A person who uses their sensitivity to other people’s energy for healing, an Empath, can often feel tired and burned out by the feelings and painful energy they pick up from their clients. What can they do to stay healthy and unaffected when they are doing their healing work? In this informative interview of Arnoux Goran by leading Empath and Energy Healer Tiffany Cano, he shares what they can do to keep their personal energy balanced and neutral, even when dealing with clients that are in deep pain. Using 3 Magic Questions, Arnoux demonstrates how to temporarily disconnect the empath’s own emotional triggers to be more effective in their work, while explaining how the Goran Technique (Formerly: The 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself) technique can permanently remove them.

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Welcome to soul of an empath the podcast that helps empaths to feel loved seen heard and understood in all areas of your life now here’s your host Tiffany Gano hi welcome to Sullivan empath I’m Tiffany Gano and today we have Arnoux Goran as my beautiful spiritual healing loving guest that’s how I’m gonna dub him today he is um just one of those beautiful souls that when i saw him i was like i i like him he he’s my peeps and so let me tell you a little bit about our no he was raised by two deaf crack addicts and left for dead at the age of 22. He’s had some challenges and he now lives a jay Paul Getty life in southern California he’s the inventor of the seven steps to reprogramming yourself a proven method to permanently release any emphasis any old trauma old emotion repeating negative thought pattern and he’s the founder of total health mastery university and has changed the lives of many thousands across the globe so thank you so much Arnoux for coming today thank you tiffany for having me it’s my pleasure to be here oh wonderful so i know that you’re an empath and that you can feel what other people are feeling how how was that like for you growing up in the environment that you did when you were so young and having you know parents who were going through a lot of challenges i think everyone to some degree is an empath and it’s just a matter of if they have it turned on or turned off and just how sensitive they really are and i was very in tune with my senses from a pretty young age and so dealing with two deaf drug addicts who screamed very very loudly on a regular basis at each other or at me was it was difficult for i think the average person to understand how much it scraped on my soul because i could feel so much beyond just the volume or the words that they were saying i was also getting hit with all the energy and in many ways that was some of the most uh traumatic you know experiences i had was just feeling all that energy coming from them so it was it was very hard and it put me in a place where i either had to figure out how to fix myself or i was going to die and that’s what put me on this different path i didn’t become a stockbroker or a professional athlete or anything like that i had many talents but i went down this specific path which I’m very grateful for so that i could then of course help other people overcome their challenges and did that start when you were 22 or even before that well it was in November of 2000 so not too long after that not that well i know my fans think I’m over 100 but I’m really not

How sweet yeah i i just with wisdom yes thank you

Well if you say so so i started seeking out my life mission like why am i here what am i here to do i know everyone has a purpose a sole purpose for living and i wanted to find what mine was so i started seeking it out and eventually i saw what my purpose was very clearly to teach and teach people how to overcome the health challenges i had at first physically and then the challenges i had mentally emotionally and spiritually which eventually i started teaching in 2001 my first nutrition workshop in 2003 i invented the seven steps to reprogramming yourself i started teaching that in 2004 in group format and that’s basically been what I’ve been doing for more than 15 years now and it’s been my full-time profession to watch people cry and tell me thank you for saving my life and i said well you’re the one who did it i just taught you the methods but it’s always the other person that people in the audience that are actually doing the work I’m just showing them what the tools are that they didn’t have that’s so true like they we can give them tools we can be an invitation but they still have to do some work even if it’s simply just being open and receptive and letting the healing and the blessings go in and do their magic absolutely absolutely in a way all healing is self-healing because you have to on some level be willing to receive it but what i teach you how to do if you’re a student of mine is to empower yourself to be able to heal rebuild repair and correct yourself and not just your physical body or your emotional state but really we’re talking about changing the stuff that’s inside of you that’s yes hurting you but also preventing you from experiencing the possibility that you really could be the greatest person that you could be and when you become who you really could or dream you can be inside you then manifest in alignment with that so we’re also talking about being able to create all the things you want to create that maybe you were stuck or blocked from creating before.

Um and what if someone doesn’t know what they what’s been blocking them oh well in the training that i provide i will show you exactly how to find what’s blocking you from your goal or what’s causing the repeating negative pattern in your life that you can’t seem to get rid of and i can actually give you three of the four magic questions right now find out what they are okay yes repeating patterns basically have two root causes generally speaking sometimes there is something else but almost all of them have two basic root causes negative programming in the mind which is thoughts that are embedded in your unconscious mind and then repeating energy or experiences that are stored in the spirit or the soul so you have the spiritual root cause and the mental root cause and if you believe that you’re immortal then you might believe that those two parts of you go with you forever and so you do bring with you your all of your history so we’re going to talk specifically about what’s in the unconscious mind that could be blocking you from a specific goal I’m going to give you the three magic questions to find out what’s been blocking you this whole time now i know it might sound really very fairy three magic questions but think about this i had a guy named Wayne in my seminar the seven steps for programming yourself course and on the third day we were practicing and i said what’s your number one goal i was walking around the room checking on people and he was partnering up with one of our top students and because he was new and he said my top goal is to make over six thousand dollars a month of income i said okay so i asked him the magic questions when i got to question number two he got triggered we found the unconscious blockages now sometimes there’s many but we found the big one that was right on top i said clear that right now then we went to lunch break during lunch he received a phone call from an odd number so he answered it and it was a job recruiter saying oh you know i like to interview you.

So they gave him an interview and then offered him a job on the spot paying 10 400 a month nice yeah this happened i had this all on video in fact his videos up in my YouTube channel so then he came and told me and i calculated with you know tax and everything that’s 6445 a month basically his goal then he told the whole audience and he said that he had a hundred dollars to his name it was in his pocket he hadn’t worked in a year and a half he’s practically in tears but tears of joy that he manifested what he wanted by removing what was in the way and it literally happened within minutes I’ve been on a session with clients we’re clearing their upset that their sweetheart won’t call them or text them back and the moment we finish clearing the last bit boom i hear their phone buzz and get their attacks so we’re talking about literally removing what’s in the way of you getting what you want right now so here’s what you do first you imagine what your number one goal is so you have to pick something if you don’t have a number one goal in mind you might want to think about focusing your energies onto a specific goal so that way you’ll be more likely to manifest it so once you’ve picked one go ahead pick one right now got it okay now imagine that that goal is already true do go into a fantasy where it’s already real and as you’re imagining it how do you feel on your body

Free healthy full of vitality beautiful sexy in the flow wow nice school

So that means that there we did not find a blockage that’s what you’re supposed to feel something good something wonderful but if you felt afraid or anger or anything else then that we would have found at least the first layer of a blockage okay so let’s go to the second magic question just to reiterate first magic question is imagine your goals already realized how does it make you feel when you imagine that okay now i want you to think about the fact that that goal is not yet realized how does that make you feel um like a failure frumpy uh lethargic

Uh like a lump on the log or something just like that all right good job now those feelings that you feel where do you feel them in your body or is it just all in one big place um around my torso and my throat okay and is that one big ball of energy or is it in a couple different places um it’s it’s almost like a band around my my torso and pelvis and then it’s got like a piece that goes up around my neck

Okay so is is that big chunk that you just pointed out to me one big piece that’s all connected or is it separate

Feels like there’s one big chunk and and then something else smaller that might not be connected that i don’t see the route to yet that’s okay so the reason I’m asking is because we want to just see if it’s one big layer or if it’s a couple different layers that you got present to at the same time so we what’s inside there are negative thoughts actually it feels like all those emotions how you describe them but what’s really there inside is a whole bunch of thoughts compressed and condensed if you take a look at how you feel or if you can actually get really present to it does it feel solid like a rock or does it feel very light and see-through um like a metal plate of armor exactly very very solid that’s because there’s a lot of thoughts condensed and crammed into that space making a very heavy weight for you to carry and that armor is actually blocking your goal from coming in so you can take all the seminars you want you can read all the books you want you can hire 18 life coaches to make sure that you do what you say you’re going to do and it’s still not going to show up until we remove that crap and it’s very likely not necessarily in your case that a lot of people who are watching right now are saying I’ve been working on this goal for years and I’ve tried everything and nothing’s ever work and you found the reason why there’s an unconscious blockage that’s been in the way the whole time so now there’s probably more than just this layer though do you want to find out if there’s more layers yeah what’s the third magic question is that where we go for it or well there’s two ways the first way would be to actually stay with this question until we get you to a place of neutrality so we’re going to do an exercise that brings you to neutrality for the moment it doesn’t it does not permanently erase anything it’s kind of like when you talk about something it makes you feel better but then the next day it’s back again the next time you think about it it’s back again it’s kind of like that it’s a temporary release so we can look and see what’s underneath okay but do not think by any stretch of the imagination that it’s permanent all right so i want you to imagine a big beach ball out in front of you it can be a beautiful golden imaginary beach ball and i want you to take that emotion that you just got present to and put that inside of the beach ball all right and then send that beach ball all the way up into heaven whatever you believe that to be and let the universe take it away from you for now.

So can i just stick that whole um metal thing in there exactly that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do yes if the beach ball is not big enough to make it bigger okay right yeah all right so it’s gone

Yes okay perfect now that’s actually a useful tool to know in general in case you’re in a situation where you need to get centered right away you don’t have time to actually do the permanent erasing because I’m going to tell you after how to permanently get rid of that stuff but that’s how you can temporarily get rid of it and so yes we can use it to look below the surface but also it can be useful like what if you’re going into a meeting and you don’t have time to erase it permanently well you could do that and then you can be who you really want to be in that meeting and then after the meeting you can go for the permanent erasing love it all right so think about your goal and now think about the fact that you have not yet achieved that goal how does that make you feel now.

Uh less emotion but like still like really not there yet come on is this different than what you just felt it’s like a lesser version of it okay where do you find this in your body um

round my lower mid and lower torso okay and it doesn’t have like a tiny strip okay so it is actually a different layer but it feels really similar is that right yeah like for example you might feel sad and then get rid of that sadness and find more sadness underneath or you might find a different emotion and what can confuse people sometimes is that it’s the same thing over and over but actually it’s just different layers that are very similar to each other okay so now we could keep going but let’s just take this thing that you just found and put that into the beach ball and send that away

Okay all right so you probably feel neutral again right

Yeah by the way one of the challenges that people face in life and I’m sure you’ve met people like this and I’m many of us have been guilty of it is we feel like there’s nothing that we need to work on that everything’s cool and we’re fine and we don’t have any programming or negative emotions to get rid of and usually it’s because we’ve been trained very well from a young age not to feel anything or to take whatever we do feel and stuff it instantly so we have the experience that nothing’s there and so it can take some work to unravel that and unlock that so you can actually feel again but if you run into someone like that the easiest way to help them see that they do have inner work to do is ask them what’s your number one goal in life okay how does it make you feel that you don’t have it yet and then boom

Uh-huh oh I do have stuff to clear yeah you do if you don’t then you’re in a whole other level okay so now the third magic question is relative to your goal how do you feel about your current circumstances i feel like

I have resistance to committing fully to

What I would need to do in order to achieve that goal and where do you feel that feeling in your body

It’s like this tension clenching um it’s kind of in my nervous system just like all over in this like cl tense tension can you give it a size and shape it’s electric.

Like a lightning bolt but going through my my torso and all my limbs okay all right so like a human lightning bolt okay and if this resistance were closer to anger fear or sadness yeah it’s fear okay perfect so we found a different layer right using a different question so take that fear and stick it inside the beach ball and give it away for now

This one’s not releasing quite as easily

Okay nervous system let go put it in the beach ball cat line it’s safe okay good job that was an intense one yeah so if this were a coaching session we would actually erase all this stuff and we would keep going until you couldn’t find anything with any of the three magic questions that you would feel that joy fulfilling you felt in the first magic question for all three of them then you don’t have anything else to clear using the seven steps to reprogramming yourself because that’s the tool that clears from the unconscious mind the other thing i have to warn you is that sometimes you have more layers they’re just not going to show up until you’re ready yeah after you’ve cleared the ones that you find so like for example let’s say we cleared these three layers and we didn’t find any more we might find more tomorrow or after you’ve had a couple days to process or that’s it and you know that you don’t have anything blocking you for sure because things happen for you Synchronistically things show up easily there’s no resistance there’s no struggle there’s no effort your actions are inspired not forced life just flows and you’re saying wow this is how life is meant to be love it yeah now the reason why the third question is important even though it doesn’t seem exactly related to your goal is because of the law of the universe what you resist persists so like for example let’s say that you hate your job this is a really common thing eighty percent of people don’t like their job so let’s say you’re one of those people four out of 5 people and you want to get to doing something you love for a living like what i do right i overcame hating my job and i started doing what i love for a living full-time i started speaking full-time in 2007 right so if you resist your job if you hate your job if you get triggered by your job that you have you’ll stay stuck there once you get neutral to it and it’s like whatever then you can move to the thing that isn’t really in your heart so that’s why the third magic question is important

Got it yeah now what you’re probably thinking is all right i really appreciate you triggering me and showing me what my issues are

Yeah thanks Arnoux i mean i know we’ve done healing sessions on each other before but thanks for giving me no actually i feel like just even those three questions I’ve, I’ve released layers and um yeah so i i feel good you have a glimpse of how it will feel when those layers are permanently gone because those things have probably been in your space throughout the day every day ever since you made that goal yeah right they’ve been that’s what happens when you make a goal in life you trigger everything in the way of you receiving that goal this is how some people get depressed they go to some seminar and they make all these monumental epic goals that are very very far from where they’re at right now and then they wake up the next day super depressed and they want to kill themselves or something bad right and that’s because they triggered hundreds of layers sometimes of issues to work on we found three for you and just removing those three temporarily made you feel a lot better but the reality is when we remove those three layers permanently you’ll feel much better than you do right now you just have a glimpse of how good you’re going to feel yay yes now the way to remove them permanently obviously is with the seven steps to reprogramming yourself it’s seven basic steps that are kind of like this is how your computer is designed this is how to go into a file this is how to delete a file this is how to make it permanent and this is how you can reset the computer the next day and look in the folder and see that it’s not there anymore it will never be there again because you’ve emptied the trash forever it’s gone most methods that work on emotions and and so on don’t work with actual actual thought forms they often work with energy or they work with the actual chemical of the motion and i have tools for those things too but if you want to work with the unconscious mind we’re talking about thoughts that’s the difference between the emotions and the energies is it’s actually words or beliefs and so the seven steps actually deletes literally the words or the coding from the computer have you ever seen the movie the matrix oh i love the matrix I’ve seen that movie so many times I’m a neo fan.

That’s really what I’m teaching people how to do is turn into neo because he eventually sees that the entire world is just a bunch of code and scientifically speaking that’s true everything is made of energy it’s just some energy is moving slower than other that’s the law of relativity and then the energy that’s moving slower is formed into a specific shape because of the information inside of the energy that tells it to be that shape and size all right that’s also how we can explain how you can think certain things in your body can change in response to that or healings of that nature because everything is made of energy and it’s formed by the actual coding inside the energy so when you’re doing the seven steps you’re actually erasing coding inside of you and then you’re writing in new coding that’s your written coding not written by your parents not written by your your environment not written by your ancestors or by you from thousands of centuries ago but you get to write it now completely new so of course you’re going to write new things like for example when you erase that fear you’re going to replace that fear with what you really want to be there confidence strength peace power beauty the real you in your heart and soul gets rewritten into the programming that’s actually shaping your reality and then as you get really good at it you start to see i’m literally shifting reality right in front of my face like one of my long time students her name is ruby she said she was really frustrated that her daughter would not try hard in school ruby was student of the year all three years of middle school which has never been done before or after like that’s how good of a student she was and her daughter wouldn’t even try and would just get whatever grades brilliant didn’t care and it frustrated ruby to no end so i told her why don’t you work on yourself and so she erased her frustration and then that day that literally that day her daughter called and said mom i worked really hard on my science project and i got an a on it who is that kid and she started getting straight a’s after that now i know it sounds kind of crazy because how could she affect her daughter but they probably had a matching issue and by really clearing hers her daughter’s issue turned off and voila ruby’s environment shifted as a result of her shifting on inside of her and then she called me so i feel like neo from the matrix.

I love it I love it I my favorite is when all those bullets are coming at him and he just raises his hand is like stop you know and none of those bullets penetrate him like i i feel that way that i have to do that sometimes in life where I’m like okay whatever stuff’s coming at me just stop I’m not available for you you know yes so a lot of people want to know more about the seven setups and how do you find out about it if you go to my website it’s total health mastery usa.com you can click on the the very first button there and you can read about the seven steps little video where i tell you about it but at the bottom of that page there’s a free webinar that i actually recommend you start with unless you just know you want to take the seven steps and you want to start erasing things right now because if you watch the video it’s on demand after the first four hours which is the first day you’ll be able to slow away by the end of the third day you’ll be able to do it ten times faster and you’ll know how to apply it to money to relationships to achieving your goals even to addiction and procrastination there’s all sorts of different sides subjects i teach you about in the weekend but you can literally get to that point within four hours and clear your first issue like literally tiffany you could erase that fear and the other gunk that we found with the second question today but i think for a lot of people it’s a good way to start by watching the webinar that’s free which is called why your life is the way it is and that’s the free giveaway that i have for everybody wire life is the way it is is a free workshop but it really ought to be a paid workshop it’s just that it’s really hard for me to make something that’s free and if i make a 20 product that my team says but this is like a 500 product so why I’m not going to do it less than than the very best so wire life is the way it is actually is a life-changing course by itself it’s about 90 minutes and by the end of that you’re going to understand literally why your life has been the way it’s been and why it’s going to keep going the way it’s been going how to actually change it at the root level and you’re going to like one of my clients say odd he said it was like the wool was pulled from in front of my eyes and it will affect you physically like how you just got affected a little bit but to a much greater degree because there’s some exercises in it too and i think it’s it teaches the most important piece of being able to create what you want to create very powerfully and when you get that you’re going to feel like you’ve gone from sort of being stuck to being powerful and then you can if you want to go into the seven subs course it’ll just be waiting there for you fantastic and I’ll put your URL in the show notes so everyone can have easy access to that because i i think that it’s important and you do powerful work and it’s simple and it’s it’s so easy because it’s step by step and it’s like you you have this analytical logical step-by-step approach but you there’s also a spiritual and scientific foundation to it and and that’s one of the the wonderful things about your work so i i love that thank you for sharing that absolutely that’s definitely one of my gifts is being able to

In college i took this test to figure out what kind of career i should have when i was seeking out my soul purpose for a living and just not that i was an exact balance between the philosopher and the psychic the logical and the intuitive so it it helps because i can read all the science and understand it but then i can also bring it into the spiritual realm and make it work in that way too and vice versa yeah i know that your show is called soul of the empath yeah and and tell us about how like what is one of the biggest problems that you can help us impact solve so after the seven steps course then there’s a five-day course called life transformation where you learn the other three major tools of transformation then there’s becoming your authentic self and by the third day every single person will be able to do an intuitive reading because i can show you how to unlock all of your other four senses every human being has nine senses according to mit brain scientist Pete Sanders Jr and in that course where you’re learning to unlock all of your intuitive senses i also teach you how to become immune to other people’s energy and that’s the biggest thing i hear from empaths is i just feel so drained or i feel so tired after i work with people or i get their sadness all over me and that I’m sad and i can’t do my work because it’s so hard and then i say but i can do sessions with clients and i actually feel better after the session because i get so inspired by helping them and i don’t take on any of their stuff and how do you do that and so i can explain it to you now.

But you’re going to need the tools to actually implement it and make it a reality so you can wake up in the morning every day and not have other people’s energy in your space the the reason why empaths feel like they’re being drained by other people is because you have a matching issue with that person so maybe that person feels angry and it’s triggering a sadness in you and then you feel like oh i got their stuff in my space but actually what happened was they triggered your own stuff and it’s very easy to confuse it because you felt fine until you started talking to them so if you erase your sadness from in a permanent way not a temporary in a permanent way from you you’ll be in front of that person or another person with the exact same issue and it won’t make you feel tired or sad again because it’s not going to trigger anything in you if you take that point of view that it’s always because there’s something in you that you need to work on eventually you’ll erase every single thing and you’ll start to have sessions with clients where you don’t get triggered at all even for months and months and no one is making you tired no one is draining you because you’re not letting their stuff trigger your stuff now the other side to that is a lot of empaths are healing other people through their body or they’re healing the planet through their body you don’t have to do that you can make a declaration to stop healing other people and the planet through your body because the reality is they can heal themselves and if you don’t think they can that’s not very empowering for them so have faith in them let them have their journey and don’t judge their journey and that’s the thing is we have a lot of judgment on the darkness of life if we want to bring heaven on earth into this planet we have to stop judging darkness understand that it was part of the process and then we can release it but if we’re judging it we’re resisting it and therefore creating more of it so if you really want to help people let them have their pain and if that is hard for you that’s because you have something to clear about that

Yeah so true thank you Arnoux this has been very very helpful and I I love your work thank you very much for sharing everything that you did and um on the fly i wasn’t expecting you know to be um the subject matter of of the the experience today and yet I’m so happy to just be vulnerable and open to receive it because it’s a gift thank you tiffany for being vulnerable and for having me and i really appreciate your acknowledgement thank you well everybody go check out our nose website I’ll put it in the show notes watch his webinar and get yourself healed we need more healers and people to be healed and bring their light bring their love bring their power to this planet and raise the consciousness of humanity so together we can do this and it all starts with us as individual souls doing our own inner work so thanks for joining me today on soul of an empath have a blessed day thanks tiffany you’re welcome

thank you for listening to soul of an empath with Tiffany Gano if you enjoyed this show please rate and recommend it on apple podcast Spotify stitcher or wherever you are listening to it you can get more information from soul of an empath.com may you be blessed with love health peace joy spiritual oneness prosperity and abundance so be it so be it

so be it