Arnoux goes over the 4 parts of a human being. What is the inside and outside of the body, mind, emotional and spiritual parts of us? What are the tools to address each layer? Watch this 11 min video to find out!

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Subtitles to the video:

So we’re gonna talk about the four parts of the human being the inside and the outside of each of those parts and all the different tools that you need to work on them a holistic approach really is an approach where you address all of the human beings some people think that it’s all in your mind or that you change your diet you’ll change everything those approaches are not exactly right you need to address physical emotional mental and spiritual physical emotional mental and spiritual to truly evolve you have to address all four parts of yourself to truly heal you have to address all four parts of yourself if you have a health challenge it’s possible that the real cause is spiritual which could be called energetic mental emotional or physical if you have a life challenge such as abusive relationships or being poor or being broke.

And not being able to achieve your financial goals the root cause could be mental it could be emotional it could be even physical or it could be spiritual and within mental you’ve got the inside and the outside just like you deal with all four parts of you you’ve got inner and outer for all of them for example with the mind there’s the conscious mind or the conscious mind and the unconscious mind while you’re consciously aware of and what you’re not consciously aware of which is actually what’s programmed into you you actually have programs embedded into your unconscious mind why do people go to the gym for two weeks in January and then stop because they’re not programmed to go they’re programmed to do something else why do people keep repeating the same life patterns because they’re programmed to have those to change that you got to change the unconscious mind there is one tool that exists that does that it’s called the seven steps to reprogramming yourself

It literally is seven simple steps that when do the unconscious mind and remove the program that you don’t want there everything else that I’ve ever seen in existence is about putting in positive programs into the unconscious mind but never taking out the negative ones we’re not talking about your conscious thoughts I’ve seen lots of training videos by experts of the mind that tell you to listen to your thoughts and cancel the negative ones and put positive ones in that’s all conscious mind stuff it’s not the unconscious when they say it’s unconscious they are mistaken because the unconscious mind is protected by a filter if you can’t get past the filter you can’t change it so just dealing with your conscious mind throughout the day does not access the unconscious mind except for in one out of twenty people

And those are usually the most successful people because they don’t have the old programming stopping them they can change it just with their conscious talk now in the conscious mind you do you have to do things that are good for you like affirmations but we have the process called completion and completion it’s rid of the stuff that keeps spinning through your head that you don’t need to keep thinking about anymore and almost always it’s the relationship to previous relationships getting complete with them so that it’s actually over and you’re not thinking about that person or what happened anymore consciously that’s what the completion process is for the conscious mind so the seven steps goes into the hard drive of your bio computer and removes the old programming completion goes through what’s sitting on the screen

What’s in the cache you might say that’s being used up by your conscious my right now the same is true for the physical body the emotional body and the spiritual body within the spiritual body you have something called original creation or a first experience that then repeats itself a core experience a picture we call it the first time that a pattern starts and then it continues on forever after that the very first time that’s what we have to deal with the process for that it’s called the five-step emotional Eraser it deals with ancestral trauma if you’re a great-great-great-great great-great-great great-great-grandfather was murdered that could create a pattern in your family that is then passed down from one generation to the next that you received and

It will continue on and tell you undo the pattern I have witnessed many people come on stage in our workshops and say that they ended 15 or 18 years of generational sexual abuse and their family using the five-step emotional eraser it works on the original root cause of the pattern that’s the internal spiritual the external spiritual is energy work there’s lots of technologies related to energy work there’s also lots of ancient forms of energy where shamanism would fall into this category and I teach many different modalities for external spiritual in our courses most of them in the mastery course but within this external spiritual you might find a lot of disbelief that exists so think of it as the energy part of you we already know that energy exists both chemistry and physics degree on one of the laws of the universe that everything is made of energy including you so that’s over here

Energy work external external spiritual now very emotional the external stuff can be somewhat obvious physical affection complements all the different ways that we love each other but that would also include venting letting go to an external action screaming punching kicking throwing letting it out letting the emotion out crying that’s part of the external healing of the Mojo the internal healing of emotional we have a process for that called ERT emotional repolarization technique the emotional repolarization technique in the way that I teach it is not taught by anyone else in the world it releases the emotion from the cells of your body that’s been stored up there from all the things you’ve been through sense of conception including when you were in the womb it’s powerful you have to get all that out for your body to be at its optimal speaking of the body the inside of the body is nutrition

The outside the body is exercise but even within inside and outside there’s a soft and a heart a yin and the yang another inside and outside for example with exercise there is bodybuilding weightlifting which builds up your muscle and creates lactic acid right bodybuilding but then there’s stretching or yoga which releases lactic acid and softens your muscles they are the yin and the yang of each other the soft and the hard if you lift weights and workout without stretching it’s only a matter of time typically for you to have some sort of problem your neck starts hurting your back starts hurting and you think oh I threw my back out but actually you built up lactic acid without releasing it until you reach the point that the muscle started cramping started building not starting pulling out of place and then you started stretching and releasing the acid and it goes back to the correct balance you need to balance them nutrition is not the whole story on the internal body nutrition is putting in the good stuff

That’s the yang of the internal but you’ve also got to get out the bad stuff please don’t tell me that you think that you can eat non-organic food that’s been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides and that it’s all coming out don’t tell me you think it’s all come out of your body because it has not don’t tell me you think that all the meat you’ve eaten has all made it through your system a lot of it is still in there and you can see that really easily if you look it up online you’ve got to also detox the heavy metals in your body Dr. Rita L Thorpe says that 100% of Americans have heavy metals in their body and they’re 59% of heavy metal poisoning you got to get that stuff out when a mom has a baby whatever level of mercury has in her body the baby will have the same level so that’s detoxing

It’s the same with all the parts of you physical emotional inside and outside and then even look at the emotional there is building up filling in look good letting go of the negative on the external ERT actually does both building up and letting go on the emotional level the seven steps does both letting go and building up on the unconscious mind on the mental the same thing affirmations is building up completion is letting go in energy work you’re bringing in good energy letting out energy the five step emotionally eraser is uncreated old past creation so obviously the mirror to that is creating new traditions those are the four parts of you

And those were the tools that you need to know to develop yourself fully and completely you might be wondering where can I learn all this stuff if you go to my website total health mastery you can begin your training the first course is the seven steps reprogramming yourself I teach that one first because when you start removing the unconscious blockages in your mind you can then become healthier you will actually do those things that you learn about for your body it’s where you see the biggest change in your finances and your relationships right off the bat that’s why we start there there’s actually over 20 courses you can take online I hope that I’ll see you the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association