Would You Like to Drop the Emotional

Weight You’ve Been Carrying Around for


Release the Pain Now

Let me show you how…

Hi my name is Arnoux Goran and I have something very special to share with you.   Watch this very short video to be incredibly inspired:

I have helped thousands of people reclaim their health and overcome challenges that most people think are impossible.  During my journey as an author and teacher I’ve discovered 4 different ways to permanently release old emotions. 

Most people don’t know of a single way to do this.  They talk about it.  They journal about it.  They cry.  But none of these methods removes the old emotional pattern or pain permanently. It’s crucial to know how to do this.  You MUST learn how to get these emotions out of your body!

It’s a matter of life and death.

  • Emotions are Chemical POISON…anger, fear and sadness are slowly killing you right now.
  • Emotions like Anger cause illnesses including the Big C…and can be at the root cause of your health challenges, or those of your clients.
  • You recreate patterns in your life such as a low bank account, abusive life partner, or no partner, being overweight and so on because the old emotions stuck in you keep attracting themselves.  Over and over again into your reality.  Releasing old emotions is the key to changing your life.
  • Robert Kiosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” says that people make their money decisions emotionally…changing the way you feel is the secret of having more money.
  • Nobody wants to feel the heaviness of their past…but everyone carries around a large bag of emotional bricks with them every day. They just get used to it.  When you release these old feelings you feel lighter…permanently.
You can get these emotions out now!
Hi Arnoux,
I wanted to thank you again for being the amazing person you are, for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and love with me and the world. Once again you have changed my life.  The sadness and heart ache over the loss of my dad is truly gone! There was a part of me that thought that some of it would come back, but it did not, as was proved to me yesterday when I was driving in my car and heard a song that ALWAYS makes me cry about dad when I hear it. There were no tears, I even tried to force them to come lol but they didn’t, what did come was a smile on my face and joy in my heart! I am forever grateful that I met you….if this keeps up, I won’t even recognize myself. I want to share this work with everyone I know!
Big hug
Gianna St Clare

Retired Massage Therapist

This is what happens when you remove old emotions permanently!

I mentioned that I’ve learned 4 ways to remove old emotions permanently and that most people don’t know any.   Actually, after surveying thousands of people I found that less than 1% of people know of a single way, and whatever way they usually know is 40 or more years behind what we are doing…and takes too long.

You want methods that are fast!

I’ve taken many seminars, read tons of books, have earned many different health related certifications in my over 20 years of research… and these 4 methods are by far the best.
  • They’re faster so you get relief sooner!
  • Change your life immediately!
  • Eliminate root causes of a health challenge overnight!
  • Transform any level of abuse to peace and joy right away.

With these various tools I’ve seen every emotional challenge you can imagine disappear:
  • Rape Trauma
  • Molestation
  • Death in the family
  • Divorce
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Phobias like fear of heights, public speaking, flying, animals, death, etc
  • Abusive alcoholic/drug addicted parent
  • Abandonment
  • Broken Heart
  • Lack of trust in the opposite sex
  • Intense rage, hatred, anger, sadness, hurt, grief, anxiety, all of it!

GONE! Permanently. That’s a key word.  It must be permanent, otherwise you’re just wasting time. 

I had a knot on the back of my shoulder that wouldn’t go away that disappeared completely during the ERT course.  I saw the patterns I needed to work on.
Miguel Urrea

My persistent pain & stiffness in my neck was greatly reduced during this course. ERT works.
Ernest Johnson

I cleared my undeserving of being healthy. I discovered the source of my lead poisoning – a mystery that’s been plaguing me for two years and has been getting worse.
Lisa Kalison-Tota

I released several big ERTs around believing in myself, not feeling defeated anymore and being the person who can create their dreams.
Varsha Dhodapkar

Some of my tools reprogram repeating belief patterns in the unconscious. Some uncreate repeating patterns on the energetic level. Some release emotional weight from the conscious mind.
ERT does something no other tool I have ever found can do…it releases the chemicals of the emotions from your body physically. Amazing!
That’s why people can have such a dramatic physical response to the process. One of our clients and master level practitioners, Karen Farberow, had her lifelong problem with severe constipation disappear permanently in just one session which only took minutes. Minutes! It’s very physical in how it improves the human being, not just mental or emotional.

It’s absolutely necessary for:
  • Perfect physical health
  • Energy and vitality
  • Feeling better each day
  • Getting out of bed in the morning excited for life
  • Absolute beauty and radiance
  • To look your best
  • Longevity…living better longer without health challenges
  • To reset the past so that your body is fresh, clean and new, like it’s never been through all of those things you’ve been through
Now I didn’t invent this process myself as I did with 2 of the others.  No, no, no.  I discovered it out of personal necessity.  I needed to know this tool because no other tool does what this one does and I was in need to figure out how to get the emotional weight off of me that I was dealing with.  One of my clients told me she was “on cloud 9” after having ERT done.  
I had to know more.  I have a commitment to studying every method for personal transformation, for letting go of the past, for reprogramming the unconscious mind, for ending repeating patterns, for dropping old emotional baggage…so I had to check it out.

I met with a practitioner named Steve.  He used this ERT tool on me. Honestly it was very different from anything else I had ever seen up to that point…and that’s saying a lot because I’m the inventor of 2 of the fastest ways ever to release old patterns/thoughts/emotions.   The next day my body showed a clear and obvious response.  At about noon my body started shaking as it was releasing the fear from my lifetime!  It didn’t stop shaking until I went to sleep at night.   I knew that something big was happening because of that “cleansing” of the fear out of my body. 

As I continued with the process I had more reactions that showed me the emotions were coming out.  I also found out that 70% of people don’t have any reactions at all, but then again, very few people had such a horribly traumatic childhood like me.   My mom said after her 1st ERT session, “I just feel so light and euphoric!”  Lucky lady!  That’s how many people feel. For me the process was much tougher, I often felt exhausted for days after doing several ERT’s…BUT now when I wake up in the morning my body feels good.  My body feels naturally and automatically joyful.   I can feel how much lighter I am in every way.  The world looks better to me.  It’s been a dramatic positive shift, one that was truly needed for me.

Part of why I needed to find ERT was that I experienced people close to me who were extremely verbally abusive.  When the abuse ended my pain didn’t end.  When I stopped experiencing the verbally violent behavior I still felt the pain in my gut. During the abuse my stomach started to hurt after I would be screamed at (sometimes for hours). By 6 months into it my stomach never stopped hurting, I was just in constant pain.   My stomach still hurt badly…all the time

It was very difficult for me to be on stage over 50 full days per year, run my company in the office and build my online programs with this pain.   I did it anyway but I knew that my pain wasn’t just because of the recent abuse, it was also the traumas of my childhood that were unresolved and the recent attacks just brought them to the surface for me.  I’m grateful for that. Not only was my stomach in pain but the attacks were often random or by surprise.  Sometimes I would wake up to being screamed at for no reason. Eventually I found myself waking up every morning in a state of panic. Daily panic attacks are not fun or productive!

When I met Steve he told me that he had originally learned ERT from Dr. Bob Marshall but that the way it was being done wasn’t fast enough.  That he was experiencing a panic attack…for 9 months straight!  And that he was physically sick and every form of testing showed his root cause was emotional.   In other words, he needed to find a faster way to release the emotions or he would die. 

For quite a while he worked with my friend Randy Freiberg and they developed ERT to a whole other level. Not only did Steve’s panic attack stop and never come back, but he is in perfect health. He also told my assistant and I that he used to sleep as long as he could. He could sleep all day if he didn’t have to get up. He never felt fully rested and had a hard time getting up in the morning.   But after releasing the emotional weight with ERT he now sleeps 5-6 hours per day, wakes up every morning fresh and alert at 5:00-5:30am and it’s just automatic.  He just wakes up and naturally feels great all day.  No amount of nutrition or dietary change could make that happen for him before, and now it had become effortless.

My assistant and I were envious.  We wanted that too!  We both knew we had great emotional weight that we woke up to that made it challenging to get out of bed.  This was true for me after experiencing the abuse no matter what I ate or took for supplements.  Before that I could eat really healthy and that was enough for me to be a virtual ball of energy, but after that experience, nothing worked to get my energy back.  It was hard to get out of bed. Thankfully, after learning how Steve did ERT I then learned how Randy does it.  They stopped working together about 2 years ago and took it further in their own ways.  I preferred the way Randy did it tremendously and that’s what I’ll be teaching you in the weekend, except…I took it a whole other step further allowing you to feel better even faster!  I’m so excited to show it to you.   Also, Steve told some of my clients that it can’t be done on yourself…but I figured out how to do that too!!! Yes you can do it on yourself until all of the emotions are gone! Thankfully for me, the daily panic attacks stopped last summer.  It was from using a combination of tools, including ERT.  Then I was also able to heal the wounding to my gut and it was such a miracle to wake up with no pain.  I went hiking that day in Malibu and I was so excited for a future without pain again.
I could also see how divine the plan was for me to get beat up so bad recently, because without that experience, I wouldn’t have been forced to learn ERT, and then teach it to the world…this tool can change the world!
Then I found myself consistently waking up after only sleeping 5 or 6 hours.  I taught a 5 day course on public speaking and usually after being on stage for 5 days I would be completely wiped out for days after and always scheduled time off.  Not this time!  I woke up with energy and worked the whole day!   In fact on day 5 of the course I was the most energetic person in the room! I knew this was a result of using ERT.  I had not changed my diet or taken anything nutritionally to make me feel so much better, it was the ERT work along with my other tools.  I just feel so excited for the future now! Not just mine, but yours too! I immediately saw the tremendous value and absolute necessity of this tool.  That everyone in the world needs it right now.  I saw that no one is teaching it in the way that these practitioners were doing it.  No one.  I decided that it has to be taught.   It’s a requirement for all humans to do this if they wish to achieve perfect health in all areas of health, and to have the life they desire.  
Remember we attract to us the vibrations that we carry in us.  Old emotions attract repeating problematic patterns to you.  Releasing them changes what you attract, and therefore your life. Naturally, as a professional teacher (I take complicated information and systemize it into a step by step process that anyone can follow to produce great results) I felt a responsibility to create a course to offer this information to the general public.  People need to know this! Luckily for all of us, my friends Randy and Colette Freiberg were willing to teach me how they do ERT (which is different than how anyone else does it) AND gave me permission to teach it to everyone.   They are great people and for all the years I’ve known them they always have demonstrated with their actions that they are more interested in helping people than making money, looking good, being famous, getting credit, etc.  They just want to be of service.
When people have a heart like that, you have to honor that. It’s a beautiful thing. So we put on a course together last year with outstanding results. This time, I’ve redone the entire course to my specifics, with my slideshow, my exam and my way of keeping it simple. I wrote a manual with step-by-step instructions that you’ll be able to easily follow after attending the course.  It’s was incredible!  I’ve been designing and delivering courses for over 10 years with results that are generally not believable. Don’t take my word for it, check out my video at the beginning of this letter (if you haven’t yet).  In just a few minutes you’ll see that I’m not exaggerating when I say that our programs produce health and life change results more powerfully than any other training in existence today.  So you can be confident when I say I’ve created this course with my experience as a master course designer that it was fantastic. Perhaps the best course you’ve ever experienced…of any kind…ever.  
You won’t just learn ERT though! I covered 5 different tools that are absolutely necessary for perfect health.

    • You will learn a tested and patented way to determine root causes created by me that requires no further investment or training…getting to the root cause of a health challenge is the key to long lasting success in being healthy.


    • You’ll be able to test people and determine root cause during with the training (find your own root causes to health challenges, easily worth the price of the course) and be able to use it every day after for the rest of your life…including with your family, friends and clients to help them produce the health they desire!


    • You’ll discover how to remove physical traumas to your ancestors that cause energy blockages and health challenges in you and your clients now…producing seemingly magical results.


    • Complete the 3-day certification training knowing how to remove blockages in human energy channels from Electro Magnetic Fields (from cell phones, computers power lines, etc)…yes these blockages exist and can cause pain, health challenges, fatigue and more. You’ll be able to release these blockages in minutes!


    • You will gain expert proficiency in ERT (The Emotional Repolarization Technique) and be able to do it more effectively and faster than anyone else working with this tool…meaning you can change your own life and the lives of those you love or work with.


    • We will also introduce to you laser technology proven to remove old emotions…this is brand new, high speed, and proven in scientific studies to work.


I was able to clear “I deserve to be who god created me to be.” This cleared 50 ERT’s behind that. I felt good about that, it’s a start. I have other financial issues to clear though! I was made very clear this weekend of those patterns.
Elyse Homberger

During the Emotional Repolorization Technique course (an advanced course), I cleared tons of negative emotions around love and financial success. I also cleared some physical symptoms that had manifested from an emotional root cause. Only the emotional work done at the seminar was able to clear it after trying many physical remedies.
Megan Salisbury

Just being in the same energy space as Arnoux & awesome people always seems to help me clear my space. I took out energy that wasn’t supportive and replaced it with that which is. I cleared feeling unworthy of being loved by god.
Wendy Pappas

Prerequisite For The Emotional Repolization Technique Course: The Solution Weekend & Foundation Course

Does removing blockages from EMF’s or ancestral trauma actually do anything?  Take a look at this video from our practitioner Monica Zuninga:
You can help the ones you love. I know that you are wanting to come to the course for yourself.  So you can release all of that old emotional baggage and feel lighter, happier, more energetic and jazzed to be alive.  But for me that’s only part of what I’m so grateful for in discovering this tool.  I also have been able to help many people who I love with it.  For example, my brother. My brother, like me, also got really screwed up by the way he was raised. A brilliant man, a genius really, he still struggled with tremendous emotional pain.  I tested him (you’ll learn how to test people in the course) for what he needed to do to rebuild himself, not just emotionally, but physically, mentally and spiritually, and the 1st priority for him was to release the emotional weight from his lifetime…using ERT.  Not any of my other tools. Not nutrition, etc.  No.  It was ERT. Within a few months it was amazing to see that his eyes actually looked clearer, more blue.  This is a result of his energy field being cleaner or clearer.  What was amazing is that others who didn’t know I said that to him told him the same thing!  “Jonathan your eyes look so much clearer!”  His skin improved.  He lost weight automatically without changing his diet or exercising more.  He seemed much happier.  More motivated to be alive.  He even began writing a novel! Then he had a huge ERT come out.  It was during my 5-day Public Speaking course where anyone can learn how to be a professional speaker and make a living doing it.  My course is the only one that I know of that guarantees that you will no longer have the fear of public speaking by the end of listening to the audio program, and is the only one that shows you how to permanently be your authentic, sincere, heart centered self when you are on stage or teaching.  Of course it applies perfectly to 1 on 1 conversations so it’s really a communications course with an intention that you can make a living as a teacher/speaker/facilitator/presenter afterwards.
During the course we could see that when he was presenting he was rushing through his presentationI saw tremendous emotional pain trying to break through and his effort to keep it at bay lest he break down in front of people.  Then we did the ERT to remove that pain. Boy was it a big one! Then the next day…no more talking too fast.  No more pain being pushed down.  No more stuttering! He literally could just talk and be himself and allow his brilliant words to come through naturally. It made Karen cry!  I’m not kidding.  She literally cried when she shared in front of the room. She said, “Jonathan is such a good person who cares so much for others and it just makes me so happy that that weight and pain is off of him because he doesn’t deserve to have that.”
It was a great moment in the course.  It also demonstrated the power of this process.  And more to the point, I was so happy that I could do something to help my brother. After he cleared the ERT, before he got to present again so we could see his stuttering was gone, we had a break.  He came up to me and was dancing around with exuberance and joy.  I said, “So you feel that much better from clearing just that 1 ERT now?” It sunk in right then that letting that go totally changed everything about how he felt and certainly the benefits will last for the rest of his life, it’s going to be much better! Keep in mind this man already has 2 teaching degrees, has taught in different parts of the world to all ages of people from many different backgrounds.  He dated a speech therapist for 5 years.  He actually put her through school.  He has attended MANY personal development courses. He got his black belt from one of the top masters in the world.  He was the MVP of his football team’s defense freshman year of high school.   He is a successful man in spite of his childhood…and nothing ever allowed him to totally speak from his heart and mind without the impedance of those old feelings until he cleared just 1 ERT, literally in 3 minutes.   Not a speech therapist, not martial arts training, not sports, not counseling sessions (he had many), not his teaching training, not any other personal development course or book.   Only this one worked and it worked fast. Again, it only took 3 minutes.  I was there.  I saw. And  I conquered too!  And so shall you be able to help your loved ones conquer their emotional blockages to being happy, loved, communicating openly, and even being able to have their feelings at all.  
Take a minute and see what Jonathan has to say about this experience:
Most people stuff their feelings and cannot communicate well because of it: In America we are commonly taught to not cry.  To be strong.  To never let them see you sweat.  And although there are times that that advice is appropriate, it’s not the most powerful way to deal with emotions.   The way of the warrior is:  Deal with your emotions powerfully. Stuffing or ignoring them is the way of the weak.   Processing them out of your body is the way of the powerful.  Speaking your truth AFTER you’ve released your emotions is the way of the wise. For many of us we have been trained to stuff our feelings down so well that we don’t even notice we are doing it.  It’s so automatic and so fast that it’s not even conscious at all.  Some people think they don’t have any past emotions stuck in their body at all.  That always cracks me up because that is so ridiculous. Actually it’s very sad because it shows how disconnected they are from their body, their feelings and what’s really going on inside.  This is a big problem because what’s going on inside dictates their success in life.
If you think you don’t have any old emotions from the past pushed down I’ll prove you wrong right now. Think about some of the most traumatic things that have happened to you…a major illness, divorce or break up, your first love, the death of a loved one, moving away, being sexually assaulted…and notice that different feelings come up. These feelings are there all the time!  They are in your cells…poisoning you.  They are in your energy field attracting themselves to you. They are in your mind, coloring your perspective so you don’t see the world clearly, as it really is.  They are making you old!  Tired! Unmotivated and uninspired!  We have got to get them out!
You deserve to be able to think of anything and everything that you’ve been through in life and not feel any pain.  None!  No this won’t change who you are.  Because you are not your pain.  This will just allow you to be yourself how you would be without all of that emotional baggage that you’re carrying around.  Think about how your life will change for the better!
In relationships your ability to be happy is directly connected to your lack of baggage.
How open your heart is depends 100% on if you have healed the wounds of the past.  One study showed that men fall in love more easily than women?  Really?  Then why do so many people believe that women fall in love and get attached more easily then men?  Perhaps it’s because when a man is young and has his heart broken he doesn’t feel the feelings through until his heart is healed and ready to fall in love again, but rather builds a big wall around his heart to protect it…and can never really feel the same massive joy and feelings of being in love…ever again.  Until he heals that original pain that is.
Then you can fall in love again!  Even with your current love!
If you’re in emotional pain from the past, you may become guarded. Untrusting.  Afraid to open up.  We call all of this baggage.  Generally we try to work around it but it keeps us separate.  Separate from our love in every way you can say it.
Healing the wounds of the past is what ends the separation. Isn’t this what ends all of the problems we have in relationships? Yes. It’s important! Now ERT is not the only tool you’ll need to fully heal your heart and everything you’ve been through in life. You’ll need my other 3 tools. But you must know ERT if you want to achieve these goals that are your inherent birthright.
My personal experience is that I’ve been able to have 100% drama free relationships.  Stay best or close friends with long term girlfriends after. And most importantly have moments and experiences of love that are absolutely blissful, joyful, happy, free, full of so much love and are just not generally considered possible.   I’ve never seen what I get to experience in my love life in any movie or tv show or read it in any book. I don’t really know how to say what it’s like except that my heart just feels so open and so much love comes through it that it can make someone cry.  It happens!  I feel like now I heal others around me just by being my loving self.  I never, ever had that experience before I did all of the ERT work I did.  It’s an amazing gift and I am so grateful. Now it’s your turn to have it.

Prerequisite For The Emotional Repolization Technique Course: The Solution Weekend & Foundation Course

Do you think that removing these old emotions may:

  • Help you attract your perfect mate/soulmate
  • Allow you to fall in love with your current sweetheart
  • Stop being alone and lonely
  • End love addiction…so you’re happy when you’re alone and can choose people for you with intelligence not from a need to end the pain of loneliness
  • Be more peaceful and without drama in your relationships
  • Make you the one people come to for advice
  • Cause you to feel safer and more trustworthy to others
  • Bring greater joy to your heart
  • Let you finally feel your feelings, feel what’s in your heart and live a heart centered life

In case you’re still not sure…the answer is definitely, absolutely yes!

Your ability and power in life will increase dramatically.   Can you imagine waking up in the morning and someone you love is in emotional pain? Your sweetheart, your child, your best friend, your parent is not feeling good.  They’re sad. Angry.  Afraid.  Depressed. Unhappy.
In the past what would you do? What would you do now? Encourage them to be strong and stuff their feelings?  Watch them eat emotionally or take other drugs like alcohol or nicotine to make themselves functional? Did you try to console them and listen but feel inadequate as they still felt bad? Did you yourself get upset by their upset?  Did their anger make you angry too and then were you left powerless? Has this happened over and over again?  With different sweethearts, different situations, different bosses? Maybe with fear? With sadness? Emotional patterns repeat forever until they are cleared.  Again, 99% of people don’t know how to clear emotional patterns permanently.  In any way at all.  And most who do know a way know of ways that are too slow for me to ever consider teaching them.
Has this experience of powerlessness happened so much that they went to a psychiatrist who prescribed them anti-depressants?  The rates of Americans being on anti-depressants doubled from 1995 to 2005. Perhaps now they’re on several anti-depressants or drugs for the mind. You went to the best and all they could do is give you pills…and you felt in your heart there must be more than this. Even if you didn’t, please know there is. I have had many pHD’s in psychology or psychiatry tell me that they never learned how to remove negative emotions permanently in their training.   I met someone with a masters in psychology and she told me that “people learn to deal with them.”  But never release them from the body and genuinely feel better?  That’s the state of mental health in America today.
Fortunately many people who are on the cutting edge have worked hard to find ways to remove these old feelings, to remove repeating unconscious thought patterns, to uncreate repeating life patterns and luckily for me Randy and Colette were willing to teach me their way of doing ERT.   This is so vastly different than the way Dr. Bob Marshall does it (he’s an amazing man by the way), that it’s really not the same thing at all.  So now it is possible for anyone to learn how to remove old emotions permanently. Personally I had such a horrible upbringing that I literally had no choice but to learn how to remove old feelings from the body.  I was in a literal hell of bad feelings.  I had to learn how to feel better, or die.  It really was that bad.  That’s what led me to invent 2 very powerful ways in 2004.  
Nevertheless, I needed more tools which is why I now teach 4 methods, all which are necessary for true personal development and reconstruction of the human being.  I’m so excited to offer this ERT training to you. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and your loved one is in emotional pain and you are able to say, “Can I test you for the root cause of your pain and release it with you?”  And then in a matter of minutes have them feel better.  Really better!  Can you imagine it?  How powerful! This is what I want for you.  Not just for you, but for all of humanity.  That’s the reason why I put on this ERT training, so that the entire planet will have access to this information, to this absolutely necessary tool for all people to be healthy, happy and successful.
The Vision of my company, Total Health Mastery, is of a world where everyone is healthy, the planet is clean, everyone has their needs met and we have peace on Earth. I believe this ERT tool is an absolute requirement to make that Vision a reality.
Not only will you be able to help your loved ones, but you’ll be able to help yourself. Yes this tool can be used on yourself.  You can make yourself feel better!  Most mental health modalities require you to pay someone else for a consultation, generally $100-$200+ per hour.  I know of someone who spent 1 hour per week with her psychologist who was a published author and respected man in the community.  His rate was only $100/hr and after 150 weeks (3 years) and $15,000 she still felt exactly the same.  This is actually a very common story that I hear from my clients.  One friend of mine spent 10 years in therapy and it didn’t make a difference in her life.  10 years! One of the great benefits of ERT is that you can do it yourself and by the end of the 3-day training you’ll be able to work on your ERT’s until they are all gone.  Yes they can be ALL removed until there are none left. That’s the feeling you deserve! You can remove an entire lifetime of incidents, of traumas, of pain that is stuck in the cells of your body…permanently!  It won’t happen overnight.  Your body needs time to process the release of these chemicals.  It depends on you and what you’ve been through.  Some people will get through ALL of their ERT’s within a month.  Most will within 4 months.  But in some severe cases, like myself, it can take over a year to get EVERYTHING out.  In a severe case it just means a more extreme increase in happiness!
“If it sounds too good to be true…it’s probably true.”  – Jim Rohn
If you’re thinking this is good to be true…it’s not, AND, it does take work.  You’ll finish the training as a whole new person, with a greater feeling of lightness. You’ll actually look different by the end of the course!   But you will not clear everything you have to clear while going through the 3-day training.  Unless you’re 10 years old!  You’ll need to continue the work after the course until you’ve gotten all of your ERT’s out of your body.  The great news is…for just the cost of this one 3-day course you’ll be able to do all of it yourself, rather than paying $15,000 for 3 years of therapy and still feeling exactly the same.  It’s fantastic!
Money, Lots of it! Everyone deserves to have abundance in their lives, in all forms.  This is an abundant universe!  Look at how many grains of sand there are on a beach, blades of grass in a field, or stars in the sky.  The Creator, the Universe is very abundant, and therefore so shall you be!
“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health.” 3 John 1:2
We all deserve to be abundant in money and health.  Every health teacher deserves to be wealthy and every wealthy person deserves to be healthy.  We deserve to have it all in life!
“Take care of you for me and I’ll take care of me for you.”  -Jim Rohn
It’s your duty to be wealthy.  It’s your duty to be rich.  If you want the world to rise up out of poverty then be a good example!  Take the advice of Robert Kiosaki and Donald Trump who co-wrote “Why We Want You To Be Rich”…get rich for the sake of everyone else. In order to change your financial status you must change your thoughts and feelings about money.  This is taught by every self-made millionaire who teaches about wealth creation.  T. Harv Eker calls it “the money blueprint.”  Napoleon Hill calls it “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s everywhere! It’s the real secret, change your feelings and thoughts about money and then you can have it. The problem is…how?!
How can you change your money vibration so that you magnetize money to yourself easily? You need to work consciously of course, but the harder part is to remove the old thoughts and feelings embedded in the unconscious. This is where most people get stuck. I heard a rumor that Dr. Bob Marshall used ERT to attract his tremendous wealth.  Is it true?  I don’t doubt it because it’s doing this exact type of reprogramming that changes your money blueprint…permanently! I cannot guarantee that you will become wealthy by using this technique, but what I can guarantee is that…  if you have unconscious emotional blocks to receiving love in all of it’s forms that you will never be abundant in your life, including financially.
It’s this one secret that I’m revealing to you now that I’ve used to change my entire life.  I grew up very poor.  I was starved.  I was abused mentally, emotionally and physically.  I didn’t have adequate clothing, medical, dental or other care.  I was neglected, I had a horrible childhood.  I grew up in hell.  What was worse was that after I graduated college and struck out on my own I had the same experiences happen to me that I had in childhood…except now I couldn’t blame my parents.  What was the cause? This led me to study how life is created and how money is created.  After attending countless seminars, reading hundreds of books, listening to hours upon hours of audios and receiving world class coaching from many of the finest I finally understood the secret. Change your thoughts and feelings about money, then you’ll change your reality about money. Then the problem was how.  ERT is one of the most powerful and effective ways to change your inner feelings about money and it’s absolutely necessary for you to be successful.  I wouldn’t be driving a mercedes, living in Malibu surrounded by oak trees and sunshine or doing what I love for a living (saving thousands of lives), if I had not understood the real truth about wealth creation…AND…applied the right tools to change my money blueprint. Now you can too!  You just need to get signed up for this ERT weekend and get the recording of the course.
You can get certified and make a living with this information!
  • Not only will you be able to do this work with yourself and your loved ones, but you can make a business out of it!
  • If you pass the exam you’ll be certified in the Emotional Repolarization Technique…meaning you can charge money for it as a practitioner.
  • If you’re already a healer or health practitioner (psychologist, psychiatrist, chiropractor, massage therapist, medical doctor, priest, minister, acupuncturist, nutritionist, Ayurvedic doctor, shaman, martial arts instructor, professional health consultant) then this is an absolutely necessary tool for you to add to your tool belt.
  • It can easily mix in with what you’re already doing!
  • If you want to be a practitioner you can start your business just with what you’re going to learn with this weekend training!  This is all the training you need to start helping people and changing lives.  Of course I’m going to recommend you get my other training so you can learn the other 3 ways to remove old emotions, nutrition, how to set up a business as a health practitioner, etc, etc, etc that’s offered in my other 8 courses, but this one is all you need to get started and start making a living making a difference.
One client of mine had an ERT session and then the next week remarked, “How did I lose weight?  I didn’t change my diet or exercise more, but all of my clothes are loose on me!”  Then he said, “I know!  It’s from all of those ERT’s I cleared last week.”
As you’ll learn from my courses on nutrition, the human body like all mammals stores toxins in fat cells.
Emotions are very toxic and the body protects itself from these toxins by storing them in fat cells…
and will not break down these fat cells or drop the weight until the toxins are safely removed.  
This explains how my client lost weight so quickly and easily…
the body is not just physical, it’s emotional, mental and spiritual too.  
We must deal with the emotional weight from the past to achieve our health goals including:
  • Weight loss
  • Pain relief
  • Relief from Panic Attacks
  • More energy
  • Sleep less
  • Get younger
  • Better skin
  • Healthy teeth
  • Improved vision
  • Stop headaches
  • End constipation
  • Even the Big C is proven to have an emotional connection…
  • Heart issues
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Emotional Eating
  • Ending Addiction permanently

  Now you might be wondering how long this course was.  It was 3 full days of training from 10-7 with breaks. Yes I covered everything in just 3-days and you’ll be proficient enough after going through the video recording in this tool to be able to use it for the rest of your life. Can you imagine it?  Think of how many people you will help!  That’s what I’m thinking of…all of the people who attend this training going out into the world and making such a HUGE impact on person after person after person, changing consciousness and therefore the world. It’s exciting! Now I know that you expect a training that cannot be received even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a degree in mental health would have to cost at least $10,000.  How much does someone generally pay to start a new career doing something they love?   As a health practitioner you can:

  • Charge whatever you want.  Some people only charge $50/hr.  Some charge $5,000/day.  It is totally up to you!
  • Work from anywhere you want.  Your healing modality travels with you.  Set up your office in a healing center, a hospital, your spare room at home, in a high rise in Tokyo, or on the beach in a tropical destination.  Yes this process can be done over the phone or online video chat like Skype.
  • Work as much or little as you want.  One of my friends who focuses almost exclusively on doing ERT with clients charges $100/hr and works 32 hours per week.  That’s $3200 per week!  That would be $166,400 per year minus the cost of his office that comes with a receptionist except that he takes 8 weeks vacation per year!(Please note that we cannot guarantee that you’ll be as successful as him, it’s just a real life example of success that you can emulate.  Keep in mind my Certified Master Professional Health Consultants often charge $150/hr, not just $100.)
  • Be on the cutting edge scientifically. There is tremendous research and data that proves conclusively that old emotions cause physical symptoms.  Check out “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert.  There are also numerous websites that provide evidence of this fact that is sure to become common knowledge in the near future.
  • Hold your certificate high, framed on the wall of your office, giving you the credibility you need to earn the respect of your clients.  Total Health Mastery’s trainings are considered some of the best in the world (they’re actually the best but I’ll leave that for you to say) and our certifications are the best to get, and tough to earn as the exams are not all easy as with many other modalities.  If you don’t know the information, you won’t pass the exam.  The good news is that the training is taught in a systematic format.  Step-by-step you’ll be guided through the processes and you’ll feel very comfortable that you’ve got the order in which to do things down and that it will work for you every time.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY feel incredible fulfillment.  No amount of money can make you feel as good as you do when you truly and powerfully help someone, or even change their life.  During every weekend course I’ve offered since April of 2013 (which is over 15) at least 1 person came up to me and said some variation of, “Arnoux you saved my life”, or “You’re my hero.”  At least half of them crying.Yes I got some of that on video.  That’s not the point.The point is the fulfillment that I receive from doing this good work is the absolute best part!  To know that you’re really making that much of a difference, such a huge contribution, that someone would say that you saved their life, is priceless and can never be purchased.  I hope you experience this fulfillment too, it’s one of the most heart warming moments you can ever have.
  • Be a hero!
  • Your clients will want the laser that you can use to remove old emotions and that will also increase your income significantly.  It may in fact double it.  There is great research on the validity of the lasers with removing old emotions, including studies from MIT.  There’s much more information on the laser at the bottom of this letter.
You’ll learn how to clear thousands of issues in minutes…feeling better, lighter and happier!
There are ERT’s or emotional issues that are at the core or the root of many, many of your life issues.  Think of it like blowing up a building.  You can start at the top, what’s most present, and take the building down one story at a time.  OR…you can blow up the bottom of the building and the whole thing comes tumbling down.
With ERT, we can often clear thousands of layers of pain with just 1 round. Yes!  It’s very exciting and it’s exactly what we need because speed is not just good, it’s necessary.

Course Details It’s on Video that you can SEE the live demonstrations that I did during the course. It’s easy to play it on your phone and plug it into your car or use headphones while you’re exercising and review the course anytime. One of the best things about having a recording or home study program is that you can:

  • Review it as often as you want (many of the participants of the course bought the recording after!)
  • Listen or watch anytime you want!
  • Rewind anytime and see a certain part as often as you like

Keep in mind that most people who get the recordings of my live trainings listen to them over and over again.  One guy named Jim Sweet told me he listened to the recording of my 1st course 10 times!   And he learned something new each time!!! Jim was a very smart man, but I cover so much information that is incredibly life changing that it’s hard to digest and assimilate all of it. So each time you watch you’ll get more gold nuggets of information. Get the recording for a HUGE discount now. When you register you’ll receive a welcome email with the course recording access information so you can watch it right on your phone, tablet, computer or TV (if you know how to access the internet via your TV).  This is the modern way!

  • No waiting for shipping!
  • No paying extra for shipping!
  • No paying extra for printing costs!
  • Nothing to store and take up space!
  • Less gas, rubber, plastic, ink and other materials…and the Earth loves us for that!
  • It’s extremely convenient!
It’s VERY easy to access your training and the instructions are right there for you.  If you have any challenges you can always call us, but you won’t need to as even your Grandpa can do it.
After spending $250,000 and 8 years to get a pHD in psychology or psychiatry you won’t learn how to remove old emotions permanently.
Remember that many people spend $10,000 or more on therapy and never, ever remove old emotions permanently.
You may have already spent many tens of thousands on seminars and never learned a single way that changed your inner world…

Life is Meant to be Sweet

Life is Meant to be Sweet

If you get a Medical Degree will you learn a method to find root causes to health challenges even if the root cause is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual? How much does it cost to get your MD?  
You will learn how to determine root causes during this weekend!
Remember,most of this information isn’t taught in this way anywhere else by anyone else.
Also keep in mind that we are only doing this course 1 time for recording purposes.  Don’t miss out!

Click here to release all of your old emotional pain

If you register now you’ll also receive my special bonus gift of the manual for the course with step-by-step instructions.  
Remember, just click on the link to get the recording for a tremendous discount now.
The value of the manual is $299 and it’s included absolutely free with the purchase of the course.

To get your copy of the manual click here.

I’m very excited about this course!  I wonder what emotional wounds you want to heal? What benefits and results you want to have in your life?  Feel free to email me your intentions for the course for yourself.  Maybe you want to make it your new career.  Perhaps your heart is calling you to this.
Go for it!
Send me your intentions for the course at Care@ArnouxGoranSeminars.com You can also email me your questions about the course if you have any and you may also call my staff at 1-877-680-8200 and register over the phone.  We are at your service and will answer any questions or concerns you have.  If you have a financial challenge call us and we will work it out with you.  This may be your way to finally get over all of your previous financial difficulties so don’t hesitate to sign up right now or call us at 1-877-680-8200.
It’s time for you to have the results you see my clients got in my testimonial videos above.  If you haven’t seen them, then you are missing out on seeing the impossible being done in real life.
I’m looking forward to seeing your exam results after you watch the video of the course!
  FREE BONUS: A copy of the ERT training manual written by me.  Bonus value:  $299.99   Once you sign up you will receive an email with the training.  You’ll be able to watch it right on your computer.  We highly recommend you watch it with a friend or colleague to have a partner to practice on and work with.    To get the recording and take advantage of the special discount click here
To Your Amazing Health! Arnoux (are-know) Goran, M7S, MPHC, MPHE Founder, Total Health Mastery Arnoux@TotalHealthMasteryUSA.com 1-877-680-8200 www.TotalHealthMasteryUSA.com Many time author Arnoux Goran, is the Founder of Total Health Mastery the world’s most scientifically advanced health education system in existence today!  After being told by his doctors that he would never recover and would certainly die he cured himself of several “incurable” diseases and went on to design the seminar series that changes and saves lives.  Clients of Total Health Mastery regularly achieve results most people would consider impossible.  Arnoux is the inventor of The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself, The 5 Step Emotional Eraser, How to Cleanse the Body Without Cleansing Reactions and How to Overcome Addictions Without Willpower.

Prerequisite For The Emotional Repolization Technique Course: The Solution Weekend & Foundation Course

Read below for more information on the laser we will be using to remove old emotions:

    This laser has been producing shocking results in the clients I’ve tried it with and with our staff.  It’s absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend you see a presentation and have a chance to experience it during the ERT Weekend Training.   Keep in mind that people are paying $175 for a K-laser session, so this would be a nice gift to give yourself to experience this laser and learn more about it. If you have  big network you could also possibly help others by showing it to them and getting a wonderful affiliate commission. Find a way to come to the training and I know you’ll be happy you did. If you would like to know more, please read the following email below written by our product manager and Master Professional Health Consultant, Merit Ma. To Your Amazing Health! Arnoux  

The Next Wave of Healing Technology is in Lasers

Written by Merit Ma, AGS Staff & Master Professional Health Consultant

A practitioner friend of mine called me up a few weeks ago really excited.  She and her husband are super intuitive and I trust whatever product they are using is pretty much the best on the market. They use their intuition and a patented form of kineseology to find the best products on the market.So when they called, my intuition told me that I needed to check out this technology.I heard about this laser a few years ago, but since the prices were incredibly high, I thought it would be best to wait for the prices to come down, and with technology they usually do.  Come 2014, the price did change and now the laser is even more potent and powerful then the original one that came out a few years ago.I met with the owner, Paul Weisbart, twice, and he is incredibly talented, a genius, and a very down-to-earth man. He’s very tapped into the universe. He talks about unwinding the body, and getting our bodies to stillpoint. Stillpoint is when there is no chaos in our bodies, and our bodies finally take a break, and increases its healing abilities.According to Paul:
“By tapping into stillpoint and starting to experience it, it simply begins to dissolve all the different things that are going on. In today’s world, in life, we typically experience stress and hectic schedules. Everything can almost feel as though it’s speeding up. It is important to find the space of stillpoint throughout the day…” Everyone understands how to relax and come back to stillpoint at night when they go to sleep. Everyone on the planet likes to sleep at night. Because the body resets, it reboots just like a computer, and then it gets up and starts a fresh new day. In fact, experts say that the lymphatic system, the immune system, all the key systems in the body, come online at night when the brain waves and the nervous system relaxes.

“Yes, we can all find stillpoint. We naturally find it at night when the day is over. How can we begin to cultivate that state, that sense during the day so we can actually live in our waking state in that state of equipoise and ease. Accessing Still Point is the gateway to starting to live your life in that fashion. And the benefits are all over the place.”

Some health practitioners I know say that it helps with erasing old emotional pain, as well as energizing their bodies. The laser adds protons to your ATP, and fills the cells up with light. There is a $20,000 laser called K-Lazer used by many chiropractors. The main chiropractor, Dr. John Brimhall (www.brimhall.com) who pioneered the original cold laser switched to this laser after he learned about it. This laser is used by many chiropractors for pain relief. This laser is amazing. You can use it for pain relief, emotional healing, anti-aging (skin), and energizing cells. We know of someone who had the most difficult time in sleeping, and tried everything, but still couldn’t sleep for years. Now within 1 day of using the laser, he is able to sleep. The laser also has several settings. One setting includes the vibration of serotonin, and helps people with depression. Another setting has the vibration of ozone, and helps with viruses, and bacteria. Some of our clients say they feel much happier after using the laser.
Below is a video testimonial where a lady explains her experience with the Quantum Wave Laser. She had several injuries and the results she saw using the Quantum Wave Cold Laser were excellent. The FDA approves it for pain relief and it’s interesting that a light based device can be so effective at reducing shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain etc. It’s better to be off drugs and take charge of your health. It’s interesting seeing all the other results people are reporting with this device.
Check out this awesome video!


About a year ago I was having problems with my lower back and legs, caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal. Affecting the L4&5 spinal vertebras, causing the nerves specifically the sciatic nerve, to be pinched, causing at times various levels pain and disability in my legs and lower back. I was prescribed several medications ranging from morphine, codeine, and many other pharmaceuticals to little success. I was introduced to the Scalar Wave Laser, in October 2009. Since then I have been able to eliminate the need for these pharmaceuticals. The Scalar Wave Laser has reduced my discomfort; I have a greater range of motion, greater physical peace, and the ability for better rest, to a better way of life. Thank you Paul & Lillie. – Peter & Bambi I did the laser on my kneecap as I had injured it, and my knee has stopped clicking and I have no pain now. – Stan F. I was recently in a horse riding incident where my shoulder muscles suffered severe strain. I felt like I had been in a car accident. I am new to the laser so with skepticism I tried using it on my sore shoulders. The next morning I woke up completely pain free. I am no longer a skeptic. – Lynne B. I like to sit with my feet under me, but it causes severe pain in my knee. I grabbed the Scalar Wave and used the Rejuv and sooth program for 12 minutes each. The pain left and did not come back for nearly 4 months. I now use it on a more regular basis just to keep the pain away. – Shirley R. The second time I was exposed to the laser I had a wonderful result with hip pain that I had in my right hip for over three years. It felt great to finally be free of this pain, as it had affected my sleep, my endurance, my mood, and my overall well being. I continue to use the laser for my family and myself, and also in my practice. One of the things I really like about this laser is the transportability. I throw it in my purse like a cell phone, and use it and share it wherever I go. I did a 60-mile walk with 150 other women this summer-I carried my laser with me and used it all along the way. I credit the laser for my being able to finish the walk in a healthier state than I would have without it. – Dianne P. I have a friend who tried the laser while visiting us. He had an old sports injury that had caused him pain daily for 20 years. After about 1 hour on the laser he has been pain free. – Barbara F. I came to the seminar, with a sinus headache. While using laser on unwind, my sinuses started to drain, and forehead of pain decreased. – Sharon K. I have a friend who introduced me to the laser in the summer of ’09 following a knee injury. It was an emotional time in which I could not work or garden and basically get on with my life. The laser treatments helped me to relax into a place where I could leave my stress and go to a place of healing. Physically the pain in my knee was erased and I know that prior to the laser I would have perhaps had to endure surgery. – Bev F. I am ever so pleased that my friend invited me to experience the Scalar Wave Laser. After two short sessions my sciatica is almost pain free and my foot has stopped “burning.” Thank you so much. – Sherry M. My niece’s partner complains of neck pain, and has been suffering from this for a long time. He didn’t believe in alternative methods, and thought they were “rubbish” He tried the laser, and the pain was gone. His pain hasn’t returned, and it’s been two month. Now he believes. – Helen S. As a practitioner I see a variety of client issues. Some resolve or diminish over time, but others are much faster. My next-door neighbor hurt herself falling off a jumping horse. For two weeks she resisted her husband’s suggestions that she try the laser since it had helped alleviate his own back pain. Finally I convinced her to come over and she could not believe that after 1 session her pain was completely gone and never came back! – Libbie H. While caring for my beautiful mother in the last months of her life, I developed a heel spur. I suffered with this terribly painful condition for 5 long months. Shortly after receiving my laser in November ’09, it took only 3 sessions on the heel area and the condition has totally disappeared! My experience with the laser continues to be a journey towards rejuvenation and regeneration that has me very excited! The Scalar Wave Laser is an empowering tool that allows the body to “unwind,” delete stress, receive energy for repair and to reach the blissful state of “Still Point.” Let There Be Light! – Cindy R. My name is Martin and I have been involved with “energy medicine” for many years. I have had the pleasure of giving and sharing my gifts with those people who are open to another method to assist their bodies natural healing rather than relying only on mainstream medicine. There is a great need for both! In June 2009, I had surgery on my left knee for torn meniscus ligaments and arthritis damage. It really hurt BEFORE the surgery! After the surgery it only seemed to get WORSE. I have a demanding job, and walk a lot throughout the day. As more time passed, things did not improve! To get through the day or to sleep at night, it was common for me to take 21 milligrams of melatonin AND 100-150 milligrams of Demerol for the pain. In Jan. 2010, my wife and I attended a presentation on Lasers in Regina, Sask. A friend of ours had invited us, and I said to myself “Ya, ok” we will go. Good Decision! The day of the presentation, I had taken nothing for the pain, and during the session my left knee started to hurt. The pain level went from a 7 to a 12. Then it really started hurting to the point where the knee went completely numb. It hurt so badly; I had tears in my eyes and almost wanted to cut it off. Yes really that did go thru my mind. One of the organizers of the session let me use one of the demo lasers. After approximately 10-15 minutes, the pain level went down to an eight! (I was willing to keep the leg at that point) I had an opportunity to have a One-hour treatment session with another friend. Going into that session I was at 7-8 pain level. Upon leaving the session the level of pain was approximately four. In Feb. 2010, Gisele and I attended a session with Paul at the Regina Inn, and I used the laser and probes for a long period of time. Going into the weekend, my pain level was at 7-8. After using and working with them, the pain level went to a two! By using the lasers, my “stress” level from the pain, etc. has dropped a lot. My wife has noticed a HUGE difference in me. There is more I could share about my knee and the lasers, but enough is enough! Try the lasers. The only thing you may lose is the pain!!! – Martin C. I have had a problem with my hip for about three years. Massage therapists, chiros could not pinpoint where the pain was. I purchased the laser in November, and after using it for a few weeks, I do not have the pain anymore. – Helen P. My mother-in-law has a frozen shoulder as well as major arthritis. She has not really been able to use her arm. After her first session she felt pain free and was actually able to use her arm to help pull herself out of bed the next morning. – George C. I’m facing back surgery. Had laser treatment, decreased pain level by 70%. Bought a laser and plan to decrease the pain even more. – Kathryn H. Since using the laser my back pain, getting up 1 to 4 times per night to urinate, taking pain medicine to treat. The laser is the only thing that has helped me to do this in only 1 month. I am working on other things and am very confident the laser will also help me to do this. Thank you for this healing machine! – Corey P. Ever since I have started using the laser I have not had to take any pain relievers such as Motrin, Advil or even Tylenol. This is amazing since I could not sleep without taking something before bed. – Joan M. I purchase my laser at the end of Nov. 09. I made the decision to purchase my laser after seeing a dramatic change in my brother. He drives truck for a living and came home with his back all jammed. He had one session that lasted approximately 1.5 hours. Upon getting off the table, I saw that his color had change completely. I could see in the days after that session that not only was the pain reduced by 90%, his whole personality changed. He was happier and calmer. – Laurie S. I was in an automobile accident a few months ago and was prescribed medication for the inflammation and pain by a doctor. Of course, the medication gave me very bad side effects and was not effective. A friend loaned me her scaler wave laser for 2 days and I had such wonderful relief, that I had to order my own laser. I have used my laser everyday since I have received it, and I truly love my laser! Everyone should own one! – Victoria M. A 78-year-old friend of mine hurt her foot about 21 years ago. When it happened, her right foot ended up twisted backwards under her leg. This caused a major leg and groin injury as well. She was not able to feel her foot properly. It was numb and felt “leathery.” After using the Scalar Wave Laser on her foot and the red probe on her leg, she experienced amazing pain relief. She exclaimed that she was going to tell everyone about the Scalar Wave Laser! Two weeks after I bought the laser I tore the meniscus in my knee and was in extreme pain and could not bend or put pressure on my knee. I used the laser on my knee every day. Within four days, my knee felt 85% better, and in one week, 90% better! After two weeks, the pain was 99% gone, and no longer required pain medication or surgery. I was amazed! Wow! – Jane S. When she left, she was able to walk normally, without limping, and without any pain! She was very happy! – Dr. Gail S. I was in the Saskatoon meeting for the first Quantum introduction. I had tried the basic laser on knees that evening during the meeting. I had pain free knees for nearly two weeks. I had attending the Regina meeting Feb 5-7 and purchased our first laser and probe. – Brian M. Ten days ago I injured my lower back, pushing a car in a snowstorm. I continually two times daily used my laser. My back pain has disappeared. – Barbara C. I used the Quantum laser all day yesterday on my elbow which gives me pain when turning a doorknob or carrying things, moving in different situations- I must admit it does feel very relieved today and is not as sore and inflamed as before using the laser. – Shari S. I have had numerous broken bones and initially bought the laser to use on my clients but it makes such a difference in my own feet that I use it daily on myself and am officially pain free! – Jacqui A. A woman came to see me with severe pain and physical limitation. She is on disability from a career of journalism, has been unable to write, use the computer or travel for several years. After a one-hour session, she was able to move her “frozen shoulder” for the first time in years. Her pain has improved from 8 out of 10 to a two. She has not used any pain medication since, and is now full of life after two weeks. – Valentina K. A young man age 32 is sent to emergency three times. He had chest paints, high blood pressure. He was in fear of having a heart attack. I used the laser on him, on unwind and quantum, and miracle. He was due to go in the hospital two days later to get stents put in his heart. When he met with his doctor two days later, it was determined by the doctor that he did not need any medical procedures. – Eht-El T. We received our laser and red probe last Monday. Upon sharing some info about scalar wave energy and waiting while my slow boil Swedish husband to consider it and purchase it for us. Although a skeptic after a 1.5 hr treatment as stated above, my husband had pain relief and more energy. He is now a convert and ambassador. – Lief & Michelle J. My son fell on his elbow. The Doctor’s exam leads us to believe that surgery would be needed. The QWL w/ violet probe took 30 seconds to stop pain. Another two minutes apparently inspired his body to heal the injured nerve. He no longer complains about it. – Kristy Moore H. One night something went very wrong with my knee and really I could barely walk, forget about just limping. I went to bed, did the general protocol and then went to the worse area on the knee. Went to sleep and no problem walking when I awoke. – Zoi H. I broke my back, squished two vertebrae when I was thrown from a horse when I was 14. I have suffered great stiffness recently (50 years later). The laser has helped me greatly release tension in my lower back and I feel as if I can walk with more freedom, flexibility and pain free the stiffness is almost gone now I’m dealing with emotional feelings that were stored in my back. I am looking forward to complete healing. – Barbara G. I have pain at lower back by twisting muscle. My friend did the cold laser about 20 minutes pain was gone. I fell from tree several feet high. I got the pain at my hip. I tried cold laser about 20 minutes twice. Pain was gone – Masaji T. My dentist was about to go in for shoulder surgery within two weeks. He is a cosmetic dentist on Park Avenue in NYC after one treatment he felt some relief. Since he was my dentist and was having trouble holding the dental tools, I lent him my laser for one week between appointments. I told him to use it three times a day for about 45 minutes each time after the week was finished, he canceled his surgery. – Joan C. My shoulders have become acutely painful. I used the laser by itself and/or probe by itself with very good relief of inflammation. I have done this several times since purchasing the laser and probe in Feb/10. – Sharon K. In late June of 2009, I suffered a severe sprain of my left ankle and was told to expect to spend the next six weeks wearing the heavy, chunky boot to support the ankle. Beginning the next day, I placed the laser on the ankle (over the top of the boot at work). In two days, I could walk short distances without the boot. In three weeks, I no longer needed the boot at all, even walking on uneven surfaces. There has never been any residual discomfort in the ankle and it is as strong as it ever was! – Jeane G. Had severe headache that I needed a chiropractic treatment. After using the probe headache was gone and I didn’t need chiro. – Margaret W. One day I cut my finger. By the 3rd day it was throbbing from an infection. I was aware that Ozone acted as disinfectant so I plug in the Probe into the unit and held it on the cut for about 10 minutes. In about ½ hr the throbbing stopped and next day the cut was almost mended. By day 2 it was totally healed. – P. W. I have suffered with low back pain for at least ten years on and off. My doctor could only offer drugs or surgery, and neither seemed a workable solution because of the long-term harm to my health. Six months ago, I started using the Scalar Wave laser every day at the wellness center where I work. The pain is gone, but so is the stress. The “side effects” of the laser have been improved sleep, feeling of well-being and improved circulation, which sure beats the “side effects” of surgery and drugs offered by the MD’s. – Joan M. My personal experience with the laser was the relief of pain due to degeneration of a disk in my lower back. Initially, I felt pain and uncomfortable sensation. Today I am relatively pain-free. Thank you Scalar Wave Laser. – Margaret G. My husband complained about his shoulder and arm pain. He was unable to raise his hand over his head. After using for about 30-40 minutes, the pain was gone and he could move his shoulder and arm. He became a believer that day in the awesome power of the Scalar Wave Laser. – Shirley R. About a month ago, I fell and injured my right arm/elbow. I dislocated my elbow and have a really black/blue bruise. My first reaction was to put ice on the area to help decrease the swelling. That hurt so I tried my laser. I put it in the area with the most swelling. In about four minutes, the pain started to subside. In ten minutes, the pain was completely gone. There was a very slight yellowing of the area. But the black and blue bruising was gone. The next morning when I tried to bend my arm, the muscle in the arm was relaxed, and the elbow slid back into place on its own. I am so thankful for my laser! – Vertha P. For years I have been suffering from chronic knee pain. In 4 minutes using the scalar wave laser and violet probe, my pain was gone. – Bob S. I came to my 1st demonstration of the laser with back pain neck pain and knee pain. After a few minutes of treatment, they were all gone. I had energy, a sense of balance and wellbeing! – Jenny R. As I left work one day, my right shoulder began hurting and by the time I arrived home, I could not open a door. I immediately started with the hand unit and red probe on the shoulder area. The next morning the pain was about 90% gone and my range of movement was restored within 24 hours. – Kathy B. I recently was on a road trip of about 2600 miles in a week. My back was in some pain and I could tell that it was locked up. I had done some stretching, which usually helps but hadn’t this time. I used the Unwind setting with the laser and moments after, I got up from the table and my back popped, and it released and felt much better. Thank you. – Mark B. The very first day I received my laser, I happened to be visiting with a friend of mine who had broken his arm and sprained his wrist. He had his arm suspended and he had been taking medications for pain for over a month. He still had inflammation and the healing process was very slow. I tried on his arm & within about eight minutes, he felt such relief from the pain that he didn’t need to take his medications for a few days. He now keeps begging me to use the laser for all sorts of problems. – Meredith R. I offered to loan the laser to a workshop attendee, who had been in a car accident several years ago and had little use of her right shoulder. I showed her how to turn it on and left her with it for the day. The next day, the mobility in her shoulder was GREATLY improved. – Bonnie B. Last week I was cooking and spilled hot oil on my right arm under the wrist area. I immediately placed the laser in the area and soon the pain was gone. There was no redness or blisters. – Awilda L. Two weeks after I bought the laser I tore the meniscus in my knee and was in extreme pain and could not bend or put pressure on my knee. I used the laser on my knee every day. Within four days, my knee felt 85% better, and in one week, 90% better! After two weeks, the pain was 99% gone, and no longer required pain medication or surgery. I was amazed! – Jane S. For years, I have had a severe back pain from a fall on my tailbone. After this injury I was unable to walk for a number of weeks. I crawled like a baby until the inflammation left. This happened 20 years ago. After doing the basic Unwind, Quantum, and Pleo for six months, I was without pain and now can walk and do yoga again. No pain, more energy. Life is now great. Thank you for a great TOOL. – Jeanette S. A friend of mine has had severe knee pain for about a year. Physio and several other modalities have had no results. She and I travelled together this winter so I took my laser along and showed her how to use it. She worked with it for about 15-20 minutes each day. By day three she was sleeping through the night and no longer limping. By the end of the week, the pain was completely gone. – Bonnie B. I used the laser on my lower back pain and shoulder pain. Guess what? No pain this morning. I look forward to years of use with your laser. – Phil H. I have had knee pain for a couple of years. After using the laser for a short time, my knee pain and discomfort have gone. – T. Ross I have had great results with using the laser on my arthritis. My fingers are very sore and swollen. After several months of using the laser, I have no more pain and my fingers aren’t swollen and are getting back to normal size. I also had a trigger finger that would stick all the time it doesn’t anymore! – Trishia B.