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I’m a medical doctor and practice integrated functional medicine and our love is always you know addressing the root cause physically and emotionally and with the seven-step we sincerely felt it was one of the most powerful seminars we’ve ever taken and are recommending it highly to everyone just last week and I was really really really bad at my brother he’s really sick and and I knew because I was so angry that I had to do something about it you know so I cleared it and as soon as I cleared it like the next day when I talked to him it was gone the anger let me clear my parents divorce yeah that was huge for me I was like this was gonna work I wouldn’t even sign up for this a while back ago yeah but I still have resistance because it’s like out of my area and you know I have all these excuses right and so I just you know everyone’s like there’s no such thing as permanently believing anything right and I’m not believing them because like I want to try with open mind right because that’s who I am and so I just come with this open mind and I like trying new things I’ve tried like I said and have tried all kinds of things and nothing has ever worked like this has worked like I woke up and I was like oh my god is gone and I felt like literally a new person Wow six years ago believe first time taking seven steps first time taking our nose courses I was a total like just like mess everywhere.

And I I’ve noticed so much changes within me and then I also it’s amazing to see the the growth within yourself and then also to hear other people telling you about the growth that they see in me we would do the seven step and then almost immediately would get a text or an email or a phone call from person and that just that was happening consistently and then the entire dynamic of what was happening changed and then outlook change you know how we viewed what happened changed and then you know it’s been incredible and with our business as well the new clients that we’re getting patience has been incredible who really resonate with what we do get it and we’ve been then using the seven-step both my brother is a biofeedback specialist and so he’s been using with his clients and I’m using it with my clients as well for me with my clients it’s been instantaneous thank you so much for giving our life back about five years ago it came to light that my daughter had been sexually abused and molested by a best friend of my ex-husband for years that lived under my roof and I had no idea and I’m supposed to be the intuitive one and and I had a lot of lot of stuff and she did too and she spent years just not being able to get out of bed and I never understood life and so we’ve been searching and searching for an answer and and the anger and the frustration and lots of stuff and then we found merit about it’s only been a couple of months and three months and the transformation that has happened for her.

It has been amazing that she’s been helping people throughout the weekend she couldn’t even look at people and she’s out there wanting to make a difference in the world you’re doing it and my daughter yeah and I mean it is literally a transformation that was a miracle and a godsend and so I do thank you and I know that it’s going to continue and and new doors are opening already and I’ve been taking our nose courses since 2012 and I could tell you lots of things cleared I’m standing here going which one do I share because there are many and I do thank you for changing my life in so many ways one of the ones that I cleared was I didn’t talk to my brother for eight years and him and I used to be like this we talked every day I came to class and I cleared everything with him and three months later he called me and we had been like this for the last six years so it’s amazing that I got my relationship back with my brother which changed my life because I struggled with a suicidal depression for most of my childhood and teenage years and pretty much all of my adulthood but to the point where I’ve been institutionalized I can’t buy a firearm in the state of California I’ve had my brain shocked with electrotherapy it been on every drug and medication areas and none of it really works.

So I use the seven steps like at least thirty minutes probably every single day for like a year and about pretty much got rid of this I just wanted him to smile at you don’t you see how he smiles now when I sat in his why your life is the way it is talk at the was it was the new earth Expo in January that we went to in Burbank and I just knew for some reason I just felt his energy and resonated with the similar type of story and I just felt something was here that I was going to learn and in the past six months I have erased the post-traumatic stress I’ve erased 80% of the lingering pain maybe 90% of lingering pain in my body that was still left from the accident the energy and print of the accident and having worked with Arno in the seven steps weekend I erased some of that pain that day on the first day of the weekend which allowed me to tolerate like up to that point I could only sit in a chair for 20 minutes at a time and then I was in so much pain I had to get up and leave the room when I erased that the first exercise we did I was able to sit in the room for the rest of the talk and and just take it in and not be completely distracted by the pain so that if that’s all it did that would be worth the price of admission to me as almost 20 negative beliefs that I had about money mm-hmm and at your suggestion.

I used the seven steps to erase all of them and after they were all gone I wrote a book and here it is I wrote this book in two weeks after all my negative beliefs were erased this is Testament this is physical evidence of what can be accomplished once we use this tool to get our stuff out of the way not everybody’s an author but everybody has a masterpiece inside of them the seven steps is a tool that anyone can use so you’re trying to create something in your life but there’s some programming inside of you stopping you no matter how hard you try twenty years of trying to write a book you can’t break through that wall to your willpower if you can erase the programming boom in three days it’s done but with the seven steps it’s just F have clients raise the rate trauma get rid of their drug addictions I had this one guy for he said he spent over a hundred thousand dollars on therapy and with a few weeks with me he erased all his trauma he wakes up happy now and me personally I was suicidal depressants I was twelve and that’s why I took all these seminars and nothing’s worked but because of our no I think he saved my life because I don’t think I’ll be alive now because I’ll probably be you know without depression but that’s my testimony oh it’s I’ve not depressed anymore well I got to clear a lot of stuff with my dad growing up we had my sisters and I had a very controlling and verbally abusive dad and going through all the seven steps really it helped so much.

I know that I had a lot of issues and my sisters did too that were just building up over time and we were able to get through so much because before the weekend we had a lot of issues with trying to communicate with him and and just a lot of things just weren’t clicking and afterwards we cleared probably about 80% of the issues that we did have and ever since then like about every week or every two weeks something new will present itself just between us in the relationship and we’re able to clear it like that with the seven steps and it’s been really really amazing because it’s not only us that are changing my sisters and I but we also noticed changes in him like he’s becoming healthier as well and he’s changing his mind sets as well and so it’s been really quite an incredible process for us so that was our big thing well your whole world is affected by your energy field and when you clear things people around you get impacted by that it’s amazing yeah this tool makes magic happen your life will change I guarantee it my life has changed my life is so different from what it once was it’s unbelievable I believe in miracles now you know anything is possible and because of the seven steps thanks John this guy right here he’s pretty cool knew that there was something that drove me nuts that I couldn’t heal my own now I’m trained in 20 different healing methods I used to be a professional healer you think I could do something about what I couldn’t get rid of but it was the method that made the difference I had excruciating pain on my skull where I landed and throughout most of my spine and then there was all the emotional stuff that went through.

Having been attacked the physical pain was the thing that was so debilitating so when I came in here in February I I was going to do it but the thing I most wanted to be free of was what this experience of physical Bane did to me and at that point in my life I had just had enough I was done with this thing being in the way in my life and so I just kind of mentally said I trust him I’m gonna put all at stake and whatever happens to be exercised I have people in this room who love me care about me and will take care of me and just read for when that was my turn but there’s something about this you erase stuff like once you erase it it really is gone I got it better that chair knowing something was different I didn’t know how different it would be but I knew it I knew down on my bones okay we just moved a 70-ton Boulder awful yawns I woke up the next morning I had no physical pain and I also had no fear of the physical pain and that was just like no is that stuff’s gone and I came back in and they were just like man you’re like six inches above the floor I mean you’re just elevated at this point I was just so thrilled to be done with the dang thing like it truly is a DIN life I had lived for 40 years with the terror of that physical pain and that was gone and what it’s bit like now is I can be a normal person like I’m a normal person in a non damaged body with a brain that works and I have a whole life experience that supports that there’s no longer this thing that I think about all the time so the physical pain being gone man that was worth everything that it took but to not think about that event anymore I would not have believed you.

If you had told me that was possible it’s one thing to be physically praying free it’s another thing not to be haunted by that kind of event anymore it’s a story and I’m a minister and a spiritualist and have been for 35 years and I have a coaching client and I know there’s a lot of coaches in the room so I wanted to share this testimony about how easy doing the seven steps to reprogram your life can make your coaching job so I have a new client she lives in New York she’s a Wilhelmina model she was on America’s Next Top Model beautiful high-powered high-strung young woman probably the craziest client I’ve ever had truly and the first session I was just so overwhelmed because she’s frenetic and but she had a past of horrific horrific extended repeated abuse in her family from her mother her father and her brother and so when I was working with her she would always be in fight-or-flight and she would always be activated and she would always be like crying screaming cursing and you know like out of control and I thought talk therapy is not gonna handle this it’s just not right right and so like I did the seven steps to reprogramming your life with her and that I’m working with her twice a week for two hours each session and the next session she gets on the phone and she said are you a witch.

Witch what did you do to me I haven’t been angry for two days I’ve been calm everything’s great I went to my mother’s house and she didn’t trigger me and she goes what did well I don’t even know who I am anymore beside her working with her for three months only and in three months time she’s moved out got her own apartment broke up with a man that was very abusive to her created a new boyfriend enrolled in Harvard is okay I mean she’s just in three months she goes what have you done my life in three months is completely different I said before I know I did everything okay I tried alcohol to numb the anger I read every book there was I went to every seminar there was from Tony Robbins the Jack Canfield – Michael singer I’ve done everything I’ve gone to silent retreats I can go on and on and on to the various tools and strategies I use but I still woke up angry I went to I was so desperate to learn to deal with this anger and get forgiveness that I actually flew to South America to do ayahuasca because I had heard that was my last-ditch effort in the process of reprogramming I was able to have this huge relief and and I can live a life now that I’m not so angry getting up in a bitter and the hope is there now and I thank you for saving my life okay well I’m a racing Reiki Master teacher NLP master have no therapy master publication records what coach life coach what do you do it with the accessing the bars young matrix energetics yeah you have tea tapping oh yeah all of the above oh gosh Tony Robbins you know Zig Ziglar Brian Tracy are those the best

Just forget about the other ones are no seriously okay we met Arno a year ago in February and we were desperate what happened is we got ourselves into quite a financial pickle and we were you know maxed out on our credit card and at the end we didn’t even have 25 bucks you guys to put on a credit card how in my gut I knew that he knew something that I did not know and I wanted to know what that was for Oz says that I had a huge issue regarding my mother and this was connected all this financial stuff so at any rate fast forward we get home from the workshop on Tuesday we go to the post office and where you pick up this letter and there’s this letter that says we won does the peel that had been going on since 2012 we had given up totally and we were gonna get this money that we have been trying to fight for that we we were then told that we were never gonna get well Friday we got a check for almost $100,000 it totally bailed us out we paid off all the credit cards I’ve been doing the seven steps for quite a while now and I used to be really depressed and my bad all the time very suicidal incredible and will change your life the seven steps changes lives I can say that I was able to overcome the blockages connected to the abduction the blockages connected to predator and narcissistic attachment because then you have Stockholm Syndrome and if anyone understands that you love your capital heart of what assisted me to move through and shift from the abduction but also the parasitic relationships and also being my own parasite I encourage you to take this course it also is one of the

Tools effective tools that assisted me in getting over the pain or the story that was in my fingers and in that process I was able to finish my first written book so I published my first book this year it is so effective I’m very very grateful because I get to see where my power is

It’s that poisons

Did you draw that right there that should take it home tell them I don’t know I said I know I’m just gonna kill myself this year because nothing happened soon I can’t I can’t live with this pain anymore so I came first that it was I was really skeptical because I’ve done so many things like another thing but it was either I kill myself or do the seven steps it’s like that the seven steps and those thoughts are gone for the first time like I have inner peace and I finally felt joy in my heart for the first time in my life and what he teaches and what he does is so powerful and I can’t tell you besides my life changing in so many ways of being a sugar addict of not having that relationship with my brother of hating my ex-husband you guys wouldn’t he want to be near me or standing next to me because I was like this toxic flames coming out of my body and I cleared that and even ran into him the next morning after the first day of clearing it and I had no feeling of anger anymore and came back to class for my second day and I was like oh my gosh I want to help him like I hated the guy like and I lost my house and my relationship with my daughter was strained and so much occurred and and I lost me and I ended up wanting to help this man and I came back to class everyone’s like what and it was amazing well I took this class on many many years ago maybe six seven years in the beginning I had to solve issue with my parent my dad we had to so you said we just thinking alone he was abusive just now like using the seven steps I was able to come to terms with and develop a relationship with him and just do this program dissident that was able to deal with him the all inserts net.

And I was saying to myself okay I know he’s not gonna be here too long do I have any issues on Sol I thought about it now really don’t seven stop just unbelievable so as my sister said I’m am I what I call an advanced voice biofeedback specialist it’s much more advanced than regular biofeedback it’s called bio communication so I listen to the sound of someone’s voice and I can actually pick up the emotional imprints that are holding them back so this goes really hand-in-hand with this work so so I would spend you know each sessions an hour basically and it might take me two sometimes three sessions that’s what I called the foundation for me when I do clients to clear some limiting pattern they may have had their whole life you know it’ll permanently clear it but when I then I suddenly thought okay why don’t I add this into the mix you know along with the biofeedback the sound harmonics well what would take maybe sometimes two hours sometimes three hours.

I mean clear a lifelong thing I was doing it in 30 minutes I was like this is really real I mean it would take me three hours did 30 minutes and even three hours is pretty good clear lifelong thing I thought at least I thought was but when I got to thirty minutes ago is that I had like to clear my own disbelief that I actually cleared it my life is somewhat gotten so much better I’ve I completed my MBA because of this course I had coffee it’s myself I had this thing about math you know like I caught up and I was the key when I was a kid I was like a kindergarten and then I drew I did a math problem in a red crayon and then the teacher had got mad and then had me like wait till the end of class to have lunch while everybody else go and then that really prevented me from doing math know because I’m Asian I’m thinking I’m supposed to be good at math but that’s really not true so I have to so I went to grad school I think I didn’t know something was I didn’t complete my MBA on time because of accounting financial accounting but it took me about four to five years later I meant Arno doing this course this and doing the five day working on math and I finally got my degree I just dealt with it and said oh that’s okay you know no big deal but I realized it was a huge deal and so one day I was driving home and I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t see I almost I felt like I could have easily had an accident and clearing and clearing and clearing everything and now everything was gone like I can be in the household then the person doesn’t it doesn’t affect me anymore like I can be with him and it’s like totally fine she oh by the way how’s your Benjamin

And the miracles that have been happening has been incredible so it was like I had turned into Teflon and I just watched all the stuff just fly off me

And I it crept cuz I still don’t believe it it’s like I hopped on the cleanse and nutrition and everything prior so I was like why do the ice is still here you know why what’s going on so literally this whole like in one day overnight it cleared all the symptoms a lot of stories and I’ve seen so many people change like I’ve watched people that have been raped who’ve seen murders who have been beaten and prostituted by their parents I mean I’ve watched them and their children change in front of me and it’s amazing so me but it’s like just a lighter happier more authentic for me yeah and I don’t have to like worry about what people are saying like northern my heart might be beating right now and they don’t feel that at all I could see like when things were shifting in my body it was it was pretty profound at least and but it was really powerful magic and then suddenly as Cecilia and Karen told me might my shoulders oh my god you’re standing much taller you look much younger your shoulders are back you’re standing straighter really I didn’t know that and so maybe I was carrying the burden of this stuff on me I didn’t even know it was just I did I believed in myself you know and no I do believe myself and that’s very important to look at all for art’s sake we just never know where the word causes the same to figure out where is that where is it coming from from the world of your pain how many of us meditate on things that were worried about and you don’t have time well.

I have time to think of all the things I don’t want Yeah right I have time to think about all the things in the world so what I’m doing is I’m thinking about the things that I would like and anything that comes up contrary to that I use all these different tools what do you think about it and in the fact rule that I use all of a sudden the next minute I get a text and they’re gonna go well I don’t believe that or I can send wow this is really greatly clearing right and so when I say cleared of my fear of relationships and trusting my intuition I did that earlier and then I also cleared just like financial I did my financial fear and I’ve been involved with personal growth and self-development for over 40 years now and I’ve literally trained with you know the best of the best the who’s who and self-improvement and I just you know I’ve no no no for about ten years and there’s nobody that I’ve ever met that delivers more bang for the buck than this man right here yeah miss up here and she just immediately started crying because you know when it leaves your body and you can feel it leave your body like you know that’s what it was and it was something that my mother and my grandmother said when I was in utero this course definitely already paid for itself for me oh yeah the value is way more than what this course cuts because well the venue thing happened that’s just one venue out of all the venues we play that offering to pay us three times more than last year though and I feel like I’m a different person and my life has changed.

Sorry Marlene are you saying that you had a lot of emotional pain around your childhood and I grew up and they have any released a lot of it in the last few days yes how much better do you feel now the pain in my shoulder is gone which I’ve had for years you showed me the way that I can do it because I’m coming into my power yeah there was just breakthrough in my vision my vision was just flatlined for like the last four years of my life and I had no vision so I went home that weekend and thought about I knew there was a problem because I said what is it and he showed me that I didn’t know how to get past it really did it so in July that just broke just open up the floodgates and since that time if some of you’ve been on the money phone calls each week you know the doors open up for me for this next year for anyone from 5.5 to ten million dollars in business it works you know and all my problems were worse because I felt anger resentment toward the family my mom passed away you know there was a lot of like blame on each other and I haven’t had my family together since the moment I swing back in 2005 it was like 14 years and just so happen to be a Thursday before we had a question since this we open it up and I was like wow this is really happy I have done so many courses I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve spent on them and I’ve done masterminds that are you know they’re a year-long program you meet once a week it’s just and they’re so expensive I can range from five thousand all the way up to 100 or more thousand dollars a year you cannot get anywhere else I’ve know I have well I shouldn’t say you can’t get it anywhere else I just haven’t seen it in all of my all the work that I’ve done with other people that the everything outside is offering they’re charging you ridiculous amounts of money to learn and what our know is doing just a fraction of and not even at it’s unbelievable because what he’s offering is your ability to fulfill your destiny whatever

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