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Question: I was watching a speaker on manifesting goals and someone asked… “what do you do when you are blocked from creating your goal” and the speaker had an answer similar to this question that someone asked: 

Regarding “resistance” or clearing past beliefs. In my former training with Kevin Trudeau (G.I.N.), Kevin spoke about reasons why the project you are currently working on is not becoming successful. One of those reasons for what he called “resistance” maybe because the goal that you are working on may not be for your best or highest good. Is this where the muscle testing comes into play(5-day training)?

Answer: To say that your goal will not manifest or you are blocked because it’s not in your highest and best good is to say that the Universe is working to block your goal because you picked the wrong one. This goes back to session 1 of the More Money course where I explained proper goal setting and I recommended asking the Universe (or God or whatever you call the divine) to tell you what your best current goal is. Then there is no way that it is not in your highest and best good.

You can muscle test to see if your goal of choice is in your highest and best good but who are you asking when you muscle test? Your body. Muscle testing is very useful and even taught in medical schools in Finland, Japan, and in many alternative schools of course all over the world. There is vast evidence for its effectiveness including double-blind studies. I cover it in great detail in the ERT training and of course, we will go over it during the 5 day Life Transformation course on the 3rd day when we cover ERT.

Muscle testing is very useful in finding out what is going on with the body and determining a root cause. But does your body have the best answers as to your goal setting? I would prefer to ask the Universe. Alternately you could ask your Soul. Which of course brings up another question of how to do either of those things. That is the kind of stuff I cover in Mastery. So if you haven’t listened to it yet… now you have a good reason too!

In my experience, your blocks to achieving goals are all within you. Although one important block we don’t erase with the 4 major tools (Goran Technique, Goran Technique II, ERT, Completion) is when you choose a goal that is misaligned to your life purpose. That’s why having a passion for something is important because it shows it’s aligned to your life purpose. When you are off purpose, you won’t have passion for what you’re doing and it will drain the life out of you. During Mastery everyone finds out their life purpose. 100% guaranteed. Those who have taken it please feel free to chime in on that.

Also, the Universe may stop something from working for you, like your computer, if it is trying to guide you on your path. Sometimes being a workaholic or working too much can cause us to be less successful… so maybe that’s the real reason why your computer won’t work. It’s time for a vacation! Or a break.

Outside of divine guidance and staying on your path, all of your blocks come from within and are simply conflicting thoughts, feelings or energies inside of you to your heart’s desire that you’ve become consciously aware of. When I was attending a workshop on manifesting I didn’t have the heart to get up and share this answer because I didn’t want to make the speaker who said “that if you’re blocked it’s because it’s not your right goal or it’s not the right time” feel bad when I say that is not true. You are a divine creator, if you are not manifesting your goal, it’s because you have something inside of you saying no. That is the “resistance” and you need to learn how to erase it, otherwise, your goal will NEVER come true.

Once you erase, remove, release, heal, clear, or whatever word you use to describe the letting go of the past programming, and your unconscious mind aligns with your conscious mind and your heart, then your goal manifests. This is explained well in Conversations With God, Book 1, and Ask and It Is Given (much of the Secret was taken from this book). I also cover this in great detail in The Goran Technique Course and The Breakthrough. It’s the fundamental secret of how to manifest what you want. Of course, I cover it in More Money in great detail as well. Best of luck to all of you in making all of your dreams come true. The more goals and dreams you make real, the better the whole world becomes. I leave you with love. -Arnoux