Image Credits to The Dating Ring

Today I am sharing my Online Dating experience – Interview with host Don Briscoe KSDN 930 AM ( Our discussion focuses on my personal online dating experience of 100 dates in one year. I feel this interview is a continuation of my previous interview on Talk with Francesca. Although in this discussion, I talk more specifically about the nuts and bolts of online dating. If you are currently trying to find new dates, I share an online dating experience of what women are really looking for in relationships.   

During the interview, you’ll also hear about my program, ‘How to Manifest Your Soulmate.’ It is a must-hear for anyone who is online dating and currently looking for “The One” and has literally no idea where to start! If you are in this position, I totally recommend you give it a try. If you are not, some people still said it is one of the best courses they’ve taken on manifestation and the law of attraction. To learn more about it, visit or click here to get information about it!

So you’ve listened to the interview, and you still here… I’m also guessing that you’re feeling the same as almost every other person who’s longing for love and not getting exactly what they want… Hopeless, heartbroken, and at times perhaps feeling like on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Listen, I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there. In fact, a lot of people have and will go through those frustrating emotions. The good news is… it is your time, start your program today.