What is Reiki Level 3 Training?

Subtitles to the video:

Would you like to be a Reiki Master would you like to learn how to give attunements and create other Reiki practitioners would you like to expand the amount of energy running through your hands by receiving your level 3 master attunement would you like to receive the last two symbols taught and Reiki then level 3 Reiki training is what you’re looking for level 3 training has a lot more than what I just mentioned we’ll go into advanced chakra balancing and many other tools for developing your intuition one of the things that makes my Reiki training unique from everyone else’s is I teach my own training on developing your intuition but it’s not really part of Reiki

But it goes so well with Reiki training they just fit together so greatly because when you’d practice Reiki it puts you into a higher state of consciousness which makes it much easier to develop your intuition that’s why I combine those trainings and so the level 3 Reiki has quite a bit of advanced intuition training that we build on from levels 1 & 2 and quite frankly it’s a lot of fun so if you’d like to take Rea q3m become a Reiki Master learn to attune other people and potentially make some money as a Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master go ahead and click on get started now

the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association