My Intuitive Abilites Grew So Much!

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And she just needed to say probably intent and just being a the embassy and save some things as a person and just just getting out of the way and and seeing something and trusting it and then sharing it and sing it validated and it was most like this a cable you know something was about this size and Sue this weekend this thing went became much bigger I remember worked with Michelle and so it was just like it was almost like sitting on the screen

And it was like singing not just sing it but sing like happening and what was just like what I was exactly what I was singing it was like a sigma investing in the future and my oldest up happening now as it were and this once I give me just somebody to give me some some what’s in the back of my neck yeah yeah and that’s that’s what part food and especially the confidence that you can really help others and that you see that and be connecting back to some things that I see more bodies but somebody’s like some wings but whatever which we forget how to use and I’m very grateful for that sense again

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