If you’d love to learn more about this check out the article which explains what it is in-depth www.totalhealthmasteryusa.com/7steps

How to change your unconscious thoughts? Is It Possible To Manifest & Change your future? – Do you really have the power to do it? Can you really create and change your thoughts unconsciously? Permanently?

The truth is we attract everything we see around us. Most of the time however we attract exactly what we don’t want without even realizing. In this video I make it clear what the 7 steps method is. How to go about changing your unconscious thoughts and thereby change your life with this short guided video.


If you’d love to learn more about this check out the article which explains just how: www.totalhealthmasteryusa.com/7steps •••

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video:

What is the seven steps to reprogramming yourself that’s one of the most common questions I get it is a step by step process that shows you how to access the unconscious mind and delete the old thoughts and feelings from the past permanently it’s the manual that you should have been given when you were born on how the mind works the design of the mind is part of the training the seven steps themselves explained to you by using the design the human mind how to step by step go inside the files that are stored or programmed inside of your mind that are really stuck inside of you and delete them no one’s ever done this before this is a new massive breakthrough in the world of psychology and personal transformation that’s why they say I’m the world’s top expert in personal transformation that’s what the seven steps is it’s the opportunity for you to truly change your life because the seven steps erases old emotions and old thoughts from the past they keep coming up and keep coming up and keep coming up and interfering with your life today.

They’re gonna keep coming up forever so when you get rid of them you actually don’t just change how you feel now you also change how your going to feel in the future which means you’re going to change your results of the future you’re changing the way that you respond to situations and circumstances you literally if you study quantum physics are changing the energy field that you’re emitting into the world and therefore you’re changing how you’re perceived how you sound everything about your being is altered and ultimately what you’re doing is becoming with each transformation your true authentic self that’s what the seven steps is it’s a permanent transformational process into becoming your most authentic self layer-by-layer issue-by-issue which makes it the most important and powerful process to change your life ever invented in the history of humanity.

That’s what my clients tell me that it is that they’ve spent over a hundred thousand dollars taking everything there is and nothing’s ever worked until they learned the seven steps because no one ever showed them how to delete the programming of the unconscious mind and please don’t think that people out there who are saying they’re deleting the unconscious minds programs where a reprogram the unconscious mind are because they’re not they’re only doing what the conscious mind and they think they’re letting what the unconscious mind because they’re not trained and they don’t know what the design the human mind really is my process is copyrighted no one in the world but me or my certified trainers can teach you how to do this and if they try to teach you my method believe me we will put them in jail we will pursue copyright infringement to the ends of the earth so if you want to learn how to release negative emotions permanently and delete programs from the unconscious mind this is your location I look forward to seeing you in the course