With the 7 Steps tool (Now expanded into The Goran Technique!), Tina is able to erase any triggers she has at work, so she can be calm and centered. She has also erased​ all the anger associated with her nephew’s murder. She no longer has to live with mental pain.

Also, she no longer lives in scarcity financially, and has created a new more abundant relationship with money… effortlessly.

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video:


I’m Tina and I was in the step class in July awesome first of all I took the test I got my cert and the that weekend while we were here I got a text from my boss and a woman had filed a state complaint against me and she had talked three men into complaining but they wouldn’t do state that they complain to to my boss and so he doesn’t work on weekends and he and he checks screen and said call me so so I got freaked out I called him you know we talked about it he said you know you’re not gonna lose your job but we gotta do some stuff okay so I came back in here and I was and I was freaked about it and and so I didn’t have to do some clearing on that and and so when I went back to work I had to deal with that and and it in it was everything was fine they had already they already knew that client they had already experienced things with that client and they knew that would you know what I said about what happened is is what happened and the three guys that she got to put that she had convinced to complain about me all three of them have had to come into my group and sit there and are expecting me because I’m not expecting me to blast them.

And I’m treating them like nothing happened and working with them and you know they’re having one of them had to come in the next day and ask me for a favor to save his job he was four usually I would have set them down first and punished them then uh you know my my nephew was murdered in 2012 and we’ve been going to court there were four defendants we’ve been going to court for four for six years we have still one more to go so it’s going to go into next year and I every time I went to court I was angry and I worked with money I worked with Barney the 94 he went to the trial and one of the trials and we working on my anger in my head I was working on my anger for that specific day so that when I went on that day I wouldn’t be angry and what’s happened is I have gone to court many many times since then and four different defendants and there has been no anger there’s even compassion and some forgiveness

I did know my finances are improving for some reason and I’m not taking them I didn’t take the money course but because of my thinking and you know that my thinking is changing and the way the way I feel about and look at money has changed and so you know it’s it’s gotten so much better I used to live in LAC and my brother I’m living with my brother and sister-in-law right now and my brother and they are both very very Christian then I go to Center for Spiritual Living and every every Sunday I get up and I’m gone every Saturday I get up and I’m gone to a spiritual world and and every Sunday they stay in bed they’re not going to church anymore and a few weeks ago he asked me about the Center for Spiritual Living it and and whenever he’s home he asked me about what I’m doing and there they’re both interested in what I’m doing not just there but here and you know they’re noticing the change in me the seen it and my clients also you know like I said oh you know I’ve always been pretty I’m a bit rough around the edges and and I’ve softened up I don’t have to be so hard on them anymore I mean there are times when I have when I do but.

But for the most part I can just talk to them and just look at them and you know and then they straighten up they you know they quit doing what they’re doing or talking about what they’re talking about and I had a guy come in to my office last week and this guy hardcore Republican drink cuz he liked to drink and he didn’t hurt anybody he hasn’t he didn’t cause any problems the reason he’s in rehab has nothing to do with his about ISM and um and every time I’m talking about something and especially if I get into mindfulness or any any kind of spiritual stuff he rolls his eyes and he came in the other day and he walked straight into my office and he looked like he was angry and he closed the door and I sat down in my chair and I you know okay what’s up and he was almost in tears and he said I want to thank you he said if you’d told me four months ago you know forty days ago Peter told me forty days ago that a female um lesbian a Hispanic would teach me something that I wouldn’t listen to somebody like you in the first place was a miracle and to be able to stand here right now and tell you that they can tell you thank you because it taught me so much it’s a miracle they gave me an apple I covered

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