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Zoom Class: Taught by Arnoux Goran

August 2 – 4, 2024 10 AM – 7 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

Zoom Class

November 1 – 3, 2024 9 AM – 6 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

Have more questions – Below are more detail, testimonies, and what our graduates are saying!

We are so happy and excited for you to be reading this information!  You’ve discovered the missing piece for success that you have been searching and hoping for.  If you have ever wondered if there is something that really works to transform you from the inside out and guide you to living a fulfilling life… you have finally found it!

We are the team at Arnoux Goran Seminars, and we know that you too will experience the joy and clarity that comes when you learn The Goran Technique, the 7 Steps that will transform your life.  We trust that you are here because you want your life to be different, you want to feel different, you want to think differently, and you want to become the best that you can ever be!

The course that we are inviting you to join here will give you the tools to get rid of hurtful anger, emotional and mental pain, paralyzing fear, uncertainty, loneliness, feelings of disconnect, sadness, addiction, procrastination, and any other non-supportive emotions and feelings that come to mind.  And it will show you how to replace all of that with empowering beliefs and practices leading to gratifying relationships, financial success, an ability to resolve issues calmly, and a fearless perspective of life.  Whatever you feel you have been needing and missing… now you will know how to bring it about.

There is now a guaranteed and permanent way to change who you have been being, and allow you to be transformed into the person living the life of your dreams.  Which brings up the question… do you know what it is you really want your life to be?  Think about it for a moment. 

What do you want for your life, and how do you want the rest of your life to be?  If you were able to have your life be the way you wish for in your heart, what would that look like, what would you be like?  Think about your relationships, finances, social interactions, your home and car, vacations, spirituality, your emotional state, health, romance… What Do You Want?   Now, when you think about what you want in your life, how do you feel that you don’t have it?  How does not having it already make you feel?

Are you feeling disappointment, sadness, frustration, doubt, or even anger?  Whatever it is that you are feeling, that is what’s blocking you from having it. 

Whatever reason or excuse YOU have for not already achieving it is exactly what is holding YOU back from achieving it.  Your own thoughts and emotions are your biggest obstacle.  On some level, you may realize this, yet most of us don’t know what to do to change from the inside so that the outside world changes to give us what we want.

This course will show you how to remove the inner blocks you have to the desires of your heart.  It is a process that is guaranteed and permanent.  Just imagine for a moment that resources and opportunities flow into your life effortlessly.  Imagine your family, your relationships, and your romance is all delightfully purring along, feel your health being vibrantly balanced, and see how your finances are easily providing for your every need.  Wow!  And now imagine how The Goran Technique has done exactly that for thousands of people just like you… cleared the blocks between their imagination and their living reality!

Watch what our grads have to say…
Who is this course for?

A common thread in all our students is a desire for a better life experience.  A desire to get rid of the reoccurring pain and setbacks they feel in their life, and to experience the happiness and satisfaction they long for.  They all attain that through The Goran Technique. 

Granted, deep wounds and horrendously traumatic memories may have many layers to clear, yet when they are all gone (and they will all be gone), the peace that replaces them is everlasting.  The Goran Technique provides you with permanent relief, and lasting benefits!  

The Goran Technique was the subject of a study on mental wellness by the University of California Irvine (UCI) in 2013.  A new study is scheduled to be done by UCI now that the pandemic restrictions are being lifted on campus.  So you can feel confident that what you will be learning is a proven method for your mental wellness and personal transformation!  

We have seen that, in general, there are three types of people

that love what this course does for them…

Those Who Struggle With Emotional Trauma

In this group are those of us that have had traumatic events, mental/emotional/physical situations that have stayed with us, and kept us from having the life we really desire.  Previous students have shared stories of physical and mental abuse that haunted them for years, and they couldn’t get relief through conventional therapeutic approaches. 

Yet once they learned The Goran Technique, layers of terrifying thoughts and painful emotions are peeled off, giving them back their lives.  Students that were extremely depressed and even on the verge of suicide, have eliminated those thoughts permanently, and are living a life of purpose. 

When you wake up to the power you have to remove the trauma and pain of the past, to recreate your life without those paralyzing thoughts and emotions, you’ll be able to enjoy life in ways you couldn’t have imagined, yet you always desired! 

Those On A Path Of Self Development

Many of us on the path of transformation have attended so many courses that people think of us as seminar junkies!  Maybe you’ve been to big events featuring world renowned trainers, had a personal coach, studied things like NLP or hypnosis, or watched lots of video presentations.


Some of our students say they had spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal development programs, only to find themselves right where they started… unable to change and not knowing why.  “Things” just keep getting in the way, old habits that you can’t seem to break, thoughts and images in your mind that hold you back, and emotions that continually block you from moving forward, even after all that wonderful training!


Once you learn how to use The Goran Technique, you’ll be able to remove the unconscious or subconscious blocks that the other methods couldn’t touch, couldn’t change, and you’ll be able to do it permanently!  No more wishing for the life of your dreams, now you will have a technique that opens the door for you to accomplish whatever you set your heart on!  You’ll do more, be more, love more, sell more, and enjoy more! 

Those Who Are New To Personal Transformation

Many of our students felt like they had absolutely no power or influence to change their life. As a result, they are new to personal transformation, not because of a lack of interest, but usually because they were unaware that they could do something different and have a different life. 

Sometimes we believe “that’s just the way things are“.  If we have relationships that fail, it’s their fault.  If we aren’t having the financial success we want, it’s bad luck, or the other guy is holding us back. When things repeatedly go wrong in our life, we throw up our hands and say its fate. 

We haven’t come to understand the part we play in our own outcomes.  We haven’t learned how our thoughts and emotions are the biggest factors in the way our life has become.  These students wake up and step into their greatness with a vengeance, after learning The Goran Technique!  Relationships with spouses and family members are restored, their relationship with money changes for the better, and even their health responds to their new way of thinking and being.

I got off my anxiety medication after being on it for 18 years. I no longer have panic attacks. It’s no longer a part of my consciousness. The Goran Technique works!
Joyce Walker

I am no longer angry at my father after a lifetime of trying to work through it. I tried counseling and other forms of therapy but nothing worked for me until I took the Arnoux Goran Seminars training. I also was able to get over the grief of my sister’s recent passing, go from a Jr. Deacon to a Pastor in my church, no longer need neck surgery, and don’t take painkillers anymore for my neck or back as I’m out of pain finally.
Ernest Johnson

I used to be very angry about my divorce and towards my ex-husband. After using The Goran Technique, I cleared all my anger. I saw my ex-husband at the farmer’s market the other day, and I could talk to him in complete neutrality. I didn’t think that was even possible.
Teresa Maltese

“I grew up in an abusive home and left when I was 14. My first memory is being thrown into a wall at age 3. Every moment of my life I was in a panic. My life was one long panic attack. I spent over $100,000 on therapy, courses, books, audios, and anything I could find to ‘be normal’. Then I met Arnoux and learned from him The Goran Technique that worked to change my life. Within 1 year, I passed the bar and began practicing law successfully. I have my 1st boyfriend. I lost 37 pounds, and best of all, I’m happy.”
Mari Davis


We have over 100 video testimonials confirming the success of The Goran Technique/7 Steps! Feel free to click this link to see and hear more enthusiastic endorsements from our students!

Course Information

In a moment you’ll meet the instructors for your course, but many of you are ready to register right now!  So here is the program information you need to move forward with transforming your life!
Here’s what you’ll get:  

  • Three Full-Day Zoom Classes of personal training with your instructor>
  • Downloadable Course Workbook
  • Video & Audio recordings of a Live 3-Day Course taught by Arnoux Goran, the inventor of the technique
  • Free 30-minute coaching call with one of our Certified Practitioners upon completion of the online course. 
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group, where you can connect with Arnoux Goran and ask questions so you feel supported as you practice the method on your own. 


Certainly, you will agree that this is a reasonable price to pay to learn a system that will permanently remove the unwanted programs from your mind and emotions and create the life of your dreams from the inside out.  But you won’t have to max out your credit cards or take out a student loan to get this valuable training.   This limited-time special price is a reflection of Arnoux Goran’s vision of making the needed education available to everyone.  

Many of our students say they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on treatments and therapies.  And they all say (as you have likely seen in the testimonials on this page) that this is the best, most life-changing training they have ever had!   Quite a value when you think about it, isn’t it!! 

Register for one of our free webinars to reserve your seat and receive the link to join.

A Monumental Breakthrough in Mental Health

How to Deal with Anxiety

Zoom Class: Taught by Arnoux Goran

August 2 – 4, 2024 10 AM – 7 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

Zoom Class

November 1 – 3, 2024 9 AM – 6 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

This is a comprehensive transformation course, and nothing is left to chance.  On the very first day of training, from 10 am to 7 pm, you’ll learn how amazingly your mind is designed, the connection between your thoughts and emotions, the secret to changing your life, and how/why to disable the protection of the unconscious mind, and you’ll learn and practice the Goran Technique! 

On your next day of training, you’ll get an even better understanding of the interplay between your thoughts and your results, delve deeper into clearing your patterns, and gain more confidence in your ability to clear and remove the blocks to your life’s success!  During the course, you will have breakout sessions with an assigned partner to practice what you’ve learned.  You’ll practice the technique with your partner and be able to use it on yourself masterfully after this course is over.  No more leaving a workshop in excitement only to forget what you heard and realize nothing has changed! 

Each day of the training will have the same time format, with more life-changing information to anchor what you’ve learned.  All of your questions will be answered by the end of the training on Sunday.  Then once you have completed your course, you’ll be scheduled for a FREE 30-minute coaching session with one of our certified practitioners!  Wow!  You will hit the ground running, never looking back, except maybe to reflect on the progress you’ve made or to erase something from the past!

You’ll also receive the complete on-demand video and audio recordings of the 3-day live course.  Now you can watch or listen to review the information at your convenience and pleasure!  In fact, when you register for your course, you’ll get immediate access to the recordings and can start learning and using the process even before you get to the Zoom class! This training is designed to ensure that you will learn The Goran Technique and know how to use it on yourself to clear away negative thoughts and their corresponding negative emotions forever

For those who would like to take their learning to the next level, you will now qualify to take an exam that, when passed successfully, allows you to be certified as a practitioner of The Goran Technique.  This will be invaluable if you are thinking of using these techniques to help others from a coaching perspective. 

This course also has a money-back guarantee. If any time during the first 30 days of purchase you are feeling less than satisfied, you can ask for and receive a full refund of your investment in the course. This way you can relax and focus on learning. 

Next Schedule Course Dates

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Next Schedule Course Date

Zoom Class: Taught by Arnoux Goran

August 2 – 4, 2024 10 AM – 7 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

Zoom Class

November 1 – 3, 2024 9 AM – 6 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

Meet Your Instructor

Arnoux Goran, The Creator of The Goran Technique

Arnoux Goran is a tremendous resource offering a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking to improve their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  He speaks from personal experience and the testimonies of many he has helped.  Even from applying a small fraction of the information, I have learned from his teachings, I have lost weight, successfully discontinued medications for ADHD, anxiety, and depression, and increased my overall sense of well-being by releasing emotional baggage from the past and increasing my energy for challenges I currently face.

The information is also of benefit for my loved ones who suffer from diabetes, fybromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, and adrenal failure.  I am thankful for this information, which I am certain has changed the course of my health to avoid these conditions my family members have developed.

Trudie Giordano

Hi, my name is Arnoux, and I used The Goran Technique (also known as the 7 Steps) to completely change my life.  When I was younger, I experienced a tremendous amount of emotional trauma.  I was constantly verbally abused by my drug-addicted parents.  I experienced periods of starvation, neglect, being freezing cold, and more, which led to me bottling up a ton of old emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, and the like.

As an adult, I worked extremely hard to have a better life but, no matter how much effort I made, nothing changed.  I read countless books, listened to boxes and boxes of audio programs, and attended every seminar I could find on personal development.  Unfortunately, I was still miserable, my bank account was always empty, and my health deteriorated to a point where doctors told me I would die, and there was nothing they could do. 

I was desperate and motivated to save my own life.  I knew that I needed to find a way to remove the old emotions of my past experiences, or I would never be able to have amazing relationships, be healthy, make money and live a life that I love.  When I discovered the Goran Technique, I was over the moon! I felt like I went from being upset over and over again by different “triggers” all day long, to being happy more, and more consistently.  I still remember the day when I didn’t get upset once for the entire day.  It was the first and only day that I could remember that happening in my entire life. Then, a whole week went by and I still felt great!

Everything changed for me. I got a car (no more riding the bus), a girlfriend (I had been pretty lonely and frustrated), and I began to teach The Goran Technique, to share it with as many people as I could.  I wanted everyone to experience total transformation as I did. At first people didn’t always get it, but eventually, I figured out a way to teach it so that every single person could understand and use The Goran Technique.  Their stories speak volumes about how effective this method is, and how much their lives have changed because of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Goran Technique/7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself?
The Goran Technique is a unique method of deleting the repeating thoughts and held beliefs in the unconscious mind while simultaneously releasing the attached emotion(s) from the cells of the body.  It works to release negative emotions and beliefs from specific or isolated traumas in life as well as repeated or daily traumas.  This allows you to truly feel better in a profound and deep way, to erase the past, to change the repeating thoughts in your head and the repeating emotions in your life.  It literally pulls the wool from over your eyes as it shifts how you view the world so that the perspective from the old non-supportive beliefs no longer affects how you see life.  Based on the proven concept that thoughts create reality, this process is one of the fastest and easiest ways today not only to release negative emotions and thoughts but also to change your life.  Thousands of people have used it effectively to release all types of fears, anger, sadness, and other emotions producing extraordinary results in how they feel, and improving their success levels in both finances and relationships. Some have even reported healing results in their body by using this process.
Is The Goran Technique the same as The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself?
Yes, they are the same technique. It was renamed in 2020 to better reflect the total transformation that comes from deleting and replacing mental and emotional programs rather than “reprogramming”.  Some of us still refer to the technique as the 7 Steps.  We use them interchangeably. 
Can I use it on myself?
Absolutely!  It works even if you are new at using it!  You can look at over 100 video testimonials on our channel.  
Will this technique work for me?
The University of California study conducted on the Goran Technique (the 7 Steps) showed that 100% of the audience said they cleared negative emotions permanently AND that they could do it on their own.  All people can do The 7 Steps on their own, effectively, as long as the effort is made to follow the method.  It works even if you don’t believe it will work.
Where did it come from?
The Goran Technique was developed through years of study and research by Total Health Mastery® founder and author, Arnoux (are-know) Goran.  Arnoux was driven to discover how to permanently release negative emotions after an incredibly challenging childhood and terrible financial struggle in early adulthood.  Through his research, he discovered much of the workings and design of the mind, the system of how the mind works, and through this understanding was able to see easily how to remove unwanted thoughts and feelings from the mind.  Through years of experimentation and working with clients Arnoux has created a 7 Step process that has been used by people from all walks of life, languages, and cultures have changed their lives permanently for the better!
How do I get certified?
You may become a Certified Practitioner of the Goran Technique after completing the course and successfully passing the online exam.   There is also a certificate, suitable for framing, that you can order to showcase your accomplishment.
How long has The Goran Technique been around?
Arnoux began teaching individuals the Goran Technique (the 7 Steps) right after he discovered it in 2003.  The first group course taught with The 7 Steps was in 2004 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
How is The Goran Technique different from talk therapy?
The Goran Technique (the 7 Steps) allows you to access the unconscious mind and permanently remove old programming that keeps replaying in not just your mind but in your reality.  With The 7 Steps you can permanently release old emotional traumas.  Talk therapy deals with the conscious mind and does not permanently remove repeating life programs or allow you to recall a past memory and find that there is zero emotion from that past memory like The 7 Steps does.

How is this different from other healing tools like Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, or Matrix Energetics?
The Goran Technique (the 7 Steps) addresses the unconscious mind and the beliefs stored in it.  When you release those beliefs you also release the corresponding emotions and energy.  There is no other tool that releases unconscious beliefs in this direct and powerful way.
Many other healing tools work on the energy field or conscious mind of the human being, but none other that we have found erase the beliefs from the unconscious.  Others that claim to do so usually only install new positive beliefs or programs, which if done enough may crowd out old negative beliefs… eventually, if ever.  That would be like trying to plant enough flowers that there would be no weeds in the garden.  The 7 Steps is the only tool that shows you how to access the unconscious mind and remove old negative beliefs or programming, rather than just add new ones.
How is the online course delivered?
You can attend the course via any smart device on demand anytime, anywhere in the world as long as you have a wi-fi connection.  You’ll be watching a video of the course delivered by Arnoux Goran himself.  You do not have to wait a single minute to start your training.  The live course is held periodically, and the dates will be posted on the website. 
Do I get a discount if I pay off my balance early?

If you choose a payment plan, you can pay it off at any time and get 30% off of the remaining balance.  This way you can get started now and still receive significant savings in the near future.

Zoom Class: Taught by Arnoux Goran

August 2 – 4, 2024 10 AM – 7 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

Zoom Class

November 1 – 3, 2024 9 AM – 6 PM PST

Taught Live on Zoom

Arnoux Goran Seminars

What our grads have to say…
I released the grief I was carrying for 12 years after my mom’s sudden death and the hurt and anger from a terrible break up.
Elyse Homberger

I met my fiancée, Jeff, after 19 years of being single.  I healed the wounds from my son’s sudden death six months ago; and I’m on track for a 6 figure income this year.  A huge breakthrough that I credit to Arnoux Goran Seminars.
Gale Garjardo

This is an excellent program to get a hold of one’s mind.  I have participated in it and I think to date it is still the most valuable program I have completed on self-improvement! I have taken Landmark Education – including the advanced course and seminars, the Avatar Course, and 5 years worth of talk therapy.  I studied to be a marriage and family therapist, and many of the things I learned in The Goran Technique were more helpful than the techniques I learned in “therapy school” to deal with the same issues!
Elizabeth Sharp

Using The Goran Technique is like pulling the wool from over your eyes.
Sead Pepic

I took several courses with Arnoux Goran Seminars and saw changes in EVERY area of my life.  Some of the big ones are:
Releasing all of the grief around my father’s death.  We were very close, and now I don’t cry when I talk about him, which I always did before.

I now get along great with my mom, and she has never criticized me since I erased that issue from my unconscious using The Goran Technique.  My brother and I now have a relationship after years of no contact.  That was also a result of The Goran Technique.  In fact, all three of these relationships totally changed after just 1 weekend with The Goran Technique.  There is so much more I could say; even my ability to speak in public has totally changed.  The biggest thing may be that I now have the tools to make even more changes, not just for myself but for others.  I feel truly blessed.

Karen Farberow

I wouldn’t be married if it wasn’t for this training.
Shelly Rodgers-Houser

Using The Goran Technique has been incredibly valuable for our us as it has made it possible for us to reprogram our subconscious patterns on our own, whenever we need to. No need to make an appointment with anyone.  Now that we know how to do it we’ve even helped our friends and family learn how to do it, with incredible results.  No drama at family Christmas this year.  Woohoo!
Emrys Hanley

Hi Arnoux!  I have the best of news!! I landed a job! Like a real job and not a temp one!  The people are awesome and I’m am beyond grateful!  The best part about it is how it all happened. I was feeling down, started clearing the negative thoughts about my job using The Goran Technique, then I thought,”I haven’t taken a bath in years.”  So I filled up the tub threw in some pink salt and got a book to read.  The book I grabbed was, “Power of the Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel Shinn.  I read 20 pages got out of the bath only to check my email and there was the job offer!  It brightened up my day and made be a true believer!  I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve taught me.
Sandra Maddoxx

I was out of work and now have more than full time work.  I have three jobs and they love me.  It felt really good to have all of my bills paid before the month was over.
Bradford Powell

I cleared my fear of flying forever in just a few minutes time.
Jonathan Duran

It’s such a relief to FINALLY accept myself for who I am, especially spiritually.  Learning how to create an INTENTION and seeing it manifest within five minutes is so POWERFUL!  This has been the greatest blessing ever, and I am eternally grateful to Arnoux!
Ami Garcia

Don’t attend this course unless you are really looking for information that will literally change your life.  I highly recommend this program to all serious and committed health seekers.
Anne M. Smith

Since my early 20’s, I have searched the globe for a process that could help me alleviate the constant emotional/physical pain I was in.  I gave my money and power to anyone who claimed they had answers.  I tried EVERYTHING, and despite feeling more and more like a failure, I kept searching for truth, my truth.  Right away, I noticed a big difference to this work compared to any other work.  Surprise!  Healing 37 years of the most traumatic experiences that any one person can go through is not going to be easy, and I HAVE BEEN THROUGH THEM ALL!  I still have more to go, but I finally have freedom. Freedom to choose for myself and I am no longer a victim.

The Goran Technique to Reprogramming Yourself has set me free from pain I thought I would have to carry for the rest of my life!  I actually have joy and love in my life!  This work is like having a magic eraser, and I have consciously been erasing pain and patterns that no longer serve the highest expression of myself. PERMANENTLY!!!

Monique Rose

1 Hour 40 Mins Testimonial Reel

Testimonial with Janice Hoffman, author of Relationship Rules, former Head Facilitator for John Gray 

Janice overcame IBS, suicidal thoughts, and financial burden.

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