What is The Relationship Course? 

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video :

Would you like to have an amazing relationship with every single person in your life what if you went for weeks months and years without drama arguing or fighting in your life I am so excited to reveal to you a course in relationships for years and years people have asked me to teach about relationships because I’ve got a lot of specialized information that will really change the way that you live your relationships wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be in love your entire life most people fall in love and it only lasts for about a year according to a survey of thousands of people and then they just get used to being together but they’re not in love anymore there is a specific reason

Why that happens and you can undo what makes you fall out of love and stay in love and even increase the intensity of the love as time goes on we all know that that exists but how do you do it in a course in relationships I will teach you how to make that your reality well if you haven’t found your love I will show you how to create and manifest the kind of person that you want if you think that they don’t exist then that’s what we’re going to erase you’re going to break through you’re repeating relationship patterns and begin to attract into your life the kind of experience of loving relationships that you’ve always dreamed of or maybe never even thought possible

That’s what I want you to experience that you can break through and break through and break through your relationship possibilities until what you’re experiencing is far beyond what you ever dreamed of we’re not just talking about romantic relationships though we’re also talking about relationships with your family members your children your parents your friends your coworkers I had a client tell me that he couldn’t stand going to his job because of one of his coworkers I showed him exactly how to fix that problem and the very next day when he went to work that guy had quit and didn’t work there anymore I had a woman who was distressed in our training because her daughter who was 13 and run away from home it was living on someone’s couch and wouldn’t talk to her wouldn’t answer her phone

And basically had disappeared and she was devastated I showed her how to change that scenario and without even talking to her daughter her daughter texted her and said mom I miss you I want to see you this is about changing all the relationships in your life so that there are harmonious and beautiful and peaceful we’re talking about ending drama ending jealousy jealousy is not proof that you love someone jealousy is to fear that you’re going to lose the love that you have that repels the people that you love if you could erase all of your jealousy you would feel free and your lover would feel free your partner would feel free and that is magnetic attraction and they want to be with you because you give them that feeling of freedom without even trying because you’re not jealous at all all the way inside not just because you say so but you actually in every cell of your body don’t feel jealous what happens when someone dies or when a relationship ends is it supposed to be painful is it supposed to make you sad are you supposed to be sad forever

What if I could show you how to let go of the grief and sadness of the ending of a relationship so that you could live in the beauty of all the memories of all the good times that happened without being bogged down and weighed down by the loss of the relationship you deserve to have that lightness in your life is it true that you have to carry the baggage of old breakups with you into every single relationship what if you didn’t have to what if I could show you how to drop all the baggage from your previous relationships so that you could be literally fresh and new and clean it’s if you’ve never dated but with all the wisdom and knowledge of all the experience you’ve had in your love life

And bring that into your relationship what if there are amazing methods of creating a context in a relationship right up front that will allow the relationship to be built on a foundation that will cause love peace and harmony throughout and learning these techniques would change everything about your love life your relationships with your kids your family everyone that you know these are just a few of the topics I’ll be covering in a course in relationships you do need to take the 7 steps you’re programming yourself in order to take a course in relationships where you can get them together it’s crucial that you get started with this two-day course once you’re ready click on get started now

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