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We have 11 courses that go in order from basic to advanced. You start with physical or emotional health, The Solution (physical) or The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself (emotional).

The 7 steps is also taught in our Foundation course which is 10 days of recorded training and comes after The Solution. If you can’t wait until the 2nd course, we have created a stand-alone course for those who would like to start clearing repeating life patterns and old emotions now.

The Solution weekend is a great beginning in learning how the unconscious mind works and the ABC’s of why we are sick along with the latest breakthroughs for common illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, the big C, and high blood pressure.

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Are you tired of not making enough money of struggling financially are you ready to have more money in your life look I grew up very poor broke starved I was starved for a week every month for years I didn’t have shoes big enough and my feet hurt I didn’t have clothes I didn’t go to the dentist I was sick all the time I mean it was difficult but I figured out why my life was that way and why it repeated into my 20s and how to remove those repeating patterns so that I could then live the life I wanted to live I’m lived into the top 1% of professional speakers on the planet became a published author live really a dream life I’d do whatever I want and I go wherever I want like Jay Paul Getty said success is being able to do whatever you want whenever you want and you deserve to have that too it shouldn’t just be me that can get out of hell everyone deserves to have money everyone deserves to be abundant.

And now it’s your turn just for a limited time I’m giving away a free training why your life is the way it is ending repeating life patterns you’re gonna see where these money patterns are coming from at least some of them if not all of them and that’s the beginning of making that breakthrough and being able to change your money blueprint your money patterning your money thermostat so that money comes to you easily one of my clients who’s no longer struggling with financial problems she told me are no what you said made so much sense the money is there it’s just that there’s these blocks in the way and once you remove them the money comes in I want to show you how to do that clip the link below get started with my webinar wire life is the way it is ending repeating life patterns it’s totally free for a limited time