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How do you get in touch with your higher self? What exactly is “your higher self” anyway? Simple questions, with profound and exciting answers!

It’s always a good idea to get responses from someone with knowledge and experience in the particular area of questioning, so listen as Arnoux Goran, the inventor of the Goran Technique I(AKA:”7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself”), gives his insightful answers. Learn about your Spiritual Board of Advisors, your Spiritual Journey, and developing the most important skill in life…Intuition.

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Arnoux mentions Dick Sutphen, who was a pioneer of audio hypnosis recordings for consumers in the early ’70s. Dick passed away on September 1, 2020, but you can visit to purchase his recordings.

Subtitles to the video:

How do you get in touch with your higher self how do you get in touch with your higher self well first of all we have to define what that means what is your higher self is that god is that the universe is that some part of you that’s the best part of you I’m going to distinguish and or separate the higher self from the universe and I’m going to say that the higher self is the you that you always dream that you could become that is like the the ideal you that exists inside of you that can talk to your mind your conscious mind well then how do you get in touch with that well imagine that your higher self is like a soul or a being that you can talk to.

Okay well then what so well what you’re really trying to do is have a spiritual conversation so i would suggest doing a journey to enter the spirit world and then have that conversation i actually do teach that i first learned it from a guy named dick Sutphen s-u-t-p-h-e-n and he had this amazing training that i never even ordered it right there was a period in my life where the universe or the great divine whatever you call it started sending me programs to study that i didn’t order randomly and i would just pay for them uh later and one of them was uh Dick Sutphen’s program and he had this thing where you go on a journey to meet your spiritual advisors and in napoleon hill’s epic classic think and grow rich he says that a commonality of wealthy people self-made millionaires is that they talk to a spiritual or imaginary if you prefer board of advisors well dick hutman had this journey to go meet them which was really profound for me when i did it the first time in the second and the third and i did it so many times that it became part of my routine and i memorized it and i understood the elements of it and i decided to design my own and so if you go to my courses if you take the breakthrough course or the completion course and then of course the trainings that come after it i do that with the audience i take you the student through the journey to go to meet your spiritual board of advisors well guess what your higher self can be there okay usually people just go there and whoever is there just shows up so they might see their grandpa or they might see Jesus or they might see their their heroes right like maybe they’ll see Dr. Martin Luther king Jr or they’ll see um Orpah Winfrey or mother Teresa or you know someone that they’ve always felt connected to right you know that there’s those people that you just admire who they were and you feel really connected to them.

And sometimes their books just kind of show up in your life or their photos show up in your life and you just know like on some level their spirit is connected to you well those are usually the people that show up in your spirit room when you travel to go meet your spiritual board of advisors well if you want to talk to your higher self ask for your higher self to show up there now if you do this type of journey regularly and more importantly if you use the four major tools of transformation especially the seven steps to reprogramming yourself to erase any blockages you have to having that communication then it’s going to be fantastic when you get to my third course becoming your authentic self you’re going to learn how to tap into your intuition every single person will be able to do an intuitive reading by the end of day three every single person has ever taken it and will ever take it can do it because my method is foolproof it’s i want to say it’s genius but I’m not going to say you’re going to say it’s genius because people do and it works every time and when you can develop your intuition to that level then eventually and i mean eventually you can drop the journey to go meet your spiritual board of advisors and talk to your higher self and you can just go right there like first thing in the morning when you wake up you can just go right to that space and ask your higher self to be there and talk and you’re going to be talking to yourself of course that’s what it means your higher self yourself but the part of you that is already more awakened than you are consciously.

Wouldn’t that be cool well you asked the question how do you get in touch with your higher self that’s my answer develop your intuition develop your ability to to be multi-dimensional and access the spirit world access to spiritual realms and then make the intention to talk to your higher self and you will I gotta, I gotta put like a warning and disclaimer on this video because there’s a lot of people who are not in this mindset you know they’re not they don’t believe there’s any such thing and i just want to say i respect your opinion and it’s okay if you don’t believe there’s any such thing as a higher self or i mean come on napoleon hill’s book is like one of the most famous books ever and he says it’s okay to go to meet your spiritual board of advisors because it’s a common thing of self-made multi-millionaires but still you might feel like i just don’t believe in that i just want you to know that’s okay you don’t have to but if this is something that you’re interested in hopefully what I’ve shared with you will really help you to understand how to do it it takes training you know sometimes people just want like some easy answer like here’s a pill and now you can do it and that is just so weak i mean what did Jim Rohn say the benefit of making a million dollars is not to have the million dollars it’s who you get to become in the process of making the million dollars it’s the same thing as you develop your ability to talk to your higher self you’ll develop your ability and that can begin a journey that can continue on and on and on until you can do things that you never dream that you can do i literally feel like i need to create a whole other class just on developing intuitive ability beyond what I’ve already taught my students which is a lot because i have so many new intuitive abilities i never even knew you could have I’ve never even read about them i developed them on my own because i just got to such a higher level of practicing and practicing and practicing for so many decades that i know I’m like 97 right and all these decades of practice I’m just kidding all these decades of practicing allowed me to develop the ability and that’s what you really want how do you get in touch with your higher self the question is how do you develop the ability and i just told you do the spiritual journeys I’m not going to tell you where else to go learn them i already mentioned right dick something take mine and then keep improving your intuitive development.

I don’t know any other program other than mine that i could recommend to you i mean there’s other good ones but there’s none that can show you how to erase the blockages because only i have those tools I’m sorry if you’re offended you might feel like I have tools to be intuitive I’m sure you do but if you had my tools you’d be so happy you would love these tools because they make life so much easier and you could do things so much faster you could develop your intuition at a lightning rate it doesn’t have to take five years it could take three days seriously so that’s how you do it you develop the ability by going through training and as you get through the training you develop the ability and then you can do the simple thing we just talked about it’s simple talking to your higher self but then you’re going to go farther and farther and farther until you achieve things that you never even know you could and you’re going to want to share them with other people you’re going to use them to make your life better the most important skill in life is intuition you know where i learned that business school yes business school i can talk with you more about that later but to answer the question take the breakthrough course yep that’s it so hopefully you had fun with this video um if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please do make some comments and i’ll see you soon