Ever notice that when your willpower runs out, the issue is still running? Listen as Arnoux Goran tells you how to resolve your life issues permanently, without torching your willpower!

Fire Breathin’ Rob and Arnoux talk for the first time and go deep into Arnoux’s background (1:03), Why we attract the wrong person (10:35), What is “The 7 Steps” (now The Goran Technique) and why it works better than willpower (12:56), Arnoux’s thoughts for those who are struggling (18:16), Success stories of 7 Step students and why this isn’t a fluke (20:15), His advice to 30 somethings (31:49), Can The 7 Steps help people with addictions? (38:34).

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Okay all right hello everyone this is conversations with rod please like and subscribe out videos online and also you’ll be hearing this on the air so everybody that’s listening on the air thanks so much for listening we’re gonna start off with the interview that I’ve been preparing for and happy to have on Arnoux Goran is that how you see a last name you got it Goran yes I ran all right awesome all right and he is gonna tell us how to first of all we’re gonna talk about negativity and we’re gonna talk about how to get rid of bad vibes and bad people in our life and a little bit about I know is he did the seven steps to reprogramming yourself that’s the first proven method to access in unconscious my unconscious Minds that removed the old in repeating negative thoughts and emotions and that happens permanently so that’s a positive thing that we all need and you have a heck of a story that’s you know you’ve grown up in the you know as I was reading about you I’d love for you to tell the viewers a little bit about you and growing up and how you kind of defeated the odds that would dealt to you well thank you yeah both my parents were deaf so that means they can’t hear and I speak fluent sign language and they had a horrible crack cocaine addiction from the time I was eight up until when I was 19 and they had a drug problem before that the when I turned eight they kind of went off the deep end and started smoking crack all day every day.

And at that point the amount of emotional and you could say mental trauma that I was going through was pretty extreme neglect starvation and being cold constant verbal violence so going through that for many years I mean we’re talking over a decade of hell it pushed me to a place where I was very sick and I almost died and that forced me without any other possibility to figure out how to fix myself or literally get off the planet so we hear a lot of issues like especially in I am also a teacher at a school this radio gig is just kind of a second rain thing that I do I I deal with a lot of kids that you know kind of deer dealt with a lot some of the stuff that you’re going through child neglect situations they will hold their homeless they live in I’m in Orlando area and right near Disney there’s a whole row of kind of small motel hotels and kids live in there and they have tough lives uh and you kind of talk about this and you you know in your book and you know and reading about you I saw about this ah how do you kind of get through all these tough situations I mean I talked a lot of these kids and they come to school hungry uh you know I’m a teacher I’m on a teacher’s salary it’s I’m gonna not gonna lie to any of you or the listeners it’s not the best salary and I can’t go and feed 200 kids that are suffering from these issues uh so how does first of all how do I help these kids but also you know I’d love to hear your story about how you all became these issues those are two great questions for myself even as a little kid there was always this little voice in me that’s knowingness that somehow things would get better I never believed that it was always going to be that way I knew that someday I’d be an adult and I’d be able to make my life the way I wanted to to make my life and it was only temporary and I kept trying myself that I just kept my mind focused on trying to get my parents off of drugs.

Because I believe that if they stopped doing drugs they’d stop being the way that they were um and as time went on I eventually was able to achieve those goals and it’s kept going from there I think if you get to a place where you’re hopeless and you just have no hope that you’re ever going to get out of the situation you’re in that’s when you’re in trouble I never lost that I think that’s what saved me so so you helped your parents get off drugs then well I did my best I mean when I was 18 my mom and dad were having a big fight and my mom wanted to stop and she said she couldn’t get my dad was there doing in front of her all the time and they fought over you know who should stay in the house and I told my dad he should leave and he left which was amazing so I thought when my mom was able to slowly eventually stop and then with my dad I went to personally I prayed for him to stop in two days later he was arrested and he went to Rio I’ve been said of jail and after he came back from rehab he stopped so I at least played a small role in it I couldn’t say I did it but I it was my goal all throughout my childhood and I just cut my mind focus on that until I finally came true right so to go back to the second question like I said I deal with all these kids all the time and this is kind of right in your wheelhouse you know how do I get to these kids you know that a lot of them women are in that same situation as you were earlier on in life they are hopeless they feel like they go to school they act up because they acting out not because they want to be troublemakers just because they have nobody that cares about them at home they just come in here.

A lot of these kids come to school they want to stay there as long as possible because when they come home they go home to drugs they go home to people that are abusive to them so how do you know I as a person that’s in the situation but out of it help these kids would you say and that is a really difficult universal question so I’m gonna give you a universal answer that has actually a lot to do with quantum physics and I’ll tell you a story so there was a man named Dr. Hulan or there is a man in dr. Thielen who closed down a mental hospital for the criminally insane in Hawaii and it closed down because the people got better and the basic philosophy of his practice is that the whole world is a reflection of something that’s happening inside of you and then you can work on yourself you’ll see your world change around you now one of my students for example her name is Rocio she told us a story this month about her parents her father was very abusive to her and her mom and her brothers and her sister her siblings and her whole life and her mom and dad never got along they’d slept in separate bedrooms they always fought and she did not like her father you know then she married an alcoholic guy who beat her up just like her dad the same pattern recurred and she went through my courses and she started erasing all the pain from her childhood all the pain I mean it was a lot a lot a lot of pain that she had built up over all those years of being abused so she finally finishes the last process.

There’s for me your tools for transformation that we use the last ones called completion she finishes it about her dad and then she gets a call from her siblings saying you’ve got to come home to Costa Rica so she flies all the way down there you’re not gonna believe it mom and dad are friends now he’s happy so we think he’s gonna die so you got to come visit but she goes down there thinking he’s on his deathbed but he’s fine there’s something wrong with him it’s just that he’s not the same person now he’s nice he and his and their her mom hold hands they got on dates she’s teaching him to read she’s making him dinner they were like a couple that love each other and he totally changed in who he was by her healing herself and I actually have many stories like that some that are even more close to home with my own friends and family and it’s really amazing what happens when you work on yourself so am i saying that if you Rob heal the pain that you feel about all these kids being hungry that it’ll change their realities maybe not but it’ll certainly have a huge positive impact like I said before it’s about quantum physics we’re all integrated integrated and connected by energy that’s how Dr. Hugh Lin closed down the mental hospital maybe that’s how we can do it and I definitely want to get into what you do my thing is I would say just the quick thing about myself is in the you know the frame of work I’m in theory of a feeling person I do worry about a lot of stuff going on my own family but not only that a lot of people that you know I work with as far as the students that we talked about have go through a lot of issues at home how do I kinda as you said shut myself down and say I do care about those people but you don’t want to take a heart attack worrying about everybody in the world that’s such a great question.

Worrying is being afraid of something that hasn’t happened yet or being concerned for their their well-being it’s a good thing to be concerned to say look there’s a problem here I need to do something about it that’s a really good thing that’s righteous power but if you’re coming from a place of sadness a fear of an anger or any sort of negative emotion you’re projecting those negative emotions into real so what can you do well you can find any negative emotions you feel about the situation and then you can erase them yourself and that’s what I would recommend so if someone’s worried about their kids that’s if they’re afraid something Bad’s gonna happen in their kids if they erase the fear that something Bad’s gonna happen to their kids there’s it’s much less likely that something bad will happen to their kids because that fear is actually creating itself that’s literally what quantum physics is teaching us that our thoughts and our energy we’re putting out is going to attract and create reality so if we can understand that and apply that then we can make those changes in a real life last question on this part of the interview and this is kind of where I found you a lot of friends there negative family members negative we talked about this a little bit earlier on the interview how do people get away from the negativity and stop attracting the same people as you said with Taub the woman in that you work with she had the her father abused her and she went to her or her husband or her boyfriend same thing and it seems like majority of the people in the country in the world do these same things when they attract these type of friends they belittle um they make fun of them they say yeah maybe the person has low self esteem they stay with these people is it is it low self-esteem that the reason why we hang around with these same people that make fun of us belittle us we want to be a follow we follow all these professional athletes all these politicians that really do you know nothing for us hmm your question is so deep I love it.

The basic answer is we first have to decide that we want to have a better life we want to be happier and feel better and once we decide that we can start looking for how to do it how to do it is actually complicated and simple once you learn how to do it it becomes simple but at first it’s like well what I’m going to tell you may not or it might make sense and let’s see inside of you there are feelings maybe you can call some of these feelings low self-esteem like you don’t feel good about yourself okay those feelings act like a magnet and they’re going to attract someone into your life that has a matching magnet the other side too if you’re if you’re magnet is a positive there’s will be a negative or vice-versa sites a matching frequency a matching issue they have the mirror to your magnet and that’s what causes you to be attracted to each other and in fact most people who are in a relationship that’s abusive or with someone where they have a lot of issues have more than one of those magnets that are attracting now what’s a study done on this and they found that married people or couples tend to be attracted to each other based on their biggest emotional pain so the biggest magnet that they’ve got that’s what attracted there sweetheart and so they stay in those relationships because even if they break up with that person or they find a new friend they attract someone new that has the same matching issues and they’re gonna keep doing that until they go inside and take out their own magnets once you take that stuff out of yourself that’s when you start attracting different people even the same people might show up differently in your life.

Because they don’t have the same matching issue with you anymore right so I want to get into the seven steps of reprogramming yourself so we I’m sure you touch down a little bit of that earlier as we’ve been talking um before we get into that though and I want to see if this is part of the seven steps we hear a lot about from people how to relax how to you know find your new self is to do these things yoga meditation you know write a journal is that part of your seven steps and if not do you believe in doing those things it will help you reprogram yourself they’re not part of the seven steps to reprogramming yourself sub Street programming yourself is literally a seven step process that allows you to go into the unconscious mind and delete old programs it’s like here’s the manual for your mind here’s how you go in and take things out everyone wishes they were born with it everyone needs to know how to do it it’s like your mind is a computer and you’ve got all these files on there that you don’t like and no one ever showed you how to delete them that’s what the seven steps is how to go in and delete the files all the other things you mentioned are really good practices and a lot of them can help you to become more successful become healthier to be more calm to access more of your potential as a human they’re all great practices and I would recommend you know stretching quieting the mind and things like that but none of those things can go in and delete the programs from the unconscious mind those are different tools that work in different arenas so what if people say hey I’m listening to our no you know he sounds good but you know I’m tough you know I can do this on my own I might be struggling inside but I can get through this you know a lot of it’s mostly men will be honest men you know say I’m talkin do anything I might be depressed today but tomorrow I’ll be better.

I’ll be then but the depression keeps following them down the road and then they just keep going onto a downward slide and some people don’t have that mental toughness as you did and some people end up you know having to go to a mental institution or worse they kill themselves well it’s good to be tough it’s good to have a positive attitude it’s good to believe in yourself the problem is that your willpower your toughness can only sustain you overcoming your unconscious mind for so long until your body gives out and your body gets burned out and worn out by you forcing yourself through and over the issues that are inside of you the I have a black belt in a great martial art and I was an instructor for a while and one of the things we learned is that a warrior does not stuff down their feelings a warrior deals with their feelings powerfully so it doesn’t mean that you go and throw them at someone else either it means that you learn how to remove them and get them out of your system so that you don’t have to use your willpower and your toughness to keep overcoming that stuff so you can evolve towards the life that’s a lot easier and we’re effortless giving you more power and energy to achieve your goals and dreams and become more of that powerful person you always knew you could be so let me ask you this everybody seems to be in our culture right now we see it on social media we see it in the news we see it with our presidential candidates it’s all negativity no positivity it seems like the world is gonna end the way people talk all over the country in person or you know in social media is negativity something that you believe is you know is like a trait that we learn or something we’re born with it’s both when you’re born you inherit your parents negative emotions and thoughts in your DNA you also bring with you wherever you’ve been as a soul your old mental patterns you do and then as a child you begin to learn the negative programming of your environment and it starts getting installed in you up until the age of 8 and 13 your unconscious mind is totally open you’re like a sponge you just absorb everything everything you hear everything you see it’s programmed and it’s like all the files are being written then once you get to that age of 13 Age new stuff can’t get in anymore only things that reaffirm what’s already in there can get in.

And so if you’re in an environment where people are angry and negative a lot guess what you’re gonna get programmed with negativity and anger and you might even begin to think that that’s how life is because maybe you never saw anything different and it becomes the filter that you see life through you don’t realize that it’s not real it’s just a filter but once you can delete some of those files the filters start to disappear and you begin to see things more clear than you realize Wow negativity is just a choice except that for most of us it’s programmed in so until they deprogram it out it’s not really a choice it’s just part of who they are let me push back a little bit we do have some a lot of negative people that listen to the program and want to fight so let me you know talk what they would say back all right good yeah so you know they would say back something like as far as being as being negative you know I make a low wage my kids got autism uh I can’t afford health care I’ve been working on two or three jobs and I just can’t get it done I live in the slums of whatever Los Angeles or a but they made me uh this guy is telling me that all I have to do is follow four seven steps and reprogram myself how is that gonna help me get a better job how is that gonna make my kids health get better how am I gonna be able to afford healthcare you know it’s not gonna help me get a better job that’s what this saying so you know in their mind what would you say to somebody like that I would say I understand that you’re going through a really bad time you know I’ve been there I’ve been through bad times even even after I helped my parents stop doing drugs I faced horrible challenges I was supposed to die when I was 22 all the doctors I went to told me I was gonna die and then after I got better physically I found myself in abject poverty I couldn’t make enough money to feed myself I was replaying my childhood all over again so how the hell did I get out of those situations and start to move towards the life I dream of until I started living the life that I dream of well it starts with education I read endless books I went to endless courses I listen to CDs or cassette tapes everywhere I went all the time when I was taking the bus to a crappy job that didn’t pay me enough to eat I was still reading a book or listening to some training from someone constantly learning and in all that education.

What I learned is that my financial experience and really my whole experience of life is all determined by what’s inside of me and if you think about it that’s a very empowering belief but otherwise you’re just a victim and you really want to be a victim forever when do you want to stop being a victim and when do you want to start making it the way you want it to be oh well I can’t change this and that and that’s not maybe not that you can change how you feel about it it and most of what you have in your life is a reflection of how you feel and how you think especially your finances especially the job you have especially where you live Jim Rohn said you live in a country where everyone can go to the library and get educated for free so there’s no excuse to not be rich and my problem was sure I was smart here I was with seven years of university and I still couldn’t make money so it wasn’t even the amount of Education there was something wrong with me on the inside and when I figured out what that was of course was all the crap as a kid I realized the way for me to change my life and get out of poverty and get out of the living hell was to get rid of all that crap inside of me and it worked and it works for all of my thousands and thousands of students and I can tell you stories and I think about I told you a few stories would really help to illuminate what I’m trying to say if that’s okay with you yeah that’s fine that’d be great so for example this year there was a guy named Wayne that showed up at my course okay he literally signed it up on a $25.00 a month payment plan which I mean $25.00 for our program is insane but I offer that program at least I have in the past.

Because I know there’s people like Wayne that don’t have the money to work on themselves but they need it more than anything else in the world so on the third day of the course on Sunday morning he’s partnered up with Vangelis and Vangelis is actually a self-made multi-millionaire from going through my program so his whole story is amazing too and they’re partnered up and they’re they were laughing because I just erased some big negative emotion and I said Wayne what is your number one goal in your life and he said to make six thousand dollars a month and I said how do you feel that you’re not making six thousand dollars a month he said I feel really sad it’s like a giant basketball on my tummy said okay guys he brace that right now then we could have lunch break after that whatever it was half hour practice round after lunch he comes back and says I want to share something gets up on stage in front of the whole audience and says so before lunch I erased my sadness that I wasn’t making six thousand dollars a month or any money at all in fact I’ve been out of work for a year and a half and all the money I have in the world right now is in my pocket I only have a hundred dollar bill that’s in my pocket that’s all I have during lunch I got a random phone call it says right after I cleared my sadness I didn’t know who it was I decided to answer it and it was a job recruiter and they gave me an impromptu interview right here in the hotel in the restaurant I was literally doing a job interview just now and they offered me a job paying ten thousand four hundred dollars a month and then I helped him and after taxes at six thousand four hundred and forty five dollars a month and the man is in tears audiences in tears because he literally got himself out of that situation that seemed hopeless and got himself a six-figure job by working on himself by healing the pain that was inside of him that was blocking him getting the job he wanted.

I can tell you hundreds of stories like this so let me ask you this would you say to push back cuz like I really believe in what you’re saying in but I gotta push back a little bit for the people that are a little negative in the audience what would you say to the people that say that was maybe just a fluke thing that just happened this sounds like Tony Robbins and it’s III like I said I believe in what you say but I gotta push back a little bit I love your push backs Rob because you’re you’re challenging me to prove that I actually know what I’m talking about and I love that because I can prove it so please push while you call you want first of all Tony Robbins doesn’t know the seven substrate programming yourself Tony Robbins is an amazing guy he’s helped a lot of people and have a lot of respect for him but he doesn’t know my process the methods that he knows that I’ve seen that I’ve trained with they’re more like using your willpower at least in the mill for the most part you know thinking positively which is a good thing like I said it’s good to be tough but you can’t overcome your unconscious mind with positive thinking so this isn’t like anyone else out there there’s nothing out like this out there because I haven’t met anyone else or ever heard of anyone else who’s actually able to erase unconscious programming so you can’t really compare it to anybody else yes I might sound positive I hope I do yeah as far as far as that just sounds like a fluke that makes sense I understand that you can feel that way but what about someone transforming their whole life or parts of their life little by little until you see a completely different person in front of you than the person who started after many years and those are some of the examples that I love I had a lot of students like that I can tell you by Eric if you want or be Marty there’s so many of them Janice is actually a really good one Janice is an author so she’s not she’s not a flaky person she’s been the head to Silla trader for John Gray who wrote men are from Mars Women are from Venus I mean obviously he’s amazing and she came to my course she flew in from Colorado and took it in July of 2018 and she didn’t believe it was gonna work because she said she’s tried everything else out there and nothing has ever worked to erase negative emotions permanently I had to personally talk to her and tell her my own story but she would even come so she came to the course and she cleared a massive thing on the first day and she looked for the second day and she looked really different.

She was standing up straight she had confidence the powerlessness that was there was gone so this year I did an interview with her she wanted to give a testimonial and I thought was gonna be like 10 minutes right no it was a 90 minute long testimonial of what she had changed in her life over the period of the year she she was really sick she had IBS so that’s irritable bowel syndrome so she was in the hospital 29 times ER with the pain in her intestines and she actually had a party with her family to celebrate not having gone to the hospital for over a year after taking my course now she did a lot of nutritional and physical things before she took my course but only helped to some degree and then she still had the problem and it was getting rid of the emotional mental part that fixed the IBS that’s only one part of her story she said she flirted with being suicidal from time to time she got imagine it and be kind of fun and and that flirtation went away completely because she used to be hopeless and after clearing out a lot of layers of pain and seeing that it was working her hope her life came back she had huge financial problems and she erased all of her financial fear she said I loved with the way you explained it I know you’re saying all the money is right there it’s trying to get to me but they can’t because I’m blocking it and all I have to do is remove the blocks she said it made sense and all the other many courses that she took told her something was wrong with her that she wasn’t in doing something right that she came to manage your money better this way or that way.

But once he removed the blocks the money has started coming in and keeps flowing in and flowing in and flowing in and flowing in it goes on her I mean it was a 90 minute long story all the areas of your life changed by her working on herself so that’s not a fluke that’s just how human beings are designed so so you do have many programs and you kind of talked about all some of the testimonials you talked about some of the programs to the viewers and how you you know get these people to basically transform their whole lives you know get them back with it should they were born to be these people that you’re transforming them back to where they should be I love it how you said it wrong so there’s actually 23 courses in my series and all the testimonials I’ve been telling you about are all from just the first course the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and just that first tool after you learn that one then you can come to life transformation where you learn the other three major tools for transformation and actually in the first story I told you about Rocio she did use all four major tools for transformation the five-step emotional eraser the emotional repolarization technique in completion after that you can come to becoming your authentic self which plays off what you just said that’s the course where you actually work on killing away more layers to reveal your real self and I can go into detail about all the courses but I also have a series of courses on the body remember I told you I almost died and I figured out how to fix my body I have courses on helping other people Jing when I went coaching consulting working with people one on one building a career helping other people and transforming their lives to have courses on relationships on money.

If you go to how to manifest your soulmate calm you can even check out my course on how to attract a person right so so then let’s jump into two things that I you know you kind of got me intrigued to hear about the body one you did say about how you did almost die what does that costs about and what are you talking about body we talking about toxins that are going in our body as far as foods alcohol cigarettes are we talking about something else the totality of my courses all 23 courses addresses the physical emotional mental and spiritual parts of the human being and if you’re going to fix something that’s wrong with somebody you need to be able to look at all four of those parts you need to be able to determine what the real cause of the problem is and then you need to have tools to address those if the cause of the problem is in the unconscious mind the right tool is to seven steps through programming yourself we’re talking about the body physically we’re talking about not emotional not mental not spiritual but actual physical and when you break down the body physically there’s only one law of the body that you have to follow and you sort of got to it there the law is very simple remove all the toxicity and put all the essential nutrients in and if you do that the body will repair itself.

Agree with that 100% and the last thing before we get more into this theory with the attracting people is what we talking about love you know love are we talking about friendships what are we talking about well the how to manifest your soulmate com course or how to attract your soulmate com that’s really about romantic relationships but you could certainly apply it to any type of relationship that program has three parts in the first part is the art of manifestation the art of creating something so you could apply that to any goal you want to create and the third part is the three magic questions that I wrote so they’re my copyrighted questions that help you find what’s in your unconscious mind that’s blocking you from attracting what you want so that would work for attracting a girlfriend or a boyfriend but it would also work for attracting money it works on any goal and just that course is specifically for romantic relationships but you could certainly apply those pieces to anything there’s so much I could talk to you about we could be here for about seven hours and doing ten different segments so we we got to have you on again I want to go into as far as the people that you coach is it more so younger people middle-aged all the people would you say and what is the income level of the people just curious well in terms of the live courses and workshops and we provide I would say the average age is between 40 and 70 I remember recently I had a huge group of seniors and they just eating up everything.

And you know what I like about the seniors is these are typically the people that have taken every course there is and they’re the ones to get up on stage and say I’ve taken all of Tony Robbins and I’ve taken everything by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and Mary Morrissey and I’ve done NLP and I’ve done EFT and I’ve done and the emotion code and I’ve done all everything you can a me name it I’ve done it I’m a life coach and I have 18 certifications in it and I know is the greatest teacher ever and the seven steps is the best course I’ve ever taken and people listen to them because they’re 75 you know so we have we have a lot of older people I would say the income varies tremendously but has always been to bring the training to everyone to make it affordable and make it available to every single person I don’t want to just reach the top 1% to have lots of money and can afford to pay a hundred thousand dollars for this knowledge I think it should be made accessible to the whole world because if we’re going to change the world if we’re going to get rid of all of our major global problems like negativity like poverty and so on we as a human species need to heal ourselves if human beings can get rid of our anger our fear and our sadness that’s automatically recurring from the unconscious mind if we can get rid of that as a species then we’re gonna see the world change to reflect that that’s how we’re going to do it so that’s really what the mission is about amazing I know so let me ask you for a person in my age group twenty eight twenty nine thirty year old so we’re young up but we’re almost hitting that middle age bracket uh well you know what would you talk to somebody like around like I said my age about someone that’s you know in a decent career but like I said we’re still you know not making the best money.

I know we talked about attitude and you know caring ourselves and and anxiety and stuff like that what would you talk to somebody my age about if you don’t learn how to reprogram your unconscious mind now what you’re going to learn is in 10 or 20 or 30 years that you’ve been replaying the same pattern it’s the whole time and you’ve been trying to overcome them with your conscious mind just like I did it’s like everyone does because that’s what everyone thinks you’re supposed to do and you’re gonna be frustrated and annoyed that you waited 20 years when you could’ve in your 20s or 30s started removing all that unconscious programming and skyrocketed yourself to success a lot faster whatever your goals are for me in a lot of my courses it’s about getting there fast it’s about speed I have a doctor who just came to the last course life transformation and her brother and her have a epicenter in San Diego and he came up and shared about how he has a technology he has a computer system that can erase negative emotions permanently I was really amazed it’s fantastic right and he said that it can take two three hours to clear out one issue but we’re talking about lifelong issues and he thought that was just incredible and then he started doing the seven substrate programming yourself with his clients and he would see it’s something that would take three hours disappear in 30 minutes and he said he literally had to clear out his disbelief but that could even possibly happen so fast and so if your goal is to make more money or to create a family or to have bigger muscles or whatever your goal is pick any number one goal in life if you want to get there faster start learning about how your design how your unconscious mind works if you want to have more energy in sleepless learn about how your body works and as you get that education it will serve you for the rest of your life.

But it will also serve your kids your grandkids and on and on and on in all future generations the smartest people tend to educate themselves starting as early as possible when I was in college I was so amazed at how many students were saying to me other other classmates they couldn’t wait for school to be over so they could stop studying I couldn’t wait for school to be over it’s like read all the books I wanted to read because that’s how do we get where we want to go now I agree 100% I’ve come to love to read when I was younger I hated to read I wouldn’t pick up a book period but but I I agree with you 100% yeah um so I know you told a quite a few stories about to the listeners about special people that have you know accomplished special things what was the most inspiring story that you’ve encountered so far with somebody that was maybe at your level when you said you were really down at a low level and they kind of really rose up I’m sure there’s quite a few stories but is there one that’s most special to you there’s two from this year that um they both they were in the July chorus these two people came up at the beginning and shared their stories and if it’s okay if we have time I’ll tell you both love ya please first Eric comes up and he’s you know pretty young he’s probably 25 27 so kind of like you young stubbly guy tall handsome looks perfect right and he tells us that he was suffering from being suicidal and had depression has basically his whole life and that he had been institutionalized for being suicidal on many occasions you know they put him into a mental hospital and that he had been given electric shock treatment to his head over 60 times.

Yeah I mean did we know that people still did this it was yeah scary crazy he said he’d been on and then weaned off of every pharmaceutical drug you can take for the mine every psychotropic drug for depression that there is he tried them all and then he tried every modality that he could find in the world and he was taking the Asajj therapy training and this gal Shelley was there who changed her whole life and she said panic attacks every day on the first day of course that was the end of that she had a horrible upbringing and she always dated horrible men and she after four months of clearing issues married this dream guy and she’s been really happy and she told him everything and he said he thought it was complete BS but he came to see me speak for a couple hours and said when I saw her nose speak for a couple hours I knew it was crap there was no way it could work but I spend a penny week because there’s nothing else to do and so he said after taking the course he didn’t actually notice any difference so every day for 30 minutes give the seventh substrate programming yourself every day he said after one year the suicidal thoughts finally stopped and this was now it’s been a year and a half and it was amazing because he has the genuine smile and all this like light comes out of his face his eyes and it comes out of his mouth I had told him I said Eric just look at everyone and smile at them it was just so amazing to see this man it was depressed and suicidal smile with so much light and so much energy and so much love when he was supposed to you know kill himself just like year and a half ago so after he shares then this girl comes up she’s 18 years old her name is serenity again a young person one other family and friends had molested her from a very young age.

I think she said age of five and rest the family obviously didn’t know and she got very depressed she became suicidal cetera living in her bed and she and her mom started having private sessions with one of my certified practitioners I grabbed by the name of Merritt MA and and just having weekly sessions with her and within a few months she got out of bed she no longer was depressed she was no longer suicidal and she reclaimed her life you know and it’s amazing when someone starts crying and then hugs me and says thank you for saving my life and that’s exactly what happened then her mom came up and hugged me and said thank you for saving my daughter’s life she said they tried everything you know it was like a miracle for to come back to life and want to live again I want to do something important in their life and of course you can imagine what she wants to do she wants to use my information of other people well that’s really impressive I just want to get to one more question and then we definitely have Yan again cuz there’s so much that we could talk about we talk about pharmaceutical drugs in the last with the gentleman that you talked about that was suicidal what do you what do you think about all these people I’m sure you’ve had quite a few people like him that are on pumped with all these pharmaceutical drugs opioids and all kinds of other drugs to make them feel happy to not make them feel depressed they get addicted as with the opioids can you help those people get away from that stuff or is that something where they have to go to rehab.

That’s a really great question when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs that’s not my arena and so what I would I tell the students is talk to your doctor and if they say that you can lean offer them or you can get off of them great a lot of my students are able to achieve that but I don’t actually do anything I just teach them what to do and then they do it themselves and some of them like Eric are able to achieve those results I think that it’s really useful if you have something you can take to alleviate your pain temporarily but it’s much better if you can work on dealing with the real cause of the pain in a permanent way so that eventually you don’t need something to alleviate the pain temporarily I just feel like a lot of doctors and the pharmaceutical companies push the doctors to prescribe all these drugs and people some people like you said they just need a little bit of help with the seven steps or other advice that you could give them as far as coaching and they don’t even need those drugs that’s just pushed on them that’s that’s I guess what I was getting to with that well unfortunately we live in a world where doctors have to follow the law and they don’t have a choice to do anything but with the law tells them no I agree so lastly we can vote it I mean we can vote gosh hopefully you’re not running for political office where I can listen yourself find more about you.

If they want to get in touch with you and you know you know talk to you about coaching or even you know maybe coming to one of your seminars programs whatever you would like to call it well they’re welcome to you guys are all looking to visit my YouTube channel it’s our no Loran you can also go to my website right now it’s total health mastery total health like you’re healthy mastery we’re looking at a rebrand because we’ve grown so much away from just working on the body and the physical health but if you go to my YouTube channel like there’s tons of free videos on relationships there’s hundreds of testimonials if you think I’m full of crap just go watch some of those and decide for yourself and and on my website there’s a free webinar called why your life is the way it is and I really get into a lot more detail on that question you asked like isn’t that just a fluke.

How is this really gonna help me change my life get out of you know living in a tent and that webinar is really it’s a workshop where you do the workshop you’re so you have to have some notepad and paper there to actually do it and it leads you through a whole series of exercise isn’t at the end it’ll help you really see what a lot of your patterns are where they come from its PowerPoint it’s free it’s right around my homepage now I agree and and I didn’t know what to expect from the interview at first thing I said I’m you know read a lot about you but it was really informative and I do wanna have you on like I said quite a few times again because like I said there’s so many topics that we can dive into you and I think that you would benefit the listeners whether they want to check out the YouTube pin a page or check out some of your programs cuz I’m buying into what you’re saying right now that’s just my opinion thank you very much I like that I know we’ll have you on again thanks so much for your time and I will shoot you an email pretty soon it sounds good thanks for having me appreciate it good thanks I know by now