My Partner’s 26 Year Old Son Changed His Diet & Lives a Much Healthier Lifestyle!

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here:

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The other thing I want to talk about is Maria my partner and the bees and friend her son he’s 21 26 years old is staying with us for a while he has seen such a difference in both of us when he started here he came here in December he the first week you went to chopping the steak and he had all this stuff and then we just kind of said okay well there’s no burgundy because he looked at our refrigerator and there was none of that there

And so the next week he went to the farmers market and got sprouted broccoli sprouted daisies about everything and he hasn’t even eaten meat at all for the last month and a half and we said well you know you might want to mineralize yourself so I said well don’t take so much so I took just a couple of teaspoons or some things spent the day you know he limit any things and he says my gosh I can’t believe how much energy

I had from that day he started listening to the foundation and he spends five or six hours a day with his headphones on just listening and now so last night I went on for her for a minute to see Maria and I noticed the TV was unplugged Wardo said so so the guy is taking everything absolutely to the tenth degree seriously is it’s amazing

Because he’s seeing the changes in us in his life and so it’s it’s and so I reason I say that is because you can get so much out of being here but you can also get so much out of the witness of who you are people will see in the globe okay I want to know this they can get so much other listening as well and then we we take walks and we talk about it and I say explain to him every what you learn today and he will explain it and no talk about it and he’s also labeled so that is a testimony to the material that we have a testimony to what Arnoux’s put together and a testimony to all my friends here that are seeing the worth of themselves to actually do the world

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