very emotionally abusive this was my second husband we’re together for three years it was awful emotional abuse from day one which my intuition told me not to marry him and I did anyway so listen to your intuition it’s always right that that feeling all the way it’s always right so I would talk to people in fact when I met her now I told her know about and a couple of the people that were even angels in the back and all of them were just like oh my god recently I was like this by it wasn’t me it was like there were flames coming on yeah it was awful and I didn’t realize it until someone pointed that out to me and so I did the seven steps on my ex-husband

Which I had a restraining order against because he finally got physical with me and my daughter and so we both have restraining orders against and never saw him again he never came back to my home again and so I had a lot of fear and a lot of anger and I did the seven steps on him during that course I ran into him at the farmers market before I was on my way to the class and he was standing next to me and it was just weird I mean the whole thing was just unbelievable but everything happens for a reason so we’re standing there and all of a sudden here he is I didn’t seen it since we were in court and I have a little bit of like butterflies but not much normally I’d be shaking can’t talk just sweating you know I’m sitting in court and I just hate that you know just yeah it was just awful sorry that’s what it was and so I found myself standing next to him we talked and I came back and I realized

Oh my god I’m gonna help this man like I wanted to teach him the seven steps I want him to get rid of all his stuff but I got to clear mine and Arnoux that little bit of butterflies that you felt you need to keep working on that because you’re not done so there are those layers they do keep coming they do go away this process works amazing for everything all those little triggers tell people don’t use their blinker on the freeway just I mean seriously these little things help you know you see these girls and they just don’t know so when you get to know each other and you’ll start talking everyone’s gonna be like seven-step that people is put it in your phone every time something comes up people list

I have an ongoing list and I seven-step they’re doing the RT or do the five steps the five steps are amazing help my daughter-in-law it’s helped me a lot in fact Merritt helped me with one not long ago with ancestral stuff that was crazy so I could go on and on to take a notice courses I love them they’re worth it you’ll get every penny and more you won’t you’ll pay every cent and look back and never even think that was just too much money and never it’ll it’ll if you can’t even say that it’s worth every cent and you’re gonna want to share it with everybody so tell everybody spread the word that’s why our know makes it affordable so that you can go out and do it yourself and help others so we can all live in this world together and clear everything and just be healthy and happy and the way we’re supposed to be right

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