OK, maybe you’re not the “Dog Whisperer”, but you can help your pets get balanced by being the channel for the 7 Steps of the Goran Technique I to resolve issues for them! Heck, you can even resolve all YOUR issues using the Goran Technique I (Formerly the 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself)! Imagine the powerfully authentic life you will create when all the upsets, limiting thought patterns, and negative emotions are permanently removed and replaced with the true vision for your life. The 7 Steps can even cure “Paranoia” (the fear that the cat is up to something!).

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Subtitles to the Video:

Can I use the seven steps reprogramming yourself on my pets yes you can but they don’t have language that’s true but it still works on them one of our students her name is Ami.

Ami told us how she worked on her two rescue dogs she said that these dogs had different issues that she was never able to resolve so what she did this is a very advanced technique was she did the seven steps reprogramming herself on them through herself when you take the course you’ll understand more what that means but it was amazing because she told us all of their issues went away and so she proved to us and many people have since then that you can use the seven steps through programming yourself on your pets is it possible to erase all of your issues using the seven substrate programming yourself until there aren’t anymore of course it is of course it is there are only so many files on your computer come on your computer and you can see how many files there are there might be thousands yes there might be thousands but if you were to start deleting them one by one would there come a point that they were all gone of course oh but don’t you make new files not really most people have an unconscious mind that is protected and locked in place after the age of thirteen between eight to thirteen.

The protection on the unconscious mind is formed so by thirteen ninety five percent of people have their unconscious mind locked in place so the changes you make are permanent and no new files get created which means that eventually there won’t be anything new for you to delete you’ll have deleted everything it’s it’s like a garden if your mind is a garden you have weeds in there most people have a lot of weeds in fact most people have thousands of weeds some people like myself have giant piles of trash and thorn bushes when they start and in big pits of sewage and it takes a lot of work to clean all that crap out literally but eventually every area of your garden starts to look gorgeous immaculate and beautiful and you’ve taken care of all the big stuff and you’ve removed all the big boulders and the big thorn bushes and you’re like okay well now I’m just gonna pick out the little tiny weeds because I’ve already gotten all the big ones out and then one day you’re looking around you’re looking around you’re saying I can’t find any more weed to pull what do you think you do at that point well you enjoy it you enjoy the beautiful beautiful mind that you’ve developed for yourself and if your life is truly a reflection of your mind then how do you not change your whole life and get to enjoy the most beautiful most amazing life ever that’s what I’ve been experiencing and I know a lot of my students have to i want that for everyone especially for you and people that you know because you’re watching this video right now so it must be your turn please get started right away