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Subtitles to the Video:

Can I use the seventh substrate programming yourself with my kids yes you can in fact it’s very very easy to use it with your kids much easier than with adults they’re much more likely to be open to it they’re less likely to be resistant and it doesn’t take us long with kids because they haven’t had as much time to build up the belief that nothing will work for them the older people get the more ingrained they get and they’re limiting beliefs and find more evidence that these beliefs are true when in fact they’ve been wrong the whole time unfortunately and then they don’t have an open mind anymore but kids are much more open so it’s easier to work with them I’ll tell you – sorry about Norman Norman was a mom of six she was in the live course and she said I have a son who’s eight years old he has really severe anger issues he has to go to therapy every single week he’s in trouble at school all the time this teacher calls me almost every day it’s really a big problem he fights at home can I use the seven steps with him and I said of course you can and let us know what happens next week when we get back together next week she comes up on stage and she says I have to share with everybody my son I told you about last week that had anger issues got into a fight with his sister my daughter.

And after their fight I asked him if he would like to erase his anger and he said yes so we started doing the seven steps and we started erasing all of his anger and it didn’t take that long only a matter of minutes and it was all done and he said he wasn’t angry anymore the next day something really strange happened his teacher called me and said I don’t know what you did but he’s not angry anymore he’s different he’s changed whatever you did it really worked here was the amazing thing they went to therapy that week she said the therapist told me at the end of the session he doesn’t need therapy anymore whatever you did he’s not angry anymore this is an amazing story from such a long time ago and I’m so grateful that there are many many many many other stories like that so yes use it with your kids use it with your kids every day and so you can’t find anything else to use it with now I want to give you a different example of can I use it with my kids in a recent course an amazing woman who owns a yoga studio named crystal told us the story about her kid who was acting out and she was frustrated and annoyed by him and they’re having all this conflict between the two of them and she wasn’t sure what to do so she decided to erase how she felt her frustration her anger her annoyance with him and she said this was amazing the next morning after she erased all of it he woke up as an angel his behavior stayed that way forever we have her video on YouTube watch and you can see that you can use this both with your kids directly or for your kids like working on yourself isn’t this great.