Basic Professional Health Consulting

Do you want to know about Professional Health Consulting? What it is and what it can do for you?

Possibly you want to become one and make a living making a difference in people’s lives, creating your own schedule and working from anywhere while getting paid to be a hero, designing programs systematically using modern science and research both for the mind and body so your clients achieve the results they desire…even if no one else has been able to help them and they’ve seen everybody.

If so, then you’re on the right page.

Professional Health Consulting is working with clients either on the phone or in person to support and guide them in living a healthier lifestyle, working through the blockages to their goals in life and creating overall well being and success in all 8 areas of life.

Consulting is different from coaching in that it’s not just a guided conversation where the client creates their goals, but the consultant also educates the client, offers ideas and guidance as to what to do, and most important Arnoux Goran Seminars Consultants have multiple tools for removing old emotions and unconscious beliefs that may block someone from their success.

Many of our consultants say they have spent over $5,000 or more and years of their time learning to be a coach and didn’t learn a fraction of what they learned in just our most basic consulting training.

“I took a high level life coaching program in San Diego and paid $5,000 for it and spent a whole year attending the training. Arnoux’s consulting program is so much better. I received tools that will allow my clients to change their life immediately and permanently, something no other training of ANY kind that I have ever taken has been able to give me.

After taking the Arnoux Goran Seminars PHC course I felt that I wasted my time and money with the other coaching program because it didn’t allow me to become a paid coach, and I simply didn’t learn what I needed to know to be successful. Not to mention that the AGS program is so robust and covers so many details and areas of life, I even can help someone with their health when no one else can.

Also, it’s not just about setting goals and being more successful, it’s about all 4 parts of the human being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sometimes clients need to improve their health in order to achieve their financial, career or relationship goals. Sometimes all they really want is to improve their health and no one has been able to help them.

Because of the Total Health Mastery programs I am able to help all kinds of people. It’s very rewarding and gratifying plus I get paid well. People are always referring others to me because I can get the results they want.”

-Merit Ma, Master Professional Health Consultant

We also have other health coaches saying that they got a certificate as a health coach from a prestigious program and it got them started but they only felt like they could deal with diet and weight loss, but after taking our programs they felt like they could handle ANY challenge.

“After attending (left blank intentionally) in New York, which I had to fly from Long Beach to often, I began making money as a health coach. I loved it! Since taking the Arnoux Goran Seminars training programs I have been able to help people with issues I wouldn’t even try to approach before. I have seen clients release so much emotional baggage with Arnoux’s tools that I now am focusing mostly on doing emotional work with women. It’s very rewarding and heart warming for me. My consulting practice has taken off lately as I keep getting more and more referrals.”

-Megan Salisbury, Master Professional Health Consultant.

You’re a good candidate for one of our consultants to work with you if you are highly motivated to:

  • Make more money
  • Get younger
  • Lose weight
  • Release an addiction
  • Cleanse your body
  • Get off of medications
  • Change old belief patterns
  • Find a new life partner
  • Improve your marriage
  • Drop old emotional baggage

Please keep in mind our consultants only work with people who are 100% committed to their goals and are willing to do whatever it takes. If you are not going to follow your specially designed program then it’s not going to work for you and you’ve not only wasted your time and money, but the time of our highly sought after consultants who could have been working with someone who will implement the changes necessary.

Our team will help you to clear away the blockages to your action. They can remove procrastination. They can help you. BUT, only if you are willing and ready to help yourself. No one can do it for you.

The process is simple. You call us. We interview you and see if you qualify. We set up a phone appointment for you with one of our certified Master Consultants. Then they design your program with you in 1 hour or less. At that point you may choose to do your program on your own or work with our consultant on a weekly basis for support and emotional release work.

There is no challenge that we are not willing to take on, if you’re truly committed to doing the work.

You may also qualify for consulting if:

  • You have a major health challenge you need help with
  • Have an emotional trauma or loss from your past that you are ready to stop feeling hurt/sad/angry/afraid about
  • You were abused as a child and no type of therapy has ever worked for you
  • You are going through a divorce
  • You are recovering from a terrible illness
  • You were recently in an accident
  • You can’t figure out WHY your health is poor
  • You can’t figure out WHY you are stuck in your business
  • You can’t figure out WHY you keep repeating the same relationship patterns

Master level Professional Health Consultants are trained in the most advanced and scientifically proven methods to determine WHY you’re having the challenges you are.

Our philosophy is this:

1. Find the root cause of the problem using the most accurate and often more than 1 method to verify accuracy.

2. Determine which tools to use to address the problem.

This requires knowing how to determine the root cause and having an extraordinarily large and useful belt of tools that actually work in real life.

After taking our 2 most basic courses, The Solution and The Foundation you can get the audio program for The Basic Professional Health Consulting training. It is a business in a box. A communication skills program. A personality typing program. And so much more!

You’ll learn:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • How to design a program for a client
  • How to determine someone’s personality type so you can speak to them at the correct
  • speed with the right keywords and focus so that they will feel understood and so they understand you
  • You’ll learn how to write your own elevator pitch or snap so when people meet you and you tell them what you do they say “wow”
  • Communication skills to last a lifetime.
  • Incredible marketing and sales information that will allow you to build the 1-on-1
  • consulting business that you desire. Learn from the best!
  • How to handle different health challenges, emotional issues and other problems.
  • You’ll even learn how to start your own corporation for only $100! (In California, USA, the cost varies by state and country)

“I took The Professional Health Consulting course in 2012 and it is definitely as Arnoux says ‘a business in a box’ and so much more.

The course is a must take for any one starting a business or selling any thing. Not only did it give me step by step directions but it helped me to clear my “blocks” to actually moving in that direction.

It gave me forms and resources and saved me a ton of time, energy and money.

I met some of the most awesome people who’s individual gifts I was blessed to learn from and who continue to bless my life today through the lasting friendships we created. Needless to say Arnoux’s classes are known for their hands on training and this one was very much hands on in a very supportive environment which is always crucial to my growth.

The course gave me not only ability and tools but confidence to get out there and just do it.

One of the very best things is the manual that comes with it. It not only has all the forms and information you need to run your business but it has a ton of protocols for various health challenges which was extremely beneficial in helping me to overcome the fear of even trying.

I at least knew I would have something to offer because if nothing else I had these protocols.

I literally keep the book with me at all times (after making a copy, just in case). Truth be told, one time I was visiting with a friend and they accidentally picked it up and took it home with them it and it took some doing to get back. This is the manual you don’t want to be without if you are guiding people through health challenges or seem to find yourself or loved ones dealing with them.

I think it’s saved our family several trips to the doctor as well. It’s also been fun to add to the protocols as I work with people and learn new stuff on this journey.

This course was the gift of wisdom!! It has given me peace of mind and I think that’s been a key factor what has made this seem like such an easy transition as if it’s what I was always meant to do!!

I feel so grateful to have learned from the very best! I never would have done it without this course. It was just the right information and seeing and putting it into practice made all the difference!!! Thank you Arnoux…again and again!!”

-Wendy Pappas, THM Professional Health Consultant

Once you graduate from the basic training and pass the exam you are a certified Professional Health Consultant like Wendy above. We recommend you do at least 100 paid or pro bono hours of work to develop your skills and confidence. Many consultants begin charging for their time before they get to their 100 hours, or right from the start because their clients start giving them money as it’s just too valuable.

Then you may move towards being a Master PHC.

To become a Master PHC you’ll need to take the basic Consulting course, The Breakthrough, Basic and Advanced Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT), Completion and Mastery. Then you can get the Master PHC course. Once you have gone through the training you can take the Master level exam.

Many fail on their first try so please keep in mind that only highly dedicated people meet our standards and graduate from our program.

To begin your journey towards being a Master Professional Health Consultant you’ll need to complete The Solution Weekend & The Foundation Course.

Prerequisites: Beginning & Intermediate Courses