Teresa Explains Emotional Repolarization Technique, Completion, and the 5 Steps Emotional Eraser

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Subtitles to the video:

I think the completion was huge for me I haven’t talked much about that that was recent I took it the end of last year and the completion was amazing because I actually got completed with my ex-husband which was amazing and a recent relationship which was even more amazing because I had so much more to deal with a current relationship than a relationship that was previous you know several years ago ten years ago so just having that completion and that tool to be able to do that as well as a death my cousin who’s like a father for me I was able to complete that years ago

When you helped me without one day I just it’s you know that sadness you feel after someone dies is is awful and I was on my way to helping as an even angel and my cousin died and so I was able to clear it that weekend which was amazing with the completion letter so I haven’t felt that sadness since which was great and the divorce well that was that was good too because I I just don’t have that anger and that upset ness and it gave closure I mean I was able to clear everything

But the completion actually completed it so yeah the completion is great the breakthrough gosh what they learn the specific breakthrough because mine or so oh god the biceps is awesome yeah that’s that’s the five steps is great it’s another great tool if you love the seven steps the five steps is just a different tool that you use for I’m sorry I’m going eliminated the five steps is great because it’s just another tool to look at your asked in your future and you just

I mean you have all these pictures that show up and and just merit helped me clear ancestral stuff with the five step eraser which was amazing and I had no idea I had all this ancestral stuff come up and when it popped up it was just it was it was it was heart-wrenching and terrifying all at the same time and and by the time we were done an hour later we cleared it I cleared it it was gone so not everything works with the seven steps sometimes you have to have this other five step tool

Which is amazing so thanks for creating that – you’re welcome ya know they’re all great courses ERT is great they’re all wonderful so if you need more tools and you want more tools this is the place to get them might as well do it now the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association