If you can’t get your landlord to come fix the flood in the house, you 7 step the frustration and upset. Check out Teresa’s testimonial in how she used the 7 Steps to change the situation!

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Subtitles to the video :

So I just had a new experience this week with my property manager where I live so I had a leak in my faucet February 2nd and my faucet was spraying everywhere and I told him and he made a joke about it and so okay four weeks later I had look underneath my sink and it’s flooded there’s water everywhere

And I noticed my slippers were catching on the floor in the wood floor and they never caught before so I’m like oh boy so I texted him and took him awhile to get back to me regarding the leak under the sink when he did get back to me with the leak under the sink he told me how to fix it

I fixed it and he said just put a fan on it and I’ll take care of it well the water was still spreading throughout the kitchen floor and he just didn’t want to deal with it and he said the fan will dried out it’ll be fine well it wasn’t fine so he didn’t want to take care of it I was pretty angry right and no tell me

I needed to clear that so this was last Friday when I said you know it’s just so angry because he didn’t want to deal with it he was out of town he didn’t have the time and it wasn’t important and he and I’ve already had conversations about mold he doesn’t believe in mold and he knows I do so he doesn’t think it’s a big deal because companies just make that up so that they can make a lot of money as we all know that’s untrue so

I didn’t hear from him until men or on Monday had still hadn’t heard from him on one o’clock I cleared all my anger all my frustration all my madness and within an hour he called me it was nice he was apologetic he was concerned and he said I will be over there tomorrow morning at 9:30 and so I was just like oh my gosh and then he sent me a text after we hung up and had a great conversation about all of it and again

I shared my concerns with the bulb and he sent me a text afterwards saying I’m sorry for being a and I was like thank you for acknowledging that so it was awesome because when he came the next day he was super nice super helpful he was he just he did everything he was supposed to do and so it was great because you know it worked immediately and then it worked even more after I went to sleep the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association