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How many of you like to have more happiness in your life thank you how many of you would like to be more successful in any in all areas of life thank you my name is Arnoux Goran and welcome to why your life is the way it is during tonight’s workshop I’m gonna reveal to you some of the biggest secrets maybe the biggest secret of being happy and successful in life maybe you’ve heard that before and then they didn’t really tell you so you might be skeptical and that’s okay I understand that but that is what I intend to do for you tonight also tonight we’re gonna walk through some exercises that will demonstrate to you why your life is the way it is why you repeat certain patterns in life

Why you date the same person over and over again even though they always have a different name you’ll get to see some of your own patterns and just the witnessing of a pattern can either diminish its effect over you it can’t allow you to take your control back consciously and sometimes they will even disappear it there is a law of the universe that says what you look at disappears so shining light on things can be very powerful at the end of the night I’ll tell you about a process where you can go into your unconscious mind and uninstall or take out programs that have been lodged in there since well your whole life really or since you were a little kid and that’s a three-day weekend that starts tomorrow they’ll tell you about that at the end if you’re interested in hearing about it otherwise we’ll just go I’ve been to a lot of workshops where the person they did they just did a long sales pitch for two hours they didn’t really teach much I didn’t really like that so we’re gonna do is a long workshop at the very very end I’ll tell you about the next course that sound better thank you someone emailed me and asked me if we were just gonna have a long to our sales pigeon yeah but I my intention is like when I started as a speaker was to be able to transform anyone and everyone’s life in every hour that I speak to you when you make an intention like that you’ll find a way to make it come true so that really is the intention for tonight is that by the end of the night your life will be completely changed for the better and then

I’ll be very satisfying does that sound good okay excellent before we start is it okay if I tell you a little bit about me that all right how many of you see me speak before Wow quite a few of you thank you pressures on right I got into public speaking and work doing workshops because I was very sick when I was growing up and when I was 22 years old I had already tried every type of medicine I could find in a phone book and every doctor I went to said I would never get better and then I was already on the strong it’s medication and then finally that I would die and through my own research I figured out how to fix my body and make it perfect again so there was no more arthritis no more asthma more blood coming out of me no more sleeping 12 hours a day instead I was sleeping six hours a day had tons of energy wasn’t in pain at all anymore I didn’t take any medication for anything I mean I was better than I ever thought

I could be my memory became extraordinary all kinds of things happen I didn’t expect to happen and I felt right away that I should teach other people what I found out so I started right off the bat designing what’s called the total health mastery seminar series and my intention from the very beginning was to show people how to not be in pain and not be sick like I was that I just I suffered for so long it’s been so much money and it hit so many walls and it was just awful and when I got better I wanted to help other people not go through what I went through that was the whole point and as I continue to get healthier the serious traumas I there as a child began to bubble up

I didn’t know at the time that emotions are actually chemicals that live in the cells of your body who already knew that anyone already know that Oh quite a few all right we are in California land of the intelligent I know that you guys are more intelligent and more educated than the average person only 10% of Americans read so what percentage of Americans read and go to live workshops not that many so if you’re in that small percentile I already know that I like you so as I was getting healthier physically the chemical emotions from my childhood started coming up I started feeling angry for no reason sad for no reason afraid for no reason both my parents had a serious drug addiction from when I was about eight until I was 19 and I was the oldest so I endured their verbal abuse and verbal violence

I was consistent in constant as well as the responsibility of both my younger brothers and really my parents because they didn’t take care of themselves either and that created a giant mountain of emotional pain and if you think of emotional pain as bricks my bag of bricks was so big and so heavy it took all my willpower just to move around in life which of course made sense that it would at least contribute to why it was so sick so young but it wasn’t everything so outs I’m healing physically through nutrition and other things I learned to fix my body all these emotions are coming up and I started researching and trying to find a way to process them out do you know what people told me there is no way they said there is no way to permanently release your old emotions you’ll always have that pain there you just learn how to deal with it wow that is really sad to think that’s the best you could do that was very lucky

I got to train martial arts with Grand Master Wonka Kim for five years and became an instructor with him his dad is a number two ranked take one to a master in the world is when the founders of take one dough and one of the things we learned is that if you put your mind body and spirit into one direction you can accomplish anything that there’s no such thing as can’t and we were never allowed to say can’t so when I was sitting in front of a doctor and they said you’ll never get better there’s no cure for arthritis you’re just gonna have to live with the pain I was thinking in my mind just because you don’t know how I can get better doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way it just means that you don’t know it right

If someone says you have six months to live that means you have six months to live if you follow their program that’s what that means it doesn’t mean you have six months to live how did they know they only know what they know they only know their type of medicine how did they know that’s the only good medicine there is if there aren’t any other answers they haven’t found how much time do they had to do research after medical school they learn everything they needed to learn in medical school about the human body and how it works as if they did they would have been able to fix me but they couldn’t so when I heard no matter what School of Medicine they were from someone tell me I would never get better what I thought was you just don’t know the answer but I’m gonna find it and when I did I faced the emotional challenge I had the same mentality everyone might say there is no way to permanently erase your negative emotions people will say there’s no way to reprogram yourself it’s it’s your machinery you’re stuck that way forever and I would just say you haven’t figured it out yet but I will and I eventually did I figured that out in 2003 how to access the unconscious mind and take programs out and the emotional pain goes with it what a life-changing experience it was to discover that that’s now called the seven steps reprogramming yourself I went from not having a car taking the bus to the worst job ever being a telemarketer

You know sometimes I’d be on time for the bus and it would be early and I’d have to run to try to catch it blocks and blocks I only had enough money after paying for a cell phone a bus pass in a room to have three dollars a day for food and entertainment I had no girlfriend and I couldn’t get myself to eat healthy anymore not just because I didn’t have much money but because I was also emotionally distraught I would get upset about 50 different things every day now I have this amazing positive attitude so I would keep overcoming those negative emotions but then something else would trigger then something with trigger and something else would trigger and when I finally figured out how to remove buttons I was so excited and so I started one-by-one removing all these emotional issues and within a matter of a months I bought a convertible I had an amazing girlfriend I was teaching what I love for a living and then I continued to work through layers it’s not like you clear everything in a month or two especially if you grew up like me it might take years to get through all your crap and

As time has gone on I’ve been able to grow and grow and grow as a person I’ve been able to become more accepting of people of the world I be become more unconditionally loving I’ve become more peaceful calmer happier I remember during that first year when I learned the seven steps but I had a whole day where I didn’t get upset once it was the first day of my whole life then there was a whole week I didn’t get upset by anything and to wake up happy generally every single day and if I don’t knowing how to process it in a permanent way so that specific issue never comes back is so empowering and so joyful that’s what I want to share with all of you and the first step in learning how to change all the areas of your life and make them the way you want them to be is actually tonight I’m gonna get into why your life is the way it is

I’m gonna reveal to you the secret behind the secret and we’re gonna have some fun too so that’s my story I’m sticking to it I’ve been speaking for 17 years I have done nothing but speak for over ten years I’ve written several books when you get into my health courses there’s 20 different either full or mini books that are included I don’t put much stuff on Amazon partly because I just didn’t find that it was useful and partly because there are some things I just can’t say outright on Amazon or anywhere because it’s just too darn good it’s because medicine is an interesting field I’ve gotten many different certifications I’ve taken a lot of courses I’m a information consumer have you ever been with someone who wherever they go all the time they’re always listening to some educational program in their car well

That was me for a long time and I’ve read so many many books I went to college for seven years blah blah blah for me what matters is not all the certificates and years of training that you have what matters is what kind of result results can you produce with people can you really make a difference if you have h PhDs but you ate the PhDs and you can’t really help somebody what uses it now I have seen throughout the years unbelievable incredible results in my workshops the first two years of doing seminars was quite overwhelming I used to do a 10-week course some of you actually took that course and in session number 10 I invited the audience to come up and share anything they wanted to share about what they got out of it and there’d be a big long line of people in fact I learned eventually to only let three or four people give a full share and everyone else is only allowed to give one line because they would just take too long and people would come up and say things like I was in a car accident my pancreas was removed I woke up and they told me they took it out and I was gonna be a diabetic for the rest of my life because I had no pancreas which is what makes insulin a surgical diabetic so I didn’t have any hope that I would be able to improve my health I took this 10-week seminar and I’ve lost 35 pounds I’m wearing a size 34 pants that my wife told me to throw away a year ago

Because I would never thought I’d get below 40 again I have more energy I get along better with my wife but when I’m taking half the insulin I used to take and the next person comes up and says I used to be on severe depression medication every time I tried to get off of them I would start crying severely so I never tried to get off of them I’m off of all my medication now I had arthritis for years I don’t have any pain anymore and then the next person would come out and next person that’s what I meant by overwhelming because somehow I was supposed to be involved in these results I didn’t go to their house and make them chocolate milkshakes out of coconuts they did it but it was my class that gave them the know-how the knowledge and I’ve seen just as amazing results with the mind and people’s lives transforming now I think it’s normal to be skeptical please to some degree because not everyone they mate is as high-minded as you are and tries to do things for the betterment of everyone some people are selfish because they don’t understand that we’re all connected and we’re all actually one and everything could you just someone else really just doing it to yourself anyway

So it’s good to be skeptical at least until you see some proof and then you can still be skeptical but a little bit more open-minded and a little bit more a little bit more as you see more evidence so I have actually said quite a bit about what I can do and yet I’ve shown you no proof so why should you believe me would you like to see something I’m glad someone said yes thank you for that I have over a thousand written testimonials it’s like this giant stack of them and hundreds of testimonial videos I think we have over 300 on YouTube I have so many hundreds more that haven’t been posted yet and some of them are just the most amazing heart-wrenching stories that people tell so I’m gonna show you a little bit of proof and it’s true that we do have clients producing results that are considered to be impossible all the time I’m wondering if there’s anybody here who’s used the seven steps before in just the seven steps successfully they would want to share about it come on up let’s up everyone who wants to share it come on when I sat in his why your life is the way it is talk at the was it was the new earth Expo in January that we went to in Burbank and I just knew for some reason

I just felt his energy and resonated with the similar type of story and I just felt something was here that I was going to learn and in the past six months I have erased the post-traumatic stress I’ve erased 80% of the lingering pain maybe 90% of lingering pain in my body that was still left from the accident the energy and print of the accident and having worked with Arnoux in the seven steps weekend I erased some of that pain that day on the first day of the weekend which allowed me to tolerate like up to that point I could only sit in a chair for 20 minutes at a time and then I was in so much pain I had to get up and leave the room when I erased that the first exercise we did I was able to sit in the room for the rest of the talk and and just take it in and not be completely distracted by the pain so that if that’s all

It did that would be worth the price of admission to me I was almost 20 negative beliefs that I had about money mm-hmm and at your suggestion I use the seven steps to erase all of them and after they were all gone I wrote a book and here it is I wrote this book in two weeks after all my negative beliefs were erased this is testament this is physical evidence of what can be accomplished once we use this tool to get our stuff out of the way not everybody’s an author but everybody has a masterpiece inside of them the seven steps is a tool that anyone can use so you’re trying to create something in your life but there’s some programming inside of you stopping you no matter how hard you try 20 years of trying to write a book you can’t break through that wall with your willpower but if you can erase the programming boom in three days it’s done well with the seven steps it’s just I’ve had clients race – rape trauma get rid of their drug addictions I had this one guy for he said he spent over $100,000 on therapy and with a few weeks with me he erased all his trauma he wakes up happy now and me personally I was suicidal depressant I was 12 and that’s why

I took all these seminars and nothing’s worked but because of our no I think he saved my life because I don’t think I’ll be alive now because I’ll probably be you know without the depression but that’s my testimony oh it’s I’ve not depressed anymore well I got to clear a lot of stuff with my dad growing up we had my sisters and I had a very controlling and verbally abusive dad and going through all the seven steps really it helped so much I know that I had a lot of issues and my sisters did too that were just building up over time and we were able to get through so much because before the weekend we had a lot of issues with trying to communicate with him and and just a lot of things just weren’t clicking and afterwards we cleared probably about 80% of the issues that we did have and ever since then

Like about every week or every two weeks something new will present itself just between us in the relationship and we’re able to clear it like that with the seven steps and it’s been really really amazing because it’s not only us that are changing my sisters and I but we also noticed changes in him like he’s becoming healthier as well and he’s changing his mind sets as well and so it’s been really quite an incredible process for us so that was our big thing well your whole world is affected by your energy field and when you clear things people around you get impacted by that it’s amazing yeah this tool makes magic happen your life will change I guarantee it my life has changed my life is so different from what it once was it’s unbelievable I believe in miracles now you know anything is possible it’s because of the seven steps thanks John this guy right here he’s pretty cool know that there was something that drove me nuts that I couldn’t heal my now I’m trained in 20 different healing methods I used to be a professional you’d think I could do something about what

I couldn’t get rid of but it was the method that made the difference I had excruciating pain on my skull where I landed and throughout most of my spine and then there was all the emotional stuff that went through having been attacked the physical pain was the thing that was so debilitating so when I came in here in February I didn’t know how I was gonna do it but the thing I most wanted to be free of was what this experience of physical bein did to me and at that point in my life I had just had enough I was done with this thing being in the way in my life and so I just kind of mentally said I trust him I’m gonna put it all at stake and whatever happened to me exercise I have people in this room who love me care about me and will take care of me and just went for it when I was my turn but there’s something about this you erase stuff like once you erase it it really is gone I got up out of that chair knowing something was different I didn’t know how different it would be but I knew I knew down in my bones okay we just moved a 70-ton Boulder off of me I woke up the next morning I had no physical pain and I also had no fear of the physical pain and that was just like no is that stuff’s gone and I came back in and they were just like man you’re like six inches above the floor

I mean you’re just elevated at this point I was just so thrilled to be done with the dang thing like it truly is a mean wife I had lived for 40 years with the terror of that physical pain and that was gone and what it’s bit like now is I can be a normal person like I’m a normal person in a non damaged body with a brain that works and I have a whole life experience that supports that there’s no longer this thing that I think about all the time so the physical pain being gone man that was everything that it took but to not think about that event anymore I would not have believed you if you had told me that was possible it’s one thing to be physically praying free it’s another thing not to be haunted by that kind of event anymore it’s just go on congratulations or your free training on how to sky rock thank you thank you yes

I wanted to share that with you to get you excited for what you’re gonna learn today I can’t wait to teach you so did I prove it then they give a wide variety of testimonials you know verbally abusive dad suicidal and depressed major life trauma causing physical pain couldn’t get her book done got her a book he published two books in a month after 20 years I’m not being able to publish a book she’d always get two-thirds of the way through the book and then gets stuck and then never come back to it and we did a an eight-week coaching program after the weekend and I asked her to get in touch with what was stopping her and use the seven steps and erase it and then the next time she tried to do a book which was that week she went all the way through to the end and finished it so that’s enough showing off for one day I want to invite you to something very special you know at Harvard they did a study on learning and they found that if people sat and listened their long-term retention they remembered was nothing so if you want to remember nothing just sit there they found that if people took notes the retention went up to 50% so if you want to remember half of everything we’re going to learn today take notes they found that if people took notes and participated in the program the long-term retention was 95% which is a 4.0 now when the University of California Irvine studied my courses they found the average score on their exam that they created was 94%

Isn’t that a 4.0 that means everyone who goes to my class gets a 4.0 yeah I don’t think you should be graded on the career I think you either know it or you don’t either learn it or you didn’t so I would like you to learn everything and know it for the rest of your life so I’m inviting you to participate if you’re willing to participate please raise your hand anybody not any we’re not going to raise your hand no matter what I say okay very good thank you everyone please stand up walk around the room find people with the same eye color as you and give them a great big smile



Thank you thank you thank you please have a seat thank you there is something else I would like to invite you to for tonight and that is to have fun if you’re willing to have fun say yes I am excellent you guys have fantastic energy tonight is it because the weather is – hot because you’re excited I don’t know but I like to have fun I you know you actually remember more when you have fun anyway but why shouldn’t learning be super fun so we’re gonna do our very best to make you laugh and have a good time all right so let’s get into the training shall we alright so what you’re gonna need is pen and a blank piece of paper you can use something other than paper if you want if you’re using a notepad or like a computer or something like that’s fine everyone’s got something to write with it I find it works better

If you have paper yes we have notepads in the back if you don’t have one okay so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna find out why your life is the way it is and we’re gonna start by taking a journey through your past what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go back to your earliest memories most peoples are about the age of four or five some people can remember being born even but that takes a lot of practice in development but whatever your earliest memory is go from there and start to make a list of all of the terrible bad or hurtful things that have ever happened to you in your life and don’t leave out the little ones like the time that all the kids made fun of you when you’re trying to go on the school bus or the time you broke your leg write down all of them think of all the bad things that happen

Maybe when you were a kid your parents got a divorce or maybe you were sick and you missed a whole month of school or your dog died and anything that you’re still upset about that definitely has to go on the list even if you’re not still upset about it make a list of everything that you’ve been through for your whole life from your earliest memory to now right you better write really fast and the older you are are probably longer it is so get to work you don’t need to write long descriptions you just need to write enough so you know what you mean this is only for you no one else is gonna look at this this is totally personal I’m not gonna look at your list it’s just for you so you don’t need to make a big description you just write it real quick so you know what you’re talking about I think it helps us start with your childhood and go from there even go year by year like okay what happened when I was four what happened when I was five what happen when I was six yes sir

So are you saying that there might be some things that happened that you don’t remember but you know they happened you could totally put those down yes in fact those might be even more important right we’re gonna talk a little about why it’s like that why sometimes you don’t remember those things





Don’t worry you can always add to this later someone came to this workshop and they took the seven steps course and then took this workshop again and she said she had a whole new list because everything on her first list she erased so it wasn’t coming up anymore she didn’t realize she’ll to other stuff right so here’s the next step you’re gonna take each item and you’re gonna label it with one or two words that describe the emotion that you still feel about it so if you think about what happened what do you feel if you feel a little something fine whatever that is frustration anger anxiety sadness depression rage hatred guilt shame jealousy whatever the emotion is or maybe it’s more than one just quickly jot down what that feeling is that you still feel when you think about it if there’s absolutely nothing there and you can go through the whole memory then you can write clear next to that one cleared means you can think about the whole thing and you feel nothing it’s like a movie that you can watch but you don’t have any personal pain anymore



Very good job okay turn to at least three people and Pat them on the shoulder and say good job good job

Yes very good now find someone nearby look them in the eyes and say thank you for being here

One thing that’s really great about doing this particular exercise in a group is we get to realize everyone is writing something everyone has a list of stuff they’ve been through we all share that as human beings and it helps to reconnect us to each other when we can be with someone else’s pain then we feel safer with them and they feel safer with us us and those walls that we often put up specially in Southern California melt away and we remember that we actually like each other a lot we need more hugs more interaction and that makes us happier so that is one of the benefits of doing this workshop together so there was this dog that was trying to get into the Navy and the Navy recruiter said okay dog you passed all the tests there’s only one more thing you have to do to get in prove to us that you are bilingual and my dog said yeah and my jokes are not gonna get any funnier so you could just start laughing any time

The next part of the exercise you’re gonna need a new piece of paper now you’re gonna make a list of all the things in life in the present time that upset you about your life make a list of all the things in your life that currently upset you it could be financial it could be health-wise it could be relationship wise it could be little things or big things so what are the things that are bringing up your emotion in your life now what are the things that make you angry what are the things that make you feel afraid what are the things that make you sad in your life what are the things that irritate you or give you anxiety what are the problems and challenges that you have

Don’t only put Donald Trump I’m only kidding of course remember we said unconditional love was our goal earlier but we can still tease right



Think of the goals and dreams that you have that you haven’t accomplished yet you can put those down to the ones that you really want to but you seem stuck on those are especially important maybe you want to find your dream lover or lose weight or get rid of all of your medications that are destroying your liver or make more money whatever it is

If it’s get your spouse to finally listen

Just 30 more seconds

Throw a lot of pens blazing keep going you don’t have any problems thank your maker

Big breath in let that go all right let’s move on to the next step you can always add to this later you’re gonna take this with you you’re gonna use this list okay so the next step is for each item you wrote down give it a one or two-word label for how you feel about it so if you want to have a new car how do you feel about the fact that you don’t have it yet do you feel upset afraid angry frustrated if you think about a problem you have like your bank account doesn’t have enough money in it how does that make you feel if your spouse is verbally abusive how does that make you feel right so whatever they are give it a one or two-word description of the emotion that it brings up in you when you think about it yes yes just write it right there next to it good question



Okay good job so there’s this idea that women talk too much because there’s a study that shows that they say twice as many words per day as men but I found out that the reason why they talked twice as much as men it’s because men don’t listen so we have to say everything twice just kidding it feels true to some of you okay okay all right big breath in let that go very good job you’re doing very well I know this is not the easiest exercise this is the real we’re getting into the real and it takes courage to do that so proud of you thank you for doing that okay here’s the next step go back to your first list of all the stuff that happened to you before now look at all the different emotions you listed there I want you to see if there’s any patterns of emotion do you see the same emotions showing up over and over again and when you look at that do you see the exact same flavor of anger or sadness showing up over and over again because you know they have so many flavors like ice cream I mean hatred is just more intense anger right frustration is just less intense anger there all those different variations of the same feeling look up the list there and make notes maybe put stars by write down some insights that you see for yourself about the emotional patterns that are now showing up that you see about your past maybe identify some of the major ones that kept replaying man I kept having fear and anxiety and all my loved relationships I never noticed that before right make notes of that but the insights you’re getting


Your next step is to look at your lists of emotions from the present look and see if you notice the same emotional patterns that you saw in your past showing up in your presence compare them compare the emotions of your past with the emotions of your presence

keep breathing yeah I’m surprised too nobody cried we usually cry um I got all these tissues ready for you you’re looking good all right so here’s what you’re gonna do now move into a group of three it’s already three at your table that’s easy if not you might have to get up and move around all right maybe you can turn around and be with some friends behind you there’s only two up here they need someone to join them this one wants to come up here and these two need some friends yeah that’s good


it’s okay to have one group of four that’s fine


Everyone’s got a group okay well done first thing you’re gonna do introduce yourself to your new friends if you don’t already know each other all right second thing we’re gonna do second thing we’re gonna do I want you to share whatever you feel comfortable sharing about the insights that you discovered you don’t have to talk about any specific events or anything that you don’t want to talk about it’s personal to you share whatever you want but you’re gonna get more out of it by sharing what your insights are because it’ll help you remember it and B it’ll actually flush out more insights and B because when other people hear your insights they’ll have more insights for themselves so be generous the person who has the shortest hair is gonna go first and you just take turns as you’re ready I’m gonna give you about three minutes total three to four minutes photo go ahead and begin



Switch if you haven’t move on to the second person it might even be almost done who’s already finished who’s just now getting to the second person okay so if you’re not done yet Hockley fast you are done focus on your breathing


Very good job if each person in your group a huge high five and say you’re amazing and everybody stand up everybody stand up give your group a big hug and say thank you for sharing good job good job you can go back to your seats if you had to move seats you can go back so can we get two or three people who’d be willing to share with everyone what your insights were who would like to come up and share what your insights were will you come on up here you know mine thank you you want to come over here yes all right one more anyone else come on anyone else want to share what your insights were okay there you go

Yeah I was gonna I was gonna say that I

Love that such good honesty I was gonna say that my guess would have been that the sadness finally turned into rage you know how emotions they’re like balls like rocks and they can have layers on top so there’s this big sadness ball and now there’s a bunch of rage on top of it but they’re not just one well I’m glad well you’re consciously happy but you still have all that rage there that needs to get removed then you’ll be happier more easily and more consistently yeah good share give her a big hand thank you for sharing well done I didn’t do a good job explaining it


I think you did a really good job you even went outside of the box and found your own list of adjectives that was good right

so did you notice any repeating patterns of emotion other than in the last year it’s been the same stuff over and over

okay well we’re gonna do another stuff in the exercise in it I think it’ll help you yeah I think it’ll help you thank you for sharing good job good job thank you thanks for giving her a hand guys that’s excellent

you’re doing great yes

thank you for sharing took a lot of guts right that was good I was really good just take guts to talk about whatever is bothering you or whatever you’re challenged by but it also gives other people permission to do the same thing so that was really cool okay big breath in if you need tissue you can raise your hand and bring you some tissues so the next step in the exercise I want you to pick something from the present that you would say is the biggest problem the thing you’d really want to fix maybe it’s a goal that you really want to achieve just pick one I know that you might want to pick all of them just pick the first one that comes to your mind okay little star buy it Circle it something like that

just pick one real quick it’s just for an exercise

okay everyone got one just pick the one that jumps out at you first to pick that’s fine you can pick all of them eventually either one actually the big emotion you want to get rid of or the circumstance when I get rid of either way it’ll work fine all right everyone got one now okay big breath in close your eyes and I want you to think about whatever that circumstance is or that goal you’d like to achieve and allowed the emotion that it triggers in you to come up to the presence so let yourself feel it if you if your goal is to clear rage then let yourself feel the rage if your problem is you want to buy a new car and you’re angry that you don’t have the money let the anger come to the surface all right let the feeling come up and then ask yourself this question and whatever shows up first is perfect ask yourself when did I first feel this way

if you saw a fleeting image grab on to the image and go inside see what happened take a deep breath blow it out grab the image or the memory pretend it’s like a flat-screen TV and throw that memory up into heaven and ask the universe or if you’d like to say God to take care of it for you and open your eyes

so who remembered the first time they felt that way raise your hand if you did okay about half and who didn’t remember anything okay and everyone else who doesn’t want to admit to it right you don’t know that’s fine you’re perfect just the way you are you’re in the perfect place and everything’s going exactly as it’s supposed to keep breathing the reason why maybe half of you saw something and half of you didn’t it’s because your mind has protection it has a safeguard it doesn’t allow you to see memories to remember things that you’re not able or ready to deal with and the able is the big part because if you don’t know how to deal with issues you will not see them because you have no way of dealing with it so your mind just makes it disappear for now but if you start to clear out layers of issues you’ll

start to remember other things that you couldn’t remember before because now you’re able to deal with it because you have a way and you’ve already dealt with so much other stuff that you’re you feel up to it and then you’ll start to remember those things that you don’t remember now and it won’t be a bad thing it’ll be a good thing because then you’ll process through those and they won’t bother you anymore or impact your life anymore because they still are you’re just not able to process it yet yeah now those of you that did remember the first time you felt that way did that further lead you to the understanding that that emotion has been replaying over and over throughout your life since that very first time

it just keeps showing up how many of you got to see at least somewhere throughout the exercise that you’ve had the same emotions repeating throughout your life very good thank you okay and who thinks I’m on crack you know I did try coke once but the ice cubes kept getting stuck in my nose Coca-Cola you know it’s good so what we normally believe is that our circumstances cause our emotions but if we keep having repeating emotions is that belief correct it’s not the here is the big reveal here’s the big secret that people don’t usually realize is that the circumstances are being generated and caused by the emotions that are inside of you so the standard thinking is that your thoughts create your emotions which is the scientific fact which create your actions which then of course create your results in life this would help explain that emotion creates circumstances sure but there is a deeper way of explaining it

so in classical physics one of the laws is every action has an equal and opposite reaction that’s kind of like this formula if you have thoughts you’ll have emotions you’ll take actions or say things and you’ll get a result from that you know it’s very real very easy to touch and measure but in quantum physics they have figured out that if you observe something it changes we have figured out and proven that everything’s made of energy how many of you already believe that quite a few okay thank you in studying physics and chemistry in college I found out that they both have different laws of the universe there’s only one law that they both have both in physics and in chemistry they agree that everything is made of energy they have scientific proof both from a chemistry standpoint and from a physics standpoint but that’s

how the world is designed if everything’s made of energy then your energy being part of it can alter reality to some degree if you have a repeating feeling it’s stuck inside of you like a brick you’ve been carrying around does that emotion project an energy into the universe and draw to you your circumstances it does one of my friends she said I’m so afraid because I can’t pay my rent I said no you can’t pay your rent because you’re so afraid and she grabbed me and said I need you to remind me of that every day because she knew but she forgot she forgot that she was a creation machine she forgot that her thoughts and feelings and energies emit a frequency to the world and attract back to her and match it to whatever frequency she’s emitting she forgot that she’s a creator some of us don’t believe in that but how many of you have ever visualized something or wrote down a dream and prayed for it or made a vision board and had something come true how many of you have done that before they look around almost everyone who’s never done it okay just kidding you don’t have to share

there are many many well-known teachers who say that if you visualize the same goal every day five minutes a day it will eventually come true but then again how many of you have created a vision board prayed for something visualize it every day and it didn’t ever show up how many of you had that happen okay almost all of us – what’s the answer why does it work sometimes but not all the time did you hear what he said the emotion is opposite so think of it like this if you are telling the universe that you want a beautiful life partner right so you’re consciously your conscious mind thinking I want a beautiful life partner and you got the idea from your heart which we could also call your soul at least that’s where the access to the soul is is in your heart so you know your heart is aligned to having this dream but there’s another part of you which we couldn’t call your subconscious mind meaning you’re not really aware of it but I could go a little bit farther and say it’s what you’re programmed with if this part of you is not aligned it will not show up

so Shakti Gwaine the famous author of the best-selling book creative visualization said that she wanted to create her soulmate and so she visualized everyday but it took five years before he finally showed up and she said I had a lot of emotional work to do you did you have a question

exactly part of you is in conflict whether you’re aware of that part of you or not if you dream about something and you feel negative emotions what you’re discovering there is the parts of you that are in conflict if you imagine having your dream job but then you feel afraid or you feel sadness that fear in that sadness are the parts of you that are saying no I don’t really want that and here’s a really big life coaching trick that most life coaches don’t know and totally screw up their clients because they don’t know this I’m serious they put them in depression it’s that any time you make a goal and put your energy into it it will bring to the surface all the parts of you that are not aligned to it so if you have a huge broken heart from your previous relationships you have tons of anger and rage and sadness and you decide to create a life partner all that anger rage and sadness will come to the surface and it’ll keep coming up and you’ll start attracting experiences that match that until you remove all that stuff and then you’ll finally bring in the person that you actually want this making sense

yes yes yes a little bit of doubt creeps in her question is what if you really know that you want something so bad you feel that you want it but there’s a little bit of doubt doubt is the fear that you won’t get it never thought like that right so what do you do you erase it in Napoleon Hills famous book Think and Grow Rich he says there is only one secret of getting rich you guys know what it is you don’t know that that’s a very good guess she said getting a burning desire for something you know that what that is that’s this part the soul in the heart communicating with your conscious mind hey I want to create this I have a desire for this aha then she named the other part and then believe that you can get it and have it every part of you has to get into alignment he said in his book that every cell in your body has to say yes to it that you must have absolute faith I thought faith was something to use your willpower to create that’s not true faith

is when every cell in your body believes in it yes I will have that there are some things in your life that are so easy and so simple for you that you have faith without thinking that you have faith about it you really have any concern about the Sun coming up tomorrow we know that’s gonna happen we have absolutely faith every cell in our body says of course that’s what’s gonna happen that’s how it is that’s just how it is but then when it comes to a dream you have that you haven’t achieved yet there might be not always but there might be a part of you that doesn’t have faith but isn’t sure that has doubt but has anger about it that’s sadness about it that’s in your subconscious mind and that’s the part of you that’s blocking you from achieving that dream and that part of you will keep replaying attracting the same Nega patterns or patterns you don’t want in your life over and over again these are actually patterns of beingness

because you’re always being something you’re a human being human in Sanskrit means divine creator in a physical body so you’re always creating and being something sometimes you be someone that you’re not really you be an old programming from the past see if you expand this think creates emotions create actions creates results you can put the word being right before thinking because actually your thinking is generated by who your being that’s how you interpret life if your being that all men are not trustworthy you’re you’re only gonna see that you will not see anything else you’ll always find evidence for this way of being you’ll find thoughts you’ll generate thoughts of equal that if who your being is every man I meet is a good and trustworthy person that’s who you’re gonna see that’s what you’re gonna attract being creates thinking creates emotion creates action creates results which creates an experience of who you are

it shows you who you are that’s what life’s about creating yourself but then you have this stop inside of you like this rage and this fear and this the stuff and that causes you to be something different than what you would like to be it generates automatic ways of being that you don’t like that are not really you sometimes you think that they’re you because you’re so used to being them but they’re not they’re like mud keeps on top of a beautiful amazing divine cult a sculpture do you know the story of Michelangelo on the Statue of David and how after he created the Statue of David they said how did you do that he said I didn’t create this you have David God created the Statue of David I just removed what was on top of him

is this all making sense so far okay good turn to three people and say this is making sense I’m getting there thank you Dottie so the question is what does the P stand for little Johnny was in school and he had to go peace we raised his hand the teacher said you can go the bathroom with a Johnny if you can do the alphabet and he said okay a be any peed in his pants so every day he practiced the alphabet over and over and over to his really fast daddy he could do it in sign language with both of his hand at the same time and the teacher said yes little Johnny cuz he raised his hand cuz he had to pee he said I need to go pee and she said okay let’s hear the alphabet abcdefg hijk LMNOP rst uvwxyz she said what happened to the pee and he said it already came out the pee in this particular example stands for programming what does it stand for one more time ten time does that where’s the stand for thank it was stands for programming what the heck is that well let me explain something about how your mind works

Dr. Judith Orlov said that the average person thinks 60,000 thoughts a day how many thoughts that’s not a lot of thoughts didn’t have any that is per hour it’s more than 2,000 thoughts per hour how many of you heard in your head 2,000 thoughts when you were sleeping every hour last night oh you didn’t hear them all they were still going 60,000 thoughts every day it’s like a a song list that just keeps playing over and over and over again and dr. David job is one of my favorite doctors he said the problem is not that you have a lot of thoughts the problem is that you have the same ones every day over and over and over that’s what we call programming what’s that word programming so if you’re programmed for scarcity no matter how much you pray and visualize and create vision boards you’re going to attract scarcity if you’re programmed for loneliness you’re gonna attract loneliness so what is the solution then what is the secret behind the secret what is the law of attraction world not telling you that you need to know to attract the other things that you’re not getting that you want the secret is you have to reprogram yourself if you want to achieve those dreams if you want to stop the negative things from happening if you have so much anger and rage and fear in you that you can’t even think obviously that’s something you got to work on but it’s even true for someone who just wants to be happier if every thought you have that’s automatic is a positive thought then every emotion you create will be a positive emotion how can you be happy when thousands of your thoughts every day make you feel bad

Master Kim taught us every day to look in the mirror and say three nice things about herself and don’t leave your house until you feel good so I did that and I notice I’d feel better and then I would forget because I felt so good and then after a month or two I would start to feel bad again so then I build myself back up every day and I started to get better and better and I felt strong again then I’d forget and I would go back down to feeling crappy I realized one day that it shouldn’t be such hard work to make myself feel good why was I automatically without any effort feeling crappy why couldn’t I automatically without any effort feel happy the answer is that I was programmed with all those bad emotions as a kid the only way to make happiness effortless would be to remove all the negative programs but all the positive at the same time but I’m seeking to be happier I’m also seeking financial abundance and other goals in my life that were seemingly impossible to find and my research and studies showed me that they were the same problem at the core I had to deal with all the crap I’d been through I did erase the programming take a deep breath let that go so now you’re gonna get into a completely different group of three people someone that you probably never met until tonight most likely not someone you’re sitting next to because you were already with them okay go ahead and move around find your new group make a new friend introduce yourself

just jump into a group if you haven’t found one yet just make new friends maybe the three of you could be a group in the back there you go okay everyone take a deep breath in let that go look at your neighbor and say you’re awesome yes what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna explain to your neighbor in 30 seconds or less why your life is the way it is 30 seconds or less this time the person with the longest hair is gonna go first and begin why is your life the way it is



all right give you a group a huge high five and say you are incredible next step in the exercise next step now what you’re gonna do is give each of your two partners a genuine compliment the person who didn’t go first this time because the medium amount of hair will go first this time right go ahead to genuine compliments to each person one to each I mean so give each person in your group a genuine compliment


everyone stand up and give your group a bit give your people some love give them haha give you a group a hug good job you can go back to your seats very well done everybody very well done

such a good job everybody well done well done you already look happier than when we started which is good news so the answer to wire life is the way it is is that you have repeating emotions and thoughts that are programmed into you they keep attracting to you the circumstances that you don’t want and the reason why you’re not manifesting the things you do want that are stuck is the same if there’s parts of you that are saying no that are creating something else and so then the secret behind the secret or the way to change your life is to change your programming does this make sense everybody all right we have accomplished the goal I would like to teach you how to go into your unconscious mind and take out your programming it takes three days to do that so unfortunately I can’t do it tonight I mean we could stay all night and everything but yeah we’d be here for a while but I do have this course the seven steps to reprogramming yourself beginning tomorrow and there’s another one coming up in the future

if you can’t make it this weekend would you like me to tell you about the course yeah all right cool so it’s from 10:00 to 7:00 starting tomorrow morning so there’s a nice time in the morning to get here there’s a lunch break and there’s plenty of time at 9:00 we end at 7 o’clock yes I am able to teach the whole thing in that short three days during the course you will learn more about the design of the mind I’ve given you a couple of the pieces right you think about 60,000 thoughts every day are the same thoughts there’s more to it than that then we’ll get into the seven steps three programming yourself I’ll teach you basically how to access the file folder of any file in your computer system and take out or delete any files you don’t like and then I’ll teach you how to empty the trash so that it will be permanent

then on Saturday and Sunday we’ll be practicing doing it we’ll be erasing all the parts of you that don’t think it’s gonna work because it works for everybody every single time it’s just as simple as saying the Sun comes up the sky is blue your mind has a design to it every human beings mind is the same how many people have more than one brain inside of their head how many people have more than three livers anyone have more than one liver how many of you only have one liver okay really so we have a similar design that’s so interesting your mind is the same every human mind has the same design to it once you understand the rules of how the mind works it’s easy to see how you can go into it and take things out you don’t like then by the end of the third day I will show you how to do it ten times faster during the course

you will release a lot of your pain I don’t know what you’re gonna work on you’ve already got a huge list going so you’re probably gonna pick the things I call out to you or that hurt you the most right now or maybe you’re gonna pick the things that are in the way of your most important goals or life challenges now I have no idea what you’re gonna work on but I know you will move through quite a few issues during the course the environment will be much like this you’ll feel very safe feel nurtured by your compadres and their support energy will help you push farther and go deeper you don’t have to share anything with anybody just like we did today but you might find that you are expanding and expanding and expanding who you are throughout the course by the end of the course not only will you have cleared a bunch of your issues but you’ll know the seven steps reprogramming yourself for yourself you can do it yourself you don’t need to pay someone 350 dollars an hour to do it with you once you know how to do it you can do it on your own what you can’t do though is do it for other people yeah you could make appointments with people and rent an office or have it at your house and have people come over and pay you to erase their issues I mean wouldn’t that be great

if every psychologists and therapists and counselor and you had to do that and they are very valuable because they offer so much support to our communities you could be part of that support team I don’t know how much you would charge for that I have a friend named Steve he charges a hundred bucks an hour for private sessions with him I don’t know what you think is fair I charge a lot more than that I used to do a thousand an hour but I decided I wanted to make myself available to a different population so and I’m like charging to 15 my protégé only charges 100 an hour this is suppose she does so he charges a hundred bucks an hour he sees eight people a day four days a week so he sees 32 clients per week if he’s charging a hundred bucks an hour how much does he make a week thirty two hundred but he doesn’t work every week he takes eight weeks of vacation I don’t know if you want to take that much time off but that’s what he does so he actually doesn’t make as much money as he could he only makes a hundred and forty-four thousand dollars a year working four days a week with eight weeks of vacation do you think that you could build a business like this

if you were able to permanently erase emotional pain I’m not saying that it’s something you want to do I’m just posing it as a possibility it certainly is a realistic goal for anyone who wants or feels called to do that so you’ll actually learn this and if you want to you can take the online exam it’s 40 bucks and you’ll get this nice beautiful certificate you’ll be certified as a practitioner of the seven steps does that mean that Donald Trump will recognize your abilities to erase old emotion now it just means that you’ve taken the class and passed the exam you can put it on your wall you can show it to your friends but there’s no like government recognition yet I’m not that famous yes that’s right absolutely it’s like it’s like an award or trophy it’s a constant reminder of how awesome you are very good thank you for saying so so that’s what the course is you saw some of the testimonials from earlier I have no idea what you’re gonna create but I know it’ll be miraculous every time I do the course it’s miraculous the last time I did it was in Seattle last July and one of my friends

I’ve known for 20 years brought her son he’s 15 jadynn and on Sunday morning I asked people if they wanted to share what they cleared what they erased when they went home at night and this bunch of people people came up first this woman comes up she’s probably around 60 and she shared that she always felt fat her whole life and when she looked in the mirror she always saw a fat person that she had been to every class on nutrition and making food that she was a raw vegan for three years that she’s still a vegan and her family’s always bothered by how obsessed she is about her weight and her diet and no matter what she does she always looked fat and so that night the Saturday night she realized that there was emotional pain about that so she did the seven steps and erased all of it and the next day Sunday morning when she looked in the mirror for the first time that she can ever remember in her whole life she didn’t look fat I wrote an article called do I look fat to you

and she started crying you know and then everyone started crying and then her husband came up well he was right behind her and he said that when he was eight his mom took him to an orphanage and he decided that that meant that she didn’t love him her his family didn’t love him and eventually he went back to his family but then when he was twelve his mom took him to the orphanage again which only further solidified the feeling and the belief that his family didn’t love him he said that since then no matter how wonderful his wife is or his kids are he always had this big rock in the pit of his gut that they didn’t he wasn’t really loved they didn’t love him and his whole life had been just smeared by this pain that he erased the entire thing on Saturday night he could finally let in the love that was always there they just couldn’t let in no matter how hard he tried so then my friend her son who’s 15 Jayden he raises his hand

I said do you want to share something and he comes up and he says I want to clear the fact that my friends got shot and killed at the shooting at Marysville high school high school last year so you want to clear it right now he’s like yeah so we spent about 10 minutes and we erased all of this fear anger grief sadness about his friends getting killed in the shooting at the high school and I think that that I said how do you feeling it’s like I’m fine it’s all gone like you don’t feel anything no think about what happened nothing he’s like no it’s all gone 15 years old friend you know the kid one of my friends thank you thank you I could stand here for the next hour and just tell you stories just from what the last year so I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I know it’s gonna be like that and every single one of you will have the opportunity to have breakthroughs that are that big that same course there was a woman sitting in the second row in what she shared was that her daughter was 13 and had moved out and was leave living on a couch somewhere and wouldn’t speak to her and so she erased all her sadness about her daughter not speaking to her and the moment that she erased the last bit of it her phone text from her daughter mom I miss you I want to talk to you so that’s why

I say it’ll be miraculous because those kinds of things will happen for sure what’s gonna happen to you I can’t wait to find out so how much is the course the probably way you want to know next is that right okay so how much is it to get a degree in psychology 140,000 what did you say Justine like 100 grand right do you learn how to erase negative emotions permanently okay so then isn’t my course a million dollars well what if you took other seminars that were personal development stuff like that even courses on money and so on you know you could take every money course in the world and if you don’t reprogram your money patterns they won’t work for you so how much are those courses I don’t know if you ever saw the documentary on Netflix Tony Robbins his a date with destiny of course was anyone see how much it was it was forty nine ninety five for his course that’s pretty realistic for courses a lot of weekend courses are like two or three thousand for just the two or three days I mean it’s like Ben Franklin said if you think education is expensive try ignorance for what you’re gonna learn

no one else knows this that gal that shared how she had a huge pain and trauma that she cleared in the course she told me she had spent a hundred thousand dollars taking courses and if she had known as she just needed to take my course but it just gave me the money but oh can you guys pass out those forms I believe the reason why the world is the way it is is because of each individual person’s emotional pain and limited and painful thinking that the way to end all our major problems like poverty people starving to death sexual trauma slavery pollution is for each individual person to heal themselves and so the way that I can make the world a better place is to make sure that every single one of you can afford to come there’s a lot of reasons why I don’t do one two months from now one reason is that it’s available online right now right I just got an email from this guy Mike in Pennsylvania I never met Mike and he sent me this email and he said are no doing the 7 steps for a few days is better than 30 years of psychotherapy the main reason he signed up was he had this old friend that he wasn’t talking to anymore they cleared all the feelings about that and not only did they become friends again

they actually performed a song on stage for their first time in their lives together and that he’s just been like emailing me telling me this is the best stuff I’ve ever seen this is the best training I’ve ever seen and he bought all the courses like I cannot live one more day with this ignorance I have to take all your stuff right now today okay Mike still never met him this is in Pennsylvania so that’s one reason the other reason is that it gives people more time to get signed up all right guys everyone stand up if you have any other questions or concerns make sure you ask them Pat your friends and neighbors on the shoulder and say good job thank you for coming we had one last question what time do we begin tomorrow we’re gonna open the doors at 9:30 tomorrow we’re gonna start at 10:00 we’re gonna do something very special right now we’re gonna do a big fist pump with a loud yes with the intention of locking in everything we’ve learned tonight permanently into our unconscious mind on the count of three one two three yes well done just take your forms to the back or if you have any questions you can bring them to me good job everybody thank you

the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association