We’re excited you are joining us for The Foundation Course!
I love it (The Foundation Course)! Thank you so much. It was extremely educational and I learned some things that I had not learned at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)  in New York. The content you shared was excellent and the delivery of the information was as exceptional as the content. Kathleen Kalaf

Author of Yeast Infection: The Yeast Infection That Nearly Killed Me-The Hidden Dangers of a Simple Yeast Infection-What Every Woman Should Know, Click here to see her Amazon.com author page

This is an excellent program to get a hold of one’s mind. I have participated in it and I think to date it is still the most valuable program I have completed on self improvement! I have taken Landmark Education – including the advanced course and seminars, the Avatar Course, and  5 years worth of talk therapy. I studied to be a marriage and family therapist, and many of the things I learned in Arnoux’s course were more helpful than the techniques I learned in “therapy school” to deal with the same issues! Elizabeth Sharp

Yoga Instuctor

I now have a full time position at a wellness center in South Africa helping professional golfers clear their blockages using the Goran Technique.

Dore Damelin Arnoux Goran Seminars Professional Health Consultant

Don’t attend this course unless you are really looking for information that will literally change your life. I’ve studied with the best of them or so I thought. I’ve been through all of Arnoux Goran’s courses and they have been a cut above. I enthusiastically look for AGS staff’s emails because they are consistently stimulating, informative and evocative. I highly recommend this program to all serious and committed health seekers. Anne M. Smith

CEO and Founder, Anne’s Kombucha