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Sounds great, but how do you raise your vibration or become enlightened? This discussion by Arnoux Goran will give you a better understanding of the kinds of energy you embody as a human, as well as detailing what you can do to get to a higher vibration and why that is a good thing to do.

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Subtitles to the Video:

How do you raise your vibration oh my goodness this is like my favorite topic in the whole world because to me raising your vibration is also saying how do you become enlightened and it doesn’t matter what your background is the word enlightened is not a bad word because to be enlightened means to be like Jesus.

Jesus is the coolest he was an enlightened master and he said he said more than anything else everything i can do you will do and more well if he was an enlightened master that means everyone’s going to eventually become an enlightened master in the way that he was if you believe in Jesus and you’re a Christian then that’s what you believe in otherwise how can you say you’re a Christian that’s literally the number one message he put in there in the bible well even if you’re not a Christian if you’re a Buddhist if you’re a Hindu if you don’t have any religious background if you’re a spiritual person if you’re an atheist the idea of raising your vibration is such a beautiful idea because it’s the idea that you’re not just made of physical but you are spiritual too that the spiritual and physical realities intertwine and we really live in a duality or we’re multi-dimensional people or beings and raising your vibration is really including the spiritual journey into the physical journey how do we become a higher frequency being you know we can measure vibration in lots of ways.

It’s fantastic and i think that in doing so in measuring vibration and measuring it in humans we can really see that it’s a reality that we can increase our frequency now the easiest way for you for anyone to tell if someone has raised their vibration is just to look at them because a lot of times when you look at people they look brighter they look better and you think why do they look brighter I’ll give you an example when someone comes to my seven steps to reprogramming yourself course and comes up on stage as a volunteer to erase a negative belief pattern and all the negative emotion that’s locked in with it from the past from their mind and body and spirit and beingness permanently they look different after we do the process let me give you an example okay someone I, I say okay who wants to come up on stage and erase a negative emotional pattern permanently and everyone raises their hand because who wouldn’t want to do that obviously everybody does and if you’ve been to my course you know this is exactly how it goes okay maybe not every single person because some people have to erase their fear of being on stage right fear of public speaking easy to get rid of guaranteed so i say who wants to come up here and a bunch of people raise their hand usually half the room and  i pick someone they come on up and they say what do you want to clear and i listen I’ve cleared everything you could probably imagine a lot of times.

We clear rape trauma like that seems to be a really popular one that people want to get rid of but all kinds of stuff anger at their spouse and their kid won’t talk to them and fear of not making enough money and there’s all kinds of things people want to clear so they come up on stage and i say okay let’s erase that and we start erasing it and erasing and erasing it and sometimes they cry as it’s coming out they’re erasing it and sometimes they don’t i have I’ve had people shake when they’re clearing it out and then as it’s getting cleared out they tend to start standing up straighter and they tend to look more towards the audience and not just look at me and you can actually see them changing and when it’s all gone they look brighter and everyone in the audience can see it everyone can see it and i say okay everybody give them some feedback do they look the same or do they look different and then the audience always says pretty similar things they look brighter they look lighter you look younger you look happy you look better i remember one really powerful example of this so this guy comes up on stage first day of the seven steps course and we erase the fact that his daughter won’t talk to him and it was sort of like anti-climactic like people didn’t cry and go crazy he’s like oh my god that was the greatest thing i ever saw well right after he went and sat down this girl in the back stands up and raises her hand and she’s crying and she says what do you do about grief and i said well do you want to come up here so her name is Jamie and she came up on stage and her brother had just died of leukemia and her brother was only a year apart from her.

And they were best friends so she lost her brother and her best friend and she was devastated and she looked like she was in a big black cloud so we started erasing and erasing and erasing the pain of her brother’s death and the audience was breaking down i mean they were crying I’ve never seen the audience cry like this they were passing tissues i mean the event staff my team were passing tissues like this down the aisles to all the way down every single person at every single aisle had a tissue because everybody was crying as we’re erasing this sadness that her brother died and some of the people in the audience were pissed off they were looking at me with the dagger eyes you know like you bastard and they were doing that because they didn’t believe that it’s possible to erase the sadness of someone dying they thought that’s part of life there’s no such thing as that all negative emotions can be erased so i just looked at them and said watch this and in about 20 30 minutes that giant black cloud around Jamie was gone and she looked like the light of angels was radiating out of her and all the skeptics who were mad were shocked and mind blown because we literally erased the pain and sadness of her closest person dying and i said how do you feel she’s like i feel relieved that he’s gone that he’s not in pain anymore and she said she could feel his presence so every single person could see that she had raised her vibration.

How did we do that you see inside of you you carry a lot of darkness and all the pain that she was carrying about her brother dying was already there probably before her brother died that pain was programmed into her and those rocks of pain they are often black not always but they’re dark and they’re solid and they weigh you down they weigh you down big time they’re so heavy i mean they’re like bricks but they’re energy bricks and we took a giant humongous black energy brick and got rid of it and that raised her frequency massively so massively and so fast that anyone and not trained clairvoyance i mean everybody could see it and the next day when she came back she looked so much better it was like she had life in her face again it was amazing now i just gave you one very powerful example of how to raise your vibration getting rid of the emotional mental pain of your past using the seven steps to reprogramming yourself now if you really want to know you have to look a little bit deeper you’re not just mental are you there are some crazy people out there that think it’s all in your mind that’s ridiculous i challenge those people I’d like you to drink this gallon of tequila and not get drunk and for some reason they won’t do it oh well i you know i just meant that figuratively I mean obviously you can’t just drink alcohol and not get drunk oh really because you just told me that what you put in your body doesn’t make any difference.

Yeah it does you see people try to say that they’re not their body and then try to raise their vibration it’s really common totally makes no sense when you’re alive your mind and soul are in your body therefore they are one you are your body until your body dies if it ever does and so then you need to act accordingly you are your body embrace that reality and then you’ll understand that if you want to become an enlightened master it’s something that happens in the body not out of the body you don’t raise your vibration outside of your body you raise it in the body which means the body plays a massive role in it so you are physical emotional mental and spiritual and that’s in the order of most uh slow or thick energy to lightest fastest moving energy that’s all it is it’s all a continuum of energy okay the slower or the thicker or the more dense or the more physical the energy the more that it can drag down your vibration so inside of your body there’s a bunch of dead dark rotting stuff and that stuff is lowering your vibration more than anything else so if you want to raise your vibration you need to clean your body just like you would clean your house but most people they don’t think that they there’s anything they do to clean their body I’ve seen so many ridiculous probably fake paid scam videos of people trying to say that there are no toxins in the human body or that it’s a big joke that these new agers or alternative medical or whatever they call on people say there’s toxins in the body anyone who makes a video like that I’m sorry is evil you know why i say they’re evil because they’re stopping people from doing what’s good for them why would they do that two reasons number one they’re paid or number two they really just don’t know better and that’s just i’m sorry.

Maybe I shouldn’t say they’re evil maybe i should just say they’re super ignorant but why would you say something that isn’t true and that’s hurting people come on it’s pretty bad because the reality is every single American has heavy metals in their body and it’s a scientific fact oh yeah Dr Rita Elthorp one of the world’s leading experts on heavy metals has said just that and that 59 of Americans have heavy metal poisoning that’s just heavy metals do you know that the average person has many many pounds of undigested food in their intestines rotting away yep you do and everybody has stones in the liver and gallbladder now not all stones are calcified which means they’re not all going to show up on an ultrasound only the calcified ones will show up on an ultrasound but everyone has them and all you have to do to prove it is do a liver gallbladder stone flush and if you do it and stones don’t come out here’s why you did it wrong every single American has thousands of them and i got lots of stories about all this stuff if you go through my health courses you’ll see photos of undigested food and mucus in the intestines that’s rotting you’ll see photos of stones of even stones of my own students and then of course there’s chemicals and plastics and i already mentioned heavy metals and then of course with all the pathogens like viruses and molds and bacteria’s and yeast and fungus and all that stuff inside of you right now you wonder why people get older if you start getting that stuff out oh my god the changes that can occur to you

I mean you can look completely transformed in a month if you do things properly I invented how to cleanse the body without cleansing reactions to show people how to do it right without getting sick and I’m telling you there’s no other book out there that teaches it i figured it out myself to help you and me to get that stuff out without getting sick it’s super important to do it and the people that have the biggest brightest vibrational frequencies you’ve ever seen they’re the ones who have learned how to clean out their body and that isn’t enough you can’t just clean out your body you also have to stop putting things in your body that aren’t good for you there’s actually only one diet that is good for the human body and everything else is poisonous it’s only a little bit poisonous so you don’t die like right away just you know when you’re 74 if you’re an American male this is the average age of death 74 that is ridiculous everyone should be living way past 100. only reason why they don’t is because they don’t know they don’t know what I’m telling you right now they don’t know how to do it if you eat a diet that is actually good for you after one year 99 of your cells will be transformed to be made from actually healthy food and when that happens you will get what i call the super glow yes i coined that term do not steal my term the super glow it only happens to you if you eat the only healthy diet there is for one year I’m talking 100 no cheating at all and it’s amazing to see people with this glow it’s very rare hardly anyone does it if you make it seven years then every single cell in your body has been replaced that’s magnificent now I’ve given you a big picture physical emotional mental spiritual.

And I’ve given you a couple of things right learn about the body learn about nutrition learn about detoxification and learn the seven substrate programming yourself to work on the unconscious mind you also have to work on your emotions which is different you have to work on your energy body which is different and you’ve got to clean everything out that isn’t love it isn’t truth that isn’t light and you’ve got to infuse yourself with the light that is the fundamental principle of evolution right remove all the toxins put in all the essential nutrients that’s true physically emotionally mentally spiritually i have a different video on my channel where i cover the four parts of the human being and all the different tools you need to do just what i said internally and externally so really it’s your conscious mind your unconscious mind your your inner emotional body your outer emotional body your physical body has an insight and an outside too and you need to do both remove the toxins and put the nutrients in on each of those parts of you.

And i have figured out or found tools to do just that for every part of you that’s what my whole program is about so watch that video and then you’ll see what all the different tools are you need to know and then you can raise your frequency really really high and it’s not just about going high it’s also about raising it really really fast because if you don’t raise your frequency fast enough you’ll die before you get where you want to go think about that you’re literally racing against time but if you raise your frequency really high then you’ll probably live really long and then time doesn’t become such a factor isn’t that an interesting idea but you gotta have tools that are super fast in order for you to get to that point in this lifetime which is partly why i have the tools i have because all the other things out there in the world are way too slow so i hope i answer your question fully if you have more on this subject just post those questions in the comments and I’ll answer them as well it’s great hanging out with you my name is Arnoux Goran make sure that you subscribe to my channel and if you want to learn more about any of those tools of course you can always visit my website I’ll see you soon