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Today I am sharing my Online Dating experience – Interview with host Don Briscoe KSDN 930 AM ( Our discussion focuses on my personal online dating experience of 100 dates in one year. I feel this interview is a continuation of my previous interview on Talk with Francesca. Although in this discussion, I talk more specifically about the nuts and bolts of online dating. If you are currently trying to find new dates, I share an online dating experience of what women are really looking for in relationships.   

During the interview, you’ll also hear about my program, ‘How to Manifest Your Soulmate.’ It is a must-hear for anyone who is online dating and currently looking for “The One” and has literally no idea where to start! If you are in this position, I totally recommend you give it a try. If you are not, some people still said it is one of the best courses they’ve taken on manifestation and the law of attraction. To learn more about it, visit to get information about it!

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So you’ve listened to the interview, and you still here… I’m also guessing that you’re feeling the same as almost every other person who’s longing for love and not getting exactly what they want… Hopeless, heartbroken, and at times perhaps feeling like on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Listen, I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there. In fact, a lot of people have and will go through those frustrating emotions. The good news is… it is your time, start your program today.

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Good afternoon Arnoux.

Arnoux 0:02
Good afternoon. Thank you for having me.

Unknown Speaker 0:05
My guest is Arnoux Goran and you obviously caught my attention. There’s a thing I read, or that I’m associated with that talks about interesting guests. And boy, you really caught my eye when you said that you had dated 100 dates in one year. What was the reason for that?

Arnoux 0:30
Well, throughout my life up until that point, whenever I wanted to have a girlfriend, I would create a description of that girl, I would pray for that girl, and I would meet that girl. So I never dated. And people had talked about dating and what their experiences were like, and I felt very left out because I never did that. So I wanted to date and see what that was like,

Unknown Speaker 0:52
Well, how are you able to meet that many women, different ways.

Arnoux 0:56
But first, we went first, I made the intention that I would start dating and meet girls. And so it was, at first people I knew, like friends of friends, and so on. But then I realized I needed to find some other avenues. So I tried online dating. And I did a lot of work on figuring out how to make that success for me and actually coached a bunch of people and being able to use online getting I actually could have gone on a new date every single day, it was just too much work and too much money to do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:26
Wow So So basically, it’s fair to say that the majority of these women you met through online? Yes, sir. What tips can you give to our audience about how to meet more people just in general?

Arnoux 1:43
Well, I think it’s really helpful to know what you’re looking for, to get some kind of an idea of the kind of person you’d like to meet, as well as what kind of relationship you’d like to have with them. So not just what they’re like, but what it’s like when you’re together. And that’s called Creating the context or the rules of the relationship, and also gets in that realm, some idea of things that you just can’t accept, which we call deal breakers. And that’ll give you some clarity on what you’re looking for. And if you start there, you’ll be on the right track to meeting more people.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
Well, what are some of the red flags to watch out for on online dating? You know, we hear wonderful stories, people fell in love they met and then we hear people got ripped off. If you watch enough crime shows like some people get murdered. Anyway, what are the red flags to look out for?

Arnoux 2:34
That is a great question. A lot of times you’ll find people pretending to be someone that they’re not. That’s called a catfish. And there are some things I’ve seen, I’ve seen that are common amongst catfish. Number one, they typically only have one photo. Now it doesn’t mean that it’s catfish, if they only have one photo, but that’s a red flag to just take a deeper look and make sure this is a real person. Or they’ll have two photos and they don’t look like the exact same person, but they look similar. Another red flag is that they have English mistakes, or grammatical mistakes that make it sound like English isn’t their first language. And that’s usually a pretty good giveaway that this is not a real person. And if you’re not sure, ask them to do a video chat with you, which is really common now. And if they won’t do that, I’d get really suspicious.

Unknown Speaker 3:24
Now, when you contact them, or the or they send a message to you, and they have a photo, do some of them have more explicit photos? And I don’t mean by that nude, but I’m just saying, basically what I guess used to appear years ago in the men’s magazine, but do some seven photos, somewhat revealing? And is that a red flag or not necessarily. So

Arnoux 3:50
most, most of the profiles you’ll find online will have multiple photos. And it’s really common these days for a girl to show one photo of herself in a bikini or a bathing suit just so you have an idea of what she looks like. But not all girls will do that. Some are much more shy than that. But in today’s world, it’s not uncommon to see you know, at least the bikini photo on their profile, but they won’t be as likely to actually send you photos until they’ve met you because they don’t know who you are, and what are you going to do with their photos?

Unknown Speaker 4:20
How about if they want your phone number? You know, like the relationships proceeding and they say, let’s do this on the phone. Is there any reason not to give out your phone number?

Arnoux 4:34
Well, if you’re a celebrity, maybe otherwise not really, because you can always just block somebody. But if you’re worried about it, and if you’re having any concern at all, give them something else. Give them a Google Hangout, Instagram, Facebook, it’s really common for people just to put their Instagram account right on their online dating profile.

Unknown Speaker 4:56
If you’ve got a question for our guest, our number is seven two 550 736-725-5736 I know most of my guests that come on the show have a book out is you have a book in relationship to what we’re talking about.

Arnoux 5:15
I have several books and I have 29 different courses, I would say the best one to start with is my course, how to attract your soulmate. And you can find that out how to attract your It’s better than a book because it’s a video course with a workbook. So you actually get to go through the exercises, that it helps you to get to the point where you’re ready to be with someone that matches what you’re looking for. And then I don’t know what that is, you’ll find out.

Unknown Speaker 5:44
So what’s the site they go to to find this again? Say it slow?

Arnoux 5:50
Yes, sir. How to Attract Your How to Attract Your And if I could say, yeah, not everybody wants to meet the one. And the word soulmate can mean a lot of things. And so I cover that in the very beginning, maybe what you’re looking for is just a really happy relationship. And maybe it’ll go somewhere. Long term, maybe it won’t, that’s okay. You can create whatever you want to create. Using my course.

Unknown Speaker 6:19
You’re on the dawn Briscoe show it’s about 430 this afternoon will remind you coming up at 505 Right after the news. Edie to Manas will be with us. And he works at the college sports desk at USA Today. And we’re gonna run down what the football season kind of looks like. I also want to take a minute a time right here to mention real quickly that this is my last year of doing this radio shows here on the station. And I thought you know what, it would be interesting. I’ve done over 1500 shows about 300 I guess in this town. But anyway, I’ve had some really interesting guests on in the past. I’ve also had some duds I apologize for because I booked them based on sometimes the paragraph that they send me anyway, next month during the entire month of September. I will have on just to give you an idea here. Jay Leno’s Tonight Show producer with interesting stories that you’ve never heard before.

We’re going to have a man who was one of the great publicist in Hollywood. And he knows every major star and has stories about him. Being an old rock and roll disc jockey, one of my favorites, is going to be a man who was the leading concert promoter in Pittsburgh, from the 1960s to the 1980s. Booked everybody from the Rolling Stones to Jethro Tull to Janis Joplin. That’ll be an interesting conversation. And then I think the highlight, as far as I’m concerned, next month, is this. There was only one news reporter in the room 55 years ago, when the Beatles met Elvis Presley. And that man, Ivor Davis will be on my show. Next month. He’ll tell how it all went down. And it is really interesting, folks why Elvis was jealous of the Beatles. And what the Beatles thought of Elvis. Again, it’s just going to be a fabulous show with him. And he he traveled with the Beatles on their first concert was with him 24 hours a day slept in the same hotel, wrote in the same limos, a very interesting guy and I know you want to hear that show. Our guest today is arneg Orion. And Arnoux, one of the things that we want to find out, you had a 101st dates. What really impresses women and I won’t give my dirty joke, but tell us the truth.

Arnoux 8:57
That’s hilarious. By the way, your shows next month sound amazing. Here are a few things. You’re welcome. Here’s a few things I learned about women throughout my life. That really helped me. First of all, people say that chivalry is dead. That is not true. Women love silverI. And there were many dates. I went on where I asked in advance, would you like me to come pick you up? Or do you want to meet me there? Because I think it’s up to her to decide and some women want to be picked up, they feel a gentleman should pick them up and drive them. So I would do that.

Unknown Speaker 9:31
Let me just interrupt there for just a sec. I you know, I would think that on a first date until you knew somebody that that could be risky for a woman’s, but you’re saying a lot of them didn’t mind that I just I’m a little surprised. I think that first date, they’d say, I’ll take my own car, we’ll meet whatever, but you’re finding that a lot of them like to be picked up. Ah

Arnoux 9:52
yes, and because of that, I would ask if they wanted me to pick them up or not. I understand that a lot of girls would be afraid to be picked up by someone they just met. But sometimes we would talk on the phone for sure we’d do a video chat first. And they felt really comfortable. And they can go look me up online and see what I do and see all my videos. And so it’s, it’s not so scary. And once you pick up the girl and she’s in your car, maybe it’s the second or third date, and now she’s in your car, I would say to her before we arrived, if you just wait one second, I’ll come around and open the door for you. And I can’t tell you how many girls that no guy had ever opened the car door for them. And it made such a positive impression. So there’s one tip,

Unknown Speaker 10:33
okay, I can remember, I’m ashamed to say that. I’m 79. I don’t do that anymore. But for years and years and years, I did do that. And I still showed I still if I’m walking with a woman on the street, I like to be on the outside near the curb. But tell us some more things that impresses women.

Arnoux 10:53
Well, we live in a culture where we’ve gone through a lot of change in the dynamics between men and women over the last several generations. And we find ourselves in a place where men are not always comfortable taking the lead. But women love that they love the man who designs the day to designs and adventurer who steps up and says let’s do this. And let’s do that. What do you think, you know, always asking what she wants and what she thinks, of course, but girls love it when a guy takes the lead. And I remember this one girl I dated said, You’re the first guy I’ve ever dated, where I didn’t have to be the man in the relationship. And that’s really what she meant was that I took the lead and no guys, you ever dated did that. And that is something that women will love a value if you can cultivate that.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Um, I just thought of this. So I’m gonna ask you. I know this is a different age and the age that I grew up and dated, but And even to this day, if I were to ask a woman to have dense dinner, lunch or whatever with me, I would always pick up the tab. I know in the new modern age that some women in fact, feel that they should share the tab. But what did you find with 100 women when it came to sharing the expense or not sharing the expense of a dinner?

Arnoux 12:15
I think it’s really important when you first meet a girl to find out what she likes and what she believes. And so I wouldn’t try to push it. Either way, I would just ask, do you mind if I pay for dinner? Almost all of them, let me or wanted me to pay. And I think generally speaking, even though women are independent now and have their own money, when they they’re allowed to work, whereas so long ago, they we must be letting them work. Even though they have their own money. They love it. When a man takes care of them. There’s still that warm feeling that’s there. So I would always offer

Unknown Speaker 12:49
our no did you tell me that? Was it during this period that you met your wife? I can’t remember. Did you tell me that?

Arnoux 12:57
No, no, but I did however, meet a great girl. So I stopped going on three dates a week, when I met.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
Okay, so what’s your I guess my my follow up? Question is this. After you after you got by the first date, were there women that you really clicked with? And you had second, third and fourth dates? And I guess you answered that. And how often did it occur after that awkward first date that you both wanted to be together again?

Arnoux 13:26
You know, I didn’t find the first date, necessarily to be awkward. I really enjoy meeting new people, meeting new new girls. And I found that really fun. And I think that’s a belief that a lot of us have that dating is offered in the first day is awkward. But if you make it fun, it’ll be fun for her. And then it won’t be awkward for either of you. And most of the dates I went on, were just first dates to answer your question. There were a couple that I second or third days, there were a few where we went out more than once. But until I met the one girl I like and stopped dating everyone. Anyone else? It was mostly first dates.

Unknown Speaker 14:03
Do you find that that that women after that first date, if they don’t want to be with you was awkward or? And the other question is, if How do you know? Or how does a woman know? How to get past that first date relationship? It sounds like because you’re such a conversationalist. It isn’t a problem. But I’m sure there are men and women that go out and and really don’t know how to get to that second date.

Arnoux 14:34
That’s a really good question. Because I’ve seen that problem with a lot of ladies where they feel like they can’t get past the first date with with guys. And what should they do? Well, they should be very clear on what they’re looking for. And when they meet that guy, just give them as much love as they can because that’s ultimately what we all want is to be loved. And if you can be loving, you’re going To be more attractive, and of course, there are things you can do to make yourself more attractive. That’s the whole second part of my training, that they had to attract your That course in the second part is about how to be more attractive. But it’s not about your hair or your your clothes, it’s about working on you so that you are attractive in the way that you be that your energy is attractive. And those are some of the things that you can work on.

Unknown Speaker 15:25
I don’t know, I know that you’re living in California, have you? Have you lived there most of your life?

Arnoux 15:31
I grew up in the Seattle Washington area. And then I moved to California in 2000. And I have to tell you, dating is very different in Seattle versus Southern California.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
Well, you got you took the question out of my mouth, and that is this. Are California women, different to date than women that move in to California from anyplace else?

Arnoux 15:55
Well, there’s a certain set of rules that women play by in California in Southern California, I should say, it’s very different than northern California. And then they play by in the state of Washington, I’ll just give you an example. In Washington, what women find attractive is completely different than what they find attractive in California. And of course, I’m speaking totally generally, right, you’re gonna find contradictions all the time. But generally speaking, in Washington, if you were to ask 100 Girls, what they’re looking for, they would say, a good personality, self confidence, a man that is honest and can make her laugh and gets along with her family. And they have similar values and goals. And then if you ask a girl from California, what she wants, I mean, specifically Southern California, you’ll hear a different set of values. Maybe she wants a guy who’s tall, a guy who has a lot of money, a guy with a nice car, a guy who’s handsome. And you see that it’s more external than it is internal. And I think it’s because in Washington, it rains all the time. And everyone’s always inside thinking about the inside. And in California, it’s sunny and people are more external.

Unknown Speaker 16:59
Yeah, a different climate out there. I do know this much when I go to California, sometimes on my breaks, and I lived there a long time ago. But you know, they I will say this, the people in California do keep their bodies in shape men and women, they’re into that so that that’s another sidelight, that’s important. I find that people in California thank our guest is Arnoux Goran And we’re going to take a break when we come back, we’re going to ask him if he has any romantic tips that men can use. Right now though, I want to talk to you folks about Lee belts here in Aberdeen, maybe this is the year you’ve thought about an RV. You’ve thought about that fifth Wheeler that traveled trailer, well, they don’t have the stock, they usually have at least belts. And the reason is, this year, everybody wants to go RVing. So the makers are having trouble getting parts, they’re having trouble getting drivers to deliver the vehicles, lots of reasons. And for that reason, if you’ve got a vehicle that you no longer want a fifth wheeler or a travel trailer, they will take it on consignment at least belts, get that money back in your pocket.

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Arnoux 20:42
how to attract your

Unknown Speaker 20:45
And when I left, I asked you what are some romantic tips that men can use for women? And and we’ll throw that out? Is it important on the first date to bring like flowers.

Arnoux 21:00
If you really feel that you have a connection with this girl, or you’ve talked to her enough that you feel you want to spend the money and take the time, it does make a really big impression. I did that one time for a girl and she said no one had ever given her hours and her whole life. And the next day I looked at her profile. And she had changed it saying there really are gentlemen out there. There really aren’t good men. And I’ve changed her mind just by bringing her flowers and picking her up. So yes, give a girl flowers, but not just on the first day. Google flowers random. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:34
I think that’s that’s a wise advice for all you guys married. You have to seriously I think he just passed along a great tip. Not on your anniversary, not on Valentine’s Day just started to clear blue. Buy her flowers. And I think you’ll find it’ll make a difference for a fun evening. How can someone find the perfect match by going on so many dates?

Arnoux 21:59
Well, it’s really a matter of becoming clear about what you want. And as you go on more dates, you might find out some things about yourself that you want to change. And you might find out some things about what you’re looking for that you might want to update. So that’s how dating a lot of different girls or guys, depending on if you’re a girl or a guy can help you because you’re looking for some clarity. And the other thing is you’re looking for chemistry looking for a spark. Sometimes when you meet someone, you just know that you have chemistry with them? And how are you going to know you have chemistry with someone who wants you to go out with them?

Unknown Speaker 22:36
My producer has has a question for you.

Unknown Speaker 22:39

Yeah, we want to define, you know, women hate to be defined these, but I’m sure you run probably run through a few of them during your dating scene as a gold digger. And how do you well, how important is it to bring up income, basically, on your first dates, which can ties into that?

Arnoux 22:58
That’s a really good question. You know, there are a lot of women in Southern California who put on their profile, that they’re looking for a man with money, but that’s what they want. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a bad girl, or that that’s all they care about. Because sometimes it’s just an attractive quality. like Marilyn Monroe said in the movie, How to Marry a Millionaire, a man who’s wealthy isn’t that much different than a girl who’s pretty, it’s just something attractive about him. On the other hand, you don’t want to be married to someone who only cares about you, because you have money. And that’s all that matters to her. And so you want to find that those types of things. Maybe not necessarily on the first date. But you can certainly bring them up as the conversation flows naturally. I don’t think you want to blatantly talk about it, because it seems weird to bring that up, because it shouldn’t really be about that. It should be about how you relate and how you connect. But it will come up at some point.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
Is there anything that I did not ask you that you wanted to mention before we close things out today?

Arnoux 24:01
Well, I think it’s really important for people who are looking to date to take some time to look at the baggage that they’re carrying from their previous relationships. Because if you don’t deal with your previous emotional pain and patterns that you have in your dating life, you’re going to bring them to your next relationship. And it’s it’s extremely important to do but very few people know how. And so that’s what the third part of my courses on how to manifest or how to attract your is talking about the baggage that you’ve got the old wounds that you’re bringing with you because if you can wash that away and meet somebody without all of that, you’re going to be able to create what you really want. And that’s where a lot of people struggle is they have a hard time believing they can have what they really want. Ladies, there really aren’t good men out there, guys, you really can find a woman I love you for who you are. It’s absolutely possible but you’ve got to work through the pain that you have missed. Find that says it’s not and then you’ll be able to find it.

Unknown Speaker 25:03
I want to thank you for coming on the show today. Again, you’ve got several, I guess courses to help people online. But one of them is specifically for dating. And give that that website out one more time.

Arnoux 25:19
Sure. It’s how to attract your

Unknown Speaker 25:23
I know you have a great weekend. Stay safe and thank you for being on the show. It was very interesting.

Arnoux 25:30

Thank you, Don. I really appreciate you having me.