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Someone you trust has betrayed you. The anger and hurt you’re feeling is real. How can you move on and get rid of the negative feelings that are making you so upset? Can you forgive without making what they did seem “OK”?

The decision to forgive someone is a big step, but it doesn’t take away the pain you fell about what happened, more is needed than just a conscious decision to forgive if you are really going to eliminate the gnawing pain of betrayal. Arnoux Goran has helped countless people get over this kind of hurtful situation. Listen as he shares a way to forgive and eliminate the pain of betrayal permanently. You will become a stronger person as a result, and able to see reality from a more powerful perspective!

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Subtitles to the Video :

How do you forgive someone that portrays you how do you forgive someone that betrayed you don’t just fire them from your life and move on I’m just kidding I’m just kidding because forgiveness isn’t for them it’s for you right forgiveness is a choice it’s a decision that you make to let go of the energy and not keep carrying it with you anymore it doesn’t mean forgetting about what happened and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you like the other person because sometimes you learn things about people you realize i don’t know why I decided to be friends with that person or you know this person isn’t really the kind of friend i want to have but that doesn’t mean that you should hold on to the negative feelings let it go now deciding to forgive to let go of what happened does not mean that it’s okay what they did that their betrayal is acceptable it’s not acceptable it just means you don’t want to hold on to it anymore you want to hold on to the bad feelings which is really wise of you to do so you can forgive them by choosing to forgive them it doesn’t mean that you like them it doesn’t mean that what they did is okay it just means you’ve decided to let it go it’s just a decision the real question here is how do i get rid of all the negative feelings i feel about them because when i forgive them and say i forgive them it doesn’t make those negative feelings go away well that’s because forgiveness doesn’t do that just deciding to forgive someone doesn’t make the anger go away or the hatred or the hurt or sadness or whatever else you feel about being betrayed.

Forgiveness only releases one part of it and it is an important part of it definitely it works powerfully mostly on the spiritual level right we are physical we are emotional we are mental and we are spiritual but most of our pain that we feel when someone betrays us is going to be more in the unconscious mind in the mental level and forgiveness doesn’t really work in that arena it doesn’t work in the unconscious mind it works on the conscious mind you consciously forgive i choose to forgive that’s a conscious decision but the unconscious mind is just a bunch of file folders with files in them and on the files are a bunch of codes known as words a bunch of belief systems and statements and thoughts well deciding to forgive someone doesn’t erase a bunch of anger in the unconscious mind they don’t they’re not even in the same realm that’s like going to the bank and saying I’d like to deposit a large suitcase of love you can’t deposit love at the bank nope just like you can’t go up to another person and say here I’d like to give you a million dollars to love me they might love the million dollars but it’s not going to make them love you money and love are both really important but they work in different arenas that’s what Harvecker said when i took one of his courses and it’s really true and if you want to get over the terrible emotions that you have about someone else’s betrayal so that you can genuinely feel better and no longer feel negative uh feelings inside of yourself like anger and so on when you think about what happened then you need to learn the seven steps to reprogramming yourself and erase everything you can.

Then you gotta learn the five-step emotional eraser and erase everything about them then you do the emotional repolarization technique and then you do your completion process and when you finish the completion process and you’re no longer filled with negative emotions and negative thoughts unconsciously or consciously and negative energy about this other person and you say i forgave them it’ll be an afterthought because forgiveness is part of completion and part of the five-step emotional eraser but that’s not enough you see it’s only part of those tools and neither one of them have anything to do with the unconscious mind so in order to truly get over it and no longer hold on to the negative emotions towards the other person for betraying you you’ve got to do a lot of inner work now you might be mad at the other person for forcing you to do all this inner work erase that anger too erase all of it and be proud that you are powerful enough to take responsibility for how you feel because no one can make you feel anything every single emotion you have comes from a thought in your brain every single thought creates biochemicals in the brain that we call emotion that go into the body so no one can make you think or feel anything if someone can show you if they can mirror to you the stuff you need to work on well it might suck but thank you for showing me and now I’m going to clear it all so when i think about what you did i am not triggered at all i have erased the buttons permanently that’s powerful that is so powerful it makes you like untouchable.

Untouchable no one can hurt you if there’s no buttons to push so if someone betrayed you and pushed your buttons really hard erase those buttons remove them all so when you think about what happened and when you think about them you don’t feel anything you’re completely neutral which means you’ve moved to a space of unconditional love then you’ll make a really good decision about that person and how you want them to be in your life if at all do you get it it’s hard to make a good decision when you’re angry and just by saying you forgive someone doesn’t make the anger go away that’s probably why people ask that question because they did forgive they said i forgive them but then the negative emotions are still there you gotta erase them there’s ways to do it i just told you what they were once you erase them wow now you can see things clearly until you erase your negative emotions about any situation in life you’re not going to see the situation clearly you’re going to see it through the goggles of those negative emotions and you’re gonna see this filtered version this distorted version of reality you know what I’m talking about you’ve seen someone get angry over the littlest thing that didn’t make sense like why are they getting so mad over such a little thing because their button got pushed that anger was already there and then you know that example of the person who’s like upset about something it didn’t really go that way you’re like that’s not what happened why do they think that’s what happened it’s because they’re seeing the situation through their pain and the pain is distorting reality.

And when you’re upset you’re seeing life through that distortion it’s really hard to remember that isn’t it when you’re in the moment and you’re upset it just feels like life but if you can remember in that moment when you’re upset that you’re not seeing things clearly because you’re upset and that upset is distorting you boy it sure can give you a chance to say let me separate myself from the situation let me erase my negative emotions and remove the distortion let me remove the filter I’m seeing life through and then re-evaluate the situation and you know what’s amazing is when that happens a lot of times what there is to do is so different than what you thought you were going to do and a lot of times there’s nothing to do sometimes the person even comes to you and apologizes sometimes there’s three things that happen when you clear everything that you feel about someone else number one they change which i just mentioned they might come and apologize number two they don’t change at all but you don’t care because you’re no longer affected by how they behave number three they disappear they disappear from your reality now i cover that in much more detail in a guide to better relationships and it’s free you can check out that video series for free and learn more about how working on yourself can affect other people so someone else betrayed you yes here’s the magic question what is there inside of me that attracted this experience it’s really hard to forgive someone for betraying you until you’ve removed everything inside of you that attracted this experience and once you’ve really done that and i mean in a permanent way not just temporarily and then tomorrow it’s back like most ways when you really remove it all and you look at what happened you won’t care anymore what sort of forgive it’s already over.

I don’t care I’m not saying you’ll like them I’m not saying it’ll be okay with you I’m saying you’ll be so powerful in the face of it that you can stand in your place of unconditional love and make a really intelligent decision about what to do how to be who to be and how to relate to that person and if you decide to be friends with them again great because you might find that it wasn’t what you really thought if the whole situation might change or you might realize wow this person just isn’t a good person in my life I learned a lot i grew a lot I’m grateful they came into my life and that’s the end of that it doesn’t matter the results will be very very different though if you don’t go in and do your inner work if you take it as your opportunity to grow man your life’s going to become magical because if you keep doing that with every negative situation you’re going to start to grow into the kind of person that people want to be around all the time people want to help people want to get stuff too people want to know why you’re like this how can you be so amazing and that’s the best thing in life is to become the person that you always dream you could be so if you want to learn more you click on the link below you can learn about all my courses and programs my name is Arnoux Goran  I’d love to hear your comments I’d love to connect with you subscribe to my channel that sounds like fun right I’ll see you soon