OYS Yoga & The Goran Technique

The more you’re in your body, the more you can feel your emotions.

This workshop is only available to students who have taken The Goran Technique Course.

OYS Yoga & The Goran Technique

2022 The Year of Total Transformation
Soul Alchemy through the Yoga & Emotional Healing 

2022 is the year of change! Last year a new program emerged to help you dive deeper with The Goran Technique using The Original Yoga System (OYS) in a brand new workshop called OYS Yoga & The Goran Technique (formerly known as 7 Steps) led by Hannah Bacaron. 

There have been many changes in our world. It can be easy to let the new control our narrative. Clearing out negative emotions like fear is a way to take control of our reality.

We are not consciously creating if we are in fear. We have to erase the fear first to create the reality we desire.

The challenge to clearing many people face is confronting their emotions, feeling their feelings and getting into the body. In this workshop, we will be performing Ancient Himalayan Yoga techniques to help open up the mind-body connection, allowing you to safely feel your emotions.

The Goran Technique will follow to make the emotional release permanent.

The more you can feel, the more you can clear.

Imagine if your emotional baggage takes up 100 feet of a pool, but you can only feel 15 feet of it. You will only be able to clear that 15 feet.

In order to clear it all, you have to be able to feel all of the 100 feet.

Most of us survived by numbing out and repressing our emotions, this workshop will help us un-numb ourselves.

With this unique style of OYS, we will be able to go down to the parts we have hidden from ourselves.

OYS + The Goran Technique + Surrendering Presence = Profound Soul Transformation

Yoga lends itself to emotional healing. When we open up certain body parts through movement, we release pent up emotions, frustrations, worries, sorrows and the like.

Yoga is used to strengthen not only the body, but to unite the mind, body and soul. If your body is out of balance, the inner psyche is affected, as is your mental well-being. OYS & The Goran Technique practice is specifically designed to help un-bury and release any emotional blocks.

Opening the physical body allows us to open the emotional and spiritual body while simultaneously letting out emotions. This is why you may notice people start to get emotional during certain yoga poses, like pigeon, when the hips open.

These two powerful modalities of OYS and The Goran Technique are so interconnected that you will find clearing emotional baggage to be really easy and safe.

OYS & The Goran Technique Workshop

OYS & The Goran Technique will be offered via zoom based on demand. Yoga practice will be held for 60 minutes in length followed by an additional 60 minutes for clearing. Members are welcome to attend the whole session and can log on/off as their schedule permits as well as invite someone they would love to introduce The Goran Technique to.

For those new to yoga, yoga can be a powerful and transformational vehicle to emotional healing. It will be beginner friendly and can be customized to the needs of the audience.

You may wish to bring a container of water, a yoga mat and a journal and/or a recorder.

The next class starts on…
March 10th, Thursday
7:00 pm PST to 9:00 PST

Each class is $49

Your Instructor

Hannah Bacaron

Hannah Bacaron, a two time World Yoga Choreography Champion (Turkey, 2017 & 2018), is a certified Original Yoga System Teacher Trainer & Therapist. The Original Yoga System (OYS) or Maha Yoga, translates as “great” or superior” Yoga in Vedic literature. There are hundreds of thousands of techniques in this system which form the base of the Yoga system and have been scientifically proven to cover the health needs of all kinds of people.

Being aware of the fact that modern-age yoga is simply not comprehensive enough, she immediately noticed the unique benefits of the Original Yoga System which is applicable for any age group.

Her expert knowledge in yoga helped her recover from depression, anxiety, get rid of her ulcers, and properly align a physiological condition she was born with. She has gone on to study abroad under a real yoga master, taught in physical therapy centers, and serves as Vice President of the American Yoga Association, a board member of the International Yoga Federation, and is the President of the Philippine Yoga Association.

She masterfully combines OYS with the Goran Technique to eliminate physical illness  or other conditions caused or aggravated by mental factors such as internal stress or conflict.

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