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Everyday we see unsettling media stories, pandemic reports, social unrest, and political division. Staying calm and centered in the midst of all of this can be difficult for anyone!

Fortunately, as Arnoux Goran presents, there are things you can do to get centered and not let the outside world disturb your peace. You’ll learn about methods and ideas that you can use to create a calm environment, and that support your mental and emotional balance.

From Feng Shui to Vastu, and so many things in between, you’ll leave this video with the insight you need to begin returning to your natural calm state… TODAY!

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Subtitles for the video :

When the world’s running wild I’m usually able to center myself and find peace is anyone else struggling with that now I feel like the war has tipped so far this time and I can’t seem to center myself it can be difficult to be centered when the world is experiencing all different kinds of chaos and there’s different types of chaos that are bombarding us not just what’s happening socially or health-wise but as human beings are also being bombarded with different forms of electricity and salt cell tower radiation and so on and when too many of these things hit us it can become difficult for us to get fully centered

so what can we do well we can start off by creating a very healthy home environment a space that allows you to easily get yourself centered the two most fundamental rules of creating a healthy home environment from feng shui which means space is to clean up all the clutter and make everything clean so if we start out with a clean and decluttered space it’s going to be much easier for you to get grounded it’s very difficult to get centered and grounded if you’re in a cluttery messy environment my old martial arts master master Kim said a messy room means a messy mind so you can’t really get centered if your environment isn’t centerable.

So start off even if it’s just one space in wherever you are one room decluttering everything you might have to get rid of stuff that you don’t love or don’t use or don’t need anymore just to create the space clean everything spotless try to try to make it look like something out of the magazine I’m serious make it look like something i have a magazine the very best you can if the wall is going to be painted paint the walls make it look really nice and then see how much easier it is for you to get centered now you might be saying i already did that okay well that’s just the first step try to imagine that you live in a very cluttery home that would obviously be the first thing to do right so now you have at least one space and really the whole space needs to be done

if you just do one room you’ll still feel the effects of the rest of the house just not as bad because you have one nice room but so make the entire apartment house whatever space you have very decluttered very clean that’s a basic move okay then what well then you might have to deal with the emfs electromagnetic fields now people sometimes can’t sleep because they live too close to a cell tower or if they put smart meters in like today in California where they could measure your electricity from a distance it really raised the amount of electrical buzz that people are dealing with and it does cause symptoms of chaos it’s what it feels like it feels like chaotic energy hitting your energy field.

Remember you’re electrical your nervous system is electrical wiring and if the electrical system that you’re operating on is being affected by other electrical sources and their radiation it’s not going to be easy for you to feel calm so you’ve got to get your emf protection handled there’s lots of things I could teach you about that i would say do some research you can always contact my company if you want to find out what we have what we use personally but you need emf protection for yourself like a pendant or a wristband or something that actually works because there’s tons of stuff that doesn’t work at all so you have to get the good stuff and they’re not that cheap usually you got to get a chip for your phone and probably every major device you have in your home or resolve them all

and then you generally want to have something for the whole house i have a couple different things for my place and if you really have the money and you want to hire someone through premier research labs to do vastu like my friend Dr. Randy Freiberg who’s in thousand oaks California and then they’ll actually fix all the energetics of your home going far beyond just technology and how it’s affecting your home when i had him do my house,

I felt extremely calm the moment he said he was done i mean it was a noticeable shift and that’s why Dr. Bob Marshall who started premier research labs with his wife says the first thing you got to do to be healthy is create a healthy home environment because your cells cannot heal and regenerate properly if your home is chaotic in its energetic form so that’s the first thing to do if your environment is stressing you out and throwing you off how can you calm down now let’s say that you’ve done what you can do to make your environment very calm and manageable okay well then what you might have to then erase fear and other negative emotions that are cluttering your mind i mean how can someone who is in a state of panic ever really calm their mind?

well they have to erase the panic i don’t mean permanently erase it using the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and maybe some of the other of the three major tools of transformation until they don’t feel panic at all then they’ll finally calm down right otherwise they just always have this underlying panic that’s there so if that describes you you’re gonna have to learn how to resolve the negative emotions that are spinning you’re spinning your mind spinning you out if you continually feel angry because someone did something really bad to you that anger is going to knock you out of your peaceful state you’ve got to get rid of it in a permanent way so then you can finally relax you can get rid of it temporarily by giving it over to a higher power

Just letting it go with your imagination but the reality is until you fully remove it you’re never going to get all the way down to that calm state then of course the main thing to do which is why we do this is practice and exercise to quiet the mind like causing peace that’s what i teach in my first health course causing peace where you learn to quiet down the mind little by little every day until finally your mind is quiet and then you actually get to experience real peace and your soul feels like it can finally rest now there are many different variations of or ways to quiet the mind

a really basic way just to sit and breathe and just count each breath just every breath just keep counting and if you forget where you’re at with the number of breaths you take breaths you’ve taken start over that’s a real basic quieting down the mind exercise sit in any comfortable position okay this is a lot this is a lot but it’s still not enough no there’s still more yes I can still tell you more so I remember that I was feeling sad but had no reason to feel sad one day and I felt that way for 30 minutes and finally I listen to the little voice in my head that says you’re low on nutrition go and eat some superfood powder and so I did and after eating the superfood powder 30 minutes later I didn’t feel sad anymore and then I really understood the mind body connection at a whole other level,

Everybody seems to agree or know because there’s so much scientific evidence to prove it that your mind can affect your body right if you feel negativity in the mind it can cause your stomach to hurt just a basic example right it’s pretty common sense now but did you know that the body affects the mind in an equal proportion so the mind affects the body yeah you can make yourself sick or healthier with the positive mindset especially an unconscious mindset but you can also affect your emotions and your thoughts with positive nutrition

for example I was eating a pristine diet it was easy to think positive and be positive I ate one piece of chocolate cake and I instantly started having negative thoughts it seemed like they came out of nowhere and so eating the wrong foods the lower the quality of the food the bigger this effect you might feel is that it might then cause your mind to go into a state of chaos and it would be a nutritional root cause I mean your brain is biochemistry right if you throw your brain off with the wrong foods and so on well then you may not be able to calm down for example,

Every single night I used to wake up twice I’d wake up freezing one blanket would be on one side of my bed the other blanket would be on the other side of the bed on the ground both of them on the ground me freezing so I would make my bed and go back to sleep and two hours later I’d wake up the exact same thing that happened and I had to ask myself what the heck was I doing when I was asleep that my blankets were on the floor after just two hours and this went on for years and years I had no idea what to do about it and then I got really sick and as I changed my diet and recovered my health completely recovered my health from a point of being told that I was going to die by my top my last doctor as I got better and got completely healthy

I stopped having that experience I started sleeping through the night every single night in fact what started happening was I would lay down on my back to go to sleep and I wake up the next day in the exact same position so all of my tossing and turning had a nutritional root cause that blew my mind I would have thought it was from stress or you know the horrific abuse I had experienced as a child but no it was literally nutritional in its root cause and so now I’m leading you to a different idea which is that if you can’t quiet your mind down and get centered maybe there are various possible root causes a cluttery environment a messy a dirty environment an environment that has a lot of energetic chaos you know how much easier it is to feel calm out in nature than it is inside of a city well there you go that’s the buzz of electricity causing chaos in your field.

But then there’s also negative emotions and negative thoughts that are programmed into you from your past we can call that unconscious programming and then there’s also the possibility that there’s a nutritional reason why you’re not feeling calm it’s very common for people who upgrade their diet to notice that they feel a lot calmer and have a lot more patience than they did before wow did i cover all the possible root causes probably not you know if someone has some type of poisoning like chemical poisoning or something that might cause them to stress out

i found and recently that if your structure of your body is really off that it’ll put the body into a state of stress an ongoing state of stress and i saw this amazing practitioner named Derrick Howell you can look at his website it’s and after he worked on me i did a series of four sessions when he stayed for four days my sciences opened up and i could breathe better my body began to unwind and calm down and this ongoing feeling of stress that seemed to come from nowhere went away it was amazing it was mind-blowingly incredible i want everyone to go see Derrick,

Because it had such a profound effect on me and i learned from him that dental work like root canals and any type of drilling causes the body to tighten up and wind up and he unwound a lot of it in just a few sessions which allowed me to feel much better so of course there’s practicing quieting the mind there’s working on your body and as far as rebuilding and healing different things that might be off with your body even doing stretching can help you to be more relaxed because it releases the tension from the muscles if you stretch with breathing and intention so i hope I’ve given you enough to get started with

to help you get re-centered and to maybe figure out what your root cause was because you might have heard something as i was speaking and said oh that’s it that’s my problem they just put a cell tower in a mile from my house you know you can look that up or oh yes they put smart meters in and after that i couldn’t sleep and calm down anymore or yes i actually changed my diet and i haven’t been the same since then or what could be is that the pandemic or protesting and civil unrest is triggering some unconscious fear that you need to use the seven steps to reprogramming yourself to release whatever it is for you i hope that I’ve shared enough for you to get started with and of course there’s more information in all of my training programs take a free webinar and of course make some comments I’d love to hear from you my name is Arnoux I look forward to talking to you soon.