Shelly did all she knew to do to find a cure for her panic attacks, but nothing was working. During the 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself Course, she was able to get rid of them permanently, they have never come back! Shelly shares additional stories in this testimonial of how her whole life has changed.

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That’s pretty good hi everybody my name is Shelly and I could stand up here for an hour and tell you everything but I’m just gonna focus on what I got out of this course when I first took it I give another background that just a couple of the major things that I had worked through that changed my life within within three or four months of taking this course is pretty amazing long story short I grew up in an environment which many of us had where it was abusive it was little beyond dysfunctional on one side my family my father’s side he grew up in Hell himself so he knew nothing different and was just stoic goodness thing

But he was running his patterns of what he knew to do and how he knew how to handle things of course that would impact us as a family so I grew up in a very abusive environment and it really messed with my head a lot you know constantly told you’re stupid you can’t make any decisions you can’t do anything right there was physical emotional and verbal abuse there are a couple of times where there were things that happened that I literally I still haven’t been able to bring them up I can’t remember them one time when my dad cornered me I just and its face went white when his face goes white you know it’s on he gets very very very violent and so I just to this day I don’t know I blacked out I don’t know what happened but I I grew up in that kind of environment so I never felt safe I never felt safe at home I was always tried to be at school all the time as soon as I I was 15 I begged to go get a job

And I worked into the table till I was 16 by my senior year I had three part-time jobs while going to school because that’s the only way I wasn’t allowed to be at home or didn’t have to be home with schoolwork so I did as much as I could to stay out in the environment but of course that had a negative impact in my life as much as I tried to will it away and be positive and do my thing I had this thing of really being hard on myself and really really being negative and just self-deprecating and I didn’t even realize it people always tell me show me why are you so down on yourself I didn’t realize that was doing it so as a result of this dynamic I I ended up with post-traumatic stress I was diagnosed diagnosed label I think in 2010 I started going to a therapist

Because I just couldn’t deal anymore I started having a lot of health problems and I was diagnosed with early stage lung cancer it was like borderline stage one and I came home and told my then husband and he was kind of whatever about it and he hadn’t been working for three years we were struggling so we were no longer in our home we both lost our jobs we were both working up here in Orange County had good jobs community from San Diego we both lost those in the crash Inouye so we lost every you know lost all our jobs so I’m sucking it up working in a department store and we’re living in an apartment things are really ugly I’m not able to afford to eat very well I’m not taking my supplements I’m too stressed out so no wonder I got sick I come home and tell him he’s very whatever about it I come home three weeks later he’s gone gone but the good computer’s gone half the bed has gone one of the couches has gone

When the file cabinet says Gahanna he just disappeared I divorced him through a newspaper I’d approved to the judge that he was not there I had to have the humiliating task of calling his friends till it for him because the judge wants proof of that to file for default divorce so I got to go through that so it was more humiliation that was around in relationships with men my ex-fiancé before that was horrible I had some really bad boyfriends just a lot of neglect disregard a couple of them did get physically abusive and so I thought like how am I supposed to function I got to the point where I couldn’t function I started having panic attacks and I was having panic attacks even before about diagnosed but I didn’t know what they were all I knew was I was weak I felt like I was gonna pass out have heart attack and died and it was just freaked out so I was having panic attacks and got to where it was every day every day and had to get on Xanax

And I was so worried about getting addicted to Xanax so I’m trying to on days that I didn’t have to go anywhere and wouldn’t take one and I would just write it out because I didn’t want convicted but it was miserable there’s no way to live I was just freaked out over so I had these panic attacks so went to the therapy that’s 150 bucks an hour I was going to two three times a week I did this for a few years so that really added up that didn’t help my financial situation so by then I’m eating once a day renting a very small rent and like you did it bathroom day and it was just really a miserable existence and I didn’t know how to get past it and so I met Arnoux at the new earth Expo one of the health fairs they have I live down to San Diego County I felt this strong urge to drive all the way to Van Nuys so I did I drove to Van Nuys and I didn’t even know he was gonna be speaking there and I just looked at the the the flyer with the program

I would listen him to speak the why your life is the way it is as many of you just heard I thought amazing I signed it with the course it is one of the best investments I have ever made in my life it really really is in class during the three-day weekend where you guys are right now I partnered up with somebody I met in class and it turns out my root cause for penitents was mental I was able to wipe it out with the 7 steps in less than half an egg or less than half an hour in class I was having panic attacks in class I’m sitting there just white knuckling and trying to hold still was sitting in the front row because I’m so anxious to get every little tidbit of knowledge because I was looking for answers all the meditations all the affirmations everything I was doing the therapy nothing was working

I got clear to the panic attacks I haven’t had one since and I did it in July of 2015 so it’s been nearly three years in two-and-a-half years since I’ve had a panic attack I’ve never taken one more Xanax I’ve never taken anything else I mean they even tried to put me on antidepressants SSRIs the RIA something we have taken him their serotonin reuptake inhibitor but I was literally all I could think about was killing myself by day two because I couldn’t I couldn’t get the point of getting it into my system and I never was suicidal but all I could do was think about killing myself I want to drive off the Coronado Bay Bridge down to San Diego and I told my mom didn’t let me leave the house it was that bad but it is because of that medication so I wasn’t suicidal naturally but I was so anxious and it was depressed so that got cleared from that weekend and then I didn’t decided to tackle the issue of negative repeating life pattern with men completely safer of being okay

Sorry cannot be neglected or refused or light – or cheated on because you know what I think just about everybody in this room has dealt with something that’s pulled something like that and Here I am at my did 40s Vicki when is this gonna stop I know better I know I don’t deserve this on a conscious level but how boys stop it it took me about two months I guess a personal one with are no fitness because this was a really big one because they’re just for the pile it was thousands of cancellations and you’ll see that’s one of the steps in this today I literally did thousands of cancellations I worked on it every night every night it took two months took a lot of work so there was a lot of layers there was anger there was fear there was sadness and more anger King

And it’s like some merit said it’s like layers of the onion you get rid of this part and your EOBs gives me your subconsciousness okay we’ve got rid of that here’s a little bit more of it it spoon feeds it to you as you can handle it now that you’ve got that tool to clear it and to get rid of it okay I met my husband my current husband two months after doing that work and he is the most amazing sweet coming supportive respectful man and you know what it’s really nice to happen in my life and to know that it’s possible some Jeff thinking how is it they can have a good man in their life but I just keep getting crap well now I know how I know I had to change my pattern and my frequency so when you keep attracting jerks it was like you picked me off of this planet earth and put me on another planet earth

That looked just like it but everybody was different it was the coolest thing ever because me changing where I was changed how I was treated be up by others and what kind of people that I were attracting into my life the jerks the players they just disappeared it just dissolved away and it was fine by me so those are two things I’ve worked on it that more since then so I just wanted to share those two things for your free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private Association