This interview is an excellent interview on Revolution Radio with Noreen Helphand.

This Q&A session with me. I opened up to the fascinating details about my life after college and how I learned about natural medicine.

Sure. I was sick; growing up, I had a lot of different health challenges. You know doctors will tell you that there’s something they can do. And that’s what they said to me for years. It was not just bad nutrition.

But it was also emotional, as you said; when we have emotional traumas in our life, it impacts our body. After growing up in a very challenging childhood, I found myself destroyed and all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and I needed to learn how to rebuild myself. In learning how to heal me, I wanted to help other people rebuild themselves and heal themselves, which is how I got on the path.

Just a few of the things I review

  • Healthy fats and how they support the body.
  • How reducing stress affects the body 
  • Foods that affect stress 
  • Breathing techniques that reduce stress 
  • Building your immune system to avoid illness

I recovered nearly perfect health, just by a dietary change. And in reality, 80 plus percent of my health challenges were caused by emotional, mental trauma. But if you look at America as a whole, 80% of Americans will see perfect health if they focus on their body and provide the body good nutrition and detoxification. Getting nutrients in and getting 80% of toxins out will get the results they’re looking for with their health.

Then there’ll be a 20% who will do that and say, “Hey, I still have a health challenge” because it’s not nutritional. It’s not toxicity, it’s emotions, it’s mental, and It’s spiritual at the root cause for most people in America because the food quality is so bad, like I said, for most of them if they address their body. They’ll see their health, you know, return to the way it’s supposed to be, which is perfect. You’re never supposed to get sick.

I also disclose tons of exclusive content from some of his physical health courses, which you would only be able to access if you took our classes.

I hope you enjoy it and take advantage of this interview.