Maria, her mother and brother, were physically abused and mentally tormented by her father all their lives. She learned to forgive him in church, but that didn’t take the pain away.

She even repeated this emotional pattern by marrying an abusive husband. When she applied Arnoux Goran’s techniques of “The 7 Steps”, “ERT”, and “The 5 Steps” she was finally able to mend her broken heart, heal the emotional pain, and feel complete for the first time in her life! For many years she had suffered with excruciating arthritis in her wrists, and it too disappeared because the pain was really caused by her emotional body!

Find out how to heal your mental, emotional, and physical pain today!

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video :

I did seven steps I think it was four years ago five years ago I grew up in a family that my family and my my dad was his alcoholic he still drinking his almond ninety-year-old all but he still drinking and my dad was really abused have used not just verbally battles also he used to hear us no just me by my mom and my brother we are two years different my brother and I and we were only remembered my my brother and I she was always abusing us so he abused my mom cheating always here because the food was called or what that food was really hard or for whatever problem that he brought from his work she came home and hid my mom or hid myself or him I my little brother and then it was a horrible life I remember one day my mom was crying there and I told my mind why you don’t go let’s go you you don’t deserve this life and my mom said my mom said no we can do it with with how him we have to stay him no matter what and then I have to stay with my dad and she didn’t know treating us really bad.

And like when I was when I was when I grew up he always was telling me you are good for nothing you are stupid you are no smart you never can do these never come to die never never never never never like that and then I went to the school and I was I didn’t know why gonna have I always want to be a dentist but my dad said I was remember now you’re really smart to be a dentist I want to do did not you’re not really smart you can do that because I grew up with all those things so and then finally I got my certification some dental assistant hygienist so I started working on that but even in all the stuff thoughts like where in my mind really strong and then I got married with a husband that it was the same thing exactly my dad kidding me to me really bad that I was good for nothing that I was ugly that I was these all the bad things that you can imagine I have room my dad and I get with my husband by the way my song is albero do you already saw him here and then my life was really really really difficult I suffer a lot and and then I came here because I went to the shores because I want to – like up come my thing so look how God can help me so I went to the church and then they show you how to forgive and then for a while I forgave my dad my mom or my life my ex-husband and I I continued in my life but for a while that forgiveness helped you but all the spatter or the auto stop they still are in your mind and and then I say how I can’t remove those things I can live with my life like this I forgive but they are there there I can’t remove it finally.

Later I separated from my husband and then I came to United States I made my husband and it came here and I have another friend and he tall about about I know so after I did all these cancellations I remember I have a lot of pain in my body all over my body pain in my shoulders pain in my wrist all over my body and then I went to the doctor because I was afraid and the doctor said oh it’s because you have arthritis you have a try this because you know all these people at the hospital they like looking like these and they thought that is what you have you’re gonna be like that when you are 70 years old I thought but I’m 65 years old I told him he said well maybe in farmer George you are gonna be like that I said no this is not for me this is not for me and then I met Arnold and then I did all these cancellations that I have and then all my problem came from from from all the stuff that I have about my dad or that pain it wasn’t my pin all my body and then I start doing all cancellations because I started working with Mary and Mary said no your problem is it’s your dad because you died they all put all those things in you 9 and then and I start working and working and working doing cancellation.

And then believe me all the pain disappears from my body all the pain but I’m so thankful with Arnold because it’s not just for Darla can told you so many things that I counseled every day life every day that happens something to me I don’t let that be bothered me I counsel if I don’t have time to write it I just do it and my phone and then when I arrived home I just cancel in my war but with anything with your kids with with anything this is no it’s not just powerful things like a strong idea that you were abused so it’s for anything with friends friends that they don’t want to talk with you because they are math or something I think insulations with a friend that they didn’t want to talk with me and she was not for me for something that happened and then I was so frustrated and Simon and I told Ronnie I feel sad because I really love it I don’t care but by the scene by me these are these are these I just want to I lie her it don’t say one here undo 70 steps I did seven steps about how that bother me she was later she call me shimmery I haven’t seen you and then say I want to see you let’s go for lunch and it is like that it’s not just it’s a simple things and did this work it remove you all the things in your mind and you change your environment because I see you and when you change you change in your environments even your kids they boil you for something do cancellation the next day they keep they are different it’s just up thank you so much I’ll also

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