As a leading teacher in the personal development field, Arnoux Goran has had innumerable miraculous experiences. Yet his greatest moment is heartwarming, and harmonizes with the mission of his organization.

Hearing that you saved someone’s life is gratifying. Knowing that you can do it easily by resolving our own internal issues is powerful. 

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Subtitles to the Video:

Hey this is Arnoux Goran back at you again i just want to thank everybody for watching our channel someone requested a specific video and i want to honor their requests and thank you so much for asking and the request is what is your greatest moment in life what a great great idea but you know i thought about this for a while and I’ve had some really incredible things happen to me in my life i real miracles things that can’t be explained scientifically and i know Sherlock Holmes would argue that there’s always a scientific explanation but there’s some things that have happened that were just so mind-blowing I. I wanted to to say those ones there’s so many of them but i decided upon one specific thing that happened that for me was possibly probably the greatest moment of my life so far because it continues to get better and better and better um on April 28th of 2013 Elise hamburger was attending one of my courses helping run the course as an event angel she had taken quite a few of my courses up to that point Elise i was an Olympic athlete and in her early 20s she got mono she was sick for many months and when she recovered she only recovered 50 percent and her mom died in a horrible motorcycle accident when she was 28. when i met her she was 40 and at that point during the second course we erased all of the tragedy the grief and the sadness about her mom dying during the during the course she actually volunteered and came up on stage and we actually erased that that’s not the greatest moment that’s actually a really common thing in my courses but then she also recovered her health.

She took my health courses and so on April 28 2013 she came came up to me having accomplished all these things and there’s actually more i can tell you and she stood in front of me i just walked in in the morning and she just came up to me and she said oh no and then all of a sudden her eyes turned red and then these two big tears just went down her face and she said you saved my life and it was so moving and so touching and look that wasn’t the first time that people have shared testimonials like that i mean it literally took me two years to get used to people’s testimonials after i started teaching but this was different this is her crying and saying you saved my life and that was just some whole other level of gratitude that i never experienced like that before i actually wanted to also mention previously in that year she was working in medical sales and she told her boss that she wanted to make it to the president’s club in their company which means to be in the top half of one percent and I’m getting that right i believe it’s top half of half one percent well i think there’s one out of two thousand people in the whole nation and her boss told her not to even trying that it was impossible but she achieved it and she had to go to Washington dc to give a speech and she told the whole audience uh what happened and i asked her i said well at least how did you make it into the president’s club even though your boss told you it was impossible she said all i did was follow what you taught me.

That was a moment in and of itself but really that April 28th day was a very special moment because it created a trend that was the first time but then every single course i taught after that someone came up to me and cried and told me i saved their life or some version of that like i wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for you that’s basically the same thing every single course i was doing two or three weekend courses a month at that time and every even even the introductory course even the first course someone would come up to me at the end and say something like that and almost every time they cried that went on literally for years and so i took a sabbatical in 2016 and 17. so that was actually a string of the greatest moment of my life just going on and on and on and i think that we have the paradigm upside down in our culture we live in a culture where people think that having the most money and hoarding money from other people makes you successful to me that’s not really being successful there’s a tradition called the potlatch ceremony in some of the native American or indigenous people’s ways and they have a big ceremony where everyone gets together and gives away what they produce that year to the other members of their tribe and whoever gives the most away is the most honored it’s exactly the flip or the upside down of the oh i have 10 billion dollars therefore I’m successful model to me being successful it’s not about hoarding money it’s about making a difference no amount of money that you have can ever purchase that feeling of someone coming up to you and crying and saying thank you for saving my life and then giving you a giant hug you can’t buy that and it feels so amazing there’s nothing else you can do that could really feel that good that I’ve ever experienced.

I mean there are amazing ways to experience sports and ecstasy in life but truly the sense of fulfillment is so magnificent when I first started teaching the very first 10-week seminar that i did almost everyone in the course came up to share a testimonial it was mind-blowing people came up and said they lost 30 pounds in a 10-week class some of them lost 20 pounds in a month 30 pounds in a month when they followed my detox program it was mind-blowing they they said all these incredible things and i just felt my heart well up with fulfillment like it was going to break and it took two years for me to get used to that and realize that’s just how it’s going to be from now on I’ve been teaching live seminars since 2001 this is 2020 right now so i got used to it a long time ago and now i i expect that every single course i expect people to share testimonials that are so mind-blowing that it makes you want to cry up on stage as the teacher and i stand there and i think why do they think i did anything i didn’t do anything i just taught a class they did it but they always want to give me this credit and to me that’s the most beautiful most powerful moment in my life to experience that have it going on and on continuing and to be able to share that with other people you know i created a whole program for one-on-one consulting and also created a whole program for teaching so people could teach my material so people could do one-on-ones and help other people like i help other people the reason i did that was because so many people came up to me and said Arnoux I see how you help people so profoundly so amazingly so mind-blowingly i want to do what you do can you teach me how to do it and enough people said that toy so I’ve got to create a training program just for this because i understood that they wanted to feel like how i feel helping people like that is the best thing in the world.

And one training I took a long time ago they said that what people want the most is to be a contribution and we often think that we have to do it all on our own so we don’t let other people contribute to us we don’t ask for help we don’t say hey here’s what my goal is any ideas and let them volunteer to help we want to do everything ourselves and be independent but then we’re also robbing other people of the chance to truly help us i believe all the greatest people in the world have had teachers have had mentors have had people who already accomplished something they want to accomplish and we’re willing to teach how to do it and in my more money course that’s one of the fundamentals of being successful is there’s internal success and there’s external success.

If you want to be successful you got to work on the inside and you got to work on the outside working on the outside means learning the methods the recipes the strategies for being successful in whatever it is you want to do so if you want to learn how to fix cars then you go to a school or find a mentor to train you and how to fix cars you don’t just try to figure it out yourself but most people whenever they undertake any sort of way of making money outside of a traditional job tend to just try to figure it out themselves or they make the big mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel and once they learn it from their teacher do it different without even doing it the way their teacher taught them in the first place I’ve heard that men are much worse about that than women

and you really have to train yourself to just do it the way you’ve been shown master it and then see if you can improvise or improve upon that expert’s training