Arnoux was featured on a podcast called “Spiritual Aliveness” with Joni Caldwell Lerner.

The title of his talk is “Arnoux Goran Seminars in All Areas of Life. How to Reprogram your Life for Success and Happiness, Coming from Nothing and Creating an Abundant, Purposeful Life”.

He talks about the fact that we are not our negative emotions and patterns of thought and behavior and teaches how to get rid of the negative beliefs that cause us pain and suffering, so we can finally experience life through joy, love, and truth.

It is one of the best interviews he has ever done. He covers a lot of “secret territory” usually only revealed after taking several of his courses.

I hope you enjoy it!

Episode Info:

“You are not the pain, the sadness, the depression, the fear, the anxiety – whatever that ‘s been the monkey on your back…You’re love, joy, peace, beauty, truth, intelligence. You are a divine being incarnated into a physical form and pain and suffering is when you keep watching yourself repeating these ways of being, these patterns of being, something you are not.”

Arnoux shares how to erase these patterns and rid ourselves of the blocks that hold us back in life. How do we live our best lives?

Hosted by Certified Life Coach, Joni Caldwell Lerner, M.Bsc.

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