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Curious About Our Courses? Check Out Our 2 Entry Level Courses.

Arnoux's Signature Course: The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself

Learn the fastest and easiest way to permanently release old emotions, reprogram your unconscious mind and change your life. The Goran Technique was invented by Arnoux Goran. The Goran Technique is also taught in our 2nd course which is a 10 day course on physical, mental and emotional health.

The Solution Weekend

The Solution weekend training is hailed as “beyond cutting edge” and “the greatest health seminar I’ve ever attended” by our clients, authors and health professionals from all fields. “Arnoux Goran Seminars’ training saved me and my family. I was bedridden and thought I would die. I had seen every doctor and after 20 years of suffering and taking hundreds of medications I had given up hope. After attending the training program now I am completely healthy, off all medications, and this training saved my marriage.” –Wendy Pappas