“What Is Arnoux Goran Seminars?” As Explained By Our Graduates

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

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Now I’m gonna talk about the Total Health Master.  I want you to look at the words Total Health Mastery.   so it’s about what is health?  Well, help to me a lot of different things so when I first got introduced to this, it was the Solution, and I thought that was amazing.  Then he said, Okay well there’s something I did you know that I said what could that be it’s called a foundation try to just talk about all the aspects it’s everything about your health and then he talks about laser he talks about talk getting your home die talks about routing everything you have in your mind talks about how to get rid of this how to do your seven steps

I’ll get really very much all of these things are in this foundation which was just such a plethora of stuff and then he said any number in the meeting goes it passes us a piece of paper but what stays it was my next course what well this was already amazing well the next course is well wouldn’t you like to give a more deeper into this so seven steps and the transformational then the five step motor eraser the ERT repolarization technique and you’re thinking my gosh this is absolutely phenomenal and then you realize there is so much more to that and then even he passes out some more paper aces okay

Well there’s some more stuff onto this and you realize then you go to the to the mastery you go to the public speaking and you start seeing there’s an order to this it’s not just happenstance it’s like when you get to mastery if nobody speaking why am I having trouble speaking in front of people well how does it make you feel well now we’re back to seven steps are you seeing pictures you know now five steps now when did that happen now we’re T okay

So it’s all related so now I’m back into mastery I’m thinking oh wow I really am intuitive and then I get to us another step where okay my tuition stop because I have another thing that’s triggering it now I’m back a set of steps like two five steps back your team oh maybe you have some residual energy from something you will already seven step well that’s completion now you start realizing there is so much stuff here and that’s where the after he comes in because to be able to put it all together to understand what modality to use when to use it how to use it and want something triggers you start realizing that being triggered is a good thing because now you’re not putting it down

Because you can’t handle it you know how to handle it and now everybody around you starts realizing there’s something different about you and now you can start talking about it because you are a walking testimony in walking witness to it and so that’s why it’s not just about your health is health everything health mind health spirit health mental health physical all of the health emotional it’s all of the pieces of who you are so I just want to encourage you that when you see all these different courses that you realize are there for a purpose each one of them are totally in themselves but also they work with each other so thank you so much for putting this all together

And I appreciate the opportunity and privilege to be and you also get to be with some amazing people and you will realize that what you’re with these people it’s truly amazing and the course work that we did took us even deeper and gave us even more tools made us even more confident and confident that we would be able to even help others there’s a whole lot more that you can become if you stick with the total health mastery concept and just invest in yourself more than it’s less than what you’d invest in a car and yet the car breaks down but if you get these tools it doesn’t break down the more you use it it’s like the car becomes like a Lamborghini the car becomes an Escalade the car becomes a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce and so I want to encourage everyone to stick with total health mastery and go along with all of the programs that are no offers and you will not regret it I guarantee

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