Having IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can really ruin your life, and Janice suffered with it for a long time, even going to the hospital emergency room 29 times in 5yrs for relief. She was finally able to get rid of it by working on the emotional root causes of the issue, and using Arnoux Goran’s “7 Step” method to completely eliminate the IBS altogether. The 7 Steps gave her freedom and a new joy in living!

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Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the Video:

so these are tears of joy

Hi I would I do the seven steps a year ago July so I recognize some of you so I’m just gonna share one thing that I got from the seven steps cuz it’s huge so I’m I had IBS really bad and to give you an idea how bad it was I went to the ER 29 times and five years so I was going like every other month and um I live alone and I love a but below a woman who would hear me scream for help for hours sometimes when I went to the yarn since when I didn’t and and would never come so it was very lonely illness and that I lived alone and I had my dog who can do much thanks for filling your dogs right and it was just really really painful and I finally went to a naturopath and found out I had parasites and got rid of them that I was um only about 75 percent well 70 percent well and the rest of it was this emotional work and was and I’ve done the conversations with God done all that stuff I’ve done all the emotional work is linking it home enough already.

And once do I have to cry so I came to the 7 steps and they wanted to know nothing about it because I didn’t want to have any expectations and when I got the 7 steps I decided they didn’t want to be there these weren’t my people how do I get out of here what have I got myself into and people were giving out testimonials and I was like what you said well that works for them but it won’t work for me you just don’t know my story and so we broke up and do it the first time we did the seven steps with them with somebody and I’m telling her everything and she’s writing everything down and all of a sudden I said I’m not in control of my life and as soon as I said that was like the Red Sea parted and I went well who the hell put me on an airplane from Boulder Colorado brought me here and who got me here on time and who’s sitting in my chair two following instructions and if I’m not gonna control my life so long story short that was a huge moment for me yeah because it wasn’t just who’s in control of my life it was every area of my life so I’ve been lying to myself about being in control of my emotions or being in control of my health or being into all my love life or being in trouble my finances because I thought I wasn’t in control so I knew in that moment it was gonna be really really big because I was taking the lid off all the different areas of my life because this was the umbrella or everything yeah and how my life is different now is I have no I be s so I I wake up every morning and I don’t have pain and I’m not in the bathroom all the time and I’m not screaming for help and I’m not going to the ER and I don’t take any medication and I got on a plane and I came here.

Which I wouldn’t have been able to do without coming late because it was in the bathroom all morning or calling in saying I’m gonna miss one of the days or something like that so I am IBS free after many many years because of the fact the seven steps and I couldn’t be more grateful to you because I don’t know if any of you all can relate to this but when you get part of your life back it’s huge yeah and I’m really really I’m selfish about it so now that I have my health back it’s like you know nothing is gonna take it away from me so that’s right so much I’m sure having IBS in that way I have a really good relationship my ex-husband and I even like his ex his wife better I think we kind of look like and we could be sisters and I’d be her friend if she wouldn’t marry to my excellent things we all went out to well you celebrated Mitchell them all I wanted to take him out for dinner or lunch to celebrate my one-year anniversary of not going to the hospital the ER and they all thought that was weird but and I was so excited when the bill came I thought it said $86 and I gave the guy a $45 so if it was says $66 wow that’s great Dan yeah the results and benefits of our training are only available to members of our private association to learn more call  8776808200 or visit www.TotalHealthMasteryUSA.com/7Steps