Shelly Explains the 5 Step Emotional Eraser, Emotional Repolarization Technique and Completion Tool

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Subtitles to the video:

So for me taking the five day life transformation course I originally took in 2015 and I reviewed it again in 2017 in both times I had amazing profound experiences as I referred to earlier that’s when I had my awakening or my spiritual rebirth I think I already had the awaken he was more than rebirth it’s when I was able to meet and see my board of advisers which was a mind-blowing life-changing experience for me and the breakthrough the five-step emotional eraser was great because I had already been 7 stepping like a fiend I’ve been doing that

And I got through all of it on the mental level with the 7 steps with the bad relationships where’d that come from that came from the influence of my father well it needed another level to be cleared a spiritual level then working on the spiritual level is the 5 step emotional eraser which is a breakthrough part of the course there was a picture that kept popping up into my mind throughout my life I thought it was my imagination like where did that even come from it was when I was an infant and anyway so and during this time

I came to realize it isn’t your imagination isn’t something that’s just you know you’re just making something up this is a quote picture to clear that’s where the jargon comes from where you talk about the pictures but that’s from the Berkeley psychic Institute but that picture that scene is what you have to clear and that heals it on an emotional level and not only does that heal that for you that heals it with those that share your DNA so realizing that that I cleared the first instance of me being physically abused by my father

I was an infant so I cleared that so that was a different level of getting rid of that bad pattern with men and that needed to happen as well before I could be open and have it in my space to have the right man come into my life to be my mate to get rid of that other level of that so that was a great experience and the ERT emotional repolarization technique that I had a I remember the experience with that when I reviewed in 2017 we got up front and you had me demo with and other students I believe and it was me clearing the being ganged up on by my father and my brother within this was about the verbal and emotional abuse my dad thought

I was cute to have my brother gang up on me with him my dad treated my brother like a buddy he wasn’t the mentor he was the buddy so anyway so my younger brother was kind of like he was up here he was up there on the same level as my dad he could tell me what to do he could tell me what’s up he could talk down to me etc so that dynamic was created and so we had to do an ERT for that I had to lock it in with minerals to hold that vibration it was such a shift but that really cleared that out of my space as well so these are very important tools that help you on all these other levels that have to do with besides the mental part which we learned in the seven steps

And we’re doing today with relationships so I can’t emphasize the importance of it because this allows you to address all four parts of your being and the completion letter obviously as well it allows you address all all parts of the beam which is holistic some people say well I don’t believe this in this you know you can will yourself out of being in pain or being in sick being sick some cases you can if the root cause is mental but you can’t really will have to clear it anyway but there’s there’s other ways maybe it is a physical root cause maybe there’s those bio chemicals in your body from having that done and having that happen to you that you’ve got to get out you’ve got to get them out through the ERT so there’s all different ways it gives you the tools you need to address every part of your being so you get rid of anything and everything so it’s absolutely wonderful

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