The Solution Weekend Course

Would you like to never be sick again? Welcome to the greatest health education program ever designed.

You have been to other courses before. You have read other books before. You have seen other practitioners before. Maybe countless other practitioners before. But no one nor nothing has ever had an impact on you like this. This is going to change your life…forever. This is not an exaggeration or an empty promise. I know others have made you promises before and didn’t come through. I know you’re afraid of things being “too good to be true.” Let me assure you, this isn’t that.

This is a bona fide training system designed just for you, and people like you who want to:


Have more energy


Feel better emotionally


Be alive to raise your grand kids


Get rid of your pain


Wake up with energy


Be functional in old age, not an old codger who leans and depends on everyone else  


Feel better


Sleep well


Become financially independent


Get off your medication … all of them


Have no fear of disease


Have success in all areas of life including relationships

How can I promise you this much? Because I’ve seen it happen. First for myself, and then for others. It’s no simple formula. It takes hard work, dedication and a willingness to try new things and keep an open mind. But if you’re willing to apply yourself you just might make it.

We have thousands of Testimonials.

Statements from real people like yourself who needed help and finally got it from me. Again this is not an exaggeration.  I can prove everything I’m saying to you if you’ll just give me a chance. Watch the testimonial video below and tell me after if you don’t think I have something you need. Nobody on the planet has ever created a system like this.  Something simple that anyone can follow step by step to achieve their goals. Not just in health, but in life. You see we don’t just teach you the most advanced scientifically researched information and data in a palatable, easy to understand and apply method for your body… …we also teach you that for your mind and spirit. No one has ever done that before.

No one has ever combined physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health into a singular educational program that can work for anyone … and produce results that are considered impossible by even the most educated professionals.

  • This is a breakthrough in consciousness.
  • This is a breakthrough in human capability.
  • In human evolution.
  • In human possibility.
  • And for you it means that you can be healthy now.
  • Not later, now.

I know you’ve heard it all before, but you haven’t heard this. You haven’t seen the information that I have in store for you. It will blow your mind so far away that you will be glad it’s gone. Trust me on this, you will not regret this.  Taking the opportunity to find out more about how you can change your entire life naturally, gracefully, intelligently by being on the cutting edge of information and technology with regards to your health and well being will be the greatest investment of your life. Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the testimonials.

The Solution Weekend Testimonial Video

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

“I got off of 17 different medications.”

“I’ve attended so many seminars, Total Health Mastery is the only one that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.”

“No more chronic knee pain & 40 pounds weight loss.”

Look at the results of my clients. These are normal average people in the video who came to a 12 week training and produced those results. 12 weeks!!   You can do that too! Of course there are no guarantees.  I cannot make you listen to all of the audios.  I cannot make you put into action any of the steps.  Any and every result you produce will be because of your own effort and initiative and therefore you will deserve all of the credit for your amazing success. I will just be there for you in spirit cheering you on as you make me yet again a hero.

It's Not Just a Health Class!

“Arnoux is an amazing teacher, full of knowledge and wisdom. No one else teaches physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health like Arnoux Goran.” – Merit Ma, Master Professional Health Consultant

The banner above was made by Summer Pappas at age 6 for her 1st grade presentation on her hero. Please read their testimonials on the side of the banner. They were sick.  Very sick.  It was ruining their lives.  They tried everything and everyone and nothing worked. Her mom about gave up. But she had enough hope left in her heart to try The Solution Weekend and the rest is history. 

“Our family had been very sick from toxic mold.  Doctors could not help us, we lost everything, even our dogs and had to move many times.  My mom had very bad allergies and could have died from her brain swelling.  My sister had bloody noses really bad every day, doctors wanted to do surgery.  I was sick a lot.  My heart was not beating right and my immune system was shutting downDoctors could not tell my parents why.  My mom went to Arnoux’s classes and learned the truth about health and we are much healthier now.”

–Summer Pappas, Age 6, from her banner for her 1st grade presentation on her hero, Arnoux (are-know) Goran

Arnoux Goran Seminars’  training saved me and my family. I was bedridden and thought I would die. I had seen every doctor and after 20 years of suffering and taking hundreds of medications I had given up hope. After attending the training program now I am completely healthy, off all medications, and this training saved my marriage.  

Wendy Pappas

Massage Therapist & THM Master Professional Health Consultant

Nothing and no one in the world could help them … or so it seemed. You have to try. You cannot give up when you are in a situation like theirs. Perhaps you are not in such a conundrum.  Perhaps you are just wanting to improve your life such as:

  • Lose weight
  • Clear up your bad skin
  • Get rid of a bad boyfriend or girlfriend and heal from the relationship
  • Improve your hair
  • Get rid of wrinkles and get younger…. literally!  Without drugs or surgery
  • Get to a place of feeling better overall
  • Have more energy when you wake up and all through the day
  • Sleep less.  Do you know that our clients consistently sleep 2 hours less per day without trying because they are so much healthier?
  • 2 hours less sleep per day equates to 700 hours per year of extra time

What are you going to do with that time?

  • Climb a mountain
  • Write a book
  • Start your own business and become financially free
  • Research your favorite band
  • Surf or snowboard
  • Play music
  • Make love
  • Read your favorite novels
  • Enjoy life to the fullest

You see you cannot enjoy life if you are sick or in pain.  That’s like being in debt financially, it’s a terrible strain not just on you but on everyone who loves you. If you’re of average health that is just being at zero, you may not be in debt but you’re still broke financially and in this case, your health is at zero.

What could happen if you were a health millionaire?

What if you had extraordinary muscles and endurance?

What if you glowed?

What if you were a super athlete?

What if you had boundless energy to create and make all of your dreams come true?

What if you were actually ageless?

What if your memory was photographic?  

What if you felt and radiated peace?

What if you didn’t need deodorant, ever again?  

What if your car ran as well as your body will? That would be the day! And yet it can, your car can work perfectly, but it can’t do something your body can do. It can’t fix itself. Your body on the other hand can repair itself. It can undo the damage that has been done. If you know how. Let me show you the secrets of how the body and mind work... …so that you can undo a lifetime of damage that you’ve done unknowingly and reclaim your God given birthright to perfect health, abundance in all forms and living the life of your dreams. Let me help you with that. What does this cost? Dedication. To yourself, to your mission, to your improvement and evolution, to doing what needs to be done. Time. It requires time to change your life. It doesn’t just happen on it’s own. You have to put in the time and effort to make your dreams come true. No one is going to come over and do it all for you. There is no free ride in evolution and becoming all that you can be in life. It’s up to you to climb the mountain. I can only show you the way. Even if my way is the fastest and easiest way that exists, it’s still only a way. 

You still have to follow the directions. You’ll have to have an open mind. No more of that doomsday stuff about how life will never turn out right and that it’s all unfair. You’ll have to give up your victimhood. Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to be a powerful warrior of good and stand on top of the mountain with me with your flag held high saying “I did it!?” It’s up to you. Although the price is high the reward has never been sweeter.

There was once an old man who at the age of 80 began planting a large orchard.  All of his friends and neighbors laughed at him calling him a fool.  They said he would never taste the fruit of his hard labor.  20 years later when he was 100 he lived off of the fruits of that orchard and enjoyed his retirement. Are you ready to plant some trees of abundance in your life? It’s time.

The Solution Training works like this:

  • You purchase the on demand online training.
  • You use your welcome email to get your username and password into our membership site.
  • You listen to The Solution course as fast as you can.
  • You resist telling all of your friends and family what you’ve learned because it’s so mind blowing that they actually won’t believe you and you tell them you recommend the program and that it’s really amazing instead.
  • You start implementing what you’ve learned.

These courses are amazing and helped me heal from health conditions my medical doctors could not figure out!

Dr. Rev. Roby Chevance

Minister at The Celebration Center & Singing Instructor, Finding Your Voice

I got off my depression medication, my allergy medication and my pain medication.  For the first time I am making more money than I am spending.

Ami Garcia

THM Master Professional Health Consultant

I lost over 45 pounds, cured my carpal tunnel syndrome, improved my focus and mental clarity and a mysterious pain in my side that no doctor could diagnose went away during my Arnoux Goran Seminars!

Carmen Sanchez

Your Life Will Completely Transform!

“I was single for 19 years before I took the Solution Course. This course is not just a health course, but a life transformation reset trigger for many.” -Gale Garjardo, Corporate Trainer

I got off of Lipitor and my wife doesn’t need glasses anymore.

Jim Sweet

Retired Proctor & Gamble Executive

My cellulite that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried just melted off during this training! My cellulite that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried just melted off during this training!

Allyson Meacham


You will resist the idea that you are superior to those around you because you now know far more than them about the most important things in life.  In fact, you’ll know more than your doctor You’ll know more, but you’ll also remain humble remembering that you were once just like them and it simply wasn’t your fault that no one told you any of this information.

You will desperately want to tell everyone you know the secret of the world’s greatest athletes…from every sport and type of athletics they all have 1 simple secret.  A secret that can allow you to be a better performer in everything you do in life as your mind and body will be superior to everyone else who does not know this secret.  It’s the secret of champion body builders like 4 time Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl, 6 time Ironman Triathlete winner Dave Scott, of Olympians Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses and even of Baseball home run champ Hank Aaron.

In EVERY arena of sports:


Track & Field




Weight lifting and body building


Distance Running/walking    








Karate/Martial Arts

The pain from my acid reflux was so bad I couldn’t get out of bed or work.  I used to carry around an entire backpack of pharmaceutical drugs with me everywhere I went.  Since taking the Total Health Mastery training program I am out of pain, able to get out of bed and work, and I trashed the back pack.  I share this training with everyone I know.  My dad was able to reduce his insulin by 50% in 2 weeks… we didn’t think he was going to make it.  That was just after taking the 1st course!

John Pulvers


I quit drinking coffee with no cravings and zero headaches!

Kitty Marteen

Colon Hydrotherapist

As a personal trainer, my clients lost weight, got rid of their menstrual cramps, migraines…  the list goes on.

Alfonso Jaimes

Personal Trainer

They are ALL using this one secret. That is, the greatest of all time are.  AND, it’s the one major difference between the top and the rest. You’ll want to tell everyone you know this, you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops, but you won’t because you understand they wouldn’t believe you. This training is the result of over 10 years of focused effort with clients, after 10 years of research before that, giving you 20 years of research and real life experience in teaching this hotter than hot information and I can tell you one thing for sure:  It’s so beyond the average mind that they won’t believe it if it’s not presented right.

It took me a very long time to master the art of public speaking so that everyone who gets this training program can understand, comprehend and use it. I already told you that you have to have an open mind, but I didn’t tell you that everything you thought you knew about health and how your body works is going to be thrown out the door when you learn the Truth. Like Summer said above, I told her family the Truth, and that’s why they’re alive, healthy and “playing and studying.”

 “The Truth is first ignored.  Then violently opposed and then finally accepted.” 

That’s a great quote from Einstein. Only the most intelligent and courageous of people step outside the norm and follow their instincts or their inner voice to the promised land that they’re seeking.  Most people are too small minded, too afraid, too concerned about what other people would say, too afraid to take a risk, even a small one to even try to see what’s on the other side of the rainbow. A lifetime of health and the ability to transform your life is worth much more than any pot of gold. You can give it away forever.  You can share this information with as many people as you can… if they’ll listen.


Here is something else that you’ll  desperately want to share with others The real causes of the American health epidemic, which you will find out during the course.  It’s not what you think it is!  We are supposedly the richest country in the world, we certainly use up the most resources, but we are cited to be dead last of 100 industrialized nations surveyed in health since 1987.   The rates of illness are continuing to climb, some even skyrocketing.  Here are some examples:

  • Obesity or being overweight afflicts nearly 70% of Americans now – coffins are being made larger than ever before to accommodate the larger Americans.  Most people who are overweight don’t want to be!  It is exhausting, and socially unacceptable.  It’s a proven fact that being beautiful makes life easier, and even makes you more money in the workplace.
  • The number of people on depression medications doubled in 10 years from 1995 to 2005
  • Autism is getting worse every day.
  • The same is true for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and every other major illness.
  • At the grocery store the other day they were collecting money for arthritis stating that 50,000,000 Americans have arthritis including children now.  50 Million people in the US!

What is going on? It’s not what you think and very rarely does anyone guess the true causes of the problem. The good news is that it can all be fixed. The good news is that it’s not that tough to solve the problem once you know the cause. The bad news is that very few people know the Truth. The good news is that you’re about to. We are talking about a global shift in consciousness.  In thinking. It’s time we stopped believing that there are no solutions, no answers for the the problems we face and come to realize that all answers are already found in the mind of God.  The only question is do we humans know them… and for our health, for the most part, yes we do. Now hold on wait a minute! Are you saying you can “cure” things that my doctor can’t? Of course not.  I’m not going to meet with you and diagnose you of anything and I’m certainly not going to prescribe anything. According to the law only a drug can cure you, natural substances cannot, so there is no way I am going to cure you of anything. We are talking about you listening to an audio training and then implementing what you hear.  How could I then be credited with curing you of anything? Of course I can’t! If for some reason such as the Truth works, you find yourself off of all of your medications, completely pain free, happy and thriving… …that’s not my fault, my responsibility and I will not be blamed for your incredible “spontaneous remission.”


No it’s not a miracle because a miracle is something that defies the laws of this world.  What you are going to learn is: straightforward science that can be replicated anywhere by anyone.  It’s just much newer and more advanced, ahead of it’s time you may say… …than anything you or your health care professional have ever heard. I’m talking about from any field of healthcare and medicine.  It doesn’t matter if it’s from Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, Western, Naturopathic or any other form or “alternative” medicine, there is nothing as advanced, as new, as ground breaking, as cutting edge as what you are about to learn from me.  

This is a new precipice in human evolution and you’re standing on the edge of it. Did you see the testimonial video yet?  Watch it now if you haven’t.


“The headache I’ve had for years is now gone.”

The proof is in the pudding, meaning either I’m telling you the Truth flat out and this is an incredible discovery and a monumental time in your life that you’ll remember forever.  A turning point.  OR, I’m full of it.  All you need to know is what the people are saying in their testimonial videos is the truth, absolutely real,it’s just normal folk on stage bearing their hearts because they want to help inspire others to know that if they can do it, you can do it. We don’t just work on the body.   We also work on your emotions, mind and spirit.  All aspects of you are addressed, even in the very first course, The Solution. My clients produce results with their emotional, mental and spiritual health that is beyond compare.   Impossible in most people’s mind’s.  Incredible. Don’t believe me!

I’ve met Arnoux back in 2010 when I heard him speak on the radio. I’ve never heard anyone speak about weightloss, the way he spoke about it. I knew I came across someone special. I was overweight, border line obese and my confidence was down the dump! I felt like s*** and like a failure at life! After attending Arnoux’s “The Solution Weekend”, I was blown away about how much I did not know and how much I learned in just one weekend with him. I lost over 30 pounds within 2 months of applying what he had thought me in “The Solution Weekend”.

Luis Sanchez

THM Professional Health Consultant

Took his classes and he is a wonderful speaker and his knowledge is beyond explanations, plus his system does work and you learn about food, your emotions, and how to clear all of it ease and grace.

Kathi Wight

Reiki Practitioner & THM Professional Health Consultant

It’s time for you to be clear on this.  Do you want to get better or not? Do you want a better life or not? Do you want to make a change and feel great or not? If you don’t want to don’t worry I won’t judge you.  It’s completely ok with me if you want to give up on yourself, on what matters in life, on your purpose, on evolution and on everything good that you believe in and keep pretending that you are doing everything you can. Keep pretending to be a victim if you want. This program isn’t for you, or anyone like that.   On the other hand, if you are someone who is a go getter:

  • Who takes charge of their life.
  • Who doesn’t take no for an answer.
  • Who doesn’t listen when people tell you that you can’t.
  • Then this is for you and you’re in the perfect place.


Keep reading. While listening to the Solution Weekend on audio (yes it’s an edited recording of a live course) you’ll also want desperately to teach all of your friends and family Causing Peace.  One of the most cherished part of the training is:

Reduces stress

Makes you younger (proven in over 600 scientific studies)

Is the foundational exercise if you wish to develop yourself into a true spiritual person

Causing Peace

Quiets the mind

Makes you calmer all day long

Is the key component in many people’s successful journeys in life, THE key component

Is the key component in quieting your mind down to the point that your soul can finally rest.  Finally.

Increases your IQ

Allows you to more powerfully deal with challenges in life

Is your first step in becoming a medical intuitive

Is the key to developing your inner self… it gives you the ability to hear your thoughts, feel your feelings and therefore change your life

You deserve that You’ll also want to tell your friends how to change their lives.   You’ll learn Why Your Life Is The Way It Is. Once you know this you can:

  • Understand why you keep replaying the same patterns over and over again.  Perhaps you have different circumstances but the same experiences keep repeating.
  • Stop dating the same person over and over again, even though they all have a different name.
  • Figure out why your bank account keeps hitting zero and permanently make that change.
  • Finally feel free to not only change your life, but make it what you want it to be.
  • This is something you deserve.  It’s not desperately needed because your life is fine the way it is.  But don’t you deserve to have the power to change it if you want to?
  • This is the first step in understanding the design of the mind, something I cover in the 2nd course, The Foundation.  You have to learn to run before you can fly.

Don’t be afraid to try this.  You’re about to become the coolest person you know!


“I got rid of my depression and lost weight.”

“My IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is gone!

“My Acid Reflux Disease I’ve had for 10 years is gone!

What you need to know about this training is that:

  • Everyone who applies the information gets results. Everyone!
  • It’s only the first 2 days of training of over 30 days of life altering training.
  • I have a stack of feedback forms that say:  “This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended in my life.”
  • There are no guarantees because it’s up to you to work it.
  • Anyone can use this information to save the lives of their loved ones.
  • It’s time for you to have it.

How much does a training like this cost? Well there are no comparables.  Never in the history of the world has anything this good for your mind, body and spirit ever been put together in one place.  This is it.  This is the pinnacle of human achievement in both the fields of health and psychology.  Arnoux Goran Seminars is the system of education that will change the world.


Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone is healthy.  Sickness and disease no longer exist.  Obesity and pain are outdated and no longer a part of the world.  The world is healthy.

We envision a world that is clean and free of pollutants. All human activities including transportation and generation of power are clean and all products created are recyclable. The air, water and earth are clean including removal or reuse of all trash, toxic waste, nuclear waste, chemical and every other unnatural waste. The world is pristine.

We envision a world where everyone has their basic needs met.  All people have adequate warm and dry shelter, clothing, food, medicine and education.  The world is in abundance.

We envision a world where peace reigns.  People resolve their differences without violence and wars are outlawed. The world is at peace.

This is our Vision, that we pray for, focus on, visualize and take actions towards creating every day.  We hope you will join us in creating this world.

Of course you could compare it to your health insurance bill.  I have friends and family members who are paying over $1,000 per month for their health insurance … and they’re still sick. What does your company you work for pay for everyone’s health benefits?  How many companiesevery year go under because of theextraordinary cost of health care in America? What does the government plan to do about the debt to medicare 

According to Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki in their book, “Why We Want You To Be Rich” they say that America owes $62,000,000,000 (Trillion!)dollars to Medicare, but all of the stocks and bonds in the world only add up to 67 trillion dollars? The Solution isn’t just the solution to your personal health care problems, it’s the solution to the financial problems of not just America but our entire planet, including you and your loved ones.

This course will save you SO MUCH money! Not to mention the heartache, stress and emotional trauma that a health challenge can have on you and everyone you love.The only way we are going to resolve our financial difficulties is if we are all healthy naturally and inexpensively.  Currently America is spending 17.6 percent of it’s GDP (working production efforts) on health care.  Sickness care is more like it because people are sick and spending a lot of money on alleviating their symptoms instead of actually getting and staying healthy permanently.

I know that if everyone in the world had the information contained in just the 2 most basic and elementary courses we offer, The Solution and The Foundation,world sickness would end.  Without question.  It’s simply a matter of consciousness.  Of getting enough people to the point of knowing what you’re about to learn.

Getting sick is not required in life. What ever happened to growing old gracefully and dying in your sleep?  Has this left human consciousness?  Why do people think it’s normal to eat food that poisons them, take drugs to alleviate the symptoms that further poison them and then wonder why they are tired, sick, overweight, in pain and generally sluggish in life, instead of vibrant, alive, full of life giving excitement and vitality??? Is this a question you have asked yourself? What is the cost of this!? It’s infinite. What is the cost of being sick? 

Financially, sure many people have lost their family home and all of their good credit to medical debt… ..but the real cost is the loss of the experience of life.  What is that worth to you? Is being sick a part of the future that you want to live into?  Because even if you are healthy now if you don’t make changes and follow the path that everyone else is on you’re going to be sick. That’s a fact! You can look forward to it. How would you like to find yourself suddenly awake in a hospital bed with needles stuck in you and wires coming out of you? Is that the fate you choose for yourself? Then choose another! Try listening to a program that will give you another option. That will undoubtedly change your life forever, no matter how much you already know. That will fantastically realize your fullest potential as your life will start all over again.  Every possibility in life will be available to you again!

Don’t let this opportunity pass by!

Some day you’ll think, “Oh thank God I got that Solution program and all of the ones after it.  It completely changed my life but it also saved my mom, my kids and even my wife’s life.” This is the you I want to see. This is the you I want uploading your testimonial video to YouTube or to us because you are so excited and inspired to share your success story with the world and encourage others to do the same. It’s time for you to sign up now.


Before I took the Solution Weekend, I thought I was going to die very soon. As I was diagnosed with heart disease, and pre-diabetes. I tried to repair my broken relationship with my mom by attending this health seminar with her; I thought it was going to be lame but it turned out to be awesome. I learned how to fix my health, heal my emotional issues, change my life and regain my hope for living. I lost over 40 pounds, have my mom back and I’m totally grateful to Total Health Mastery.

David Wesson III

THM Professional Health Consultant

Perfect Health is Yours

Knowledge is what changes one’s destiny. Why don’t you put your health destiny in your own hands?

If you clicked through and saw the price…  I know that isn’t what you were expecting.  I know you expected it to be MUCH more expensive.  That’s because it’s worth that much more. Please note:  The price just went up and will very likely be going up again very soon.  Get it now while it’s at this low price. I didn’t get into this business to make money.  I got into the field of health to save lives just like I saved my own. I almost died. At the age of 22 I was told I would die. I had already been to every type of doctor. No one could help me.  All they could say was, “You’re already on the strongest medication.”  Or, “There’s nothing we can do about it.”  Or  “You’re just going to have to live with the pain.” Or finally Dr. Molly Linton said to me across her desk in Seattle, Washington, “Arnoux, if you don’t do something different soon, you won’t be around much longer.” That was more than 10 years ago. Yes you can applaud. I had already done everything every doctor I could find in a phone book had to offer. I got better through prayer.  By asking God, “What can I do?” When the answers came, I followed through and I got the results.   My health challenges were many:

  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Sinusitis
  • Rhinitis
  • Severe Allergies
  • Constipation
  • Diaharrea with blood
  • Blood with every bowel movement for years
  • Ulcers
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Anemia
  • Candida
  • Total Adrenal Failure
  • Everything would turn white when I stood up and I would wake up on the floor
  • I slept 11-12 hours per day just to function
  • I was in pain throughout my whole body
  • My nose ran incessantly

No one could help me. No one could do anything. I became an energy work master.  It made no difference. I practiced quieting the mind.  It made no difference. I became a martial arts expert.  I still didn’t get better. Nothing was working. But then I found the answers and in less than 6 months I was in perfect health…  and then some.   People often ask me, “How do I get rid of this problem I have?” The answer is simple.  Get educated.  Get training.  Don’t be a fool and think that you can solve a problem without knowing the root causes of the problem.  You need a decent education and I’m here to give it to you. 

Here is what you need to do. Click on the buy now button to begin your perfect health journey today and invest a little time in becoming more educated in health than anyone you’ve ever known.    

To Your Amazing Health! 


Arnoux (are-know) Goran, M7S, MPHC, MPHE Founder, Total Health Mastery   

Many time author, Arnoux Goran, is the Founder of Arnoux Goran Seminars the world’s most scientifically advanced health education system in existence today! After being told by his doctors that he would never recover and would certainly die he cured himself of several “incurable” diseases and went on to design the seminar series that changes and saves lives. Clients of Arnoux Goran Seminars regularly achieve results most people would consider impossible. Arnoux is the inventor of The Goran Technique, The Goran Technique II, How to Cleanse the Body Without Cleansing Reactions and How to Overcome Addictions Without Willpower.

PS.  There is nothing else out there in the world like this training to help you to have more energy, feel better, get off of your medications, overcome health challenges, release old emotions, stop repeating life patterns that you don’t want and be empowered in your health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Our clients consistently produce results that are considered impossible through the application of our scientifically proven and researched information presented in a simple systematic format that anyone can follow and implement. PPS.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity today.  There are certainly many people who would want this website and page to come down.  Get this program now while you can. Oh, one more thing, The Solution Audio program isn’t just for people who want to regain their health, it’s also for people who want to lose weight, who want to build muscle, who want to be a great athlete, who want peace of mind, who want to change their life overall, who want to be health care professionals, who want to help others, who want a new career.   Get started now. 

Reclaim Your Health!

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Miraculous Testimonials

“We got pregnant on accident after 17 years of trying.”

“I’m playing more golf than every before.”

“Total Health Mastery isn’t a nutritional course, it’s a Life Mastery course. My husband’s diabetes and cholesterol levels are improving drastically”

“I no longer have cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease, after 20 plus years.”

“I am off of my depression medication.”

” I can surf 100 waves in 4.5 hours with no fatigue. Three years ago it took me 8 hours and I was wiped out. ”

“I’m off of my medication and I can walk again.”

“My restless leg syndrome is gone!”

“I got off of all my depression & anxiety medications after 18 years.”

Weight Loss Testimonials

“I lost 11 pounds.”.

“I went down 8 pant sizes.”

“I lost 10 pounds.”

“I lost 12 pounds.”

“I lost 10 pounds.”

“I know I lost weight because all my clothes are smaller.”

“I lost 20 pounds.”

“I lost 20 pounds.”

“I lost 20 pounds.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this course?

It is 13 hours of edited audio.  It was 2 full days in person.

How do I listen to the audios?

Use your welcome email to log in and then click on “begin a course.”  Then click on The Solution, then press play on the first audio.

Is this about raw foods?

Certainly not.  Nutrition, although very important, only comprises a small percentage of our training program.

Why do I have to take this course before I can take the others?

That’s like asking why you need to know the alphabet before you can read.  Education is best taught in a step by step method that will allow you to eventually read Shakespeare.

Will you have live courses?

To find out if there are any live courses scheduled visit our upcoming events page.  The online training is available to you now, on demand.  You don’t need to wait for a live course to get this information, and quite frankly, you don’t want to.  Start now.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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