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What’s the real reason your relationship is failing? Is it the other person? Is it the circumstances? Is it… you? Find out how you can make your part of the equation much better in under 10 minutes!

Arnoux Goran takes you through a quick exercise to help pinpoint why your relationship may be failing, and in the process you’ll have a greater awareness of your part in the outcome, and your power to improve it (if that’s what you really want to do!).

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Subtitles to the Video:

Why is my relationship failing it’s one of the common questions that my clients ask me I’d like to tell you why but I have to warn you you may not like the answer but the beautiful thing is once you understand why everything can change and you can start to have your relationships work for you here’s the thing inside of you there are negative thoughts and feelings about what’s happening now we think that our negative thoughts and feelings are because of what the other person is doing but actually it’s something that’s already in us that they’re triggering that they’re bringing up to the surface and then we have the experience that our relationships are failing meaning not achieving a goal that we have set in our mind and expectation we’ve created whatever that expectation is maybe.

The other person thinks relationships going just fine because their expectations are totally different but if you’re having the experience that your relationship is failing it’s because there is something inside of you attracting that experience to you hold on wait a minute are you trying to say that this person’s negative behavior is my fault no that’s definitely not what I’m trying to say what I’m trying to say is that the feelings that you have inside of you are not caused by them or by their behavior but those feelings were already there and their behavior is triggering it in you and even worse those feelings are attracting that experience and that person into your life now I know it’s hard to accept this idea sometimes that way the way that I’m feeling isn’t caused by my circumstances of course it is but it’s not and there’s a way to prove it are you ready think about this common scenario that we’ve all heard just a big fire 20 people see the fire and then when journalists interview these people to find out what happened they hear 20 different stories some stories are so different than the others it doesn’t even sound like the same place or the same fire how can that be it’s not because they’re standing in different places it’s because every person is viewing reality through their belief systems and their negative emotions from the past some people might have felt afraid when they saw the fire someone else might have felt angry.

When they saw the fire someone else might have felt sad when they saw the fire and some people didn’t feel anything negative those are the ones who probably helped the ones who were not triggered we’re probably the ones who responded powerfully to the situation obviously we want to become someone like that how do we go from being the person who was triggered and felt afraid or a sad or angry and become the person who is powerful and able to respond response able responsible well we erase the negative emotions that we feel that’s how we do that when it comes to your relationship the other person’s behavior is going to trigger a different response in 20 different people and it’s triggering a specific response in you because those feelings are already inside of you they’re just bringing it up to the surface they’re not putting the feelings in there they’re actually triggering the feelings that were already there now I have a way to prove this to you do you want to see okay it’s really easy close your eyes take a deep breath take another deep breath in and out through the nose down past the belly get into your body allow yourself to feel inside your heart in your whole body you think about the fact this relationship is failing how does that make you feel

Maybe you feel afraid a little tiny bit of anxiety nervousness sadness anger frustration annoyance are you pissed off are you enraged what do you feel you feel something for sure it’s okay to feel your feelings we’ve been trained not to but it’s just it’s just me and you okay it’s okay everyone has these negative emotions until they delete them all that takes a lot of work so basically we’re all the same that we’re all processing through our past programming stuff that’s been embedded in us so it’s okay whatever you feel all right now where in your body do you feel this feeling where is it is in the center of your heart is it in your solar plexus is it in your head where do you feel it and if this feeling had a size and a shape what would the size in shape be it’s often a law or a spear sometimes it’s not sometimes it’s a plate or a brick or something like that what’s the size and shape of it okay now ask yourself this close your eyes when did I first feel this way what did you see about how people remember what happened half the people don’t if you don’t remember what happened that’s okay the fact that half the people do remember what happened and maybe you’re one of them tells us that there is a first time and that this feeling is just that old feeling coming back up again if you don’t remember it’s usually because your minds safe guard that protects you it’s not gonna let you remember yet because you’re not ready to process it it’s too much but once you clear out a lot of your negative emotions you’ll be able to remember things that happened that you don’t remember right now.

Because you’re more powerful and able to process them the feeling that you’re feeling about the relationship failing it’s not caused by the relationship failing it’s triggering the old feeling that was already there now here is the other side of it that’s really powerful the feeling that’s there is like a magnet attracting the experience of the relationship feeling that feeling that you’re feeling right now that’s the first layer you probably have many layers if you really have an important relationship then you have generally many layers to go through it could be five could be ten could be 20 can be more and in totality you’re going to need the four major tools for personal transformation this particular feeling that you have is going to be erased with the tool the seven steps to reprogramming yourself yes erased deleted cleared out permanently that’s what the seven steps to be programming yourself can do how do I know that’s the right tool because of how I found that blockage your mind exists in your whole body not just in your brain that energy that we found the demotion that that clump of negativity that’s where it’s stored in your mind right there in your body that’s where it is the seven steps will erase that permanent and it will never come back again then you’ll go on to the next layer at some point you’re gonna find there’s layers that require the other three major tools for personal transformation not always you only need one of the other ones maybe you only need two of the other ones with important relationships you usually need all four of them the seven steps being the most important the most powerful and the one to start with clearly because that’s what the first layer is once we erase that layer you’re going to view the whole situation different.

If you’re not afraid confused annoyed pissed off embarrassed or whatever you were feeling then everything’s gonna look different and you’re gonna feel different which means you’re gonna put out a different vibe you’re gonna start being more of your wheel south instead of being this emotion which is what you’re doing right now and if you start being your real self they’re gonna respond differently to you and the dynamics of the relationship will change as you go through the layers you’ll begin to see that your relationships succeed I know you deserve that don’t you couldn’t that be amazing I’ve seen it for so many of my clients I’ve worked with thousands of people I am the inventor of the seven steps tree programming or self and if you wanna learn more about that I would suggest you start with some of my relationship courses like why your relationships are the way they are or it could go right to the seven steps information page and learn more about it and then take why your relationships are the way they are or whatever you’re called – I have a lot of videos and a lot of courses let your intuition be your guide definitely subscribe to my channel and get the new videos that we’re producing so you can learn more and find out more and become more powerful it’ll be great to work with you I’ll see you soon