“Thoughts create reality, doesn’t everybody know that?” wonders 7 year old Arnoux Goran. You will be captivated as Arnoux shares his childhood and describes how he began his journey of awakening and healing. The dream that led him to uncovering the meaning of life (the sidebar about hellfire and brimstone might catch you by surprise!), his breakthrough realization that God talks back, and the constant miracles he enjoys because of that divine guidance.

After watching the video, be pleasantly surprised if you wake up tomorrow asking, “What should I do today?”

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video:

What started your awakening healing journey wow what started my awakening healing journey you know there were some really pivotal moments in that journey for me um what came to mind first is what I’m going to tell you about but in reality there were other moments before that that really were super powerful maybe i should even share one of the other ones because it was kind of miraculous but um i felt like i was born on that journey you know like as a kid i knew already that thoughts create reality and it was really weird to me that everyone didn’t know that i just thought it was common sense and i remember calling my grandma when i was seven my grandma was in Chicago i was in Seattle we’re talking over 2000 miles of distance and i called her and said grandma i need you to stop worrying about me and she said well worrying is what parents do once once you grow up and have your own kids you’ll understand i said no grandma worrying is fear i can feel your fear and i need you to stop worrying about me because you’re creating negative things i don’t like it.

I want you to stop creating negativity and she didn’t believe me i didn’t understand how she didn’t know doesn’t everyone know that no they don’t well so i figured out eventually that those things that i was born knowing a lot of people have never even heard of or even thought was like ridiculous like thoughts don’t create reality of course they do of course they do that’s how reality is designed that’s like saying human beings don’t breathe oxygen of course we do that’s how it works so a lot of it was that my spiritual awakening was already ingrained from before but there was a really powerful time when i was 17 and something happened that i would say was the beginning of a completely new direction i was very depressed i was 17 years old i just turned 17. i spent my 16th year trying to prevent my mom from killing herself which i often stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning while she tried to slit her wrists and explain why she wanted to die talking her out of doing it and then get up and go to school and then go to work and then come back home and do it again and it was exhausting and it was very depressing for me to see my mom want to leave i mean i interpreted it misinterpreted it i should say into meaning that she didn’t love me so of course i felt sad and hurt and you know the reality is i probably absorbed a lot of her pain that she wanted to escape from which is why she felt that way at that time.

No she didn’t kill herself just in case you’re wondering she’s still alive now at this time of filming but i was pretty depressed because for years before that literally from the age of eight i endured my parents becoming horrible cocaine addicts in the freebasing which is very similar to crack smoking they did every day all the time they screamed and yelled at each other at me that was even before they became crackheads and i went through starvation being cold i mean i literally grew up in hell and i wanted more than anything to help my parents stop do drugs doing drugs i wanted to get them off drugs and when i was 14 i just couldn’t take it anymore and i said once I’m 16 and i have a driver’s license I’m out of here when i turned 16 that was my mom was suicidal my dad was totally off the deep end and i said if i leave they’re gonna die i didn’t want my parents to die so i stayed and fought as hard as i could and after a whole year of trying as hard I’d been trying my whole childhood trying so hard to get them to be healed from their drug addiction i just finally reached a point where i just couldn’t take it anymore i just felt like giving up i was so so downtrodden i couldn’t smile no matter how hard i tried i couldn’t even push my mouth up that’s how depressed i was and i didn’t even go to high school i didn’t go to junior year i was a really really good student and smart kid and i should have had straight a’s if not for the freaking insanity.

I was involved in the fact that i was able to get good grades and be student of the year in middle school and play sports i did all that on my own i was born with such a gift i am so fortunate to be given the mind and brain that i was given so i was able to survive all that stuff but boy at that point it had been a long weary hellacious journey i was going to take anymore so i just stayed home and slept all day and played video games all night it was awful i felt so terrible i didn’t talk to anyone i had so many friends I’m sure when they called i didn’t even know because i was asleep and so i had this stream one day when yeah i guess it was during the day i don’t even remember but i had this dream and it was extremely powerful um do you want to hear it what happened okay I’ll tell you so in the dream I’m driving in my dad’s Acura integra except it’s before it had been in any accident so it’s perfect and brand new and I’m driving on this road that has no lines it’s just a dark gray paved road that goes on forever and on the left side there are these green trees with points on them that are perfect they’re like evergreen trees and they go on forever down down down to the left and up to the right is a grass hill that is maybe at a perfect 45 degree angle and the grass is perfectly cut there’s no imperfections and it goes on forever next to me is my dog who is my best friend Steve who had perfect ears except in real life one of her ears was kind of bent because she had a really bad bee sting but in my dream she was perfect like three years old and she was sitting in the car looking at me with such excitement and enthusiasm for life and we drove for a little while and then there was this white pathway made of gravel that went up the grass path up the grass into forever.

I got out of the car and Stevie looked at me and she had this look of like being my cheerleader go are now so i started running up the pathway and i kept as i ran and ran and ran i found myself at the beginning so i ran and ran and ran up the pathway going up to heaven and i found myself at the beginning and i ran and ran and that’s that’s the beginning so then i walked up the pathway and then i was at the beginning and then i walked to the pathway and i was at the beginning and then i crawled out the pathway because i was getting so tired and then i was at the beginning and i just couldn’t go anymore and i just stopped i just got exhausted from the journey of evolving and trying to climb to heaven on earth and this door opened out of the grass out of the hill with this very sexy hot babe and she did this so i went inside and it was all black until i got inside and i was at this party and there’s all sorts of debauchery going on smoking and drinking and whatever’s and no judging this is what happened and someone pointed at me the couple guys and this one guy in the middle pointed at me and said oh look that’s the guy that likes my mom and i was wearing some plain gray sweatshirt and i became very embarrassed of course it wasn’t true it was just a dream but nevertheless i became embarrassed and my embarrassment was like steam and it blew my sweatshirt up so i took it off and there were 13 steps going down to hell on earth there’s no such thing as like hell with Satan and all that that’s never been true that was made up on purpose so that people wouldn’t act terrible you study the history and you’ll find out we it’s about time that we moved on from that like that might have been useful 2000 or 1600 or whatever it was 1578 years ago that they decided to create that but it’s never actually been the truth there’s no such thing as fire and brimstone in hell like that sorry to break it to you but there is hell on earth and that is what people intuitively and instinctively know to be true.

So I took the sweater off that’s just a sidebar in the dream and i put it on the third step which symbolized where i was and i woke up and i knew everything about what the dream meant the fact that it was so clear so crystal clear more clear than my vision ever could be helped me and solidified for me that this was god that’s why i called it the great spirit the universe the great divine talking to me and i learned many things first of all i learned that the purpose of life is to continue the climb towards heaven on earth until you achieve it it’s evolution and that i was in a very dark place at that moment and i needed to come out of there and get back climbing upwards i also learned that it’s not just that i can pray and talk to god god can talk to me that changed everything because from that moment on all day every day i was asking for i called it god you can call it whatever you want i was asking the universe i was asking god to talk to me and tell me what to do and where to go show me the guidance where do i go now what do i do now and i was getting the guidance every day i just lived but i was always listening for looking for feeling for the divine guidance and miracles showed up all the time little things you know i just get this feeling go in this parking lot i drive in there and there’d be someone who was stuck and stranded and they couldn’t get their car to start needing a jump and no one would help them and i drive up to them and say do you need help yeah and i would jump their car and god wanted me to go help that lady you know one time a little, little voice whispered go to this place it was like the job office on campus i didn’t need to go there.

But i heard the voice so i went there and i sat there thinking what the heck am i doing here and then this friend of mine came in and i never saw her that way before she was so beautiful and i realized i should date her i had no idea that she and i should go out and it was the universe god’s way of helping me guiding me and i never lived that way until that dream and I’ve never stopped living that way since then every single morning i wake up and ask what should i do today and after achieving enough of my dreams i literally wake up and just do what I’m guided to do all day every day I’m not beholden to any you know 40 hour a week job or anything like that i just get to follow the divine intuition all the time that’s how i live my life and all these things that i teach i mean i have 25 courses and i i teach things that have never been invented in human history I’m the creator of all this information this is also part of it because i keep asking god for guidance so i wanted to know how do you get rid of these negative programs to keep replaying how do you get rid of negative emotions permanently i asked the world the world said there is no way i went to seminars i read books i listened to tapes and cds and courses and they all said there is no way so i asked god how do you do it and a piece of information comes another piece of information comes another book comes another course comes and pieces keep getting fit together until i finally figured out the whole puzzle i saw the full picture of how to erase negative emotions permanently.

I did the same thing with the body i can teach people about the body just as well as i can teach them about the mind if i didn’t have that dream and if i didn’t have the constant divine guidance i wouldn’t have all these courses yeah i have my natural talents and i literally spent tens and i should say now hundreds of thousands of dollars on getting educated and taking programs and reading books and i mean i worked really really hard to learn all this and then develop it so i could teach it in the way that i do but still that was the beginning of my personal spiritual awakening and it’s only expanded and gotten better and better and better from there in fact this august for the first time ever I’m going to teach a new course called the enlightenment course and you can take it too once you’ve gone through a bunch of my other uh beginner and intermediate and other advanced courses so maybe one day I’ll see you there since you’re asking this question my name is Arnoux so now you know our no hopefully you’ll subscribe to my channel and we can hang out some more thanks