1. “Breaking Through Writer’s Block: Strategies to Rekindle Your Creativity”

Writer’s block is a familiar nemesis that can strike even the most seasoned authors. It’s frustrating to stare at a blank page or screen, your mind seemingly devoid of ideas and your creativity locked away. But fear not! Writer’s block is a manageable barrier. With the right strategies and mindset, you can overcome it and reignite your passion for writing. We will share how Michaela Rena uses the Goran Technique I (AKA 7 Steps to Reprograming Yourself)  to get on her path. Along with some other ideas to support your creative Process

Change Your Writing Environment
Sometimes, your surroundings can have a significant impact on your creativity. Try writing in a different location—a park, a cafe, or even a cozy corner at home. A change of scenery can stimulate fresh ideas and break the monotony of your usual writing space.

Use a timer write for 10-15 minutes.  Start writing whatever comes to mind without worrying about structure or grammar. This exercise can help you bypass your inner critic and unlock hidden thoughts and ideas.

Create an Outline
If you’re stuck, outlining your work can provide a roadmap for your writing. Creating an outline and knowing where your story or article is going will make filling in the details easier.

Take Breaks and Relax
Overthinking can lead to writer’s block. Take regular breaks, go for a walk, meditate, or engage in a creative hobby unrelated to writing. These activities can refresh your mind and spark new ideas.

Read Widely
Reading books, articles, or content outside your usual genre can expose you to different writing styles and perspectives. This can help you break free from your creative rut and inspire new ideas.

Set Realistic Goals
Set achievable daily or weekly writing goals instead of pressuring yourself to write an entire book or complete a lengthy article in one sitting. Setting your goals can make the task more manageable and less overwhelming.

Find Inspiration in Prompts
Writing prompts is an excellent way to jumpstart your creativity. There are countless prompt generators online that can provide you with intriguing starting points for your writing.

Seek Feedback and Support
Sharing your work with trusted friends, online communities and writing groups, can provide beneficial feedback and encouragement. Others may offer fresh perspectives and ideas that you still need to consider.

Embrace Imperfection
Remember that your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. Allow yourself to write badly if necessary. You can always revise and polish your work later. The important thing is to get words on the page.

Stay Persistent
Overcoming writer’s block may take time, but persistence is key. Keep showing up to write, even on the days when inspiration seems elusive. The more you practice, the more likely it is that your creativity will flow.

Writer’s block is a temporary challenge that even advanced writers face at some point. Using these strategies and maintaining a positive attitude, Along with the Goran Technique I (AKA 7 Steps to Reprograming Yourself) , you will break through the barriers that are holding you back as you continue your journey as a writer. Remember that creativity is a renewable resource, and with patience and perseverance, you can overcome writer’s block and bring your ideas to life on the page.

Michaela Rena Erases Her Blockage of Publishing Her Book Writing blocks are real. It may take people years before they can publish their work. Michaela Rena was able to publish her book because she was able to remove all the negative programming in the way.
Please check out her story.
Way to go Michaela Rena!! Keep up the amazing work.

Video Transcription

Well, first of all Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I cleared a huge block! So let me just say that I cleared a huge block… that block I’ll just say what the result is and then I’ll just give you a little story. So that block allowed me to publish my first physical tangible book and that book is Seven Days To Blissful Abundance. And that blissful abundance came because of The Seven Steps (AKA Goran Technique I) . Sure, when I was five years old I was at Fresno State University with my parents. They were at an art event. I had myself and my baby sister, two years younger than I. I don’t know whose fault it was, I only thought it was a fault of a parent. But I became missing and I was abducted by a clown.. sounds crazy, a clown, right. However this was the timeframe 1972 either it’s either at the summer of 72 or 73 when the clown serial killer was actually traveling Northern California and in those regions. So they feel that that was actually the person that actually took me and took me down into an embankment area of the campus where if anybody knows what Teletubbies looks like which was funny because when that came out I said why did I pull that into my consciousness that all of a sudden this Teletubby picture looks like where I was at? Well, that’s because it was in my subconscious, stuck! So he took me down into like an embankment area where a classroom would be at or a large classroom and it had these windows like in an octagon shape. He took me to an area where you would sit down and it was like a pylon like a triangle with like seating around it. I was there all day and he said, “I’m gonna go look for your dad.” And so I blacked out didn’t remember anything. He came back, I would say maybe about three or four hours later. “Has your dad come?” I said, “No.” He says, “Oh, I need to go find him.” I said, “Okay.” “Just sit right there, don’t move just in case.” I said, “Okay.” Five years old. Somewhere I’m seeing the sun go down and something says inside… this is not.. my dad, my dad loves me so much he wouldn’t let me just be right here! So I start calling for my dad but inside here. Me and my dad had just a amazing connection. So I fear if I start saying it out loud the clown will know that I’m trying to get my dad, so I can’t call for him out loud. So I start screaming for him in my head and something just said JUMP, RUN! So I jump from the spot. I run… I come up over the hill embankment… there’s my dad coming for me it’s now dark! This clown comes from another location and he says, “We’ve been looking for you all day!” My dad has me scooped up and I’m… can’t even speak and he said, “Have you been with this man all day?” And I said, “I was down there.” He says, “We’ve been looking for her all day!” So all day was from 10:00 a.m. to now dark…. on this campus. So I block everything out. It wasn’t till later that I realized and it came through that I actually had a molestation from that man and that was completely blocked out! It wasn’t until later that I was allowed to remember because of clearing that, that my mother knew that I had been molested and did not want my dad to know. Because she was the one that lost me. So when I came to Arnoux’s class that was all stuck inside me. I didn’t have a clue what happened. I just knew I was abducted.. that was a family story, I was abducted. I remember the abduction and I stood here it took us what, seven minutes maybe? A total of seven minutes for that clearing to happen, where I cleared that abduction. By the afternoon Arnoux gave us our additional exercise. So my sweetheart and I sat and did that exercise that additional exercise. It was because of that exercise,that I finalized it. I got to see what happened in the abduction. I got to see my mother telling my dad (Don’t Say Nothing.)which is what created the lie. And so I learned patterns of lying and patterns of untrustworthy people… they never speak the truth those were the things that I was working through clearing. That seven minutes changed my whole entire life! Wow, Congratulations on everything. You’re amazing! Thank You.