What is Reiki Level 1 Training?

Subtitles to the video :

Would you like to learn how to bring energy through your body and out your hands for healing Reiki means light energy in Japanese and Reiki is taught in three levels one two and three in the level one Reiki training you will learn how to ground yourself into the earth how to create a protective force field

And how to run energy through your body and out your hands for healing Reiki is offered in over 800 hospitals around the world including Harvard and Yale Medical School hospitals Ricci has many scientific studies to validate its effectiveness in relieving pain relieving stress and helping people to sleep better there are many many benefits to energetic or hands-on healing what makes reiki unique from other forms of hands-on healing is that Reiki has an attunement process that’s where the Reiki Master Practitioner gives you an attunement

Which blasts energy through your body opening up your energy channels when you first start you might have perhaps the size of a quarter amount of energy you come through your hand but after your level one attunement that should expand to about the size of a baseball level to open it to the entire palm of your hand and level three attunement that’ll move you to all the way up past you are fingertips that’s one of the things that makes Rick unique to other types of hands on healing the other thing that makes it unique is the symbols that are ancient and older than any language

That we know including Sanskrit that are known by the human DNA which tells us that Reiki is a part of our design as humans that allows you to change and access and increase the energy coming through for healing when I teach Reiki I am teaching the Tibetan Shakti Reiki has taught me by my master Johanna Nielsen which contains a lot of information a bit more if not twice as much as what’s time the traditional is Soui Reiki including two symbols at level one are not found in the Suey Reiki level one training if you’re interested in learning Reiki or beginning your process as a healer go ahead and click on get started

the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association