The Cow That Never Got Sick

by Sep 4, 2015Arnoux's Original Articles

I have a friend named Jorgen who is still kicking in his late 80’s.  He told me a story that I just have to share with you.


When he was growing up in Sweden there was a rancher who was feeding his cows a special diet.  All of the other ranchers made fun of him.  He was often the butt of jokes and generally laughed at for his ridiculous diet he was feeding his livestock.


Then one day a sickness swept through all of the cows in the area.  Every rancher had sick cows.  All of them were sick.  Except for this one guy with the special diet program.
The other ranchers wanted to know why his cows didn’t get sick.  He told them that by feeding them a higher quality diet their immune systems were so strong that they could not get sick.  The other ranchers didn’t believe him.


He said, “I can prove it!”  Take any of my cows and put them with your sick cows and as long as you feed them what I tell you they won’t get sick.”


The other ranchers took on this challenge and NONE of the cows got sick.


Then they took the blood from a sick cow and injected it into the healthy cows on the special diet and they still didn’t get sick.


I remember when I became impervious to illness.  Even if my girlfriend was sick and kissed me I still didn’t get sick.  Nothing could ever get me sick.  One of my clients, Jennifer Montanez, asked me if I would come speak to her office of 200 people on how to not get sick because she said, “I’m tired of everyone coughing and sneezing on me all the time.  If one person gets sick they all get sick, except for me.  I don’t get sick.”


Louis Pasteur who developed the germ theory said, “It’s not the germ, it’s the terrain.”


Learning how to eat the highest quality diet for a human being and developing an immune system that is impenetrable is a wise choice.  Don’t you want to be like the cows that couldn’t get sick?  I know I do.


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