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It’s time for you to know more than any doctor on the planet… who just graduated from medical school. Of any kind.

Learn how to:


  • Permanently remove negative emotions…release brick by brick the emotional weight that has been holding you back
  • Reprogram the unconscious mind and end repeating thought patterns…stop attracting problems and start creating what you want
  • Eliminate all cravings…so you can eat healthy easily
  • Overcome Addictions Without Willpower…get your power back from all substances
  • Cleanse The Body Without Cleansing Reactions…rebuild your body rapidly causing greater health in every way

The Foundation Is Only Available to Those Who Have Completed The Solution Course

If You Have Not Completed The Solution 

If You Have Completed "The Solution" - Register for The Foundation Now!

The Solution is a prerequisite to The Foundation Course 

Already I’ve gone from size 12 to 6, got off 3 allergy medications including steroids, 2 prescriptions for chronic back pain (muscle spasms & sciatica) removed heavy metals, got rid of arthritis & joint pain, and NO more Migraines!!!
Severe insomnia has gone away and I can now sleep in my bed after a year (the back pain & insomnia relief alone has been an absolute blessing!). I’ve cleared TONS of emotional blockages like issues about self-acceptance, being able to receive love, and relationships with others improved. I’ve learned how NOT to hold on to others negative or painful emotions (extremely difficult to do before and was really hurting me physically). I’ve even noticed a huge difference with my dogs after switching them over to raw!!!
It’s such a relief to FINALLY accept myself for who I am, especially spiritually. Learning how to create an INTENTION and seeing it manifest within five minutes is so POWERFUL! I just can’t say enough, and we’re only halfway there! This has been the greatest blessing ever, and I am eternally grateful to Arnoux! Namaste.
Ami Garcia

Former Engineer, Professional Health Consultant with Arnoux Goran Seminars

Ami’s story is one of many that you may become one of. She says, “We’re only halfway there” because there are even more courses after The Solution and our 2nd course, The Foundation, explicitly designed with you in mind. To change your life and to give you the answers you need that you’ve been seeking.

I started this program because I was very sick and nearly died. I went to every type of doctor I could find in a phone book, and no one could get me better. They told me I would die. When I got better, I felt a compelling need to share the data, research, and startling information I had found with the world. The problem was that this was the first time anyone had ever put it into a system. It was all hodgepodge. I got one piece here from one book, another from a different book, pieces from a documentary, a live training program, audio programs, more books, private meetings, working with clients and seeing results, and finally, I built this system that anyone can follow to achieve results that most people consider to be impossible.

My system has more than eight courses for perfect health and living your dream life, and The Foundation is the cornerstone.

In The Foundation, you’ll learn:

  • Which water is the right for you to drink…so you’ll have more energy and avoid toxic pollutants that may cause brain damage, infertility, and more.
  • What types of sunblock protect you from cancer, and what types cause it…so you and your family can be safe.
  • Why you’re tired…and how to skyrocket your energy levels in 15 minutes or less
  • Why you don’t need healthcare…if you’re in perfect health, you only need emergency insurance…and you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.
  • Why you’re the greatest hope for health in your family…with this information, you can keep them all safe, healthy, and thriving.

Most of us know that being healthy is everything. Without our health, we have nothing. In fact, we are dead. I nearly died.

It’s not just about saving lives; it’s about having a better life. How will you live your life? Maybe you’re someone who is a cancer survivor who doesn’t want to get it again, like Jim Sweet. After two bouts with cancer, he started on a path of studying health and nutrition to make sure it never came back. After ten years of his research, he was able to get off of 7 of his eight medications. Then he met me. He says:

I learned a lot in 10 years but after meeting Arnoux and taking Arnoux Goran Seminars’ programs I felt like I didn’t know anything. Within a few months I lost 35 lbs and got down to my weight that I was when I was in the Army, and I got off of Lipitor, the #1 prescribed drug in America. I have used the Goran Technique with clients with amazing results.

Jim Sweet

Retired Proctor & Gamble Excutive

Jim is only one of many, many people who have said that they’ve taken every health seminar out there, that they’ve spent decades studying health and nutrition, that they’re a nurse, a medical doctor, an acupuncturist, a pharmacist, a pharmaceutical rep, a colon hydrotherapist, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, a dietician, or even a raw food expert, and they didn’t even know half of this stuff.
I love it (The Foundation Course)! Thank you so much. It was extremely educational and I learned some things that I had not learned at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) in New York. The content you shared was excellent and the delivery of the information was as exceptional as the content.
Kathleen Kalaf

Author of Yeast Infection: The Yeast Infection That Nearly Killed Me-The Hidden Dangers of a Simple Yeast Infection-What Every Woman Should Know, Click here to see her Amazon.com author page

I spent 35 years studying everything I could get my hands on in health and healing and it took me all that time to learn only 65% of what was in the 1st weekend of The Foundation. The rest I hadn’t learned yet. It’s the highest level of information I’ve ever found, in every area.
Lisa Kalison-Tota

Business Owner & THM Master Professional Health Consultant, Discovery Screening

This isn’t just a physical health training. It’s not just about being healthy in your body, it’s also about being healthy emotionally, mentally and spiritually. No one has ever combined all of these areas of life into one training program. And certainly no one has ever combined such advanced data and researched material that is easy to understand and consume for any of those areas into one step by step system. When you combine them all together, it’s not just a health program, it’s a total life transformation program. Something you deserve. Something you need. Something your family needs. This information will last you a lifetime.

The truth is the truth and it’s never changing. Knowledge of how the human body and mind work are some of the most crucial bits of information you’ll ever receive. This training should be mandatory for all people. It ought to be taught in elementary, middle and high schools. Everyone deserves and has the right to know how to be healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s your birthright! Claim it now!

The Foundation Is Only Available to Those Who Have Completed The Solution Course

If You Have Not Completed The Solution 

If You Have Completed "The Solution" - Register for The Foundation Now!

The Solution is a prerequisite to The Foundation Course 

Where else will you find:


  • Training on perfect eyesight…get rid of your glasses and your eye doctor bills
  • The way to have sex without condoms or toxic birth control without getting a disease or getting pregnant on accident…finally true sexual freedom
  • Pain free childbirth, get rid of the images of painful childbirth…and embrace your natural state of bliss in bringing a new life into the world
  • A way to reconnect to humans, Americans are disconnected from each other causing loneliness, depression and illness…naturally remove the wall of fear between you and human beings and embrace those around you
  • Understandings of what makes your skin the way it is…so you can get rid of acne, eczema and other skin blemishes
  • Weight loss when nothing else has worked…learn how to lose weight naturally even if you’ve tried everything
  • An understanding of the human design so that you can overcome any health challenge…it doesn’t matter where you start from, just that you start. Perfect health can be yours again.
Have been through a few health programs before but I have never been through one quite as special as Arnoux’s. The knowledge that he has to give is so pure and true. He has protocols and tools to work on every part of a human and can easily explain why and how it works.
I have grown leaps and bounds through these courses in ways that I didn’t realize was possible. I learned how to detox my body to get rid of back acne, create permanent positive thought patterns, permanently release old thought patterns, learn how to set intentions in my life and manifest what I would like to come into my life (example: money), what it actually means to eat healthy, how to meditate, how to heal diseases that are supposedly not curable, how to energetically heal someone, and so much more.
I have been able heal myself and others with all of this incredible knowledge and am excited to continue to do so as I go through the Professional Health Consulting Course! These courses that Arnoux has created are absolutely life changing in the best way ever and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to feel better day to day and learn about true healthy living.
Thank you a million Arnoux! You are changing the world and creating a ripple effect that will forever continue.
Breanna O'Brien

Holistic Health Consultant, The Colors of Health

For a really long time, probably my entire life I have been sick. After I was born, my mom started her journey in health trying to find cures for me. This is the first time I have found anything that has actually made me feel better.
Joy Hansen

After taking Arnoux’s classes I lost 38 lbs. and I enjoy a completely healthy diet—something I never thought would be possible for me, and I recovered from a lifetime of abuse, totally and completely, something therapy, self-help and no other seminar could do for me.
Mari Davis

Arnoux Goran Seminars saved my life! Not only did I finally find the answers I was desperately seeking for 17 years for my physical health, I also released the grief I was carrying for 12 years after my mom’s sudden death and the hurt and anger from a terrible breakup.

Elyse Homberger

THM Master Professional Health Consultant

After taking The Solution Weekend with Arnoux Goran Seminars I met my fiancée, Jeff, after 19 years of being single. Then I took The Foundation and healed the wounds from my son’s sudden death six months ago, and I’m on track for a 6 figure income this year. A huge breakthrough that I credit to Total Health Mastery.

Gale Garjardo

Corporate Trainer

Attila says Arnoux Goran Seminars is not just a health and nutrition course, but a total life mastery training and that he used the information to surf 100 waves in 4 1/2 hours even though he is over 50. He also learned how to remove the blockages of his own joy and enthusiasm and get to joy and enthusiasm faster than ever before. Check out this video of him:


What can you do with this tool?
I have personally witnessed with clients I’ve worked with the release of:


  • Witnessing the suicide of a loved one…restored a heavy heart to joy.
  • A terrible divorce…created the ability to have a healthy relationship.
  • Multiple breakups (being dumped terribly, even over the phone)…stopped a repeating pattern so a new one of love can emerge.
  • Multiple rapes…one time a gal was raped 8 times and we erased the entire trauma so that she no longer had a fear of the dark. Safety was established in the unconscious and therefore in her life.
  • Molestation or rape by one’s father…a terrible tragedy, but not something that needs to be carried around for a lifetime.
  • A lifetime of alcohol or drug abusing parents physical and verbal abuse…off all of the meds and feeling normal, free and happy, finally.
  • Financial stress and being poor…to living in abundance, having money, enjoying money and no longer being afraid of not having it.
  • Fear of dogs…many times because I had a big dog and whenever someone would come to work for me or come to a party I would erase their fear of dogs so my dog could enjoy the party too.
  • Fear of flying…if someone is afraid of flying when I’m on a plane I just can’t resist permanently clearing it with them. Then we can finally have a nice conversation.
  • Fear of women…in one case, Luis, the guy never felt comfortable talking to women and said “I got my confidence to talk to women for the first time.”
  • The real root cause of why she/he couldn’t lose weight…in so many cases there is a mental/emotional component. One gal “had to clean her plate” because of a trauma at age 4. Another refused to eat healthy because her mom forced her to diet when she was very young. One just felt massive fear and panic whenever she got down to 250 lbs. Once we erased the fear, the plateau was gone too.

Should I go on? I’ve only just begun to tell you of the joys and benefits I have had in sharing this process with my clients. One of the best aspects of The Goran Technique is that you can use it yourself on yourself. You don’t have to hire someone to do it with you. It helps of course, especially when you’re dealing with a very painful issue, to have someone to support you and guide you through the process, but it’s not necessary. You can do it yourself! Save thousands of dollars in fees to practitioners.

I know one gal who spent $15,000 over 3 years with a therapist and they never, not once ever, cleared an old emotion permanently. Sure it’s great to save money, tens of thousands of dollars. Mari told me she spent over $100,000 on seminars, therapists, books and cd’s trying to “be normal” and she never found anything that worked until she learned The Goran Technique. Yet the money will never compare to the result. It’s priceless.

What can you do with it? How many people will you help? I’ve had practitioners of ours, Professional Health Consultants who are certified share the most unbelievable success stories in using this tool. People off of anti-depressants in a few days from just 1 session. Marriages saved. Kids behaviors changed. And so much more.

We had one participant in the class ask if she could use it with her 8 year old son who had an anger problem. Naturally the answer was yes! Next week she shared that her son and daughter had a fight. She pulled her son aside alone and used The Goran Technique with his anger and erased it all. Then that week his teacher and therapist asked her what happened. He stopped being angry in class and fighting with kids. He stopped being angry in therapy. What happened was that his mom very smartly made an investment in herself and her family and learned how to permanently erase old emotions, something not taught in universities to therapists, social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists (otherwise why would they give people poisonous and addictive drugs?) and made the life change that her son needed. His life is forever changed just because of his mom. What a great lady!

It’s actually quite an easy tool to learn, once you go through the program. In the early days I found that people didn’t always understand how to use it right or why it’s so life changing and crucial. I have since mastered the process of teaching this tool such that when the University of California in Irvine ran a study on the Solution and Foundation courses they found that every single person had released negative emotions in the course, and more importantly, that they felt they could do it themselves forever after.

So as long as you do all of the exercises in the audio training there is a very good chance, about 100%, that you’ll be able to release old emotions and reprogram the unconscious mind for yourself and others…for the rest of your life! What a gift! How much does it cost to get your degree in psychology? I have had many PhD’s in our program who say they never learned how to release negative emotions permanently. Some have said this process should be taught in every university to psychology students.

Everyone deserves to know this. Everyone. Fortunately it doesn’t cost $250,000 to learn this, even though one could easily spend that getting a PhD in psychology or psychiatry. If The Foundation were about only about The Goran Technique it would certainly be worth the cost, but it’s not. It’s only 10% on this major life changing process. It’s not just for the emotional body though. Sometimes a health challenge can have an emotional root cause. Dr. Hamer has had a 92.8% success rate curing cancer of mostly terminal people by addressing the emotional root cause.

I have had many cases of clients with health challenges of all kind that had an emotional or mental root cause. One such example is Ali Miller. Ali at the age of 16 got a terrible case of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bad constipation, diarrhea, and pain. After 2 years of her own research, she said “I read an entire book case of books on health.” She then changed her diet and began to detoxify her body. This made no difference although if the root cause were physical it would have. She exercised 5 days a week and took supplements. This made no difference either. Then in just one session with one of our consultants doing The Goran Technique in only 30 minutes they released all of the traumatic events around the time her IBS started. She then said, “The next day my intestines worked perfectly.” The next day!

Again, this amazing tool is only 10% of the course. In fact I have only told you a little bit about what you’ll learn and benefit from!
There is an entire training on how to eat healthy:


  • How to be a gourmet chef and live on delicious, healthy food every day…causing weight loss, anti aging, more energy and joy!
  • You’ll understand the continuum of the worst foods that destroy your body and the best foods that actually rejuvenate your body and make you younger. This is life changing in itself!
  • You’ll know how to order better at every restaurant you attend.
  • I’ll teach you how to eat healthy while traveling.
  • How to eat healthy around people that don’t.
  • How to make it effortless for you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.
  • I’ll show you how to truly be a gourmet foodie who can impress any date with food that is not only delicious, but causes weight loss, beauty and is more fun to eat! It’s a great dating tool!
After listening to The Solution and learning about cancer you probably know that you need to alkalize your body. That it’s one of the key cancer prevention secrets. That’s something you’ll learn straight away in The Foundation.

Here are some other topics that you must know about from The Foundation:

Dentistry…most dentists kill you without knowing it! Learn how to take care of your teeth properly, both fixing them and maintaining them. Enjoy a beautiful smile and pain free mouth for a lifetime.

EMF protection. Electro Magnetic Fields are proven without a shadow of a doubt to cause cancer, autism (at least relates to it), insomnia, brian malfunction, fatigue (major), and many other health challenges. This “electro smog” as some authors call it is even proven to cause an inability to lose weight. Personally I lost my depth perception. I couldn’t tell how far in front of me the cars were! It totally freaked me out which is why I began studying this field. Others I know personally have had skin conditions, insomnia for 6 months, panic attacks, a never ending feeling of stress, and such fatigue that after every flight this flight attendant needed a 4 hour nap just to be functional. The good news is that I found the best EMF protection on the planet and every single example I mentioned above disappeared! This is especially important if you put your cell phone on your body or type on a computer on a regular basis. Tablets can be twice as bad as cell phones.

Lasers – the new frontier in modern medicine. You’ll learn about lasers that can remove blockages caused by EMF’s. And even a laser that enhances the energy of your food and makes all toxins non-toxic. I know of 2 cases with this laser where people lasered their chemotherapy before taking it and had no symptoms to speak of, not even nausea. I figure, if it makes chemo non toxic, it will certainly work on my restaurant food which always contains heavy metals. Y

es, that’s another subject, non-toxic cookware. All restaurant (and probably your home made) food contains heavy metals from the cookware. There is however a solution that you’ll learn about. Creating a healthy home environment…finally feel at ease and peace at your home. I’ll reveal some secrets that will allow you to massively increase your energy levels, your radiance, and your success in life.

Why your digestion isn’t working…how to fix it.

The 4 exercises…that make you younger and sleep less. How to not be sore after a workout.

Amazing relationships…how to fix or improve your relationship with anyone. This is especially important if you like people. And even more so if you don’t! How to eliminate mucus…stop snoring, stop hacking, stop grossing out your lover. Or in one case, get rid of Cystic Fibrosis.

Just from using the information Arnoux taught me on how to get rid of mucus I no longer have the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis.

Mel Cutler

Master NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Master Success Coach, Entre Revolution

Cystic Fibrosis is supposedly a genetic disease that is not impacted by lifestyle. There is no longer any such thing as an incurable disease. You will know this to the core after you experience this home study course, The Foundation.

There is actually so much more in the course but I know by now you want to get started and want me to tell you how. The course consists of 2 weekends each of 3 days and an 11 week teleconference. If done all at once it would be about 10 full days long. It’s has all been professionally recorded and edited including all of the audience questions and answers and is now available to you as an online course.

You will be able to listen instantly on your computer or cell phone. From there you can study like I do, by typing on my computer my notes while the audio plays. Sure you can plug in your headphones! Although sometimes I will put the audio trainings I purchase on my iPod or phone and then listen to them in my car while I’m driving or when I’m working out.

It never ceases to surprise me when clients tell me they have listened to a program of mine more than 3 times. Someone once said they listened to it 10 times. 10 times! And learned something new each time.

There is that much valuable, life saving information that you and your family must have right now. You cannot wait because every single day you are making bad decisions and don’t know it that will change and become good decisions for the rest of your life. You must have it now otherwise that emotional weight your friends and family keep carrying around will continue to damage their life. Don’t let that happen.

The Foundation Is Only Available to Those Who Have Completed The Solution Course

If You Have Not Completed The Solution 

If You Have Completed "The Solution" - Register for The Foundation Now!

The Solution is a prerequisite to The Foundation Course 

Get inspired and have more energy! You know I have friends who spend over $1,000 per month on health insurance alone! I almost died and it’s this information that saved my life. So many lives have been saved because of this information. What is that worth? What’s going to happen when everyone knows this info and you’re the last one to find out? Don’t miss out. Be the front runner, the leader. When you see the extraordinary changes in your life, won’t your friends, family members and co-workers be inspired and want to know how you did it? Thousands of people have benefitted from this work and now it’s your turn.
These courses are amazing and helped me heal from health conditions my medical doctors could not figure out!
Dr. Rev. Roby Chevance

Minister at The Celebration Center & Singing Instructor, Finding Your Voice

Don’t attend this course unless you are really looking for information that will literally change your life. I’ve studied with the best of them or so I thought. I’ve been through all of Arnoux Goran’s courses and they have been a cut above. I enthusiastically look for AGS staff’s emails because they are consistently stimulating, informative and evocative. I highly recommend this program to all serious and committed health seekers.

Anne M. Smith

CEO and Founder, Anne's Kombucha

The Foundation Is Only Available to Those Who Have Completed The Solution Course

If You Have Not Completed The Solution