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Some quotes say to plan everything and then work your plan, others say just make the intention and let the Universe or God do the rest, but how do you know which way is right for you?

Surprisingly, Arnoux Goran teaches a combination of the two approaches in order to be successful. A logical plan with the steps you have to take to reach an outcome is important, yet being flexible and open to your intuitive guidance, your “Knowing”, is even more critical!

Learn some of the ways you can formulate a winning plan and have a successful outcome using the tips in this video! And if you discover that there are internal things, unconscious patterns that are blocking you from reaching your goal, then learn The Goran Technique I(The 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself) to permanently get rid of the thoughts and emotions that are holding you back.

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Subtitles to the video:

You don’t always need a plan sometimes you need to breathe trust and let go and see what happens what do you think about that quote uh I don’t agree but sometimes I agree here’s what I mean you can save three hours of time with one hour of planning Dwight d Eisenhower famous president who led us through world war ii sometimes you don’t need a plan because you have no way of having a plan I like a couple of different quotes that might help you get a handle on this one quote was from the guy that runs success magazine I believe his name’s Darren I forgot his last name but he’s an amazing guy I was listening to one of his training programs and he said when you’re skiing or snowboarding down a mountain you know where you’re going but you don’t have to go on a straight line to your goal you just have to weave around all the obstacles and just go the direction that you need to go as you’re on your way down to the bottom of the mountain and I think that goal setting and creating plans is like that I once heard all you’ve got to do is ask for what you want which means set the intention ask the universe or whatever you want to call the great divine.

I like to call it for what you want ask for what you want and then follow your intuitive guidance because the universe can guide you to your goal so what’s the plan then and why even have a plan well think about this if you’re going to do a bunch of errands one day wouldn’t it be great if you made a plan of in which order to do the errands so that way you would save a whole bunch of time by not driving back and forth across town but hit the right places in the right order well of course that makes sense and that’s where logic is very useful and powerful we want to take a little bit of time to strategize and plan in order to save time if you if you don’t have any plan at all how do you know what your first step is your first action towards your goal so what you do is you make a plan and then you stay flexible with the plan like what Darren was saying about skiing down the mountain another quote I like that says the same thing is draw your dreams in concrete but your plans in the sand draw your dreams in concrete and your plants in the sand which means that you could easily wipe the plan and make a new plan at any moment you might have gotten a really solid plan together with a team of advisors and then as you’re executing the plan realize oh we didn’t know about this obstacle or we didn’t know about this opportunity it makes sense to change the plan now and if you can really let your sense of receiving messages from the universe which i call intuition to help you then you don’t have to have a mastered rigid solid plan to get all the way there,

but you know if you take the time to think about a possible or multiple possible pathways to your end goal it’s easier to follow your intuition because you’ve already done the logical processing of some ways that it could happen as long as you don’t get attached to it having to go according to plan planning saves you lots of time and can help you open up to just trusting the universe’s guidance because you’ve already thought through all the different scenarios and you’re not going to be able to know all the scenarios for example there’s a really popular show called shark tank and on the show there’s this very successful woman named Lori and Lori is called the queen of qvc and she’s made millions and millions and millions of dollars with different products that people really needed and she found a way to bring them to the marketplace so people could have access to them someone has a great invention she partners up with them she gets their invention out into people’s homes and into their lives and makes the world a better place that is cool that’s awesome there’s a movie called joy which kind of explains i don’t i don’t think it’s about her it might be but it really explains that idea of taking a really good idea and bringing it to the world through home shopping networks right so she said on the show twice that i saw and i haven’t seen every single episode that before someone comes in with the new product idea that she might want to then bring to the world she already knows before she even sees them.

She has a knowing if it’s a winner or a loser product if it’s going to be a big success or not something that she should invest in she has a knowingness so what do we call that knowing that’s what we call it intuition you can call it your gut but she says i just know i just know all right just like in that tv show NCIS the great detective uh he just knows right he just knows how do you know it’s your famous gut they say and so there’s this knowingness that you want to rely on if you don’t have that kind of knowingness like she has it’s something that you want to develop it is the real secret of getting to where you want to go is to be able to follow the guidance if you only have logic alone you will not get where you want to go in the fastest easiest way or maybe not even at all let me explain to you why i say that when I got my degree in business at the Jackson school of business which is one of the top business schools in the world in my human resources class the professor shared something I was really surprised to hear in such a major university setting he told us that in a scientific study of how people are successful within a corporation.

There’s only one correlation only one only one direct correlation between people at the bottom the middle and the top of the company if you have this one thing that’s going to determine where you are and he asked all of us college students we were seniors at that time to guess what is the thing that differentiates the the entry-level employee to the middle people to the top and the CEO and everyone guessed things that would make sense like how much education they have how hard they work their communication skills their leadership skills how personable they were and you know how good they were at making friends uh who they knew was a really common guess that people have um what kind of vision they were able to create and it was none of those things the direct correlation is your intuition the more intuitive you are the higher up you’ll be in any given company the CEO is the most intuitive person in the company the person in charge and why is that because they make better decisions and they make better decisions because you never have all the knowledge but if you have a good strong connection to your knowing or your gut or your feeling or your inner voice your inner guidance or however you receive it and you can rely on that then you’re going to make great decisions and that’s why they’re going to ask you to be in charge,

because you can make those decisions the universe can just bang home that reality for you that developing your intuition can then allow you to be more successful in life because your plan can literally be here’s what i think i should do all the way to the end result and I’m going to let my intuition guide me if you really go through intuition you could even use that to develop your plan i would not be crazy i know what you’re thinking well how’s it possible to develop your intuition aren’t people just born a certain way no actually everyone is born a certain way with intuition every single human being has this natural ability to sense to know things to feel things to hear to see in a more spiritual or in um i don’t know what you want to call it a more divine way a more a higher level sense you could say maybe you don’t believe in anything spiritual but you believe in the power of the mind maybe it says accessing more of your mind however you want to look at where it comes from isn’t as important as the fact that everyone is designed to be intuitive Pete Sanders Jr. who’s an mit brain scientist said every single person has nine senses the one they call the sixth sense is actually split into four different senses seeing feeling hearing and knowing Lori is using knowing in shark tank at least in her business not just on the show right she’s using it everywhere and everyone actually has all four of them but most people have them all turned off maybe they have one that’s turned on.

So in my training program i teach people how to turn them all back on and then different exercises to develop them all until you can use them all fluidly and easily and then of course you continue to get better and better with them just like anyone can get better and better at any art form i do think of it as an art form and so if you have that turned up your ability to succeed will be massive just absolutely massive and even if you have a great plan and you have great intuition you’re still going to have to remove the unconscious blockages preventing you from achieving your goal that’s always going to be a big key if you’re not finding the dominoes falling into place easily and you’re not experiencing synchronicities as you should naturally every time you create a goal in life so maybe you want to know some ways to strategize because i love to strategize a lot of my friends asked me to help them strategize so first of all let’s talk about think and grow rich napoleon hill’s book and he says that a commonality of self-made multi-millionaires is that they develop a mastermind whose basic goal is for each person to help everyone else in the goal for the group excuse me develop their strategy for success towards their goal to help you create your plan so that’s one thing is you can get advice from other people especially those who have already succeeded in the thing you want to do that’s by far the best way to create your plan is to find out what plans have already worked for other people and see if you can copy it without changing the wheel which is where a lot of people go wrong,

but let’s say that you’ve got a mentor and a whole mastermind team and you don’t have to pay ten thousand dollars or fifty thousand dollars to join a mastermind that’s like saying you have to pay to have friends that’s that’s what i think form one yourself make your own mastermind of the people that you know and love and if you don’t know that many people go to events and meet people and make friends and then talk with them about what you want to do if you’re afraid they’re going to steal your idea have them sign an nda it’s not that big a deal it’s a non-disclosure agreement you can get it for free on the internet now just to add to that you could ask for advice from people who are already successful paid them for training you could even pay them to help you develop your plan or you could just work with people that you know and help them develop their plan to help you develop your plan and then you could also use your intuition if you’re really good to develop your plan.

Is there anything else that we could add to it well yeah work backwards by making a list of all the things that you think you need to do to achieve your goal and then put it into an order that makes sense so then you say okay step one step two step three and i think if i do all these things I’ll succeed try doing that try making a list of all the actions you think you need to do to achieve your goal and then putting them into an order of priority like which one goes first and that will be how you develop your plan all right i hope this was really helpful for you if you want to get more information or about our training programs just click on the link below my name is Arnoux Goran I would love for you to comment on this video and of course subscribe to our channel and we can hang out some more I’ll see you soon