Even a renowned physician can have a fear of public speaking (Glossophobia). Dr. Chari tells how the 5 Step Process, part of Arnoux Goran’s transformational training, got rid of her fear of public speaking, opening the door to speaking to audiences worldwide! Through the 5 Steps she identified an ancestral trauma that caused the fear and was the root cause of her not speaking publicly.

Find the root cause of your public speaking fear…and get rid of it!

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Get started now. Talk to a certified Goran Technique Coach for free. Click here: https://arnouxgoranseminars.com/getstarted/

Subtitles to the video:

So yesterday are actually starting the day before when we were first learning the five step if I was working on an issue with public speaking and really getting out there and you know educating which is my number one passion but which I haven’t done all these years it’s only been 30 years so I was wondering what is blocking me from doing what I love so much and like you were saying deflecting it’s always getting busy doing other things and never fully doing that and it was driving me crazy but and I you know prior to learning all the technologies and techniques with the seven step.

I started working on the deeper deeper levels and then when came here and then we did you did the five step where you guided us through that one what ended up coming up was an ancestor where there was a huge trauma and on my father’s side and that just took me out of the blue it kind of jolted me like oh my god what is and then my mind started thinking wait what does that have to do with public speaking but it had everything because that was blocking me at an unknown level in clearing that and then you got it you know the different things to do to clear that and so I was able to clear that and then I felt such a relief I slept like I’m like a baby solidly through the night I woke up the next morning yesterday feeling fantastic and then again you were going through more the five step and then I came up yesterday and then you worked on me on that.

Which was a huge issue another huge one at least that I consciously was aware of that affected me in my entire life and then you guided me and also you with your intuition figured out that I always thought it was like at that point in time when I was in sixth grade and being bullied by a bunch of boys and then you took it back to you know where it actually originally started from and so once I worked on that then I felt again incredibly liberated and again slept like I haven’t slept literally in years and woke up today and really excited to actually get started and then actually also working with Cecilia and Karen yesterday was so profound so profound so thank you both as well and so now I’m ready regardless of who’s there who doesn’t who shows up who doesn’t show up that I’m actually finally going to take action and make it happen so you’re free training on how to skyrocket energy levels in 30 minutes or less visit total health mastery usa.com the results and benefits of our training program are only available to members of our private association