After 30 years of marriage, Christy and her husband were headed for divorce. The decision was made, and they were even preparing to date other people. But something magical happened when she came to Arnoux Goran’s training, “The 7 Steps To Reprogramming Yourself” , now expanded to The Goran Technique. Listen as she shares this funny, yet heartwarming chapter of love renewed.

You’ll never forget her story. Maybe you would like to reprocess your situation or strengthen your marriage…

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

Subtitles to the video :

My husband and i started having a little bit of problems he’s very money oriented but it always seems to be he’s a little bit to the negative he thought that uh i was sucking away money to leave him which led to him being a big jerk so here we are fighting about the ugliest things that don’t need to be fought about but we didn’t communicate we he’s still angry with me and i i can’t forgive him I’m angry and sometimes he says stuff after all the years of angry the anger he put towards me where he says one dumb thing and i just back up i want nothing to do with him i hate him i love him but I’m not in love with them all this crap it’s horrible so even like last week i said you know i think you need to date other people because obviously you think I’m an so he says i can’t believe you would say that I’m like and he looked at me because i can’t even believe you’re not crying i said well i have no more feelings i don’t have any more feelings well yesterday apparently i found out i did then at the end of it i felt sorry for him i said i don’t feel sorry for him and at the end i just got to the end of my rope where i let everything go and um and I’m always afraid I’m gonna make him mad all the time he’s always mad at me for something so and I’ll send him a text message i love you with his little smiley face and he doesn’t ever respond and so whatever you know i got to a point where i don’t send text messages to them anymore.

Or i love views and so yesterday about 15 minutes after i decided to clear them out and let it go did i get a text message I’m going to sushi with the kids and i said great have fun and i sent some hearts and he said i love you too whoa wow i even showed biata i said is that from my husband i put my glasses back on i said that is that’s from my husband and then you know then he started bantering with me back and forth now he doesn’t normally give me compliments or anything like that and i have to say i i should rewind through all of our arguing in this last ugly seven years we we do still have a good sex life which is really crazy to a lot of people so then he sends me this cute little emoji which he doesn’t normally do with this playful little slothing tapping his fingers like he’s waiting for me I’m like who is this he’s playing with me he’s flirting with me in a text message this doesn’t happen

so i you know i said okay I’m on my way home he says me too can’t wait I’m like who is this i still put my glasses on and check again but anyway i thought i did i put it out there in the universe and i and i wasn’t sure how i was going to block his negativity but when i got home uh this everything was good i was so happy he was happy i was hoping he kept asking me what we did i thought now I’m going to tell him i cleared him out you know and he’s going to be mad he’s always mad and he just kind of rolled his eyes like okay you know i get i said it cleared out that you I’m not gonna let your negativity affect me okay you know blah blah blah so this morning I’m getting ready to go this guy never gives me a compliment i mean we’ve been together 30 years and the the last time he told me i was beautiful was the only time i could remember was the day he said he wanted a divorce and we were going to uh I’d shoot at the Honda center in Anaheim and i said well do you still want to go with me and he goes yeah but you know i just said i want a divorce and i want to be friends he said there’s no way i said okay so well do you want to go to Honda center with me tonight and he’s like yeah and i said okay but you have to be fun I’m not going to walk on eggshells for you so that night he had told me uh I’m going and I’m dancing and singing in the car you know i dance while I’m driving and he says he looks over at me and gives me a look i said i know I’m a dork he’s going to have to roll with this and he looks at me and goes no you’re just so beautiful somebody’s going to snatch you up

And i looked at him and he said and i said and he goes what and i said I’m sorry i just don’t believe you because you’ve never told me that and he said and he said why did you wait 30 years to say that to me and he goes i don’t know so you know then this morning I’m getting ready and he told me he said you look really nice wow so i just kind of want to share that even though i told him about the clearing out and everything because i thought this is really working but then he couldn’t help himself and he goes what are you getting dressed up for some dude and i thought normally that would send me backwards oh i hate you but this morning i just looked at him and i said yeah later and he smiled and he said well i got my dirty clothes on because I’m gonna go mow the lawn and i said okay well I’ll see you later and i thought normally that would make me so angry that i would just lose it i think that’s it i want a divorce that’s it I’m done i don’t care i hate him and today i didn’t feel that at all which is the first time in seven years that i haven’t felt that but and and the clearing out like it legitimately cleared out which i didn’t think was possible but he was nice yesterday but this morning when he said that i thought no i thought oh here it comes and it didn’t that ugly feeling that i normally feel is gone so that’s my there you go there’s my testimony it’s done you