Would You Like To Learn Why Your Life Is The Way It Is?

Are you repeating the same patterns in your life?

Do you find that you keep dating the same person… but they all have a different name?

Do you keep attracting alcoholics?

Are you dealing with addiction?

Do you have the same money blueprint no matter how many courses you’ve taken or things you’ve done to change it?

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror to say the same affirmations over and over, but still feel like they haven’t come true?

Do you have the experience that nothing is working for you? That every method and every tool you’ve ever found to erase blockages, to release negative emotions, to change your mindset, to make you successful, to help you manifest what you want has failed you has not worked?

Have you given up? Or do you still believe that there is a way that you can finally get the results that you want?

Do you still believe there’s an opportunity, a chance, a method, to erase the causes of repeating patterns and finally, finally, create the life you’ve always dreamed of that you know deep inside your heart and soul that not only do you deserve, but that it’s your destiny to have?

If so, then you’re in the right place…

About Arnoux Goran

About Your Trainer


My name is Arnoux (are-know) Goran, and I grew up in hell. Yes, literally hell on earth. Both my parents are deaf and suffered from a horrible crack cocaine addiction from the time I was eight until I was 19. During this time they abused me in ways that are unimaginable.

Starvation. Freezing cold. Intense verbal and physical abuse. Incredible fear and panic. I could barely speak I was so shut down. I lived behind wall behind wall behind wall behind wall of pain.

My experience of life was awful. People talk about triggers. I would get triggered 50 times a day by 50 different triggers. I was overloaded with emotional pain. If you can imagine your emotional pain as bricks that you carry in a backpack, I was literally carrying a mountain. Millions of bricks piled on top of me from an undeserved, horrific experience of growing up in absolute hell on earth.

When I was in my early 20s, I would forget to eat until 9pm Because I was so used to being hungry that I wouldn’t even notice. I didn’t realize until I was about 21 years old that I could be warm at night if I just bought more blankets. I was used to going without my basic needs, and to suffering.

Fast forward to today where I drive a brand new Mercedes convertible.  I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I travel all over the world, (I’m writing this from the Caribbean and was just in Hawaii for 3 months after spending 6 weeks in the Rocky Mountains.) I do what I love for a living and make tons of money. I have an amazing love life. I’m surrounded by friends who are as good as family and I have  far better health than people would consider to be perfect. I’m surrounded by beauty constantly. People hug me and tell me I’ve saved their life as a normal regular occurrence in my experience.

It’s such a long, long distance from where I started.


How did I get here from that horrific place of being the abused child of two deaf crack addicts?

It’s simple. I never gave up on believing that I could change my life. I never gave up on believing that I could erase those bricks permanently. I never listened to anyone who said there was no way to get rid of the emotional trauma forever.

When people said that it was impossible. I simply decided that it was possible and I would just keep looking until I found the answers. And that’s what I did. I kept looking and looking and praying and praying and searching and searching as pieces came to me little by little until I understood finally, how to erase these bricks of emotion, these blockages to manifesting what we want, the real causes of our pain and problems in life permanently.

I was so excited!

I knew I could change my life and I did.

I immediately began teaching other people. After seven years I finally figured out how to teach it in a way that everyone could learn it.

When I teach people how to erase their patterns permanently. I start off by teaching them the fundamentals of how the mind works, where patterns come from, and what patterns look like in real life.

Have you ever noticed that you get the same upset emotion in different circumstances?

Did you ever notice that the circumstances aren’t really the cause of the emotion but it’s just bringing it to the surface? That’s a very advanced thought. Most people have never heard of that. It’s a fundamental truth of how the mind works.

You’ll discover more of these fundamental truths as you enter into my training program. I want to teach everyone in the world how to erase their negative thoughts and emotions from the past in a permanent way. It’s the only way we’re ever going to have peace on earth and eventually heaven on earth.

We live in a world full of pain. The common teaching about what to do is to overcome it with positive thinking or to choose to let it go and forgive. And yet the same button gets pushed again in the next moment or in the next day. It doesn’t go away permanently by choosing to let it go or thinking positively.

If you’ve been around long enough and tried all those methods, you know what I’m talking about.  And believe me, I’ve tried just about everything out there. Once everyone knows how to erase their patterns permanently we will watch the world evolve and change around us into a miraculous place. My life is simply an example of what can happen to the whole planet.

It begins with you as you heal yourself, as you transform your pain. As you undo your patterns, as you acquire more money, more happiness, more joy, more love, more sex, more beauty, more things that you’ve always wanted. You will spread that joy throughout the world. Your frequency will emanate happiness, peace and love and other people will be affected by it. Even if you’re asleep.

Other people will even get healed by your work. It’s that powerful.

How do we begin? Where do we begin your training?

I invite you to take my webinar, Why Your Life Is the Way It Is: Ending Repeating Life Patterns where you will learn what causes repeating patterns in life. And specifically, some of the major ones that YOU have that you’re not even aware of right now as well as ones you are aware of…  and where they actually come from, the real root causes of your patterns.

It’s an extremely illuminating and enlightening experience. My longtime client Sead Pepic said “taking Why Your Life Is the Way It Is was like pulling the wool from over my eyes. I finally saw reality and how to change it.”

Sead isn’t a slouch, he was already a master of neuro linguistic programming or NLP and hypnotherapy and had taken many, many other courses in various fields before taking my course.

When I designed it, I wanted to create the ultimate transformational experience in 90 minutes or less. And that’s exactly what it is. I know you’re thinking this kind of workshop sounds too good to be true. But why not have it all? Why not have the life you desire? Why not have a 90 minute workshop that can change your life?

Aren’t you sick of those workshops that are mostly just selling you something? And they don’t really teach you anything? This course is a true training to cause breakthrough upon breakthrough for you.

And yes, don’t worry at the end I’ll tell you about the next step in training where you will learn how to permanently erase your patterns.

This workshop is free right now. I know you’re thinking it’s too good to be free. And you’re right. It should be $99 at least, maybe more, maybe $499. But I want you to have a sample of my work so you can see that I’m not full of crap. So you can see that what I’m telling you here is actually the truth.

There are so many fluffers out there. So many people that claim to do all kinds of great things and they can’t do it. They’re full of crap. They can’t keep their promises. They over exaggerate and their material is nothing but fluff.

I’m the opposite. My material is nothing but gold.

But why should you believe me?

Well, I’ll give you a sample for free. You can see that it’s nothing but gold. And if you want more I’ll tell you about it at the end of the free sample. Does that sound fair? I think it sounds great. But that’s just my opinion.

All you need to do to take the webinar is enter your name and email. I would recommend entering your phone number because email isn’t very reliable. And if you enter your phone number, you’ll receive a text with your login information as well as via email.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spam you a bunch of text messages. However, I might invite you to some other free stuff like a free book giveaway or something like that in the future. But if you want you can just put in your email.

You want more proof?

I can prove to you that everything I’ve said to you is true. This short testimonial video will blow your mind and maybe make you cry, and then you’ll see that I really am the real thing… and you really have found the website you’ve been looking for, maybe for years, maybe your whole life.

How did that make you feel? Are you ready to watch the webinar and get started or do you need more proof? If that wasn’t enough?

Watch this video, this will definitely convince you that everything I’m telling you is the truth.

How do you feel now? Excited? Or do you need more evidence?

If you need more? Watch this video from Janice Hoffman, author of relationship roles, who was formerly head facilitator for John Gray, author of the best selling book Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus.

 She said she wanted to share with me her testimonial a year after taking my three day weekend the Goran Technique, which was called the seven steps at that time. I thought it was going to be a five minute testimonial but it took a lot longer for her to share how every aspect of her life had changed. Check it out.

If you have questions you can talk to one of our coaches for free. They’ll answer all of your questions and make sure you understand everything you need to know to take your next step and training.

Want more? Need more?

One of the common questions I get is… How is Goran Technique different from other programs that claim to be permanent?

Most techniques do not understand the difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and actually just work on the conscious mind. Forgiving, letting it go, reframing, or choosing a different point of view or perspective… are all working on the conscious mind.

The unconscious mind is a set of files; the conscious mind is what you believe to be true. Most of the tools I’ve seen where people say they’re going to reprogram the unconscious mind actually only work on the conscious mind. And the author isn’t a liar; they don’t know or are trying to treat both the conscious and unconscious minds with the same process.

Choosing to let it go doesn’t access the old files and delete them. To change your patterns, you have to actually go into the file folders and delete them, which means you’re accessing the hard drive of your mind, the thoughts and feelings stored in your cells, and changing them. You can’t do that in your conscious waking moments, at least not usually. You need to follow specific steps based on how the mind stores memories, allowing you to access the unconscious mind and delete the files.

In other words, if you’re angry at your friends and choose to let it go, you’ll let it go in the moment, but the button is still there . If you permanently remove the button, so you don’t get triggered again, you must go into the unconscious mind where the anger is stored and delete it all. Then the button is gone forever. Does that make sense?

There has never been in human history a process that teaches you how to do that… until now, which is why none of the other ones work, and mine does.
It’s time for you to register for the webinar…

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Enjoy the training. And please know that I’m here to support you and help you. It is my dream for the whole world to learn how to erase their unconscious programming permanently. The files, the pain, all of it, because when that happens, we will finally have the heaven on earth that we all deserve.