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People often use the terms “prayer” and “meditation” interchangeably, and sometimes denoting opposing spiritual practices. What is the difference, and does it really matter? Arnoux Goran brings clarity to the topic and shows how you get to chose what it means to you. He gives an interesting example of how “Causing Peace” through meditation actually works in the real world, as demonstrated in Washington, D.C., and the power of prayer. There appears to be a responding energy in these types of sacred communications, what has been your experience?

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Subtitles to the video:

Is there a difference between prayer and meditation absolutely there’s a huge difference between prayer and meditation if you think they’re the same then you probably have a very very broad definition of meditation and really we’re talking about semantics what do words mean for some people meditation is some evil thing that comes from other religions other than Christianity I don’t think that’s what meditation is meditation has many different possible meanings and definitions if you think that prayer meditation are the same thing then that means that your definition of meditation includes praying which would make it very Christian wouldn’t it or whatever your religion is i think there however might be a different definition of meditation perhaps it could be an exercise that quiets down your mind right during the pandemic i saw on national tv.

Doctors of the mind psychologists sharing their number one prescription for what to do during the pandemic to help with your mind and they both said the same thing guess what they said to meditate this is national news they’re telling America meditate it’s the best thing you can do for your mind fantastic does that mean that they should pray i don’t think that’s what those doctors meant so from that point of view we should say it’s not exactly the same thing what are they talking about then do they mean sitting and just thinking about stuff well that’s thinking do they mean sitting and contemplating certain ideas well that’s contemplation do they mean closing your eyes and imagining going to a beautiful place where you feel safe and calm well that’s going on a journey do they mean visualizing positive happy futures where you have lots of money and you’ve met your dream girl or dream guy everything is wonderful well that’s called visualization you see how I’m breaking down all these different things that people often call meditation they do they often call all the things i just mentioned meditation they even say they’re going to go for a walk and meditate but how do they do that well they’re going to think about stuff oh okay so you’re going to meditate on something that means you’re going to think about it right so meditate on something just to think about something but when those psychologists said on national tv what we should do as Americans about the negative feelings we have about the pandemic is to meditate i believe what they meant is to practice an exercise that causes your mind to be quiet and i do teach an exercise like that it’s called causing peace causing peace because it literally causes you to be at peace and it also causes peace on planet earth it’s one of the fastest ways to cause peace on earth and that’s actually scientifically proven and i can get into that with you if you want so to quiet the mind down what does that mean well most people’s minds are very chattery they’re spinning really fast with all these thoughts it’s like this constant tornado and they don’t really know how to calm it down most people’s minds are like a body of water that’s a storm the waves are crashing and all kinds of stuff’s going on and you can make your mind quiet like the water behind me you can make it completely quiet like a mirror and that’s what meditation is supposed to do and this is actually a very Christian thing to do to quiet the mind isn’t it in the bible of course it is you’re supposed to use your mind properly so you practice and exercise over and over and over that quiets the mind down from a big storm to a calm body of water until it’s like a mirror.

That’s so amazing because when the universe talks to us when god whispers in our ear it usually is a whisper not a giant Mack truck being dropped on you like Stewart Wilde used to say and if the whispers of the universe trying to guide you in the right direction are quiet and subtle how are you going to notice them if your mind’s like a big storm if the whispers of the universe are like pebbles like a little pebble falling from heaven and it lands in a big storm you’re not gonna notice it but if your mind is calm and quiet like a mirror like a lake that is so still it’s like a mirror and one little pebble falls from heaven to say hey make a left turn here or hey how about this product for you all right hey you should sign up for that seminar when that pebble hits your mind there’s no chance you’re going to miss it because it’s going to ripple you’re going to say oh i just got a feeling i just got a sense of guidance I’m supposed to do this right now you just know you see you hear you feel that divine guidance it’s hard to get the guidance when your mind is so chattery in fact maybe you’ve never ever received any divine guidance and have no idea what the heck I’m talking about that’s all right that’s all right because practicing meditation can also cause you to feel more relaxed and there was an article published by Huffington post where the editor along with many other very successful and famous people say their number one secret of success in life is practicing meditation hope for Winfrey.

Winfrey was teaching it or not teaching about endorsing it and bringing it out to the world saying people need to meditate in school in life it’s amazing and i said it’s scientifically proven that causing peace or meditating can literally cause peace in the world and it’s true um it was actually reported in the New york times that in Washington dc many years ago a lot of people gathered thousands of people to meditate and they had people meditating 24 hours a day and when they began meditating we’re talking about thousands of people the crime rate instantly dropped in half can you believe that the effect of thousands of people being at peace and quieting their minds was so powerful that it created a feeling that permeated the whole city until violent crimes domestic crimes people just lashing out because their buttons got pushed diminished to the point that half of crime stopped and it was like that until they stopped as soon as they stopped meditating the crime wait and right back up crying brain went right right back up i got like downward fight in my mouth the crying brain went right back up to where it was that’s why i call causing peace causing peace because if enough of us practice every day we’re going to see peace on earth just because we’re going to create that feeling but for yourself just for yourself to feel so calm and so peaceful all the time that people say to you you know i know you’re just so calm whenever I’m around you i just feel calm.

I’ve been hearing that for years and years and years i started doing causing peace when i was 15 years old that’s like 100 years ago a little while ago so yes there is a big difference between prayer and meditation well let’s talk about prayer then what is prayer i pray every single morning to pray is to communicate to the divine whatever you believe in the universe the great Spirit God Jesus Buddha I’m not here to tell you what to think or what to believe anyone who tries to tell you what to believe is making a big mistake they’re just honoring your free will god wouldn’t like that I’m just saying what’s the point of free will then people try to take it away from you it’s very un-Jesus-like right he didn’t he didn’t do that he definitely wouldn’t want any of his followers saying that so what is it then you’re you’re telling the universe what you want well yeah you can pray and ask for things you can ask the universe for things for yourself or for other people and it’s okay to ask for things for yourself that might even be a great video on its own because a lot of people don’t think they’re allowed to ask for themselves but we’re part of the collective we are part of the human family we’re part of our own family and it’s good for us to take care of ourselves it’s like it’s good for us to take care of others don’t only pray for yourself also pray for those you love i like to pray for the whole planet i like to pray for peace on earth when you’re doing that you’re creating a big energy explosion that radiates out into the world it creates a different reality speaking in terms of quantum physics that’s how it works speaking in terms of spirituality who knows who’s listening to you and then taking it as an order yes sir yes ma’am let’s get to work on that i mean what if there really are angels are they going to just do things or do they need you to tell them and when you pray isn’t that how you tell them what you want them to do so yes that’s part of praying but there’s so many things you can do or say in a prayer you can also give gratitude for what you have which creates the feeling of havingness when you create a feeling of happiness you tend to receive more because you feel like you have therefore you receive and have more what a powerful way to pray.

To me it’s it’s sacred when i pray sacredness is something that a human being creates by declaring it to be so and making itself you can make anything sacred you can make a piece of jewelry sacred you can make a painting sacred you can make a relationship sacred and to me praying is a sacred act of communicating with the great divine that’s very different than finding the mind down to nothing isn’t it so i think you know the question really is about defining what these things mean and it’s not wrong to say they’re the same thing it just means that you have different meanings that then collapse into the same okay so they might be the same first some people to me they’re very different because of how i define what those two different things are so basically to answer the question it depends on how you define those words not by my definition if you look up what they mean in Wikipedia or in the dictionary probably find that they’re very different but i hope that I’ve inspired you to both pray to create things consciously and to learn how to meditate or to learn causing peace and if you want to learn that i teach it in my course the solution which is the first health course in the series you can look that up on my website i hope you’ll subscribe to my channel so you can hang out some more please leave your comments I’ll talk to you soon