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*Success Stories

*What Students are Saying About The Solution Weekend Course

*The Solution weekend training is hailed as “beyond cutting edge” and “the greatest health seminar I’ve ever attended” by our clients, authors and health professionals from all fields. “Arnoux Goran Seminars training saved me and my family. I was bedridden and thought I would die. I had seen every doctor and after 20 years of suffering and taking hundreds of medications I had given up hope. After attending the training program now I am completely healthy, off all medications, and this training saved my marriage.”
Wendy Pappas

Massage Therapist & Master Arnoux Goran Seminars Consultant

*I’ve met Arnoux back in 2010 when I heard him speak on the radio. I’ve never heard anyone speak about weightloss, the way he spoke about it. I knew I came across someone special. I was overweight, border line obese and my confidence was down the dump! I felt like s*** and like a failure at life! After attending Arnoux’s “The Solution Weekend”, I was blown away about how much I did not know and how much I learned in just one weekend with him. I lost over 30 pounds within 2 months of applying what he had thought me in “The Solution Weekend”.
Luis Sanchez

Arnoux Goran Seminars Professional Health Consultant

*Before I took the Solution Weekend, I thought I was going to die very soon. As I was diagnosed with heart disease, and pre-diabetes. I tried to repair my broken relationship with my mom by attending this health seminar with her; I thought it was going to be lame but it turned out to be awesome. I learned how to fix my health, heal my emotional issues, change my life and regain my hope for living. I lost over 40 pounds, have my mom back and I’m totally grateful to Arnoux Goran Seminars.
David Wesson III

THM Professional Health Consultant

*I lost over 45 pounds, cured my carpal tunnel syndrome, improved my focus and mental clarity and a mysterious pain in my side that no doctor could diagnose went away during my Arnoux Goran Seminars Seminar!
Carmen Sanchez

*In 30 days I lost 35lbs.  My doctor was so happy.  He put me on an EKG machine and it turns out my heart and blood pressure medication was no longer necessary!  I highly recommend Arnoux Goran Seminars’ programs.  It works.
George R. Adams


*My cellulite that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried just melted off during this training!
Allyson Meacham


*The results have been AMAZING, I don’t think there are enough words to describe how FANTASTIC the results are, in fact, ‘life changing’ doesn’t give it enough justice because it’s so much more than that. Already I’ve gone from size 12 to 6, got off 3 allergy medications including steroids, 2 prescriptions for chronic back pain (muscle spasms & sciatica) removed heavy metals, got rid of arthritis & joint pain, and NO more Migraines!!!
Ami Garcia

Former Engineer, Arnoux Goran Seminars Master Professional Health Consultant

*I got off of Lipitor and lost 40 pounds. My wife’s vision improved and doesn’t need glasses anymore.
Jim Sweet

Retired, Former Executive for Proctor & Gamble

*After taking The Solution Weekend with Arnoux Goran Seminars I met my fiancée, Jeff, after 19 years of being single. Then I took The Foundation and healed the wounds from my son’s sudden death six months ago, and I’m on track for a 6 figure income this year. A huge breakthrough that I credit to Arnoux Goran Seminars.
Gale Garjardo

Corporate Trainer

*Our family had been very sick from toxic mold.  Doctors could not help us, we lost everything, even our dogs and had to move many times.  My mom had very bad allergies and could have died from her brain swelling.  My sister had bloody noses really bad every day, doctors wanted to do surgery.  I was sick a lot.  My heart was not beating right and my immune system was shutting downDoctors could not tell my parents why.  My mom went to Arnoux’s classes and learned the truth about health and we are much healthier now.
Summer Pappas

Age 6

*As a personal trainer, my clients lost weight, got rid of their menstrual cramps, migraines…  the list goes on.
Alfonso Jaimes

Personal Trainer

*Over the past 3 months and I have lost 30 plus pounds.  Now my insulin in-take is half of what it used to be.
Odin Myhre


*Just from using the information Arnoux taught me on how to get rid of mucus I no longer have the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis.
Mel Cutler

Master NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Master Success Coach, Entre Revolution

*I had terrible swelling in my legs which my doctor diagnosed as Edema and prevented me from getting on an airplane.  More importantly it scared me.  I couldn’t get help from any doctor and then I remembered to call Arnoux.  After I spoke with him over the phone my Edema was gone within weeks! He has helped me several times with my health on several levels and changed the lives of many of my church members.  He has also been a featured guest on my TV show, A Celebrated Life.  I recommend Arnoux to everyone!
Dr. Rev. Roby Chevance

Minister at The Celebration Center & Singing Instructor , Finding Your Voice

*I quit drinking coffee with no cravings and zero headaches!
Kitty Marteen

Colon Hydrotherapist

*I haven’t caught a cold or flu for over 15 years…the principles Arnoux teaches in his class really work to create the kind of immune system that is totally impenetrable.
Linda Pearlman


*The pain from my acid reflux was so bad I couldn’t get out of bed or work.  I used to carry around an entire backpack of pharmaceutical drugs with me everywhere I went.  Since taking the Arnoux Goran Seminars training program I am out of pain, able to get out of bed and work, and I trashed the back pack.  I share this training with everyone I know.  My dad was able to reduce his insulin by 50% in 2 weeks… we didn’t think he was going to make it.  That was just after taking the 1st course!
John Pulvers


*What Students are Saying About The Goran Technique Course

*Arnoux Goran is a tremendous resource offering a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking to improve their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. He speaks from personal experience and the testimonies of many he has helped. Even from applying a small fraction of the information I have learned from his teachings, I have lost weight, successfully discontinued medications for ADHD, anxiety and depression and increased my overall sense of well-being by releasing emotional baggage from the past and increasing my energy for challenges I currently face. The information is also of benefit for my loved ones who suffer from diabetes, fybromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, and adrenal failure. I am thankful for this information, which I am certain has changed the course of my health to avoid these conditions my family members have developed.
Trudie Giordano


*I am no longer angry at my father after a lifetime of trying to work through it.  I tried counseling and other forms of therapy but nothing worked for me until I took the Arnoux Goran Seminars training.  I also was able to get over the grief of my sister’s recent passing, go from a Jr. Deacon to a Pastor in my church and no longer need neck surgery and don’t take pain killers anymore for my neck or back as I’m out of pain finally.
Ernest Johnson

Pastor & THM Professional Health Consultant

*I got off my anxiety medication after being on it for 18 years. I no longer have panic attacks. It’s no longer a part of my consciousness. The Goran Technique works!
Joyce Walker

*After a challenging childhood I realized I attracted men who didn’t appreciate me because of a lack of feeling worthy inside. I erased all of that during the Goran Technique weekend and attracted a really hot guy who treats me like a princess.
Seyha Heang

Paralegal Office Manager

*Arnoux, your teachings helped me release the loss of my father, who passed away a year and a half ago.
Until recently, each time I tried to sing the song ‘Hurt’, by Christina Aguilera, I’d burst into tears because it reminds me of my dad.
But a few weeks ago on his birthday I sang it without crying. It still reminds me of him but I don’t have all that huge sadness anymore, which tells me I’ve managed to let go. So, thank you!
Lina Alexaki

Producer/Audio Engineer, www.musicove.com

*I took several courses with Arnoux Goran Seminars and saw changes in EVERY area of my life.  Some of the big ones are:

Releasing all of the grief around my father’s death.  We were very close and now I don’t cry when I talk about him, which I always did before.
I now get along great with my mom and she has never criticized me since I erased that issue from my unconscious using The Goran Technique. My brother and I now have a relationship after years of no contact.  That was also a result of The Goran Technique.  In fact all three of these relationships totally changed after just 1 session with The Goran Technique. There is so much more I could say, even my ability to speak in public has totally changed.  The biggest thing may be that I now have the tools to make even more changes, not just for myself, but for others.  I feel truly blessed.
Karen Farberow

Shop Owner & Professional THM Health Consultant

*Using the Goran Technique  is like pulling the wool from over your eyes.
Sead Pepic

Businesss Owner, Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Success Coach , Life Guard Master

*I got over a broken heart that I had been trying to get over for a year.
Jennifer Montanez

*I cleared my fear of flying forever in just a few minutes time. I also lost 45 pounds doing a cleanse without getting sick when I had always gotten sick previously. Arnoux is a true master of cleansing.
Jonathan Duran

Business Owner, Danuta Fine Jewelry

*I took his classes and he is a wonderful speaker and his knowledge is beyond explanations, plus his system does work and you learn about food, your emotions, and how to clear all of it ease and grace.
Kathi Wight

Reiki Practitioner & Arnoux Goran Seminars Professional Health Consultant

*My claims rep for my long term care insurance company wanted to know if I was still “disabled” and I told her that you healed me! That your course completely healed me from your healing energies and by taking the 5 day course. She was fascinated by it and knew that I was telling the truth and wanted to learn more from you so I gave her your number. I told her the day before I left about our conversation about why I can’t come and all my pain. I also told her the day before I went to the 5 days I had a reevaluation and the PT told me he will request for more therapy. Ha! You changed my life Arnoux. Thank you! I would still be in pain today if it were not for you and especially Teresa for introducing me to you! I tell everyone about you, even my Pastor wants to meet you and take your next courses. You are my gift from God so expect more referrals.


Emjudy Santiago

Nurse Practitioner

*What Students are Saying About the Advanced Courses

*Don’t attend this course unless you are really looking for information that will literally change your life. I’ve studied with the best of them or so I thought. I’ve been through all of Arnoux Goran’s courses and they have been a cut above. I enthusiastically look for AGS staff’s emails because they are consistently stimulating, informative and evocative. I highly recommend this program to all serious and committed health seekers.
Anne M. Smith

CEO and Founder, Anne's Kombucha

*I have been through a few health programs before but I have never been through one quite as special as Arnoux’s. The knowledge that he has to give is so pure and true. He has protocols and tools to work on every part of a human and can easily explain why and how it works.
I have grown leaps and bounds through these courses in ways that I didn’t realize was possible. I learned how to detox my body to get rid of back acne, create permanent positive thought patterns, permanently release old thought patterns, learn how to set intentions in my life and manifest what I would like to come into my life (example: money), what it actually means to eat healthy, how to meditate, how to heal diseases that are supposedly not curable, how to energetically heal someone, and so much more.
I have been able heal myself and others with all of this incredible knowledge and am excited to continue to do so as I go through the Professional Health Consulting Course!
These courses that Arnoux has created are absolutely life changing in the best way ever and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to feel better day to day and learn about true healthy living.
Thank you a million Arnoux! You are changing the world and creating a ripple effect that will forever continue.
Breanna O'Brien

Holistic Health Consultant, The Colors of Health

*I love it (The Foundation Course)! Thank you so much. It was extremely educational and I learned some things that I had not learned at IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)  in New York. The content you shared was excellent and the delivery of the information was as exceptional as the content.
Kathleen Kalaf

Author of Yeast Infection: The Yeast Infection That Nearly Killed Me-The Hidden Dangers of a Simple Yeast Infection-What Every Woman Should Know, Click here to see her Amazon.com author page

*During the Emotional Repolorization Technique course (an advanced course), I cleared tons of negative emotions around love and financial success. I also cleared some physical symptoms that had manifested from an emotional root cause. Only the emotional work done at the seminar was able to clear it after trying many physical remedies.
Megan Salisbury

Co-Founder of LiveGreenGlam.com & THM Master Professional Health Consultant, Live Green Glam

*Your tools are the best. I’ve made more progress since July (in 5 months) than in over 2 years of therapy.  
Shelley Rodgers

*Arnoux is an amazing teacher, full of knowledge and wisdom. I’ve taken self development courses from Landmark Education, Peak Potentials, Avatar, Berkeley Psychic Institute; and I’m also a certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner.  No one else teaches physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health like Arnoux Goran. He’s the best of the best.
Merit Ma

THM Master Professional Health Consultant

*I’ve taken hundreds of seminars, and this one is the very best by far. I’ve never found any tools for success more powerful or easier to use than these ones.
Doug McClure

Business Owner

*I have done many nutritional seminars and have spoken at many as well. Arnoux is so authentic and real it is very inspiring. Every person in America needs to take this class!!
Brittney McLaughlin

*Arnoux Goran Seminars saved my life!  Not only did I finally find the answers I was desperately seeking for 17 years for my physical health, I also released the grief I was carrying for 12 years after my mom’s sudden death and the hurt and anger from a terrible break up.”  
Elyse Homberger

THM Master Professional Health Consultant

*I saved my gallbladder from surgery!  Arnoux Goran Seminars changed my life in many ways.  One very significant way was saving my gallbladder from removal.  I was told my my doctors that there was no other option and I was scheduled for gallbladder removal surgery.  Online research only validated that I was going to lose my gallbladder and there was nothing else I could do.  I followed the information offered in The Foundation course on cleansing. Hundreds of stones came out, my symptoms went away, and the surgery was cancelled.
Sue Hurley

Sales, Omica Organics

*I spent 35 years studying everything I could get my hands on in health and healing and it took me all that time to learn only 65% of what was in the 1st weekend of The Foundation. The rest I hadn’t learned yet. It’s the highest level of information I’ve ever found, in every area.
Lisa Kalison-Tota

Business Owner & THM Master Professional Health Consultant, Discovery Screening

*This is an excellent program to get a hold of one’s mind. I have participated in it and I think to date it is still the most valuable program I have completed on self improvement! I have taken Landmark Education – including the advanced course and seminars, the Avatar Course, and  5 years worth of talk therapy. I studied to be a marriage and family therapist, and many of the things I learned in Arnoux’s course were more helpful than the techniques I learned in “therapy school” to deal with the same issues!
Elizabeth Sharp

Yoga Instuctor